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Brenda logged on. She saw Jen right away.

“Good morning.”


“How are you?”

“I’m good…how are you?”

“Pretty good.”


There was a pause.

Jen typed: “I was thinking about you.”

“Oh,” said Brenda. “Me too.”

“What…you were thinking about yourself too?”

Brenda laughed. “No. You know what I mean.”

“I do.”

Jen typed a smiley to match the one on her face.

Another pause. Then they talked for a while about the weather, what chores they were neglecting that morning, and the new line of Ziploc bags. Overpriced, they agreed.

Another pause.

“That was a really good chat the other day,” typed Brenda.


“I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“Oh no.” Jen wrote. “In fact, I though I might have offended you.”

“Oh no.”

“I mean,” Jen continued. “I guess I really opened up my feelings there.”

“So did I.”

“I’ve never really told anyone that stuff before,” Jen typed.

“Me neither.”

“Like, what would happen if you just admitted something like that to a friend?”

“It would have to be quite a friend.”

“I guess either they would avoid you or they would say ‘no big deal’ or they’d say “wow, me too’.”

“Yeah. One of those reactions,” Brenda wrote.

“And the risk of them avoiding you is so great…you don’t dare say anything.”

“I guess there’s another reaction though…that they would not avoid you…but not let it go…and make you try to stop.”

“Laying a big guilt trip on you.”


“I guess that’s what I worry about the most.”

“You just don’t know huh?”

“Instead we keep it secret.”

“Totally secret.”

“Except here in chat.”


“It’s so cool that we met.”

“Yes,” Brenda wrote.

She continued. “I have always wanted to…find another…christian women that struggles with this.”

“Oh wow…me too.”

“Like…with these powerful urges that are just so off the map…that we can’t admit or seem to stop…”

“I know!!!!!!!!!” Jen typed.

“Just…wanting to be able to confess to someone without any guilt.”



“I’m jealous that there are people in the world who don’t deal with this guilt.”

“People who can just say ‘this turns me on’ and be ok with it.”

“I wonder how many are just lying.”

“You mean they say they are ok with it but they really aren’t?”

“Yah,” said Jen. “Or they haven’t dealt with it…they just push it down so far.”

“I guess.”

“I really think that it’s there but they aren’t dealing with it.”


“It’s true though…that if you’ve been raised to think of sex as bad…or something with tons of barriers…its going to bahis firmaları create more guilt.”




Brenda wrote, “Of course…”

“Of course what?”

“Sometimes a little guilt can make things even sexier.”


“It’s just so cool that we can talk about this.”

“That we can confess to each other.”

“Oh yah.”


“Confession can be kind of a turnon.”

“Yes it can.”


Jen paused and took a deep breath. Then she typed very fast.

“Brenda, do you like confessing to me?”

Long pause.

Very long pause.


Jen’s heart jumped.

“I like confessing to you too,” she wrote.


“Jen, does it turn you on to confess to me?”

“Uh huh.”

“A lot?”

“A lot.”

Brenda continued. “You know…the other day…”

“Uh huh…”

“When we met…”


“I got kinda turned on…”

“Oh wow.” Jen wrote. After a little while she typed, “Me too.”

“Oh wow.”



Jen pushed further. “In fact…”

“In fact what?” Brenda typed a few curious smileys.

“It got me pretty wet.”


“Really wet.”

“What did you do about it?”


“Jen, did you touch yourself?”


Brenda laughed some more. “What if I told you…”

“Told me what?” Now Jen added some smileys.

“Maybe I kinda touched too.”

“Oh really.”



“Does that…excite you?”

“Yes it does.”

“It excites me too.”

“Uh huh.”

“To confess.”

“To tell someone that you touched yourself.”

“That I played with myself.”

“That you masturbated.”

“That I masturbated.”

“That I masturbated too.”

“Uh huh.”


More silence.



“Can I ask you a question?”

“Okay,” wrote Brenda.

“Are you….”

“Am I what?”

“Are you…touching yourself right now?”


“Oh wow.”

“Jen…can I ask you a question?”

Jen laughed. “Sure.”

“Are you masturbating too?”

“Yes,” wrote Jen.

“Right now?”

“Right now.”


“My jeans are already on the floor.”

“Oh wow.”

“I took them off a little while ago.”

“Oh my.”

“What about you?”

“My hands are pushing into my panties.”


“Running my finger in circles.”

“Maybe you should take something off too.”

“My jeans?”


“Maybe my panties also.”

“Oh yes.”

“Why don’t you take your panties off too, Brenda?”


“Mmmm I’m so wet.”

“Me too.”

“I feel kaçak iddaa so slick.”

“Oh yes.”

“Everything wet.”

“Thinking about what we’ve said.”

“Telling each other everything,” said Jen.


“It’s so arousing.”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, almost everything.”

“Oh really…”

Jen kept typing. “I guess I didn’t tell you everything about the other day.”

“I guess I didn’t either.”

“I played so much when we were chatting…that I came.”

“Oh, Jen…me too.”

“And then afterward…”

“I did something afterward too…” wrote Brenda.

“Oh really.”


“What did you do?”

“I lay on the bed and masturbated some more.”

“Oh wow….so did I.” Jen left out the part about the mirror.

“Um…I was really really horny.”

“So was I.”

“I got totally nude and played with my toy.”

“I got almost nude…except for my shirt pulled up…with bra off.”

“Uh huh,” said Brenda.

“I pull it up so I can see my breasts and feel like I’m flashing somebody.”

“Oh wow.”


“Who would you want to flash?” wrote Brenda.

“Mmmm…maybe some woman I just met.”

“Showing off your bare tits to some stranger.”

“Well, not just any stranger.”

“Maybe someone who was just as horny as me.”



“Jen…what are you doing right now?”

“I’m masturbating and thinking naughty thoughts, Brenda.”

“ am I.”

“Fingers pressing down…feeling my slick lips…grazing my clit.”

“Ohhh…that’s so dirty,” said Brenda.

“It’s totally dirty.”

“I love it.”

“Me too.”

“I’m fingering too…right on my clit now,” wrote Brenda.

“Oh wow.”

“I am so aroused and wet now.”

“We are both so horny.”

“Totally horny.”

“I’m bottomless with my shirt and bra pulled up like before” wrote Jen.

“I’m bottomless too.”

“Exposed…bare pussy?”

“Exposed, bare pussy. Well, not bare as in clean shaven.”

“I think clean shaven is kinda weird.”

“Me too.”

“Just nicely trimmed.”


Brenda continued, “So…we both have exposed, bare pussies.”


“I’m touching mine.”

“Me too.”

“You mean you’re touching mine?”

“Don’t start that again.” Smiley.

Smiley. It allowed them to evade the idea. Neither were quite ready to go there yet.

“It feels to good to touch my pussy,” Jen continued.

“To touch all over.”


“I’m touching my breasts too,” wrote Brenda.


“Grazing my nails over my nipples.”


“Just a light touch…that drives me crazy…”

“I can picture you there,” said Jen.

“Oh can you?”


“Totally kaçak bahis nude and masturbating,” wrote Brenda.

“And so turned on from confessing.”

“Oh yah.”

“From telling me all your dirty thoughts.”

“Hearing all your naughty thoughts too.”


“Just touching my breasts and it feels so good.”

“I keep thinking about your pussy wet and shiny.”

“It is so wet.”

“It’s been wet for a while now.”


“You made it wet.”

“Oh really.”

“Telling me how you masturbated the other day.”

“I did.”

“Telling me how you thought about other women.”

“I do.”

“Naked women.”

“Totally naked.”

“Women having sex with each other.”

“Licking each others’ pussies.”

“Kissing and sucking breasts.”

“Grinding into each other.”

“Telling each other their naughtiest thoughts.”

“Totally shameless.”

“So slutty.”



“I am so ready to cum, Brenda.”

“I am too, Jen.”

“Let’s cum together.”

“Oh yes.”



“I masturbate all the time.”

“Me too.”

“It’s so wrong.”

“But it feels so good.”

“So good.”

“So good.”

“Ohh.” They could hardly even type with one hand now.




“I’m cummmming.”

“Meeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooo.”

Long pause.

“Oh Jen…that was incredible.”



“I’ve never cum like that before.”

“Me neither.”

“Like…” wrote Jen.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know….just…”

“It’s like we have this amazing connection,” said Brenda.

“We do.’

“I can’t believe I found someone to talk to about this.”

“Someone who doesn’t make you feel guilty,” said Jen.

“Who understands what I’m talking about.”

“About sexy thoughts…about other women…and all the mixed feelings.”

“All the mixed feelings,” wrote Brenda.



“I so want to keep talking but I am totally late for all the things I have to do today,” said Jen.

“Me too.”

“What…want to keep talking or totally late?”

Brenda laughed. “Both.”

“This is so amazing.”

“Totally amazing.”

“To be able to talk…to share…”

“To confess.”

“To confess.”

One more pause.

“Are you okay if I sign off now?” wrote Jen.

“Yes I should too.”


“ ooo”



Brenda and Jennifer both signed off from each other. Then they each scrolled up the chat window and reread everything. And then they went to their beds and played with themselves…climaxing once, twice, three times with the excitement, guilt and excitement of what they had done.

Thanks for your patience with my erratic story output.. Sorry if they put you to sleep. But let me know if they happen to describe your world too.

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