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Female Ejaculation

This is the second part of a mini-series. It is based in the UK and is entirely fictional. I would recommend you read the first chapter of “Birthday Surprise” to familiarise yourself with the characters.

Anyway, a quick synopsis of Birthday Surprise – Chapter 1:

The story is written in the first person (“I”). This main character is a female professional in her mid 30s. To celebrate her birthday, her boyfriend (Mark) takes her to a luxury country hotel for a weekend of sexual fun and adventure. He surprises her by inviting a mysterious female to share their bedroom for the night. This is the first time the main character has had a threesome with another woman…

I hope you enjoy this story!


It had been a breath-taking hour since my unexpected “gift” had entered our hotel bedroom. My head was still swirling with crazy thoughts, feelings and ideas. This sort of thing didn’t happen to people like me? Yet, here I was, adjusting to the reality of sharing an evening with two gorgeous lovers. The only time I’d imagined being involved in a threesome was when I was alone at home and had the urge to play with myself. But that was pure sexual fantasy, wasn’t it? How could it actually be coming true?

I was still trying to fathom out what to say or do. I eventually managed to summon up the words to ask the girl for her name.

With a glowing smile and great confidence she made her formal introduction, “I’m Joanne. But you can call me Jo.” Jo’s accent suggested she originated from one of the Home Counties. Her voice spoke of elegance, manners and good education.

I was relieved to finally have a name. I guess I should have delved deeper at this point, to find out exactly who Jo was and what her motivations were. But for the time being I was content with the briefest of information. By keeping Jo as a mysterious stranger figure somehow made her more alluring to me.

I had a few pangs of uncertainty about what might happen now. But those inner doubts were doused by the presence of Mark snuggling up beside me.

Jo turned onto her side and rested her head on her bent arm. I found myself looking directly into her hazel coloured eyes and sensed a warmth and genuineness in her. I was close enough to see her skin had no unsightly blemishes, lines or wrinkles. God she was irritatingly perfect!

Jo smiled wickedly as she posed a rhetorical question: “I feel distinctly overdressed in these knickers and stockings. Do you think I should take them off?”

An imperceptible nod of my head confirmed I desired to see her naked. Jo reached down and delicately slipped one of the hold-ups down the length of her toned leg. She repeated this process with the other hold-up until it too had been removed. Jo then brought both her hands up to the waistband of her black knickers. I was eagerly waiting the unveiling of her full nakedness. Jo paused as she realised the effect she was having on me. She wanted to prolong the agony!

For maximum impact, Jo stood up and turned her back to me. I surveyed the outline of her figure. Whereas the front of her underwear had a silky appearance, the rear consisted of a floral lacy design. Jo looked back and smiled into my eyes as she began to seductively lower her knickers inch by agonising inch. I inhaled deeply and almost forgot to carry on breathing. Jo’s bottom was pert and I guessed she must have worked out regularly at a gym or been an enthusiastic sports participant. As she dragged the underwear down the leg line, she had to bend forward. Jo ensured that she bent at the hip so I waited for her pussy to make a tantalising appearance between her legs. Finally, the knickers were on the floor and Jo spun herself around and proudly showed off the front of her body to my eager eyes. I glanced at Jo’s pubic hair and saw that it was neat and well groomed.

“Right, to get the most out of this weekend, you’re going to have ankara escort bayan to trust me and Mark. If you think you were pleasured before, just wait for this next bit.”

“Ok”, I replied meekly.

In my day job, and for most of my home life, I was used to being in control. I felt confident making decisions and planning what I would be doing next. This felt like a complete role-reversal. I was yet again entering a situation where I would be at the bidding of Jo and Mark. I would have to entrust them with what would unfurl. Although I had some natural anxieties, I was also pumped with anticipation of being sexually stimulated by two other people.

Jo ushered me to adjust my head so she could remove the crisp-white pillows that I had been resting upon.

“Now I want you to turn onto your stomach, so you are lying face down. I then want you to put your hands together above your head. Stretch your arms up the bed, so your fingernails are touching the headboard.”

In a matter of moments I had followed these instructions to the letter and found myself completely stretched out in a long line. As this was an exceptionally large bed, there was plenty of room for me to do so.

Jo surprised me by using one of the discarded hold-ups to bind my wrists firmly together. I was about to protest, but was given lots of reassurance from Mark that all would be well. Jo used the second hold-up as a further bind; fastening my wrists to an available spindle on the headboard, above my head. She had tied the knots firmly so I knew I would not be able to release myself from the bed without assistance. Luckily, as the binds were created from soft nylon, I felt no physical discomfort from being tied up in this way. Lying in this prone position had the instant effect of restricting my ability to see what was going on immediately behind me.

Jo urged me to raise my body so she could slip two soft pillows underneath my stomach. My knees were now bent, with my bottom elevated higher than my head. Strange as the position was, I did not feel too uncomfortable, as the soft items beneath me provided good support.

I became aware that Mark had briefly moved away from the bed. He returned to my side with a small black hold-all bag, that I had not noticed before. He unzipped the bag and handed a small bottle to Jo, who was perched on her knees, on the opposite side of me. I could not discern what the contents of the bottle were, or see the interior of the bag, due to my restricted range of vision.

As my sight was being curtailed, I found all of my other senses working overtime; trying to provide me with an idea of what was happening around me. My nose detected an aromatic smell surrounding me. The next sensation to hit me was when an oily substance dripped into the centre of my back. I jumped slightly as I had not expected this to happen. The oil was thick in consistency and warm on my skin. Jo proceeded to use her open palms to spread the oil higher up my back. Once my back was covered in a thin layer of the oil, she embarked on a thorough massage of my back, shoulders and neck area.

She pressed her thumbs down firmly into my lower back and made vertical motions to the top of my spine. She would then vary the massage by making circular movements with her thumbs and base of her palms, to target a particular area. There were times when it felt as though she was kneading bread on my back. The oil eased the passage of her hands. It was mesmerising to feel the tenseness within my muscles dissipate under the repetitive motions of the massage. All this indulgence had a soporific effect on me. My eyes closed and I felt myself drifting towards sleep. I can’t recall how long the massage continued for, as I fell into a semi-conscious state of relaxation and pleasure.

I became alert once more when I sensed the proximity of someone near my legs and bottom. I realised that Jo was continuing to apply ankara bayan escort the back massage, so guessed it was Mark that had moved behind me. I felt Mark’s warm breath as his face got closer to my rear. He placed one hand on each of my buttocks and gently eased them apart. He leaned forward and completed a lengthy lick from one end of my bottom crevice to the other. He repeated this process of worshiping my bottom with tiny kisses.

It was an area of my body that wasn’t routinely touched in such an intimate manner. But my brain registered that it was stimulating and I happily allowed Mark to continue his ministrations.

He focused his full attention on my anus. After some longing kisses, he covered his lips around my special bud and began flicking and darting his tongue into my anus. It was tickly but at the same time it triggered off nerve sensors I wasn’t used to feeling!

Mark traced his fingers forwards, until they reached my clit. He began rubbing his finger tips in synchronisation with his tongue teasing. My body started to respond again. I felt the hedonistic rush of sensations across different parts of my body. The soothing back massage was contrasted with the electrifying pulses of being masturbated, whilst simultaneously feeling a tongue intruding into my back passage!

Mark kept the tip of his tongue nestled as far into my body as my sphincter would allow. He was relentless in flicking his finger over my engorged clit. I felt the dampness increasing between my legs. My breathing was becoming faster. Things were building up to the big “O”.

Jo slipped away from the bed, leaving Mark to continue unabated. The cessation of the back massage merely focused the loci of my attention on the sexual gratification I was getting from both my anus and my pussy. I began rocking on my knees, trying to maximise the contact with Mark’s darting tongue and fast moving fingers.

I called out, with an edge of desperation in my voice, “Mark, Take me from behind! I need your cock inside of me now!”

Mark did not respond immediately to my urge for penetrative sex. Instead it seemed to intensify his efforts with his tongue and fingers. Still the sexual energy within me kept building. I was wet and feeling hot. I knew it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge. How much longer could I endure this without orgasming?

Frustratingly, and without explanation, Mark removed contact of his hand from my pussy whilst also retracting the tongue that had been inserted into my bottom.

“Please don’t stop. I’m so close. I need you to fuck me good and hard”, I growled through my teeth.

I tried to turn round to see what was happening, but with my hands tied tightly to the bedstead, and the pillows beneath me, I was unable to look backwards.

I only had to wait a matter of seconds before I realised things had not stopped, but merely been delayed. I felt the tip of Mark’s penis pushing at the entrance to my love tunnel. My vagina lips, already soaked to excess, greedily accepted this visitor into my body. Once more, I felt the plunging motion, as it moved further inside of me. For me, the doggy position was one of my favourite ways of having sex. This time, the pressure on my inner walls seemed greater, almost as though the girth of Mark’s prick had swelled. I closed my eyes as the sweetness of being fucked hard started to become a reality. I readied myself for the inevitable contact of Mark’s balls against my inner thighs, to signify he was completely inside me. But the expected impact didn’t happen. I continued to feel the cock creeping deeper inside me. It started to reach places than I never thought possible.

“Jesus”, I gasped. “That feels so fucking good.”

Then it dawned on me. The penis inside me didn’t feel quite right. Surely it was wider and longer than the dimensions I was used to, when having sex with Mark? It was verging on painful to have such a formidable ankara escort bayanlar phallus inside my vagina.

Had another stranger secretly entered our bedroom and immediately sought sexual intimacy with me? That didn’t seem plausible as I hadn’t heard the door open or footsteps across the room.

Mark, sensing my anxiety, re-appeared next to me on the bed and sought to reassure me, “Don’t worry. Jo just wanted to show you what a woman can do.”

The penny dropped. It all made sense. Jo must have been using a life-like dildo on me! To say I was shocked was an understatement!

The dildo finished its journey into my inner body. Obviously I hadn’t been able to examine the dildo with my eyes to ascertain its size. But based on the sensations it was producing, I guessed it was probably two or three inches longer than Mark, and an inch wider.

Jo began withdrawing the dildo, until it was almost completely out again. So began a pattern of agonising, yet pulse-raising, thrusts. From an initial slow pace, Jo began to crank up the frequency. She kept pushing hard, in and out of me, with gusto. Every so often, she would twist the dildo slightly or make minute adjustments to the angle of entry, to send my pussy into over-drive.

My body had a mind of its own, and I couldn’t resist the groans and moans emanating from my mouth. My hips pushed back in eagerness to receive Jo’s love truncheon. I found my mouth becoming dry as all of the wetness headed southwards. This was surely going to be one of the strongest orgasms I had ever experienced?

Mark changed his position to sit down directly in front of me, with his knees either side of my head. All I could do was look forward. There, before me stood his proud erection and balls.

From this close proximity I could closely examine the veins snaking their way up the shaft. The head of the penis was dark crimson in colour and seemed to be pulsing by itself. As I inhaled through my nose, the distinctive musky smell of Mark filled my head.

My jaw opened as I desperately sought to consume his cock within my mouth. I so wanted to smother his length with my saliva. But to my disappointment, Mark’s cock was a few centimetres out of reach of my tongue or lips. I called out in frustration for Mark to stuff his rod into my mouth. God, I could talk smutty, when fully aroused!

As earlier, Mark didn’t follow my request. My lack of control over the situation was decidedly annoying! Instead, Mark lifted his left hand to his penis and started to squeeze his foreskin; as if squeezing out the remnants of a toothpaste tube. Mark was having a wank in front of me for my visual pleasure!

He grasped his cock firmly and then released it. He sought to stretch his penis with each upward gesture. But the pressure and pace he was applying was such that he could keep aroused for hours, but would not ejaculate.

I could not resist growling and making further attempts to push my face forward, to make contact with Mark. But with every effort I made, Mark ensured he stayed close, but agonisingly, just out of reach. This was truly tortuous and the sadistic element was that Mark realised this!

Jo continued to fill me with the dildo, while Mark stimulated himself to my rapt attention. I could take no more. I made one last shriek of pleasure, as the onset of the orgasm struck me like a gale force ten. My torso and legs shook. My nerve endings jangled from head to toe. My voice now became mute as I was unable to process any more sensory information. This was definitely sexual satisfaction at its best! I could not remember the last occasion when I had come three times in the same night. My body must have been releasing all the chemicals in the world tonight – Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin – you name it, I was feeling it!

As I began to relax, Mark assisted in releasing the binds. I fell into his arms and we held together in a loving embrace. I didn’t want the hug to end. This had been one special night. If only everyday was a birthday! We kissed each other, re-affirming our intimacy. From this tender moment, I couldn’t prevent myself from drifting off into a deep, but very contented, sleep.

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