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Anal Plug

I could not get the taste of Woody’s cock out my mouth. Still fresh in my memory and exciting too! It felt so hot and alive. My taste buds still buzzed from the salty, smooth taste of him.

Dawn could tell when Woody’s dick was on my mind. At first she would smile at me. That was all it took to get me hard. One time. I looked up at her and she was making a fish face at me. She started laughing at me.

“Watching you making him cum was mind blowing!”

“You should try it. I did to him what I’d want done to me.”

“That’s it though, I don’t know what it would feel like. It’s easier for men, they can see it. If I had a dick I couldn’t keep my hands off of it.”

“Me too!”

“The next time you suck him pretend its my dick!”


“Oh, fuck yes!” She moaned. “You’re the greatest cocksucker I know!”

I put my arms around her, pressing her against me. I kissed her firmly, again and again. When she opened her mouth I pushed my tongue in. I licked her tongue. When I felt tongue in my mouth I sucked hard on it and licked it. She moaned and let me have all of tongue she could.

I rubbed my crotch against her. She pushed her chest against mine, rubbing her tits around it too. She slowed and stopped when her orgasm began. I was still sucking on her tongue when she finished. She broke this kiss and whispered, “Thanks.”

We made it to our bedroom and stripped out of our clothes. Dawn laid down on her back. She raised her knees and spread them apart. I kneeled on the bed in between her knees and entered her. We bucked back and forth against each other until she felt me stiffen in her. She slowed down and I pushed into her further. I needed to cum! We only lasted a few more strokes until I felt her tightening around me. I came hard and fast in her. The moments of pleasure seemed they would last an eternity until the next moment came.

Dawn had me hot for Woody now. I promised her I wouldn’t do it without her to watch. In my mind it felt like I would be cheating on myself if Dawn bahis firmaları wasn’t there. Strange, but what can I say.

We were ready for him if we got the chance. We fantasized about it. It kept us horny and happy.

Finally, on Thursday night, there was a knock on our door. We both knew it was Woody. We didn’t hear a car and no one had called. I opened the door and there he was.

He was wearing the lime green shorts again, no shirt and no shoes. He was hard with a wet spot, where his cock poked into the material of his shorts. He’s already leaking I thought. I licked my lips and my mouth was watering. I looked towards Dawn.

“Tonight, I told Cheryl about us the other day.” He panted.

“I can tell.”

“Yeah, it got her real turned on and wants to see you suck me.”

“Dawn wants to see us again too. You think now would be a good time?”

“Right now!” said Dawn.

I went to my knees and pulled his shorts down. I made a circle around his dick with my left thumb and forefinger. His dick was wet! I adjusted my grip and pulled the skin down against his groin, stiffening his dick more. I licked his cock head at the slit. Licking to taste his pre-cum. It was different, I guessed out loud, “Cheryl’s pussy juice?”

“Yeah, we were fucking. She stopped saying I had to come get you.”

“Let’s go!@ Dawn said.

I licked up as much of the juice I could. I stood back up. I kissed him full on the lips. Holding his head still with my hands. I didn’t stop until my tongue was in his mouth. The fantasy Dawn placed in my head was playing out in front of her eyes.

Woody pulled up his shorts. We grabbed our keys and locked the door on our way next door.

Woody led us into the condo. We saw Cheryl. She was wearing a short red and gold kimono robe that hung from her tits and cinched around her waist. There it hung off her ass. Woody said, “We’re here.” She moved to greet us, her breasts swaying with each step. Her cheeks were flush and her hair was a mess. She gave Dawn quick hug kaçak iddaa and quick peck on her cheek. She gave a kiss on the lips. I could smell the sex on her. She stepped back and untied the robe. She pulled it off, letting it drop to the floor. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was bald. Woody pulled his shorts off. His pubic was shaved off too. His cock looked even more delicious.

Dawn and I followed them into a bedroom. There was a king sized bed with some pillows on it. I followed Woody to the far side of the bed. I started stripping. When I was naked I looked at Dawn. She smiled at me and nodded a yes to me. Then she started slipping out of her dress, bra and panties. Cheryl laid down on the propped up on some pillows. Dawn moved to the side of the bed leaning on her knees against it.

I moved behind him on his left. With my right arm over his right shoulder I pulled him back against me. I kissed his neck and left ear lobe. I whispered in his ear, “I want all your cum.” I stroked his cock with my left hand. Like it was mine. I let go of him and told him lay down and he did.

Woody looked up to me and I smiled at him. I reached out and grabbed his dick at its base with my thumb and forefinger. I leaned down and for a long kiss on the head. Then I got kneeled on the bed. I leaned over his head and kissed him on the lips. I wasn’t in love with him but a strong bond with him and his beautiful body. I moved my lips to kiss and slowly lick his nipples. I sucked them. Savoring their taste. They were so rigid on my lips and against my tongue.

I had kept my hand on his cock and it much harder now. I moved my head about it now. This was a moment I’d been waiting for. I stuck my tongue out wide to lick the head.

Cheryl sighed, “Yes!”

“Lick that big cock for me baby,” demanded Dawn.

When I had it all wet I took it to my mouth and slowly licked it. I was making it twitch. I let him out of mouth and moved around to kneel between his legs. I ran my finger tips up and down his thighs and his whole kaçak bahis body jerked. I grabbed his cock with my left hand, thumb on the bottom and pointed to his chest. I leaned down and slowly licked his hairless balls. I widened my tongue against his sack and licked up it. I licked all the way up to the bottom of his cock’s head.

I took him into my mouth and went down on him. I opened my throat and felt him tight against my tonsils. I heard noises from Cheryl and Dawn telling me swallow his cum. I went down a little further and stayed there. I lightly rubbed his balls. I felt a surge from him, tightening him in my throat. He spurted deep in me. I drew my head up. I tightened my lips around him and my tongue against him. He spurted three times into my mouth. Some dripped out and off my chin. I had to swallow some. I worked some more cum out of him before I let him out of my mouth. I kissed him. He sighed licked his cum from my lips and chin. I smiled and quickly kissed him again.

Dawn was ready for me. She was on the bed now laying in her back. Her legs spread wide and her pussy wet. I slipped right in to her as far as I could go. I leaned forward to kiss her. She met me with an open mouth and let me slip my tongue into her. She sucked cum from my tongue, my lips and chin. We swapped it back and forth until it was gone.

I kept working against her. Trying to get deeper into her. I leaned forward again and blew into her ear. She stiffened but I didn’t stop. She tightened around me and I stopped. I felt her cumming has she squeezed me tighter. I stiffened and shot my cum into her deeper than before. We rode out our orgasms together. When we were spent I rolled off her and laid next to her.

Woody and Cheryl had been watching us the whole time. Playing with each other. I’m sure Cheryl had cum too. She crawled in between Dawn’s legs and lowered her mouth to Dawn’s pussy. She started licking my cum leaking from it. Dawn moaned and Cheryl licked into her further. She licked my cum from Dawn. Cheryl rubbed her nose in Dawn and her mouth against her pussy. She licked Dawn some more. The she rose and went back to Woody to kiss him. They open their mouths and swapped my cum. They continued to kiss, lick and rub the cum between their mouths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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