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The morning after and a distressing revelation.

How could she bear it?.


There was a sound of knocking and then the door opened which woke them both. The cabin was bathed in light from the morning sun and as they struggled to open their eyes. They found Lijuan standing inside the room waiting patiently for them to recover their senses .

“Good morning, I get clothes for you. How tall please?”

“Um five foot nine inches.” Belinda mumbled

“Five foot one inch.” Sue answered

Armed with that information, she opened one of the wardrobes and selected two identical, track suits and laid them on the chair.

“You try on and breakfast in half an hour, towels are in the bathroom.” With a little smile and a half bow, she turned and left, closing the door behind her.

They both looked at each other and Sue made a face, widening her eyes and grinning. “We’d better get on with it then” and rolled out of bed, pulling her partner with her into the bathroom and turning the shower on. As the water cascaded down, they washed each other running soapy hands across their bodies and washing each other’s hair using the expensive shampoos on the shelf. At last, rinsed off and dried on the fluffy white towels they found their panties from the pile of clothes.

“I’m not going to wear a bra’ under this.” Sue decided out loud.

“You’ve got the breasts for it,” Belinda replied “I don’t think I’ll be doing anything bouncy so I’ll go for it as well then.”

Together they tried on the track suits and saw that Lijuan had made a pretty good choice. Walking around in their feet, parading around and showing off for each other. The trousers were well tailored even though they were track suit bottoms

“just love your ass in that Sue, your pants are a really god fit, come here a minute. ”

The pants were pulling the material tight across Sue’s rounded ass, tight around the thighs and then loosening out as they fitted down her legs. Belinda couldn’t resist feeling her through the material, testing the firmness and pulling her towards her with both hands behind her, pressing her crutch tight into hers.

“Um, let’s go up for breakfast before we start something.” Sue suggested.

” Yea you’re right, I guess Paula will be waiting for us.”

They left the guest cabin and climbed the stairs into the main cabin. Belinda went up behind Sue just so that she could watch her body as it moved. Paula was sitting at the table wearing the same track suit as those chosen for her two guests and was looking pretty good in it, her hair tied back, she looked the part, the all American woman.

“Good morning you two.” and then turning to the Chinese girl “Give them some breakfast, they look very hungry to me.”

They were served what they assumed was a normal American breakfast of scrambled egg and on the same large plate, pancakes and maple syrup and a couple of strips of bacon. They ate with relish, it was delicious, the orange juice was excellent and was followed with strong but great tasting, freshly made coffee.

It was while breakfast was in progress that the two crew men returned from wherever they had been the previous evening. Paula introduced them to the two girls. They were both in their thirties and dressed in whites with blue blazers. Obviously Ed liked to keep a tight ship. It transpired during the introduction that they were both Maltese.

“This is the captain, Antonio and his number two Julian.” They both extended their hands to the two passengers and then moved up into the control area to start their day’s work. Both men had been operating as crew on various luxury yachts in the Mediterranean for several years and had both been with Ed for three years.

“I had planned a trip down the coast for a few hours today, would you two girls like to come with us” Paula asked.

“Yes please” they answered in unison, excited at the thought of a leisurely day aboard such a beautiful boat.

“Let me find you something to put on your feet and I will get Julian to drive you up to your hotel so that you can grab your swimming gear and pick up some fresh panties perhaps.”

Julian was busy up on the top deck getting ready to leave harbour and Antonio was running up the radar and peering at the green screen so when Paula beckoned the two girls, they followed her down to the cabin that they had earlier come up from. It had already been tidied and the bed made, their clothes neatly folded on the bed.

She opened a drawer and passed them a couple of pairs of white ankle socks and then slid back one of the wardrobe doors and after they had told her their shoe sizes, she selected a couple of boxes from the stack in the bottom and handed them across. Inside were expensive trainers for them to try on. There was a little confusion over the US shoe sizes but eventually they got there and were ready to go.

For some reason, Belinda felt a premonition that Paula wanted more from them, or especially from Sue. She was watching her every move güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and at last, unable to resist the temptation of this sweet petite girl, she finally moved up close behind her and slipped her hands up under Sue’s track suit top to fondle her naked breasts and as Sue’s head fell forward and her beautiful dark hair swept forward, she began to kiss her on the back of the neck. Sue responded to her kisses and caresses and as Belinda watched them, Sue put her hands behind her to pull Paula tight into her.

Watching her being fondled by their host left her feeling somewhat unhappy and she felt a quick stab of jealousy in the pit of her stomach with what was happening but this feeling didn’t last as she reasoned with herself that their relationship with Paula was going to be short term. They had already crossed the dividing line as far as loyalty to each other was concerned and not only that, Belinda knew that when the holiday was over her relationship with her husband Dave would almost certainly continue and that Sue and her would become part time lovers.

Somehow, Belinda felt as if she was an intruder in what was happening between these two women so close to her, but within their own invisible space that they had created. Belinda took a couple of steps back to increase the distance between them and her. Catching sight of the movement, Paula looked round directly at her and her facial expression was asking the question of her. In return, Belinda smiled and nodded although it was not really her place to give permission to her to be so close to her lover, that was for Sue alone although judging by her reactions, that permission had already been granted.

Suddenly, she was on her own, a spectator as she watched Paula drop her hands from under Sue’s top and ease her hands downwards, past the elasticated waistband of her trousers and downwards, fondling and caressing her.

It was at this point that Paula turned to her and in a soft voice said “Would you lock the door please Belinda but please don’t go, stay here with us.”

Moving across to the door and all the time watching them, she turned the key in the lock whilst Paula continued to move her hands inside Sue’s pants. Belinda feeling a little lost, moved back into the corner of the cabin to watch.

At last Paula pulled both her hands out from under the waistband and turned Sue to face her. She began to kiss her lips and throat, pulling her top over her head and discarding it as she leant down to kiss her now naked breasts.

It was a new sensation for Belinda to be watching this charged sexual activity without being part of it. Although she didn’t want to, she began to feel a voyeuristic excitement building in herself, feeling like a stranger in the room. As the lovemaking became more intense, she sat down in an armchair out of the brightness of the sunlight which was streaming through the round portholes across the room and falling on the two women, she continued to watch and wonder at the sexuality of the girl who had been such an object of her Sapphic desires. She just had to drop her hand inside her own track suit pants and caress herself between her legs, if only to feel the wetness from her own sexual arousal.

Paula had eased Sue backwards and carefully laid her on the bed, still continuing to kiss and run her tongue over her breasts, sucking at the nipples until they were erect and her hand once more slipped under Sue’s waistband. Belinda could see the movements as she began to caress once more between Sue’s legs, circular movements and sometimes movements that were out of sight because of the covering of her pants but she knew that Paula had slipped fingers into that sweet place and was reaching deep inside her.

At last, Paula extracted her hand, knelt up and pulled off the trainers that Sue had just put on and grabbing the waistband removed the trousers and panties in one swift movement, assisted by Sue lifting herself from the bed in anticipation.

From Belinda’s seated position, she was looking directly between Sue’s legs now at that so enticing place, naked, her legs had fallen apart and she could see the silky lubrication between the lips that were open to her. Sue’s hand had dropped down and she was slowly rubbing at her clitoris. Her eyes closed had that look of pleasure on her face that Belinda knew so well. Paula was standing now as she took off her own clothes, her eyes transfixed on the body before her, naked and waiting for the ultimate pleasure.

At last Paula had removed the final garment and was naked. For a while, she watched Sue moving her fingers over her clitoris softly calling to her “Do that Sue. Mmmm, touch yourself, beautiful.” Her own hands began a caress of her own vagina.

Belinda could only see Paula’s back but she knew that the clitoris that she had seen the previous night would be pushing itself forwards from beneath the hood that covered it, erect and engorged. At last, Paula moved forwards and as Sue looked up at her with expectation, she dropped onto the bed and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri began to kiss and lick between her legs. As she was kneeling, Belinda could now see Paula’s vagina and above it, between her buttocks, the soft brown slightly puckered rosebud shaped orifice. Paula was a little plump but Belinda found this even more exciting than before as she watched. Her breasts were hanging so sexily and her vagina was open and deep, her inner lips falling like two curtains around the slippery entrance.

Still watching as Sue began to reach an orgasm “Wait, wait, not yet, I’m close but please wait.” As she had done with Belinda, holding Paula away while she waited for the feeling to subside and then pulling her back to start the climb once more.

“Do it again, oh my God, so good, now keep doing it like that.”

At last, she was so close that it had to happen. “I’m coming, that’s it, that’s it.” she cried out,

Belinda’s own excitement as Sue reached that point and went over the top, made her own hand movements increase but the orgasm didn’t come. She continued to watch and continued to masturbate as she needed more.

Paula was now laying alongside Sue, her fingers dipping into Sue’s wetness and then she was kneeling above her and moving up to kneel above her face. She reached up and pushed a cushion under Sue’s head and now her clitoris was so close to Sue’s mouth that she could, with a slight movement of her head, suck and lick and give the release that Paula wanted. She began by drawing the clitoris down into her mouth and running her tongue around it, then pushing her tongue into the opening and then once more sucking the whole shaft into her mouth.

“you know what to do Sue, I really need this.”

Paula began to shudder as her orgasm started, pressing down on that so soft mouth, squealing with pleasure as it finally hit her. Her hands were on her own breasts, pulling at the nipples as she climaxed. At last, she moved to one side and for the first time acknowledged Belinda’s presence as she saw that she was sitting alone and masturbating.

“Pull your pants down so that I can see you.”

Belinda did as she asked and closed her eyes to bring herself to that sublime conclusion. She could feel it building inside her, the excitement of being watched adding a new level of almost forbidden pleasure as her muscles started tightening and relaxing as her body began to peak until finally, she came, opening her eyes as the contractions flowed through her body to look directly at Paula.

“That was so good,” Paula said, “You really got a high on that one, thanks for letting me watch.”

Sue had also been watching and she climbed off the bed and kissed her.

“Taste my mouth Lin, can you taste her?” she whispered in her ear. “Kiss me again and taste her”.

She did as she was asked and as Paula came across, Sue gave way to her so that she could kiss her as if she was welcoming her back into the threesome. Belinda had an urge to feel that glorious clitoris and couldn’t help slipping a hand between her ample thighs. She was slightly disappointed to find that it had subsided but as they kissed and her fingers moved around, it grew to the proportions that she had felt before.

While her fingers were caressing her, Belinda felt another hand, that of Sue working from behind, moving around in the slipperiness with hers. Paula was standing and as they continued to caress her and with Belinda pulling at her clitoris, it became fully erect. She sensed that Sue had moved her hand slightly away and as Belinda searched for it, she realised that she was pushing her fingers between Paula’s ample globes into that secret rosebud. She had penetrated deep with two fingers and was moving in and out whilst Belinda returned to slip two fingers inside her vagina, moving in time with Sue and then as the heel of her hand pressed on her clitoris, suddenly, with an animal cry, she was coming and holding onto the back of the chair as her whole body shook with the intensity. Belinda thought that her legs were about to give way as she continued to push down on both their hands, jumping and jerking as they touched those now so sensitive spots.

“Jesus Christ, you guys are the best, I’m so glad I met you.” Then, after a pause to regain her composure. “We had better clean up before someone starts looking for us. Belinda, I’ll get Julian to drive you to the hotel to pick up your things and then we’ll start the motors and have a look outside the harbour.”

Once she had collected their swimsuits, from the hotel and some spare pants and not forgetting the camera, she jumped in the little car alongside Julian and with a nod to her, they were on their way back. As soon as she stepped on board, the engines fired up with a roar and a puff of black smoke and they were heading for the harbour entrance. When they were clear of the entrance, Antonio pushed both the throttles forward and with what felt like a kick in the back, they were rushing through the calm sea.

They spent a most special güvenilir bahis şirketleri day swimming from the stern of the boat where there was a small platform from which the bathers could enter and leave the beautiful clear warm water followed by sunbathing on the ample deck while the boat swung around its anchor a few hundred yards off the shore. Sue rubbed some sun block into Belinda’s back and shoulders but the pleasure of doing the same for her was not hers as Paula took on that task. It didn’t get very sexual though as the three of them were under the watchful eyes of the crew as they carried about their business around the bridge and tended to the ropes and the small boat which hung from a crane.

Eventually, around lunchtime, the boat was lowered into the water and Julian climbed in and started what sounded like a powerful outboard motor and with a couple of blips on the throttle spun it round and moored it onto the stern platform. Lijuan then appeared with a wicker basket in her hands and handed it down into the boat and called to Paula to let her know that all was ready. Sue and Belinda were slightly mystified about what they were loading the boat for but it all became clear to them when Paula called to them to climb into the boat with her to speed across to the beach for a picnic.

The ride across was exhilarating to say the least with the little boat speeding across the water, bumping across the little waves a throwing up a huge white wake behind them. Within minutes they were there and like a group of kids, jumped out of the boat and picking up the picnic basket handed to us by Julian they ran up the small but deserted sandy beach. It was picture postcard perfect, totally surrounded by cliffs and boulders on the three sides. With a wave, the little speedboat reversed off the beach and sped back to tie up at the stern position of the boat, some distance off.

Together, they spread the large picnic cloth out on the sand and laid out the plates and cutlery, pulled out the various packs of salads and meats along with three glasses and a bottle of chilled champagne and then with a flourish, Paula popped the cork and poured three glasses.

Together they drank to each other, savouring the dryness of the champagne as the bubbles burst in their mouths, Belinda was not a wine connoisseur but she knew that this bottle was not a cheap supermarket variety and it was probably that thought which made the experience so much better, the result of which made her feel slightly lightheaded. The food was exquisite and when they had eaten and finally finished the bottle of champagne, their spirits were high and they sat in a circle chattering away about everything under the sun. It was a beautiful afternoon and gradually they reached one of those silences that occur from time to time.

Sitting quietly and just looking at each other, Belinda could see that Paula was being very attentive towards Sue and then holding out a hand to her, they both got up and walked towards the boulders at the side of the beach. Belinda started to get up to join them but felt somehow that she wasn’t included in the moment instead, she sat back and watched them as Sue stood with her back to the rock, just out of the visual line of sight from the boat still swinging at anchor.

Paula leaned forwards against her and they kissed in a way which was different from the pure sexual lovemaking and at that moment, Belinda knew she had lost her. The feeling in her stomach was as if she had been punched there and she thought for a moment she would be sick but it passed and she was left, trembling and weak. She continued to watch them, expecting them to continue their explorations of each other but slowly, they moved apart and began an earnest conversation, Paula holding both of Sue’s hands until once more they kissed, this time with more passion.

Belinda had her camera with her and popped off a couple of discreet photographs. She wasn’t sure why she did this but she felt she needed to capture the moment as their lips met, their bodies pressed together, as though it was the end of a chapter and end of a chapter it was.

It wasn’t long before Paula and Sue walked back towards her. Belinda was more composed by now and stood up as they approached. She had no idea what had been said but she knew with some foreboding , it was Sue that broke the silence.

“Lin, Paula has offered me a job as her personal assistant and I want to go with her.” She paused perhaps awaiting a reply but as the revelation had left Belinda without words and unable to reply she continued, “The boat is sailing on towards the South of France tonight and I so want to go, I have, apart from you Lin, nothing to go back to England for, please say it’s alright with you.”

Belinda was stunned but managed to pull herself together enough to say to them both “I can’t stop you, I do love you Sue but I know,” turning to Paula “that you’ll treat her properly while she works for you.”

The tears were welling up in her eyes and Paula obviously knew she was distressed. “Belinda, I don’t want to take her away from you but I so do need to have a female companion for want of a better description and Sue and I both seem to have hit it off. I’ve been searching for someone and I’ve found her. Ed has been telling me to get a personal assistant for ages and I just want her. Will you be OK?”

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