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Big Tits

***This is the revised, full version of my very first attempt at writing an erotic story. After the original went online, many of you contacted me to request that I write in more detail and add the parts I had left out, including Bryan’s return and the back-story of the group.

So here is the full version of events that happened that day, and I have added extra details about my friends for those of you who requested it. I hope you enjoy it, and that it does not suck.***


Oh God, I hope this doesn’t sound terrible. I’m blushing all over just thinking about it now.

My group of friends and I were always very close for as long as I can remember, and we shared everything with each other – secrets, jokes, ideas, knowledge. Everything. Whenever one girl learned something new about life or, as was more often, the new and mysterious world of sex, the details were shared and pondered over during our weekly sleepovers.

As the new information got more sexual and detailed, we would chat and discuss the things, then we would masturbate together in twos, threes, up to as many as six if the whole group was present. We would arrange ourselves into a circle on the floor with legs entwined and just let the mood take us, watching and being watched, sharing the experience with one another.

Touching was allowed, though it was usually only a stray hand on a breast, or a couple of helpful, probing fingers if needed. Sometimes more. On occasion it was known that if the last person needed more encouragement, the others would all gather round and help her to finish by whatever means necessary, be it fingers, lips, tongues, whatever was required, though this wasn’t usually needed.

I remember the last time vividly, the six of us met at my house one warm Saturday evening. After lunch we headed out to the hot tub, followed closely by my brother Bryan who was never one to let the opportunity to sit with six girls in bikinis pass him by. The only male we ever really felt comfortable around in such circumstances was Lucas, a guy we knew who had been adopted as an honorary member of our group who happened to be out of town at this time, though if he had been present things would probably have been a lot less…erotic? Less sexual anyway, because he never joined in our group time, though I know he knew all about it.

On the whole Bryan was reasonably well behaved for once, though he did get into trouble for leering over my friend Amanda’s nipples when her white bikini turned a little transparent in the water, but who can blame him for that? Amanda has awesome boobs.

We chatted about sex, men, women, and our naughty secrets until it began to get dark, then we headed into my bedroom and I closed the door so that Bryan wouldn’t disturb us as we hung around and dried off. It was always a turn on to be naked with the group, and as I laid on the bed I felt a twinge of excitement in my stomach as Amanda untied her white bikini top and bottoms, then after slipping them off, laid next to me.

Her hand wandered through my wet hair and we looked at each other. She had light brown hair which had been lightened a few shades to dark blond by the summer months, and her sun-kissed skin felt smooth and clean as I softly caressed her lips with my thumb, then pressed my own lips against them and trailed my hand down onto her neck, where I massaged her and stroked her silky skin. I looked down over her body, it felt soft and warm against me, yet firm and perky when I trailed my hand down over her wonderful shoulders and across her high breasts. Bryan was right, her nipples were incredible, light pink and soft to the touch, and sat on high milky white breasts untouched by the Texas sun.

I felt a hand on my leg and I looked up, it was Donna, a pale freckled redhead with sparkling blue eyes and thin pink lips, she smiled and I saw that the rest of the girls had arranged themselves into a circle on the floor at the foot of the bed. I took my place between Amanda on my left, and my best friend Emily on my right. We chatted for a while, continuing the theme from the hot tub and becoming more aware that we were all getting turned on by the subject of masturbation techniques, and one by one we demonstrated our preferred method to the rest of the group until we were all masturbating openly at the same time. I looked to my left and watched Amanda’s slim fingers working in circles around her clit, which was an island of delicious pink in a sea of milky-white suntanned skin, in contrast to the rest of her golden body. She looked at me as her fingers worked and when I licked my lips she copied me as her brown eyes burned with passion.

On my right, Emily had her eyes closed and her head tilted back, her full lips pouting and glistening slightly from being moistened by her tongue which she occasionally poked out – something which always turned me on. Emily had been the very first girl I had ever kissed, and by this time her tongue had been in more places than just my mouth. I could imagine kneeling over her, feeling her fingers working us both as I sucked her tongue into my mouth again and caressed it with my canlı bahis own. Her perky honey colored breasts and erect light brown nipples sat in between her arms as she pushed a lucky middle finger inside her pussy, and used the other to massage her own gloriously smooth neck.

I pinched my own nipple gently and slid a finger inside my own pussy. I was very turned on from the conversation and was already wet when I sat down, and I massaged my juice all over my pussy and clit to lubricate myself, then I slid my finger back inside and caressed my g-spot while making small firm circles on my clit with my thumb. It felt so good. I looked around the circle and enjoyed the feeling of Amanda’s and Emily’s gorgeous hot skin as our legs entwined and our feet softly rubbed together.

I looked over to my friend Lissa who was sitting directly opposite me in the circle, she was looking at me in the same way. Lissa has the body of an athlete, which has been shaped and toned by years of rowing, running and gymnastics. She has very dark skin and defined muscles in her stomach which I just love to stroke my hands over, dark black eyes and hair and full lips which were always warm and felt like heaven to kiss. Lissa was the second girl I ever kissed and the first I had sex with. It had happened one night when we were alone at her house and had watched some porn videos online. We shared a bath and became curious about what it would feel like to be with another female. Gentle curious kisses moved from lips to breasts, then from stomachs to legs, and the first orgasm we shared was probably the strongest either of us had felt. We took that idea to the group at the first instance and very much enjoyed the experimentations that followed.

Lissa bit her bottom lip and raised her arm over her head, pushing her delicious full dark brown breasts out and inviting the girl on her left, Donna the redhead, to reach over and stroke them. Her pale hand contrasted with Lissa’s dark breast and I watched with delight as Donna licked her fingers and moistened her black nipple, tweaking it until it was erect and wet.

On Lissa’s right, opposite Donna was Brianna. Donna and Bri had always been deeply involved even away from the group, and during this time had the soles of their feet touching with the toes of one foot interlocked as they watched each other carefully. At that time Bri had shoulder length white-blond hair and the sort of pale green almond eyes that make men whimper, and how she always loved to do that. Bri is a natural tease and the sort of exhibitionist that puts me to shame, who always loved to make people look at her, either by pulling her skirt way up until the curve of her butt was just about visible, or by putting on her little sister’s tiny t-shirts and walking round with her stomach exposed and her breasts and pointy nipples straining against the fabric. One time a t-shirt actually ripped up the front and she ended up standing in Starbucks basically topless while the entire store stared at her, not that she cared much, luckily the baristas donated a company t-shirt to save her blushes – or rather everybody else’s – on the journey home. I believe firmly that she would have just walked the mile or so home topless if she had to, such was her attitude to her own body and public nudity.

In the circle, Lissa was making rapid circles with her fingers on her clit and her eyes were fixed on my pussy as I opened my legs wide and pushed two fingers inside myself. I pulled them out and opened my pussy, and a drop of juice ran along my opening and down into my ass, and Lissa licked her lips and sucked on her bottom lip again. She moaned and opened her mouth as if to say something to me, perhaps invite me over for a closer look, before BANG! The door opened suddenly and my brother Bryan was standing with a huge grin on his face.

We all tried to cover ourselves up with our hands and arms as he walked into the room and sat on the bed, still grinning.

“So this is what you all do in here.” he said, clearly enjoying the new-found power he had over us, “I think I’ll stay and watch.”

With that he laid on the bed and crossed his arms behind his head, despite our protestations that he get out of the room right now! Finally, after several minutes of arguing, Lissa took the initiative, a desperate attempt to scare him into leaving. She stood up, her superb, totally smooth dark body uncovered and said, “If you stay you join, otherwise get the hell out!”

I’ve known my brother for a long time and I’ve never known him back down from anything, and before she could sit back down he had already gotten off the bed and had his t-shirt off over his head, followed by his shorts and underwear, and he sat himself down in the closest spot, which was between myself and Emily. Awkward!

So we started up again as best we could. I felt exposed sitting next to my own brother, who by this point had had a decent look at the six of us and I watched with some intrigue as his cock went from flaccid and small to large and hard without him even having to touch it. Believe it or not I had never seen that before without somebody touching bahis siteleri it. As the others relaxed and began to get into it once more, I uncovered myself and opened my legs and began to masturbate again despite the intrusion, imagining that the leg touching my right leg belonged to somebody else, maybe Lucas, who I had toyed with the idea of inviting a few times but had not yet dared.

I started to get into it, I imagined Emily’s soft tongue licking my wet pussy and sliding deep into me while I stroked the tight dark brown pigtails she sometimes wore, and I almost felt her full moist lips surrounding my clit and sucking me softly, her warm hand on my leg and…well there WAS a hand on my leg. I opened my eyes and found it belonged to Bryan, who was stroking his cock and looking at Emily’s light brown pussy as it dripped with her sweet juice.

“Sorry!” he said and moved his hand. Oddly I had found it comfortable, but only realized this when he moved it away.

“It’s okay.” I said, and then carried on with what I was doing.

I reached out and massaged Amanda’s inner thigh right at the top where her inside leg meets her groin. I stroked my hand up between her legs and onto the soft tidy line of brown pubic hair that crowned her pink pussy, and I licked my fingers to taste her sweet juice. She opened her legs wider and I copied her so she could see me too, and I reached back out and slid my hand up her leg until our hands met and we pushed our fingers together and slid them against her warm pussy.

The hand touched my right leg again. Bryan spoke softly, in a tone that was almost apologizing.

“Is it okay?”

I figured that it probably was and nodded, and he kept his hand there for a while before gathering the courage to stroke my leg a little. I didn’t say anything, by this point my right leg was on top of his leg anyway, and I could even feel his balls stroking against my ankle a little – a sensation that, although unusual to me, wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

Amanda leaned over and kissed Brianna, and Bri then put her head between Amanda’s legs and began to lick her. I could see her soft tongue sliding around and covering her pink pussy before pushing it inside her and drawing more juice out. I leaned in and kissed Amanda, picking up where we had left off on the bed. Her lips were warm and wet and I sucked them hungrily into my mouth, and our tongues massaged each other. Her nipples were rigid under my hand as I moved from one to the other, stroking her hair with my other hand. Bryan’s hand joined me on her other nipple, but Amanda didn’t protest as he stroked his thumb over it. In fact the first person to protest was me when his cock rested against my leg as he leaned in to get a better feel.

I sat back down and pulled Bri’s ass over towards me, and I slid my hand between her legs and started to stroke her with my fingers, opening her soft lips and feeling her warmth around my fingers as I slipped them inside her. Her pink pussy was waxed completely and was already wet with her own juice, and as I licked her along the deep pink curve of skin and pushed my tongue inside her, she tasted sweet and delicious. My face was so wet with her juice I could feel a drop make it’s way down my neck and onto my breast where Amanda’s tongue licked it off before her lips surrounded my nipple and teased them in turn until they were hot and erect.

Before long a hand had joined mine between Bri’s legs – my brother’s – and together we explored her. I held open her ass and he licked her from her clit all the way to the base of her spine. She wasn’t asked but didn’t protest, so he carried on licking her and pushing his tongue inside her, first into her pussy, then up and over her ass, and she moaned as she felt his tongue all over her. Bryan’s cock was hard and he reached down and stroked it as he licked Bri. I found it interesting because I had only ever seen one cock which belonged to an old boyfriend, and I had certainly never seen a man masturbating before, so it was an experience seeing how a guy would do it. Emily’s hand found his cock and she stroked it for him, and I watched as he reached down and slipped his fingers into her and she opened her legs for him. It was odd to see his fingers sliding into my best friend, but she didn’t seem to mind and I thought it was okay.

While he was doing this, I felt his other hand creep up between my legs and cup my pussy. At first I tried to recoil, but clamping my legs together just pushed his finger into me a little, so I relaxed and let him do it. He rubbed my clit and pushed his tongue into Bri and I was so turned on that I reached between his legs and started to massage his hard cock with Emily. It was stiff but felt strangely soft at the same time, and it felt nice as I stroked it. He sat back and I continued stroking him while the others watched, it was the first time we had had a boy with us all and I guess we were all enjoying it. I could feel myself getting more and more aroused, and before I knew it I had gone further than I was ever intending.

I knelt up and licked all the way along his shaft to the tip, kissed bahis şirketleri it softly and then put my lips around it, sucking him gently into my mouth. I slowly took him all the way into my mouth and worked his shaft with my hand in the same way he had done, and ran my tongue all around his cock as I sucked.

I felt a tongue against my pussy and hoped it was Emily. Bryan started moaning and told me to stop because he was going to cum, so I left it standing there, hard and wet from my mouth while Bryan closed his eyes and was obviously thinking about something other than what was happening in the room in order to preserve himself, so he didn’t see Lissa crawling over and gasped when she started to suck him. It was a huge turn on to watch it up close and my tongue joined Lissa’s licking his cock and we took it in turns to suck him and nibble on the underside of his cock.

I felt a second tongue join the first between my legs, I glanced round and saw that it was Emily and Bri, one was sucking my clit while the other licked me and massaged my pussy with her fingers. Amanda and Donna had paired off and were working on each other with fingers and tongues and were becoming so noisy with the sounds of sucking and moaning that it turned me on even more.

Lissa’s ass was right in front of my face. She has gorgeous dark skin and her pussy was so wet as I pushed my face into it. Her juice ran down my face while I pulled her pussy lips open and slid my tongue deep inside her, and I took a mouthful and spit it onto her ass and licked it – something I’d never done before but that was currently being done to me by either Emily or Bri, I didn’t know which but it felt amazing as the tongue probed me, sending silver shivers working up my spine.

Bryan told us that he was really going to cum this time, and Lissa stopped sucking. He knelt up and told her to push her face against mine, which she did – managing to get her own juice all over her face – and then he had us press our lips together while he slid his wet cock between them, then he stroked it a little before shooting a huge hot load all over our faces and into our mouths.

We sat up and everybody laughed, and Bryan could only watch as a Bri and Emily then came over to touch it and taste a little directly from our lips, and we were more than happy to share.

He apologized and disappeared off to clean up while we continued our fun.

I grabbed Bri and laid backwards against a chair, pulling her on top of me. She pushed her red lips against mine and I felt her fingers cover my pussy then slide inside me. I pulled her face closer and slid my tongue into her mouth, feeling her biting and sucking it gently as her fingers pressed against my clit and rubbed it before slipping inside me again. Our breasts pressed together and I could feel her hard nipples against mine, it felt so great. My hands wandered over her smooth shoulders and I traced a line down her spine to the base of her spine, where I trailed it in circles, feeling her shiver against me, then I moved further down and softly tickled between her ass cheeks where my finger met the wet warmth of a mouth and a tongue licking Bri’s ass. I looked up and saw red hair and knew that it was Donna.

Donna pushed her tongue past my fingers and I felt it slide into her ass. I was a little surprised, but I knew they were basically together away from the group so it wasn’t a huge shock to discover that they had done things like this, which at that time was way further than I had ever gone. I pulled open Bri’s cheeks and felt her moan into my mouth as Donna continued to lick and massage her pussy. I pulled her hips down and her clit touched mine, and we began to grind against each other as Donna’s fingers massaged us both, the juice covering my pussy and legs, making me incredibly slippery. When Bri sat up and pressed down harder I could see that Donna’s face was soaked with our juices, and I pulled her closer and kissed her, taking the juice into my mouth before sharing it with Bri too.

We changed position, I got onto my hands and knees and Donna laid underneath me with her legs open and her pussy in front of my face. Her red pubic hair was moist and darkened, and I kissed it, tasting her juice a little before I slipped my tongue down over her clit and licking into her pussy a little. I could feel her warm soft tongue press against my pussy and she opened me to lick deep inside while Bri licked my ass in the same way Donna had just done to her.

It was the first time anybody had touched my ass but I loved it. I felt a warm, wet sensation as Bri’s tongue slipped along between my cheeks, then a little pressure on my ass as she poked her tongue inside a small amount before withdrawing it to spit a little, then I felt her push into me again slowly until her lips surrounded me and her tongue was deep inside my ass. Donna sucked my clit and used her finger to massage my g-spot at the same time, and I felt a tremendous buzz when Bri told me I tasted so good. We were still in this position when the door opened again and Bryan came back in. He looked shocked when I looked up, but had a huge erection which he was stroking as he looked at Bri and Donna working on me at the other end. Amanda called him over and he disappeared behind me somewhere and I concentrated on licking Donna, forgetting about him for the time being.

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