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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



I was surprised when Sian entered through the side gate: walking quickly up giving me a hug and kiss she sat opposite me.

“Penny it’s necessary that we find someone who can model the large size lingerie and I seem to remember you telling me that your younger sister is a C Cup, and also very pretty can you tell me more about her.”

“Well yes she is as you describe but she isn’t what you are looking for. You see she is incredibly shy almost introverted. When we were kids and our parents had visitors around, she used to hide under the table our mother jokingly called her ‘mouse’.”

“You know people can be trained to get over those troubles.”

“She got married at twenty-five and was still a virgin. Her marriage is a disaster because her idiot husband is more interested in horse racing than sex. She comes round her crying I suggested she shaved her pussy and dressed in sexy night ware: that was a disaster.”

“Have you tried to seduce her? That may bring her out of her malaise.”

“I have been trying to seduce her since her eighteenth birthday, but she always has a crying fit.”

“Listen invite her to a rather exclusive beach party. Come around to the shop and we will select a new and slightly naughty bikini. We got the latest summer fashions last week: actually, this is what we need her for.”

“Well, she loved the idea of sexy lingerie so I think that would attract her to the beach party.”

Later that morning Marina and I went to Sian’s shop where we selected much to Marina’s embarrassment a very brief red bikini and a white one which really showed up her deep tan. Sian also selected two new bikinis for me and two seersucker beach robes. As Marina’s husband was at an interstate race meeting, she came around to my house to discuss the beach party and what we should bring with us. Knowing how shy and reserved my sister is I didn’t reveal the real reasons for the party. If she had known the idea was to get her to join Sian and Elise’s lingerie business as a model, she would have hidden under the bed.

As we drove down to the beach party, I gave Marina a brief history of the house we were visiting. As part of Sian’s inheritance, it was an isolated solid brick beach house that ran down to a small crescent-shaped bush lined cove. She called it her holiday cottage but in reality, it was a large five-bedroom house whose bricks had been lined in concrete many years before. Painted a light pink it had been used as one of the local fisherman’s reference points ever since it had been painted. It was beautifully designed with a broad glass-lined veranda looking down to the beach and out to sea: during Spring and Summer Sian and Elise used it as a place for photographing publicity for their beachwear lines and as their quiet retreat from the busy city.

The morning was warm and sunny promising to be a magnificent day to be on the beach. Knowing how much the success of the party meant to Sian and Elise I was speechless at how much trouble they had gone to. Having arrived the evening before they had had a solid wooden table and bench seats carried under the inviting shade of a giant Moreton Bay fig tree that spread its massive limbs across the sand at one end of the beach. As Marina and I walked down to the white sandy beach we noticed a crew of caterers preparing salads and desserts for our lunch spotting

grey smoke curling out from the tall chimney of the old stone barbeque where they were roasting meat for our main course.

On arriving we all decided to take a swim in the delightfully warm water of the small cove. Standing waist-deep in the water I noticed Sian and Elise admiring Marina as she shyly removed her beach robe revealing her very brief white bikini that barely covered her pussy while her breasts were only just decent. At first, she looked about her as though she wanted to run away and hide until Elise taking the lead suggested she join me and Sian in the water.

My sister is five foot nine inches with long dark hair flowing over her shoulders. Her face is round with dark eyes while her most interesting feature is her smile which displays a chipped front tooth that had been caused by a bicycle accident when she was thirteen. Ever since the chip which is quite prominent has caused her much embarrassment regardless of my telling her that it just made her sexier and more desirable. Where I have big DD breasts my sisters are only C Cup although she is incredibly pretty it’s unfortunate that her main problem is her incredible shyness. Elise recognizes this and is determined to help her get over it and in turn introduce her to the Sapphic world and modeling profession.

Hearing the call to lunch we walked up to where a large table had been set up with three Bain Marie’s and big salad plates and bread. Recognizing my sister’s incredible shyness which went as far as to make it difficult to select items for her plate Elise took the opportunity to commence her quiet seduction. Placing two plates in Marina’s hands she placed a selection of meat salad and bread on each plate then pouring two canlı bahis glasses of Pinot Noir she led Marina to the far end of the big wooden dining table where she started to ask Marina some questions while they ate their meal.


“So, Marina Penny tells us that you are married.”

“Well yes but …”

“What are you saying?”

“My husband loves horse racing and most nights he is down at the club watching replays of the day’s races and placing bets on the next meeting. This weekend he’s in Melbourne attending some race meet.”

“It sounds as though your sex life is virtually non-existent.”

“You could say that.”

“Have you ever thought of the other team? After all, Sian and I are lesbian while your sister is bisexual her first time was with Sian and me why not experiment and possibly branch out: that way you would be keeping it amongst friends”

“Penny is bisexual … no way.”

“She’s just over there … ask her.”

“So, you both seduced my sister.”

“Not really. We live next door to your sister and one day she noticed us making out on our veranda. She invited us round for a pool party: it just happened and now the three of us are lovers.”

“Your sister would love it if you started modeling as well: we really do need someone to model our medium to large range. Marina, you are so pretty … you would be perfect.”

Elise was stunned when my sister ran to the house leaving her plate half-eaten and smiling towards Elise and me, she walked slowly towards the house.

“What a good idea: you wanted some privacy. Silly me I should have realized that you would prefer to be away from the others.”

Saying nothing Elise stepped behind Marina running her hands up the tanned skin towards the base of her breasts. Doing nothing Marina just stood as though rooted to the ground feeling the goose-bumps rise on her breasts.

“Ssshhh sweetie everything is okay I only want you to feel good and safe. Now relax and feel your body slowly turn off while my fingers calm you fear. Do you know Sian did this for me once: we had only just turned eighteen and like you, I was a frightened rabbit. Try to control your breathing you are going like a steam train leaving the station.”

“That’s my girl I knew you could do it.”

Saying this Elise kissed Marina lightly on her earlobe sucking on it before sliding down to her neck feeling Marina tense once more.

“Sweetie I am not going to do anything you don’t want you can always tell me to stop.”

Saying this Elise stood with bated breath praying she hadn’t gone too quickly but after a few minutes while her fingers continued to slide from the top of Marina’s bikini bottoms to her breasts, she knew that it was going to be okay.

“Sweetie you are so brave. Do you know that it took Sian two days before I would let her do this to me.”

Hearing this Marina turned slowly looking into Elise’s eyes silently asking if it was true, but Elise didn’t give her the chance to tense up again as she pulled Marina into her arms kissing her lips softly as her fingers continued their slow tease.

“That’s it my brave Sweetie enjoy my kiss after all everyone kisses when they feel good: don’t, they.”

Although she knew that what they were doing was wrong Marina couldn’t move. Feeling the constant massage of Elise’s fingers, she had to acknowledge that it felt nice and she could feel her body begin to tingle as though there was an electric current buzzing through her. Then she felt Elise pull her close as a hand slid between her legs.”

“Oh my God, you have a mighty forest down there.”

“Yes, you see I believe we should remain as God created us.”

“You know Marina I agree with you … after all God created us with naked pussies so we should keep it like that.”

“Also, you cannot model lingerie with a forest down there.”

Hearing this Marina stood silent her mind working overtime until once again Elise kissed her. At first, it was a mere feathers touch but as Marina did nothing the kiss became harder as Elise licked along Marina’s lips at first probing lightly but when Marina tried to speak she slid her tongue against hers: this time hearing a light moan of resignation.

“Let’s go and mow your forest then we can take a shower and clean you all over.”

Marina submissively followed Elise through to the bathroom standing while her bikini bottoms were dropped around her ankles as she instinctively went to cover herself until Elise restrained her hands telling her to sit on the edge of the bath. Taking her electric hair trimmer Elise quickly brought the forest under control and it wasn’t long before she took a warm towel and wiped Marina’s naked pussy dry.

When Marina got up to leave the bathroom Elise quickly turned on the big rain shower and taking Marina’s hand, led her under the warm refreshing water.

“Isn’t that so refreshing sweetie turn your back to me and I will wash you clean after all we have been on the beach and swimming in the ocean.”

Elise commenced running a pink soap applicator across Marina’s stomach as her lips caressed the soft flesh of her neck. bahis siteleri At first, Marina was tense but feeling the rough gauze graze across her stomach sliding around the edge of her breasts she began to relax back onto Elise. Feeling the gauze slide across her incredibly sensitive nipples Marina moaned out loud.

“You like your nipples to be massaged with the applicator?”

“Ever since I was breastfeeding my baby, I have had incredibly sensitive nipples: sometimes I actually orgasm while they are being teased.”

Hearing this Elise smiled as she continued to slide the applicator across Marina’s incredibly prominent nipples as she dropped her hand onto Marina’s freshly shaved cunny causing her to tense before groaning loudly as Elise ran her finger along the crease of Marina’s sex. Yet again knowing this was so wrong Marina couldn’t move away as Elise used the palm of her hand to massage Marina’s pussy lips.

By now Marina was helpless as Elise took complete control massaging her sensitive nipples as her fingers slid inside her gaping pussy and feeling her legs become weak, she lay back in Elise’s arms until with a cry she came, her juices running down her thigh.

“Come along Sweetie follow me.”

“Where are we going?”

“Someplace quiet where we can get to know each other better.”

Marina followed submissively although she knew that it was not right. She tried to form an argument in her mind until finding herself sitting on the edge of a double bed in a small room at the back of the house.

“Sweetie, you enjoyed what we did in the bathroom didn’t you?”

“Yes, but it’s not natural: we shouldn’t behave like that.”

“Why isn’t it natural.”

“God made men and women and he meant them to reproduce together. Homosexuality is so wrong.”

“Is everything that God made perfect?”


“Then surely if God created men and women then he created us perfectly without any blemish so explain why women making love with women is not natural.”

Marina sat speechless until Elise spoke again.

“Sweetie Sian and I were born lesbians while you and your sister were born bisexual and others are born to only love the opposite sex … God created us all. Look at it this way God saw to it that you married and had a baby daughter, yet he made your husband more interested in horse racing than sex. Seeing you are very sexual is it a sin to make love with another woman? After all, you are not cheating on your husband … are you.”

Marina’s mind was in turmoil. First, she understood that making love with Elise was not cheating on her husband but more importantly she had enjoyed what they had done. And yet she just didn’t feel right about doing it. Maybe she should ask Penny to give her the car keys: she can come home with Elise and Sian.

Noticing the hesitancy in Marina’s eyes Elise placed a hand behind her neck and putting her lips on her open mouth, slipping her tongue inside. Marina tried to struggle but Elise was too strong while her tongue lashed across hers. Meanwhile, her hands went onto her breasts fondling and caressing them.

Marina slowly relaxed accepting Elise’s greater strength and her aggressive kissing and kneading of her breasts something that Marina always liked in a lover.

Elise began to squeeze and knead Marina’s nipples pinching them and pulling on them which caused her to moan in passion recognizing that her husband had never made her feel like this. While kissing her aggressively she began to grind against Marina’s clit while she pressed her head into the mattress.

Marina had never felt like this before had never experienced someone make love to her firmly yet softly causing her body to explode with excitement. She knew that she really needed what Elise was doing to her accepting every charge that shot to her breasts and pussy until with a cry she again felt Elise’s fingers slide across her incredibly aroused clit.

“Oh fuck yessss … I don’t know what you are doing but for fucks sake continue. I’ve never felt such passion before.”

Reaching for a small vibrator and placing the spinning wheel against Marina’s pussy Elise smiled when she noticed Marina lift as she moaned throwing her head into the mattress. Sensing that it wasn’t long Elise slid the vibrator along Marina’s cunny as her mouth and tongue bit and licked her sensitive nipples until hearing Marina cry out as her body tensed to the eruption of her second climax of the day. Sliding up Marina’s body Elise placed her very wet cunt over her lover’s mouth.

To have Elise’s sex so close to her lips was another first for Marina and hesitant at first, she began to lick along the expanse of Elise’s pussy finding the sweet aromatic flavor to her liking. Accepting the taste of her mistress’s pussy Marina began to explore with her tongue trying to think of what she enjoyed when masturbating.

It took her a long time but at last, Marina began to hear Elise begin to moan as her pussy pressed even closer to Marina’s tongue and lips until with a deep shudder Elise came flooding Marina’s mouth with her juices. Trying to hold Elise close Marina began to clean her mistresses bahis şirketleri cunny of its juice and moisture. When Elise had calmed, she lay across Marina her mouth sucking and kissing her neck until they both drifted to sleep.

Passing the open door of the small bedroom Penny noticed her sister lying sprawled naked across the double bed. Dropping her bikini to the floor she lay next to Marina her fingers sliding across the still swollen nipples. As her sister didn’t wake Penny continued with one hand caressing the swollen nipples while the other slid onto the wet and freshly shaved pussy.

At last waking Marina first gasped but slowly relaxing accepted her older sisters loving fingers leaning towards her and kissing her lips. Penny continued like this for several minutes until placing a leg between Marina’s she brought her pussy against her lying quietly until sensing her sister was ready began to slide back and forth grinding her pussy against Marina’s: continuing to fuck each other quietly as they looked lovingly into each other’s dark passionate eyes. And then with a soft moan Penny began to move faster sliding her wet cunny against her sisters slowly getting faster and harder until with a loud cry she collapsed across Marina as their combined orgasm gushed between them.

We lay silent for a while until I asked my sister how she felt about today.

“At first I felt it was a terrible sin but after talking with Elise began to relax. I love Elise she introduced me to it slowly and with compassion, I will always enjoy making love with her. Don’t misunderstand me, Penny, you are my older sister and I have always looked up to you the love we share will always be different and no doubt more passionate.”

Leaning across her I kissed her feeling my tongue thrust into her mouth as she moaned her approval.

“Marina what do you think about modeling? You will be modeling their medium to large lingerie and sexy swimwear. You will find the people you work with are all very passionate where we are mostly lesbian or bisexual. You will have Sian and Elise to support you and no doubt at the end of a showing you will be seduced by one of the other models. Don’t feel shy about this because again you will have Elise and me to support you.”

“I am happy to give it a try but if I don’t enjoy it, I will resign.”

I took my sister in my arms kissing her with my tongue sliding across hers. Hearing her moans I slid down her neck biting lightly as my fingers began to slide across her hard nipples. It was so special to finally be making passionate love with my sister something that I had wanted to do since her eighteenth birthday party.

Feeling Marina roll me on my back I opened my legs so that Marina could bring her pussy against mine and moving together we began to fuck as we stared into each other’s passion filled eyes until with a cry we both came hard as tears of emotion slid down our cheeks.


Two weeks later while lounging with Sian and Elise around their pool Marina was asked if she was ready to do modeling of sexy knickers and things. At first, we thought she was going to refuse until Elise cuddling her whispered that she would be out back giving support.

This show was a big event with the press and television news present while outback there were models of all nationalities representing fifteen lingerie houses. As with my first modeling, Elise greeted Marina enthusiastically giving her a long and very close hug as she kissed her deeply.

“Darling Marina don’t be frightened you will love it and we are joining a very select few at after-show drinks and both myself and your sister will be there.”

I looked about me half hoping that the young sexy Vietnamese model would be there but sadly she appeared to be missing this event. Anyway, I didn’t have time to feel let down because the Models for Sian and Elise were to be first up.

The first parade was modeling sexy lace knickers with a matching bra. I was wearing a large red set while Marina wore a very revealing black set and I was relieved that Elise saw to it that Marina walked out first thus preventing her from sitting backstage fretting over what would happen when it was her turn. Instead, she walked back again smiling at all the applause she received. The showing continued displaying all the different styles both naughty and more sedate until after the final walkthrough we all sat with a refreshing Champaign in the fitting area. It was here that Elise walked excitedly up to Marina saying that a very wealthy buyer was asking to meet her during the after-show drinks. As by now Marina was relaxed, she simply smiled asking who the buyer was.

After changing Elise Marina and I drove to the Sheraton Hotel where the very exclusive after-show party was to be held. Entering the small private bar and reception room Marina was stunned to have one of the sexiest women she had ever laid eyes upon come up and while holding the back of her neck she kissed her taking the opportunity to slide her tongue into Marina’s open mouth. Elise and I stood looking on in amazement as Marina slid her hand around the waist of her admirer accepting her seductive kiss. Although this buyer who turned out to be the Italian agent for one of Italy’s most exclusive lingerie outlets was introduced to us, she always held a protective arm around Marina.

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