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My other recent bathhouse travel experience was to a male only sauna in a much larger and more international city considerably north of where we live.

I had read about it on the net, and after doing a bit of something resembling research, had a grasp of changed details within a familiar setting. Like fees for private rooms – the sort of spaces freely available at the bathhouses and porn complexes I have visited required payment here. Or how Thursdays, women were allowed in.

Something that became at least possible for me to experience if I spent another night away from my wife, which would be easy. I even told her about potentially extending my trip, without mentioning a precise reason. Though after reading a bit more about how those Thursdays seemed to work, which was not that attractive – a few women, at best, and far too many men. Male only sex means there can never be too many men, while couples seems the best way with men and women in a place where public sex occurs. At least for my general inclinations.

Arriving a day before my planned meeting, finding the bathhouse was simple, quite convenient to my hotel using the subway. The entrance area was actually smaller than what existed at home, and it took a couple of minutes for the attendant to buzz open the door. The dressing area was fairly large, with benches to use, the lockers more than decently sized.

I returned to the extensive bar area near the entrance, drinking a bottled beer, after having been asked if I wanted a glass with it or not. The rear space was filled with small tables and round cushioned chairs, a selection of reading material, and just a couple of men. All of us wearing nothing but towels.

The number of new arrivals was minimal, but I knew that being near opening time in the early afternoon is often like this. I went back through the locker area, and found the saunas – one steam, the other Finnish – along with a hot tub, and an open space with three showers. Deciding to enjoy the jacuzzi first, I showered, then walked up the steps until descending into the water.

The circular hot tub was empty, and quite warm – the perfect place to relax in after sitting in the train for hours. That it remained empty was a bit of a surprise, though not one I minded. It was certainly not larger than the one at the bathhouse I visit regularly, and its molded plastic construction was considerably less enticing than the tiled octagon I’m familiar with. On the plus side of the balance, it did not have an overly energetic fountaining phase.

After soaking for a good quarter hour, I stood up, and went into the steambath, which was lit with a red fluorescent light against one wall. A couple of men were in the damp space, that I briefly explored. The room only had a couple of fairly small bench spaces, one facing the red light, the other on the opposite side of the shared wall, in shadow.

While wandering through the unlit walled spaces, none very dark as the top of the dividers were roughly head height, a man brushed my cock, making me stop moving and draw my breath in anticipation, letting him slide his hand against my thigh, over my sack, touching my eager cock again as it grew. I reached for his cock, finding it already half hard as my fingers began to play with it.

We both got hard quickly, and when his tongue found my lips, I couldn’t resist meeting it as we kissed, each playing with a stranger’s hardening and horny cock. Both of us knowing exactly how good what we were doing felt, overwhelming any concerns about enjoying pure male sex, especially knowing that here was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a place intended exactly for men like us. When his finger found my nipple, I leaned against him, completely enthralled.

Another man approached us from my left, his cock hard when my hand began to stroke it. The first man’s hand began sliding over, and then delightfully between, my ass cheeks, making me moan. And then turn slightly, to give him a better position to reach my balls as his hand kept pumping my cock, pre-cum already working its familiar magic.

But when the other man began to slide his uncovered cock over my skin, it was clearly time to firmly set a border of what I do freely and what I don’t let any stranger do merely because they want to.

It was a slight surprise how much effort it was to first simply stop what I did not desire in the least, as I had no condoms with me at this point. Whose use is a very basic rule I follow very strictly in what remains a clearly uncertain environment. Exactly the same as always riding with a helmet is a fixed rule.

Finally breaking free from what turned out to be unwanted attention from both of them, not quite forceful, I left the steamroom, showering the sweat off before exploring downstairs. Much like the bathhouse I visited last year in the next, larger city to the north along the highway, the feeling was a bit different from my normal standards – pushier, essentially.

Downstairs was essentially empty, having several rooms without doors along the wall facing the staircase, and two corridors running back. One side included two slings, a porn room, three open gloryholes, all dim but not truly dark. The slings were sturdy, of well worn leather hanging from solid chain. I stretched out in the first one I discovered, towel still covering my middle. The sling was very solid, different from another sling I had been sucked off at a porn shop-laid years ago, when first discovering the simple joys of male sex.

This led to recalling of someone complaining on a forum about a woman’s flesh somehow spoiling the manliness of ‘his’ sling at this bathhouse, which has admitted women since something like 2009 on Thursdays and Fridays. Reading it, the entire text seemed a bit silly, if not overtly stereotypical somehow. On the other hand, having now experienced its actual touch, though the opinion was still silly, it was at least somewhat understandable – this sling had the feeling of being made for men by men, black leather and gleaming metal.

Walking further, exploring the other corridor, it was clear that something like a third of the space at this level was devoted to private spaces, those requiring payment. Blank and uninteresting, in large part because the reality of public group sex is what makes a bathhouse so irresistible to me – till now, I have never gotten off with a man in a private space at one.

Admittedly, the first time I kissed a man was in a private space at a porn complex, but that experience has not really been repeated – Peter was the first man I kissed, and enjoying the experience without distraction was part of its perfection. Though the cock to cock rubbing we had done in public, watching gay porn, was part of the prelude to reaching the point where he asked if I wanted to go to a room with him. Agreeing, he led me by cock to a room with a couple of screens playing porn, and a bench against the far wall in an L shape. The space could easily have handled 8 men having sex, and being alone in it with a stranger made for a delightful encounter.

Today, in this quite güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri large and only slowly filling sauna, certain stereotypical differences between those living in a large city and those who don’t appeared true – the directness and the anonymity were apparent. Along with a certain decadence, the music more driving and more men mixing in the larger space. This bathhouse could hold probably five times as many people as the one I normally visit, meaning the amount and variety of sex going on would be almost impossible to imagine. A very tempting awareness grew, now recognizing the reality of something that had always been fantasy. In its way, the bathhouse I regularly visit is discrete in a tasteful fashion, but here was a place where clearly many men went to get off, making sex essentially always available.

Returning to the first corridor, going into each gloryhole booth, it became clear there was nowhere to actually put my towel or the black bag filled with various condoms. I’d read one could ask for condoms, but there was no indication that condoms were even slightly accommodated – such as nowhere to dispose of one, a not completely trivial point when being polite. A bit more of a concern was where to put my towel to keep it from getting dirty.

Towels were a slight difference – the percentage of men walking around without towels was essentially the same I was accustomed to, but the larger number of men meant the opportunity to see cock became that much more common. The men with towels often seemed quite unaccustomed to nudity, which is another point entirely, and one that was not exactly a surprise – several comments from others had remarked on this northern reserve. Leaving the empty gloryhole row, I walked into a largish room, with the second swing. A man was sprawled on it, his towel covering his face. Approaching, determined to experience a sling’s glories, my right hand covered his half-erect cock. Playing with cock always turns me on, something he began to help out with as his hand floated over my thigh, followed by fluid exploration of my bush, teasing my pubic hair. And really teasing my cock as I kept playing with his.

I took off the towel, holding it up in my left hand, near the outer wall. The wall between the corridor and inside – for some reason I still cannot imagine – had a gap between the ceiling and wall, with the flat part of the wall having barbed wire on top of it.

His hands began weaving a rhythm against my stiffening cock, one that pulled me closer. His intent did not require much thought to analyze, even if it did require a certain mindfulness – I paused briefly to get a condom from the bag, holding it my again upraised left arm. This was going as fast as any fantasy, the thrill of riding like this was something I’d fantasized about for decades.

By the time my wanting cockhead was touching his smoothly inviting asshole, wanting to sink deeper without thought, I knew it was time to put on the condom. Pausing again, it took little time to slip the latex down my shaft, starting to move against him again as a very familiar smell filled the air, followed by a long sigh, turning into a stream of sexy words as the Rush spread through his body.

‘Fuck me .. cock fuck hard .. ass fuck cock .. deep .. deep cock fuck,’ words that melded perfectly with my own increasing interest as the fumes rose from the open bottle. This would be my first time sharing Rush with a man, getting off with a horny stranger, a scene from a fantasy I used to enjoy alone. A fantasy helped along by the sliding of güvenilir bahis şirketleri a dildo into my ass, cumming after doing hit after hit of Rush, knowing how good it was to get fucked that way while looking at hardcore gay porn, almost always involving threesomes or more.

He bent a bit, doing another big hit. My cock knew when its effects reached him, my cockhead pushing into a pulsing paradise. Before breathing out, he moved the towel, exhaling into my waiting face. I inhaled deeply, a trick familiar from several girlfriends in the past, already beyond any self control, my hot cock expanding into his willing body, enjoying the utter decadence of fucking a stranger, suspended perfectly for me to move against.

I put my hands up to feel the chains, to see what motions were possible as I leaned against him, making the sling’s pressure increase and decrease as it moved, my universe beginning to focus on the center of our connection. The Rush was already beginning to make me want to cum, pulling me on as it began to spread through my being.

As he moaned, words like ‘hard fuck .. hard .. fuck cock .. fuck hard’ filled the air, making me respond in kind after we shared a hit. I held my breath as long as possible, but when he began to exhale, I followed, then rapidly we inhaled again, doing in effect a second hit. The sensations of music and words and primal ass fucking continued as an unstoppable wave, one that had both of us powerless against it.

One which also came too soon, in its way, my orgasm overwhelming any self control. Fucking him was so good that having it continue would have been delightful, but my desire for orgasm had already started becoming reality. A desire being satisfied, my balls starting to pump hot cum, feeling it rise and flow deep inside his ass. It was an unbelievable sensation, the swing rocking as he repeated ‘fuck yeah .. deeper .. fuck yeah.’

At some point, the pleasure of orgasm was replaced by the pleasure of my half hard cock in his gripping ass, the condom full of my hot fluids, creating different sensations. Ones that I wanted to enjoy for as long as practical, because here I didn’t care in the least if my cum leaked out while still inside someone else.

Letting my hands down until they held his thighs, I kept him spread and accessible, starting a rhythm against my turned-on cock, letting the swing move along an elliptical path, its farthest point at the very flare of my glans, it closest pressing him against me, my cock deep within his smooth ass. He did another hit of Rush, and still inside him, I could feel the effects spreading through him again, as he again moaned about my cock fucking his hot hole.

‘Harder .. fuck yeah .. harder’ he demanded, able to at least partially meet his desire. However, it was becoming clear that I peaked far too fast, lost in the oblivion of orgasm. In a way that made me feel young, unable to balance various elements of timing, simply having my mind flooded with pure animal lust, unconcerned about anything but its own needs.

A very dangerous animal, but one that I had mastered this time. As my cock finally shrank, the motion of the swing became less enjoyable. The other man was still asking to get fucked, but I had reached a kind of limit, including the amount of Rush now filling the space. Slowly, stroking his thighs, I withdrew, without any idea where to put my condom.

Turning, I saw that three men had been behind me, almost as if in a line, all in towels, at least one hard, and another one with his hand clearly playing with his barely concealed cock. The sight reassured me that the man in the sling was likely to continue to enjoy his afternoon, without any lack of partners. It was a certain honor to have been his first cock of the day – it had taken me more than 3 decades to finally get off with another man as we both enjoyed the extra rush provided by poppers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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