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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.

September 11, 1992 Los Angeles and Catalina, CA


Periwinkle Halstead sat bolt upright in the middle of Dr. Carter’s king-size bed. Wide awake for unknown reason, she stared into the dim light furnished by moonbeams and starlight filtered through the room’s curtain sheers. She looked to her left, over Carter’s curled body facing the luminous digital clock flags. “Only 12:15 a.m.?” she wondered. “Man, I feel like I’ve slept way more than just three hours,” she said to herself. Her tummy rumbled softly. Silently she got out of bed, leaving Carter undisturbed, and walked to the kitchen.

“Maybe a quick nibble…” Peri mused, as she prowled randomly, opening cupboards and drawers. “Oh heck, I don’t know what I want…” she said quietly, but aloud, as she stretched on tiptoe to open the cupboard over the range hood.

Suddenly a pair of strong hands held her firm flattening breasts through the thin, soft, satin bodice of her pink, pearly teddy. At the same time, Peri felt something hard bump and press her bottom. “There’s nothing but an old crock pot and a few candlesticks up there, Sweetheart,” Carter said in a low voice. Pulling her with him, he stepped back and folded her against himself. “Restless? A little keyed up?” he asked rhetorically, passing his thumbs over her coins and flicking the nipples as they grew from their rising puffed halos. “Me too, actually.” He smiled. Spinning her in his arms, he found her mouth and gave her a deep ardent kiss. He loved her taste and smell. She moaned around his probing tongue and slid her palms up and down his ribs, finally resting them briefly on his naked hips before squeezing his taut butt and drawing his pelvis in to hers.

Carter lowered his right hand from cupping Peri’s full, slightly more round, left breast and scissored his first two fingers in the lacy open seam of her crotch-less teddy’s tap pants. Spreading, first the lace, then her wet, slick pussy lips, he inserted the plump, spongy, head of his swollen cock just inside her hot folds.

“Uhhn,” Peri cooed, as she suckled Carter’s tongue tip. She thrust her cunt forward, capturing his mushroom cap in her honeyed trap. “Uhhncle!” she groaned as he met her advance and pushed his prick up, past its mid-point, and then slowly pulled back.

Carter slid his right thumb up her juicing crease, hooking her hooded nub at the top of the seam, and pressed his spread fingers against Mickey hiding on her mons beneath the skimpy lingerie. He pushed his cock back into her hole, not quite all the way. Peri squished his tongue between her own and the roof of her mouth. Pulling on it, she whimpered as her pussy contracted around its fat guest. Carter won the tug-of-war and, for the second time, backed nearly out of her cunt. His left hand, crushed against her right breast, closed around the tit, his fingers pulling its compressed mass as he drew his squeezing hand up to its peak. He lunged his hips forward, driving again into her primed, aching pussy, this time to his hairy hilt. Peri yelped, still furiously latched onto Carter’s tongue. He milked her breast and massaged her clit as he pumped his piston the full length of her sleeve. Carter grunted with each thrust and groaned on retreat. Uhn! Nnnn. Uhn! Nnnn.

Peri’s legs curled around Carter’s like vines. She shinnied up his torso, as he fucked her, holding her arms tight around his neck, hanging for support. She rocked her self against him in time with his thrusts. She screamed in her head, the sound stifled by the thick flesh plug she held captive in her mouth, as she climaxed.

Carter kept up his steady pace. Uhn! Nnnn. Uhn! Nnnn. Peri’s first orgasm was overtaken by a second and then a third. Uhn! Nnnn. Uhn! Nnnn. Carter’s rhythm was unwavering. Letting go of his tongue and breaking their kiss, Peri tipped her head to the ceiling and howled. “UHNNCLE! OHH!” as she climaxed a fourth time.

Carter grinned with self-satisfied pride at his control and then discharged his load at the nadir of his penetration. Uhn! SPLOOT! SPLOOT! He squirted his seed into her womb. SPLOOT! SPLOOT! “Enjoy yourselves, boys,” laughed inwardly, “this whole weekend is going to be one, big, fucking, egg-hunt with no results but the fun of seeking!”

Carter released Peri’s breast from his clutched paw and slipped his left hand behind her back. He slid his right hand along her ass, rubbing and supporting her. She sighed and laid her head on his right shoulder as she calmed down from her ecstatic ordeal.

“Oh my gosh, Uncle!” She panted softly into the stubble on his neck. “How do you DO that? You are SO amazing!”

Carter bounced her gently against himself, as if she were a baby, and whispered disingenuously,” Do what, Sweetheart? I just try to figure out your needs and do my best to meet them.”

“Oh, man! and how!” Peri declared, sliding down his frame as his shrinking cock left her leaking twat.

Carter casino oyna smiled and kissed her sweetly, still holding her as she wobbled in his arms. “So, if you’re able, shall we go back to bed and finish our sleep?” He looked at the turquoise microwave clock readout over Peri’s shoulder. “The alarm goes off in about four and a half hours,” he observed.

Peri kissed him back. “Yeah, Uncle Bill,” she smiled weakly, “I think I’m good and relaxed now.”


When the alarm buzzed at 6 a.m. Peri awoke alone in the big bed. She was still wiping sleep from her eyes when Carter stepped, fully dressed, from the walk-in closet. “Good Morning, sweetie,” he said brightly, shutting off the noise and planting a wet kiss on her luscious cupid’s bow lips. Copping a quick feel of her right tit, as she leaned against the headboard, he continued, “Coffee’s ready. Grab a quick shower so we can pack and leave.”

“Mmmm,” Peri sighed, “I love how you touch and kiss. You’re already dressed. Does that mean no playtime for Peri?” she pouted.

“That’s right,” he answered, “We’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see.” Raising his hand to her cheek, Carter pinched and wiggled it. “Come on, now, get going!” He smiled and gave her another, briefer, kiss before leaving the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Peri, terry robed with a towel turban on her wet, light-brown hair, poured herself a mug of coffee and joined Carter at the small table in the kitchen nook. “OK, what’s the plan, Stan?” she asked after her first sip of French Roast. “Do I need full-on killer make-up? Are we ‘grunging’ it?” she smiled over her mug’s rim at her 66-year old stud, staring distractedly into the backyard.

“Oh… something in-between, I imagine, Peri,” he answered casually. “We’ll be adventuring and also out in public in civilization. Nothing too fancy, and, of course, you look perfect under any circumstances,” He turned his head and looked into her beautiful, hazel eyes behind their naturally long, thick lashes.

Peri’s cheeks colored slightly under her scattered freckles. “You are sweet to say that, Uncle Bill,” she said, putting her left hand out and stroking his right wrist with her index fingernail, “But, I still don’t know what you have in mind. Can’t you at least give me a teensy weensy clue?” she wheedled sweetly.

“God damn, but she is a siren!” Carter cursed inside his head, feeling his cock thicken at her slight, scratching, touch on his arm. “Umm, Uh, a clue, eh?” he stammered, “Alright, try this on: A 1957 Gold Record by The Four Preps, called ’26 Miles.'” He grinned broadly, watching her perplexion.

“That’s, like, 35 years ago… How am I supposed to know that?” she mock whined, undoing her turban and vigorously rubbing her wet hair. Her breasts rolled and bounced under her loosely belted terry robe, nearly denying any attempt at modesty.

Carter figured he had better end the game while there was still a fair chance of leaving in 30 minutes. “OK, OK, maybe that’s too tough… I’m sorry,” he apologized. Scooting his chair back, he stood and turned toward the patio doors, blocking her view of his erection in his khaki chinos. “So the song is about Santa Catalina Island, off San Pedro. I’m taking you and Trish out there for a last ‘get-away’ before the semester begins. I figure we will all be pretty darned busy and it may be Thanksgiving before we have any real chance for quality fun time again.”

Carter was unprepared for Peri’s exuberance. She squealed and launched herself from her chair, across the five feet between them, and jumped on his back. Wrapping her legs around him and hugging him about his neck she clung piggy-back and showered his head, neck, ears and cheeks with rapid kisses, interspersed with exclamations of delight. “OH! Uncle Bill!” she cried, “That’s AWESOME! Thank you!”

Carter was torn and vexed. He loved feeling her breasts rub on his back through their clothes and he did not want to lose time or timing for the weekend activities. “You’re welcome, Peri,” he said, rolling and twisting his back and turning around to the kitchen. “Damn she is hard to ignore!” he chastised himself for his unavoidable responses to her attention. “Now, PLEASE, climb down and let’s get ready. We want to get there, right?” He queried with a gruff tone he hoped would motivate her, without making her think he was angry.

Peri dropped instantly to the floor, panting from her camel-ride, and stepped around in front of Carter. Her open robe revealed her heaving breasts. Carter successfully fought his urge to fall to his knees and worship her bald pussy beneath the three curly circles on her mons. “You’re right, Uncle,” she flatly stated. “I’m being silly, childish and counterproductive! I’ll go blow dry my hair and be ready to do whatever in a jiffy!” She stretched her neck and swiftly kissed him before turning and scurrying down the hall to the bedroom.

Carter watched her ass swing seductively beneath the flowing canlı casino robe as she disappeared. Whoosh! He let a stream of air out and cleared the table, singing the notable chorus to ’26 Miles’ as he loaded the dishwasher.

Twenty-six miles across the sea

Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me

Santa Catalina, the island of romance

Romance, romance, romance.

Back in the master bedroom, he made the bed and put a couple of open suitcases on the duvet. He tossed a pair of madras walking shorts, a couple of pullover polo shirts and another pair of khaki slacks into his valise along with a pair of brown closed-toe leather Italian sandals and a pair of Adidas. Boxers and sox completed his packing except for his favorite, iridescent blue-green guayabera shirt with the huge scarlet macaw emblazoned on its back. He folded this neatly, with the miniature breast-pocket parrot looking up at him, and placed it on top of the piled clothes. As he shut his suitcase Peri waltzed naked into the room and came up behind him. Wrapping her arms around his gut she leaned onto his back and buzzed in his ear, “I’m completely cooperative, Uncle, what do you want me to do first?”

“Ahem!” Carter coughed and straightened up. Turning inside her arms he kissed her and hugged her close. “What I want and what we have to do are different things, Sweetheart,” he rasped huskily. “You know what you do to me and we have all weekend. So first, I want you to put some damn clothes on!” he ordered decisively. SWAT! He underscored his statement with a firm spank on Peri’s bottom.

“OW!” she yipped. Rubbing her cheek she peeked around and watched the rosy imprint of Carter’s palm fade. “That really stung!” she declared, then kissed his chin and said, “Right away, Dr. Carter, Sir! Do you have a preference?”

Carter grinned and indicated the brushed denim, button-front, jumper with overalls-style shoulder straps she had worn to the desert last weekend. “I think that would be the ideal thing, but even more casual, no stockings or tights. You don’t need them for your wedgies, do you?” he checked back.

“No, you’re right,” she nodded. “That sounds great.” She looked at him and winked. “What about undies? Yes or no?” she asked, risking another spank by brushing up against his silk green and gold palm frond Hawaiian shirt.

“Good question. Yes panties, no bra.” He decided. “Pack some for options but for travelling today, I think the dress and a light cover-up will be sufficient.”

“Righty-o!” she replied perkily, picking up a pair of simple white cotton boy-cut briefs from the assortment on the duvet by her suitcase. Peri slipped into her panties and swiftly pulled the jumper over her head, sliding her arms through the straps. She shimmied and shook until it hung straight from her bosom to mid-thighs. Tightening the rope and leather belt, she pulled in its waist, raising the hem about an inch, then smoothed the denim over her butt and bust, adjusting the lined cups for comfort. Holding her arms out she did a torso twist left and right before Carter. “You like?” she asked.

Carter growled in the back of his throat. “I like. Now add that white linen wrap-around thing from The Gap, your black bikini, and the rest of the briefs, bras and crew socks from the bed, there, to the suitcase. “I’ll get your shoes.”

Carter retrieved Peri’s Reeboks from the utility room and brought her strappy flat sandals and hemp wedgies from the closet while she packed. When she finished and the case was shut, he turned her around and looked into her face. Reaching behind her head he fiddled with something at the base of her neck. Peri felt a lump drop onto her bare chest just below the hollow of her throat. “I want you to have this back,” Carter said quietly, as he lightly pressed the solitaire tourmaline, on its fine gold chain, against her skin. “I don’t know where it came from or how you got it originally, but I hope you will think of it as my gift from now on. I love you, Peri.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she looked at Carter’s sincere, kind face. “I love you too, Uncle Bill. Totally and forever.” she sobbed softly, “My mom gave me this for my 11th birthday, the fall before the horrid plane explosion. I had noticed my breasts were beginning to grow and show and felt self-conscious. She gave me this necklace and told me to wear it and whenever I felt like boys were staring at my breasts, I should think ‘They like my necklace,’ and not think they were leering at my body.” She took in a big breath and let it out again. “Of course I knew different, and Grandma said, ‘So what… boys and men like to stare and want to touch our knockers… It’s something you’ll get used to or go crazy. It’s how it’s supposed to be, anyway.'” Peri hugged Carter and continued, talking into his shirt, “I used to be a lot embarrassed and I was still, a little bit, when I came to University but since I found you my whole world has changed. Grandma was right. This is how its supposed kaçak casino to be and I lOVE YOU for showing me. Thank you for the necklace. I will treasure your gift forever,” she swore solemnly.

Carter was overwhelmed by her emotional response and caressed her as she leaned against him. “Thank you, Peri,” he managed to say, “Thank YOU.” Then he draped her cream lambs’ wool cardigan around here shoulders and said, “This sweater will be just right for the boat. Did you pack your kimono?”

“Oh, my gosh, NO!” she exclaimed, “Just the stuff that was on the bed. There’s room, though, I’ll put it in and be all ready!”


At 7:45 a.m. Carter parked the Taurus in the student lot at Trish’s dormitory. “Go see that our girl is up and at them. I haven’t told her anything except you were going to come around and we were going to do ‘something different,’ so don’t spoil the surprise by letting on too much,” he cautioned Peri. “Make sure she has casual nice clothes, like the ones you are wearing and brought, and of course, her swim suit, socks, Reeboks and underwear. Help her get it together as quick as you can and we’ll have time for breakfast before we sail.” Peri opened her door but Carter grabbed her left arm and held her in the car. “OH! and make sure she has her birth control pills. She just started them and this would be a bad weekend to be forgetful!” He winked and grinned as he let go.

“Absolutely,” Peri agreed, “You may count on me!” and then she got out and strode across the pavement to the dorm.

Moments later Peri was at Trish’s door. Rap! Rap! Rap! Rap! “Hey, Girl! Hey, Trish!” she called through the wood, “You awake?”

Trish opened the door a crack and held a finger to her lips. “Sshhh! Don’t wake the whole floor! C’mon in.”

Peri saw Trish was still in her green flannel chili-pepper pajamas however her bed was made and Doodle was now snuggled in among throw pillows on the coverlet. “It’s still pretty early,” Trish continued, glancing at the clock, “What’s the deal?”

“Dr. Carter sent me to get you,” Peri answered, “We’re heading out for a weekend retreat before semester starts. He’s got it all planned, we just have to come and have fun!” She smiled and wondered to herself if her friend got the double entendre.

Trish was tickled by the idea and laughed aloud. “I thought retreats were supposed to be restful… Do you think we’ll get much rest or will it all be ‘coming’ and ‘fun?'” She asked, winking her indication that she had, indeed, understood Peri’s not-so-veiled reference. Continuing, Trish said, “I don’t have a huge wardrobe… what should I bring?”

Peri laughed with and assured her “No problem there, Trish. Wear your safari skirt, but not the T-shirt, you must have a blouse or something. Throw some panties and bras in a bag with your new black swimsuit and that nice striped Lane Bryant dress I gave you.” She paused and scratched her chin in thought. “What shoes do you have besides your Reeboks? We’ll take them of course, but nice sandals or wedgies, like mine, would be great, too, if you’ve got them.”

“Heh!” Trish snorted, “My only sandals are some old flip-flops, they’ll have to do, I guess. I have a pair of rope wedgies, though, and a pair of low-heeled black flats that will look good with my dress,” she suggested.

“Super!” Peri exclaimed, “Let’s get it done. Dr. Carter is waiting downstairs to take us to breakfast!” She gave Trish a hug, pushing her breasts hard against her friend’s ample bust. “Don’t forget your protection!” she whispered conspiratorially.

At ten past 8 o’clock Carter saw Trish and Peri walking toward the Ford, swinging a suitcase between them while holding hands under its handle. They had big smiles and their heads bobbed and nodded in animated conversation. Carter watched with pleasure, noting how their unrestrained breasts bobbled as they approached. He also observed Peri was wearing a Levi’s jeans jacket he had never seen over her sundress and Trish wore Peri’s cream cardigan over a natural linen shirt tucked into her khaki safari skirt. “They must have swapped,” he surmised. Unsurprisingly, the cardigan was too small to effectively button across Trish’s 40DD rack and Peri’s smaller frame swam in the oversized jacket. “The sleeve lengths are OK,” he thought, “and they look pretty fucking sexy!”

He got out and stowed the bag in the trunk as Peri ducked through the front passenger door and slid to the center of the bench seat. Trish followed, closed the door and the teens were belted and smiling expectantly as Carter got behind the wheel. “How about pancakes?” he asked, starting the motor.

“I love them!” Trish said, as Peri echoed her enthusiasm with an emphatic “Me too!”

“Great,” Carter acknowledged. He put the car in gear and eased out of his parking spot with Peri’s left hand dangerously high on his right leg. Trish extended her left arm behind Peri’s head, stretched her thumb and forefinger and massaged Carter’s right ear lobe. “Oh Boy!” thought Carter, “Here we go… three days and two nights with these ‘eager beavers’… I hope I survive!” Grinning broadly, he said aloud, “Next Stop: IHOP!” to a chorus of “Yay!” from the young girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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