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TO THE READER: this story includes several characters from the series of Jason Garrett stories; however, this story is not part of that series.

It was Christmas morning, 2004. My family was gathered together at my parents’ home in Pasadena. My brother Jason had driven down from Fresno a few days earlier, and my sister Emily and I didn’t have a choice about being there – being that we were both in high school, we both had to be there!

We were down to the last few presents under the tree. My family has always gone around and opened presents in order, from youngest to oldest, and we were on the last time round.

“Austin,” my dad said, digging under the tree. “Ah-ha, here we go. Last present for Austin.”

He pulled out a box that wasn’t too big, but when he handed it to me it seemed awfully heavy for its size. To Austin, from Jason, the tag said. To put a little fun into your first B.E.Q.

I had enlisted in the Air Force just after my eighteenth birthday in early November. I would be shipping out for Basic Training a few weeks after graduation, and apparently Jason had decided to get me something to put a little life into my first Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, the military’s answer to a dorm that was sure to be bland as cottage cheese.

I opened the package… and stopped dead.

“Jesus, Jason, you must’ve spent over five hundred dollars!” I blurted.

“Hey, now, love for a brother knows no monetary bounds,” he replied with a smile. “Although, Erin did chip in some on it.”

“You’ve been dating her since Thanksgiving,” I said, “and she’s already helping you buy my Christmas present?”

“Why not?” he said. “I helped with her younger brother’s present.”

“Oh,” I said. Then I turned my attention back to the contents of the package.

He had given me one of those mini-DVD players, with the nine inch screen and the available outputs to a larger TV; the American Pie trilogy; and a $200 gift card to the Second Spin store in Sherman Oaks.

“Wow,” I said. “Santa Claus REALLY came through in the form of my brother this year!”

Over the course of the first three months of 2005, I must’ve watched the American Pie trilogy ten or twelve times. Yeah, I was able to get about fifteen DVDs from Second Spin with the giftcard Jason gave me, and I did watch all of them, but the American Pie movies are truly classic as far as teen comedy goes. However, the first movie kept reminding me painfully that I was still a virgin. Fortunately, Jason was four years older than me, and he was still a virgin too – or so I thought.

I found out the truth when he was home over Spring Break. I had gone to the Northridge Fashion Center with my friend Kacey McLaren, Jason, and Jason’s girlfriend Erin Benning. We were in the food court, and Kacey had excused herself to go use the restroom, when Erin asked me if I liked my Christmas present.

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “It’s great, except for the fact that American Pie keeps reminding me of the fact that I’m a virgin. However, when that happens, I take solace in the knowledge that I’m not the only male Garrett who’s still a virgin.”

Jason started chuckling, and then downright laughing.

“Aw, hell no,” I said dejectedly.

“Uh, yeah,” he replied. “Speak for yourself, buddy.” Then he turned, looked at Erin, and they both started laughing.

“Aw, HELL no,” I said. “God DAMMIT.”

Kacey chose that moment to return. Now, there’s something you need to know about Kacey.

By the end of our sophomore year of high school, Kacey had become known as the “high school bicycle.” It seemed that everybody had had a ride – or at least, that’s how the rumors went. The rumors also said that junior year, she had reformed her ways and hadn’t had sex with a single guy since the summer of 2003. When she turned 18 in January of 2005, instead of celebrating with a wild sex party, as everybody in our class had expected she would, she went bowling.

Now, normally, I would not characterize myself as an evil bastard. However, at that moment, the little devil that you often see in cartoons decided to pop up on my left shoulder, and the little angel was nowhere to be found.

“Come on, Austin,” the devil urged. “She’s your best chance to get laid before you graduate. Ask her to prom! Do it American Pie style!”

And so I did. “Kacey, would you like to go to prom with me?”

She turned to me, a look of surprise on her face. “Really?” she asked. “You really want me to go to prom with you?”

Yes, of course I do, you’re hot and you’re my best chance of getting laid before I go off to Basic Training. “Yeah,” I replied. “I think it’d be really cool and fun and…”

Jason started laughing again. I was making a fool of myself, and he could see it.

I just turned to him and glared. “Would you shut the fuck up.”

That just made him laugh all the harder. Fortunately, Kacey said yes. So, I had three weeks to prom to figure out how to get Kacey to break her new-found reformation.

For advice, I turned to the gentlemen who casino siteleri I fondly refer to as the “Three Stooges.” Joe, Sean, and Chris had all grown up with me at my church and we were known as the “Goodfellas” of our church – we were untouchable, and everybody liked us. So, the weekend before prom, we met at the Glendale Galleria. After making sure I was outfitted with a tux fit for a pimp, we headed up to the food court, and over our Panda Express, they told me everything I needed to do.

“First off,” said Joe. “You gotta have flowers. I don’t just mean a corsage, either. I mean, yeah, you still need to get her the corsage. And for God’s sake, make sure you know what color her dress is so that you get her a corsage that contrasts WELL with it.”

“That is the most gay thing I’ve ever heard you say,” cracked Sean. Sean was headed for the Marine Corps shortly after graduation.

“Shut your fucking piehole and let me finish, you short little bastard,” Joe replied. “Anyway, make sure you get her flowers. A dozen roses is ALWAYS good. And I don’t mean go to Von’s and buy her the fucking $9.99 dozen of red roses. Go to a florist, an actual FLORIST – maybe even where you get the corsage, and get them there.”

“Jesus tap-dancing Christ,” I said, in shock. “I don’t have money coming out of my ass, Joe. I can’t afford the corsage AND a dozen roses! Shit, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the limo if Jason hadn’t hooked me up!”

Well, really, Erin had hooked me up, but these guys didn’t know her, so I just said Jason.

Joe pulled a twenty out of his wallet and slapped it on the table. “There,” he said. “That should cover a decent portion of it. Consider it a contribution from me to the ‘Get Austin Garrett Laid’ fund.”

“Alright,” Sean said. “Next thing, booze. You need to have wine in the limo, and I’m not talking about Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s.”

Two Buck Chuck was the way we referred to Charles Shaw Wine, the cheap shit that you bought from Trader Joe’s.

“You need to get something good,” he continued. “I would say go for a white wine, because they taste sweeter, and a girl is more likely to drink enough of something to get drunk if it tastes good. It shouldn’t be too old, either, otherwise it’ll be too sweet.”

“Now who sounds like the fag,” cracked Joe. He and Chris both busted up laughing.

“Just two problems with that, Sean,” I said. “First of all, the last time I checked, the drinking age in California was 21, and I’m only 18! How the hell am I going to get wine? And secondly, once again, I don’t have money coming out of my ass!”

“No problem,” Sean replied. “I’ll get it for you.”

“You’ll just get it for me?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I mean, for Christ’s sake, my parents live in Laurel Canyon. They have a wine cellar bigger than our damn church. I’ll just sneak a bottle of something really good out of there – they’ll never know it’s missing.”

Well, that was flowers and wine taken care of.

“Alright,” said Chris. “Now, you know I’ve slept with a lot of girls.”

“Yeah,” replied Joe. “We didn’t give you the Wang’s 50 award for nothing, you man whore.”

“God dammit, I’m talking here, Joe,” snapped Chris, although he did start laughing. “Anyway, so I’ve been successful in getting a lot of women in bed. First thing you have to do – convince her you aren’t in this for the sex.

“Secondly, you’ve got to be sensitive. Now, I’ve known you for my entire life, Austin, and you can be a really insensitive prick sometimes.”
“Oh, thanks, asshole,” I replied.

“Granted, you’ve gotten a lot better about it this year,” Chris continued. “But you still need to make sure to be sensitive. It’ll make her like you even more.”

“Chris, she’s already my friend,” I said. “She already either likes me or she doesn’t.”

“But has she ever seen your sensitive side?” Chris countered.

“Well, no, I guess not,” I said. “There’s never really been reason.”

“There you go,” Chris said. “Be sensitive.

“Finally,” he went on, “condoms. Make sure you have condoms.”

“And if I forget?” I asked.

“Then you’re screwed – or rather, you’re probably not. I guarantee you that she’ll be ten times more likely to fuck you if you have protection.”

He reached into his backpack. “Now, I know you, Austin, and I know that you probably aren’t comfortable with just watching into Target and buying a box of condoms, so I too have a contribution to the ‘Get Austin Garrett Laid’ fund.”

With that, he pulled out a box of Trojan Extra Sensitive condoms. “These are the most expensive,” he said. “They’re also the best. There’s ten here. You barely know that they’re on.”

He pushed the box across the table. I put it in my backpack.

“Anything else, gentlemen?” I asked.

“Tell her she looks nice.”

“Be polite to her parents.”

“Don’t come on to her too quickly.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent being typical guys. Before we left the Galleria, I picked up my tux. On the way out the door, Sean canlı casino promised to bring the bottle of wine to church on Wednesday.

On the way home, I called Kacey. After finding out what color her dress was (royal blue), I stopped at a florist and ordered two things – a yellow rose corsage, and a dozen red roses, for pickup on Friday. The total came to nearly eighty dollars, so I was damn glad Joe had given me the twenty.

On Wednesday night, Sean brought the bottle of wine to church. I hid it in the trunk of my car.

I woke up on Friday morning, gleeful with the knowledge that I would most likely be getting laid the next night. But as the day wore on, that feeling of glee developed into a feeling of guilt.

The little angel on my right shoulder had finally decided to show up, and now he was reminding me that I was going to try to take advantage of a friend of mine – somebody I cared about, somebody who was trying to change her life. I was planning to use her like a cheap whore.

At lunch, I sat by myself at a picnic table in the quad. I was picking over the cold, congealed shit that I had gotten from the cafeteria when Kacey came up and sat down at my table across from me.

“Hey Austin!” she said cheerfully.

“Hey Kace,” I replied gloomily.

“Looking forward to tomorrow night?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” I replied. “It’ll be super, I’m sure.”

Kacey started looking very concerned. “Austin… is everything okay?”

“Shit, no, it’s not okay,” I replied. “Dammit, I can’t lie to you any more.”

“What?” she asked. “Austin, I don’t understand.”

I took a deep breath. “Look, Kacey,” I started. “I asked you to go to prom with me for one reason – I wanted to get laid. My brother gave me American Pie for Christmas, and it became a painful reminder that I was about to graduate from high school and I was still a virgin. Now, I know you’ve been trying to change your life, but I thought that maybe if I went to prom with you I could actually have sex. The only problem is that my conscience decided to start objecting – and, well, I just can’t do this any more. I feel like shit for trying to pull this on you. You’re one of my best friends, and this is an awful thing to do to you.”

Kacey didn’t say anything for a couple minutes. When she finally spoke, I thought she was going to call me every nasty name in the book.

“Austin,” she began. When I didn’t look up, she touched my arm. “Austin,” she repeated.

I looked up. “Look, I have to agree with you. That was a pretty awful thing to try and do.

“However,” she continued, “I cannot express how much respect you just gained from me for actually telling me the truth about it. That takes an unbelievable amount of guts, and just makes me want to go to prom with you that much more.”

“You still want to go to prom with me after that?” I asked, shocked.

“Absolutely. Are you still picking me up at 6:00?”

Saturday flew by like a blur. I spent the afternoon driving around the San Fernando Valley, first taking the wine back to Sean and then taking the condoms back to Chris. I told them both what had happened, and they wished me luck. I kept the roses, though – I was DAMN well going to still go ahead and give those to Kacey, especially after yesterday.

I had just finished getting my tux on when the limo arrived at 5:30. I gave the limo driver directions to Kacey’s house in Burbank, and we got there right at 6:00. I went in, introduced myself to her parents, remembering to be extremely polite, and after her mom took a few pictures, we left.

As we were getting in the limo, I looked her over. Damn, she looked unbelievable, so I told her so.

“Now, Austin, you’re not saying that just to get laid, are you?” she asked jokingly.

“No,” I replied, “you really look amazing.”

“Thanks,” she replied shyly, blushing a little.

Prom was fun. The band sucked, but it was fun anyway. Afterwards, a caravan of limos headed out to Malibu. The post-prom party was being held at Nick Metheny’s grandparents’ beach house.

The house was huge, but the party wasn’t that great. Too many drunk people. After the third drunk person fell on us as we sat on a couch talking, Kacey and I retreated to an upstairs bedroom.

As we sat down on the bed, I started laughing.

“What is it?” asked Kacey.

“Oh, just this,” I replied, “and the irony of it all. I spent the last three weeks trying to figure out how to get you into a bedroom at the post-prom party, and now that I decided to scrap that whole plan, here I am – no effort whatsoever!”

“That is a little ironic,” she replied. “What’s even more ironic is that you might just get what you were going for anyway.”

That got my attention. “What?!” I said. “But after everything I said yesterday-“

“Austin,” said Kacey, “I’ve wanted to have sex with you pretty much ever since I met you freshman year. You’re a fantastic guy, and you’re pretty damn sexy.”

“Well, thank you,” I replied.

“Okay, don’t kaçak casino let it go to your head,” she continued with a laugh. “The thing is, one of things that I find sexiest in a guy is when he has respect for women, and after your honesty with me yesterday, I just find you that much sexier.”

“But you’ve been working for the last year and a half to try and change your life,” I said. “Do you want to throw all that away?”

“I won’t be,” she replied. “What I have worked for for the last year and a half was to stop having sex with guys who I didn’t really even know and then just throwing them away like so much trash. Granted, I haven’t had sex at all since I decided to change my life in that way, but this is different. You’re somebody I know. You’re somebody who if I have sex with you, it will actually mean something.”

“Well…” I stopped. Kacey had been my friend for four years, and she was right. We actually knew each other, and this would definitely mean something.

“Your argument is pretty airtight,” I continued. “And if it’s something you want to do… well, you have my vote.”

Kacey smiled… and then she kissed me.

Now, I’ve kissed my fair share of girls before, but this was different. Kacey’s kiss was electric, almost as if she had a nine-volt battery in the tip of her tongue and it had just shocked me. She broke away from me, and then started to unbutton my shirt.

As she undid each button, she kept kissing down my chest, until she got to my waistline. Then, as she undid my belt buckle…

“Oh, shit!” I said.

She looked up at me. “What?”

“Condoms,” I replied. “Dammit, I figured I wasn’t going to need them, so I don’t have any. Dammit!”

“Austin,” Kacey laughed, “don’t worry. I’ve been on the pill since the beginning of high school. I have to take it – I’m on Acutane. It’s not a problem.”

“Oh,” I said sheepishly, feeling like a total idiot. “Well, don’t I look like a jackass.”

“Don’t worry!” she said with a laugh. “Just relax, and enjoy the moment.”

So I relaxed – and thirty seconds later, I REALLY started enjoying the moment.

I had never received a blowjob before, and now I was receiving one from someone who could do amazing things with her tongue. Barely a minute later…

“Oh shit… Kacey… Kacey!”

She didn’t skip a beat, as I cummed. She swallowed every drop of it. She reached over, and took a drink of her beer.

“I guess you need a couple of minutes to recover,” she said slyly. “Why don’t I help the process.”

She stood up and stepped back. Reaching behind her, she unzipped the back of her dress. Slowly, she let it slip off of her shoulders, and then off her body, letting it pool around her feet.

Kacey was standing in front of me, wearing black heels, a bright red bra, and a matching thong. That in and of itself was more than enough to bring my cock back to attention.

“Well, glad to see you’re back in action!” she said with a laugh. “However, you have to undress me the rest of the way.”

You didn’t have to ask me twice. Standing up, I let my tux pants fall around my feet. I stepped out of them and crossed to her. First thing I did was reach behind her.

Now, I had bitched since I was six about taking piano lessons. My parents and my older brother always told me that I’d be grateful, that I’d be more musical, that I’d have manual dexterity. I thought they were all full of bullshit – until now.

Thanks to the manual dexterity I’d developed, I was able to undo Kacey’s bra in under two seconds. I let it slip off of her.

Kacey doesn’t have big tits, but she has very nice ones. Her chest is a 34B, but it looks absolutely perfect on her frame. I gently kissed each of her breasts, and then kissed my way down the “happy trail” until I reached the thong. Slowly, I slid her panties down her legs, exposing a small “runway” of black hair.

Standing back up, I picked Kacey up, and then laid her on the bed. I straddled her, and then…

Oh fuck. I had no idea to do at this point. THIS is what I should’ve asked the guys about.

I started turning bright red. “Ummm… Kacey… this is really embarrassing, but I have no idea what to do…”

With a giggle, Kacey replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

Very gently, she grabbed my cock. Slowly, she guided it to her pussy and maneuvered the head inside. “Now, just move forward.”

So I did. I gently moved forward, and then when I couldn’t go any further, I pulled partway back out. “Good,” said Kacey. “Just keep doing that.”

So I did. I thrust in, and out, in and out. She had developed her vaginal muscles over the last few years, and though they had gone mostly unused for the last year and a half, she still had some control and was able to do enough to really blow my mind.

The tightness of her pussy plus the gentle squeezing felt incredible. She was unbelievably wet, and seemed to be enjoying it just as much as me.

“Austin,” she whispered, “Austin, I’m about to cum…”

As she said that, she started trembling, and there was an uncontrolled squeeze in her pussy. Well, that pushed me over the edge, and as she started cumming, I felt my muscles all freeze. Buried deep within her pussy, my cock started shooting cum into her.

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