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I’m a small town attorney practicing alone and currently without a secretary. Two weeks ago I received a call from a woman stating that her niece had received a second DUI and was in jeopardy of losing her license and paying a big fine or serving jail time. This is small time stuff, but the fees help to pay the rent.

Later that day, they both arrived at my office. The niece was 18 years old and came dressed prim and proper in a long dress. She was a pretty girl, but the dress hid any idea of her shape. Auntie, who could not have been much more that 35, was attired in a more interesting manner. A short skirt that showed off her long legs and a top with a plunging neckline which showcased her very nice breasts.

After relating to me the facts of the DUI, I did indeed confirm that in addition to having her license suspended or possibly revoked, that the court would impose a fine of at least $500 or, if she could not pay, she could go to jail for 10 days. Now, having practiced in this town for ten years, I knew that I could make the DUI go away and that’s why I would be charging my fee. I told the aunt that I felt confident that I could have the charge dismissed and that my fee would be $700.

With that, the aunt told her niece to leave my office and wait for her in the waiting room. Once her niece left, the aunt told me that she did not have $700 and asked if I would consider another form of payment. Since I wanted some clarification of this “other form of payment” I asked straight out what she meant. Without hesitation, she responded that she had in mind sexual favors. I’ll admit that I immediately became aroused by what I thought would be a quicky by the aunt. As I was lost in this thought, she again spoke. Her suggestion was that I casino siteleri should leave everything to her as she was sure that I would enjoy the experience she had in mind. This was obviously even more intriguing so I told her that I would indeed leave it to her and follow her lead.

She then stood up and went to the waiting room to bring her niece back into my office. When her niece was seated, she turned to her saying, “Honey you know that we don’t have the money to pay the legal fees and I don’t want to see you going to jail. Since we don’t have any alternative we will need to do whatever we can to pay this nice attorney. I have arranged for a two part payment, this first from me and the second from you. He has already told me what we need to do, so I’ll just do my part and then tell you what you need to do. So just sit there and be quiet while I pay the first part of our fee.” It was obvious that the niece had no idea what her aunt was saying, so she just nodded her head yes.

“Let’s see, if I remember right, the first thing you want me to do is take off my blouse and skirt. Is that right?” At this point, I have the biggest hard on of my life and just nod yes. As aunty strips, it is obvious that she has a great body. Standing there in front of me dressed only in a bra and panties, she looks great. As I glanced over at the niece, I realized that she now knew the form of payment her aunt had in mind. I’m also sure that she did not know how far this was going to go.

Auntie motioned me over to the sofa, where I sat down and she began to give me a lap dance. After a few minutes of this, she said “Okay, now I’m supposed to take off my bra and panties. Am I right?” As I nodded yes, she stripped down and continued her dance. canlı casino This went on for another ten minutes or so, with me sucking her tits and her rubbing my cock through my pants. Just before she got up off of my lap, she whispered in my ear, “I think that you and I will both really enjoy the next part of your payment”.

“Alright, I paid my part of the fee, now honey it is your turn. Please stand up and let me do what I have to do. Since we have no choice, just do as I say with no questions”. As her niece stood, aunty walked behind her, unzipping her dress and allowing it to fall to the floor. The girl turned red in the face from embarrassment and it was obvious that she was uncomfortable standing there in front of me. But, what a sight! For the first time, I saw the fantastic body that was hidden beneath all that dress fabric. This girl was perfect. Nice round 34D tits, thin waist and long legs. For a moment, I thought that all I was to experience was seeing this nice young thing in her bra and panties. Was I wrong! Next auntie undid her bra strap, exposing those great breasts, followed by pulling the girl’s panties off. No question now. She was a natural blonde. The girl tried to use her hands to cover herself, but auntie told her to keep her arms at her side, which the girl did.

Looking at her niece, auntie said, “The next thing he wants us to do is to play with each other. Now we have never done this, but it’s what he wants. I’ll go first. Pay attention, because whatever I do to you, you will have to do to me.” Sitting the girl on the sofa next to me, she knelt in front of her and began massaging her breast. While the girl was uncomfortable, I could tell that she was getting a little excited. I was right, because the next thing kaçak casino I know auntie had slipped her hand down to her niece’s pussy, saying, “Honey, I guess this is not so bad because you are wet.” With that auntie began to lick her niece’s pussy and in short order the girl came. “Okay, now your turn” said aunty to her niece. With that they switched positions. The girl then told her aunt that she had never licked another woman. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll tell you what to do”. Well, it was not long until auntie had her own orgasm.

Now, while I really enjoyed the show, I was still hard as a rock and was hopping for more. I was not to be disappointed. “Honey, we are almost done. Next we need to take care of our lawyer. Please kneel in front of him, unzip his pants and take out his penis. Now, suck on his dick, but don’t let him cum. After you give him a blow job, he want’s to fuck us. Since I’m worried about you getting pregnant, I told him he could not fuck your pussy, so you will just have to let him do your ass.

While the girl was no experienced sucker of dicks, she did a great job with a little instruction from auntie. She even knew to stop when she tasted my pre-cum. About ready to burst, auntie straddled my legs, guiding my dick into her wet, but tight pussy. What a ride! I had to do everything I could to hold back as I was looking forward to fucking the niece’s nice young ass. Recognizing my situation, auntie stood up, sat on the sofa with her legs spread, told her niece to kneel in front of her and lick her pussy and motioned for me to start banging her niece from the rear. This was the tightest ass I had ever fucked. Not wanting to hurt the girl, as I suspected that this was her first anal experience, I went really slow. Inch by inch the girl accepted my cock never crying out. As I banged this sweet young hole, in no time I exploded. I was not the only one to cum, as that pussy licking auntie received had her screaming in pleasure.

Was it worth the $700? Absolutely!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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