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A virginal adult, I began my spring vacation a year ago. I’m virginal no longer.

I was 18, 6’, blonde, with hazel eyes, 150 lbs, and thoroughly red-cheeked under the stare of a woman of any desirable description. To say red-cheeked is an understatement. I trembled. And so, while it was extremely unlikely for me to have never even seen a woman’s breasts, not on the printed page or graphic screen, it was so. However, it should be noted, that I did frequent those graphic images and filled hundreds of tissues with love-juice.

That spring vacation, though, this all changed. I went to outside Panama City, on Mexico beach, I believe it is, to stay at my aunt and cousin’s (the uncle had left the picture over a year’s divorce, and was of no blood relation to me). When I was there, to enjoy the beach and the small town, since I would have been no better at home without a car, and without the funds to travel to any spring break location, my aunt and 5 years younger cousin were the only ones with me.

It was a five day trip, and the first day I spent on the beach with my family. I should probably tell you what my aunt looks like. She’s 40, 5’7, fire red hair, a few freckles, sea blue eyes, and c-cup breasts that sagged no lower than a teenager’s (does not all youth dream of a woman that’s seen the world, but has only a wrinkle or two that adds to her brilliant charm). She has a 4-pack, only an ounce of fat that fills out a dream ass, and couldn’t weigh any more than an angel of her build would. On the beach that day, I was in my usual red trunks and a t-shirt; I am quite pale and know that 90% of aging is sun damage, so I avoid it. My aunt walked down from the house across the small road that was no more than 200 yards off the beach with my cousin. He is quite inconsequential and I shall not even bother with him. She was wearing a leopard skin 2-piece that gave me a tent in my trunks.

On the beach she stayed on a towel reading while I ventured into the water, where there were perhaps 20-30 other people, none distinctly note-worthy. Since the beach was not particularly deep against the residential areas as it was, I could wade into the water waist deep and still see my aunt clearly. This was important, because I was quite excited by the sight of her, and so I slid my trunks down to my knees and masturbated under water to the sight of her. I came in less than 5 minutes. All-in-all, it was a rather depressing experience because, while she was so remarkable, I had an immeasurable rue in my gut for this sad existence. I had no foreseeable alternative, however, so I accepted it and returned to her on the beach to join her in reading.

After a long day of relaxing, we returned to the house around 3 to shower and prepare for dinner. It was rather uneventful. However, as the bathroom is, there is a window that is perhaps 5 and a half feet off of the shower floor and I showered first. Next my aunt took hers. I retired to my room, only to go outside and find a nice spot 20 ft from the window to see what I could. It was only a half window, in the form of a semi-circle that was not glazed. It was my aperture to heaven. casino oyna I kneeled outside until I saw her get into the shower and this is what I was able to see: her red hair down to below her shoulders, and her bust, that is head down to her shoulders; similar to what one sees on a primetime television sitcom’s example of nudity.

But, seeing her skin and her face and hair soaking in the shower, suds stumbling down to sacred parts of the goddess, was enough to make me quite erect, and enough to cover my cover shrub in a yellow, salty excretion.

Dinner was pleasant; she was wearing a yellow summer dress and a plain white bra, which I took distinct note of.

The second day of my vacation was a bit more eventful. Since there was only basic cable in the house, my activities were thus limited to the beach, a walk down to a pharmacy with comics, and crummy TV; masturbation became something I had worked into my schedule for a 2-3 time daily indulgence. It was to be a painfully insatiable peak.

Though on this day, my cousin was bike riding around the neighborhood with some chum friend, and only my aunt and I went to the beach. She is a liberal soul- the family says that she was never at home unless abroad in Spain or France, and not true to the Irish that I had subversive in my features to my father’s English heritage. So, to digress no further, she proposed that, us being both adult enough, it wouldn’t be inappropriate for her to take off her top when lying down to avoid tan-lines. She did so after I rubbed sun tan lotion on her back, and almost shot some lotion of my own into my swimming trunks. When she did so, I was sure to lie on my stomach to conceal my unbearable excitement. I shall add that her nipples were heavenly. They were full, puffy, and a pure pink, that seemed silkier than any man deserves to smear. Well, I came instantly when I entered the water for a quick swim some 10 minutes later.

Though, that wasn’t the climax of the day. After our day on the beach, spent with few words between each other, we returned to the house, and were to shower for an Italian dinner. I thought that I would shower first. Though, feeling energetic, and having my aunt’s image in mind, I decided to masturbate in the bathroom before my shower. The bathroom had a large mirror 8’ long, and that showed me from my upper thighs to the ceiling. This turned me on when naked and jacking while flexing my abs ready to shoot as it would on the cold white tile floor. Though the shower wasn’t yet on, and we had been back for an hour so there was a misunderstanding.

The bathroom had two doors- a regular one in a tiny hallway that connected the family room and the office, and a sliding one on the wall opposite the mirror that didn’t lock, and opened into a bedroom- my aunt’s. So, I was in the middle of the mirror, masturbating, stark naked, and I had a visitor. My aunt opened the sliding door, naked, with only a robe closed around her torso that gave full body coverage, which she was opening as she entered the room. I froze.

She saw me as she stood in the doorway, her eyes finally off of the task of opening canlı casino her robe. Her sea blue eyes caught mine off the mirror as I stood, my right hand still grasping my 7” penis, fully erect at a 45% angle with the ground. My left hand had jetted out to hold the wall as my heart had leaped out of my chest and I could only wait. Her hand quickly covered her mouth after her eyes made it down from my face to my penis in a quick assessment of the room.

She said only “oh, god” before looking back at me in the face, placing her right hand over her heart and saying “I’m so sorry.”

I said nothing.

“I…I…I thought no one was in here. I’m so sorry.”

I came.

The excitement had forced me to cum when I moved my right hand, after seeing her full naked body, and seeing a full red haired vagina. We both watched the cum squirt out of my penis in bursts. This made us both freeze completely unable to move. A minute after staring at the cum on the floor, I went for some toilet paper and she took a tissue from the bathroom counter-top and we both went to the floor to mop it up.

After the cum was no longer a tool for escaping an unendurable conversation, she asked me “Do you do this often?” in a truly inquisitive tone.

“I mean, you came really quickly” she added.

“Ummmmm, maybe three times a day” I replied. I was too frozen to respond with anything but the truth.

“Wow, don’t you have a girlfriend?” She responded.

“Um, no, I don’t. I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“Why?” We were both still naked but now looking at each other directly, not digressing with glances at genetalia.

“I don’t know. Girls have liked me but I couldn’t drive until recently- state law- and I don’t know, it just never sort of happened.” I gave her the answer I had reasoned to myself a million times.

“Wow; have you ever been with a girl?”

“How do you mean?”

She laughed, “words of a different generation; have you ever ‘scored’ with a girl?”

“I’ve kissed a girl, with spin the bottle, but never more.”

She believed me. My mother, her sister, was a rather tyrannical force, and keeping up with many AP classes gave me little time, like all other dorks, to attend parties and be an active member of the lifestyle, and I never attended camp, so I simply never had the opportunity.

“Have you ever, before me, seen a girl naked?”

“No.” I said it with a blush and a look down at my feet, which gave me another blush upon realizing we were both naked.

She picked up on my blushes and realized that we were both naked, and stepped back, figuratively speaking, and looked me up and down as I did the same on both me and her, following suit. It had been 15 minutes since I came- awkward conversations take a long time as that did, and seeing her naked was, much to my excruciating embarrassment, enough to make my penis rise again. Her mouth opened at this.

“I suppose I’m a sight your likely to enjoy.” She smiled. “So you’ve never known a woman!” she said more to herself than to me. “We’re going to fix that.” At which point she looked me straight in the eyes, and kaçak casino I saw a profound sight- her hair in a pony tail, her blue eyes with faint wrinkles at their corners staring straight into me, and her tender full red lips, redder than a rose, smiling in the world’s most dangerous way.

She put her hand on my shoulder, and leant in to kiss me on the cheek. She said, “I’ll be gentle” in a whisper that made the hair on my skin stand on end, and she licked the lobe of my ear. I quivered. She then licked my lips and kissed them gently, before creeping down. Kissing my nipples and running her hands up and down my body, she reached my penis. She kissed it.

“I know you’re sensitive, so try and focus, hold it back, and I’ll take care of you.” She then said, looking at me in the eyes from her knees, her hands holding my ass.

She then took my right hand and placed it behind her head, in her hair, after undoing the pony tail. She took my left hand, sucked on my pointer finger, and placed it on her breast. She then sucked on the head of my penis. I quivered.

She took the whole 7” into her mouth, cupping my balls and worked it back out of her mouth.

“Squishwhishsqshsuish” I heard.

She pulled her mouth off, and began jerking it. She played with the head and then made her way to the base again, the tongue of her mouth protecting my cock from her teeth. In and out, in and out, “slgurpglrshuishguishslpprupguishslish”. Saliva balled out and reached the floor.

We were both lubed with anticipation and she stood up. She kissed me, putting her hand behind my head, and forcing her slow, firm tongue into my mouth, slowly pulling off, and meeting my eyes. She got down onto the floor, and pulled me down with her, her back on the tile, and pussy slightly upward, telling me to penetrate her.

I did so. She grabbed my ass, after smiling and closing her eyes. She began rocking me back and forth. I continued and she ejaculated “faster, make me hurt inside baby!”

“flopflopflopsmackflopsmackflopsmackflopsmackflop” I was slamming it into her as fiercely as I could and she smiled, her eyes closed, her red hair out against the cold tile.



“I WANT TO FEEL YOU IN MY STOMACH, FUCK ME HARD OHOHHOHOHOHHHHHH YES YES YES” Her breasts were violently flying forward and backward.


Her eyes abruptly opened, and she forced me out of her. I was still kneeling, startled, she flopped onto her belly to reach my penis and crammed it into her mouth. She put my hand on her head and she made me face-fuck her until I came into her mouth. “OH GOD!!!!!! I’m CUMMMMMMMMING!”

I came. She pulled her mouth off, and drooled the cum onto her chest, rubbing it in. She smiled after taking her eyes off her task, and looked back at me, my chest racing; I believed that it had left with my cum in an orgasm so violent my whole body quaked. She kissed me gently and whispered into my ear, “next time, you’ll have to do something for me.”

She got up and, as she left, she saw that her son’s friend had seen the entire ordeal.

To be continued……………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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