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Worried that I had just gotten aunt Connie pregnant we quickly devised a plan to get me off the hook and someone else with a few bucks on. Also if my father or uncle was blamed for fathering her baby at least it would not be considered incestuous. I told Connie that I was sure that my father and uncle would both just love to fuck her brains out as I had heard them making those type of comments over the years. Also that if we could get everyone a little drunk they would forget about birth control and believe that they could be the father. Connie liked the idea. She said she had actually made out with my dad when she was younger and that my mother never knew. Connie said it was your basic heavy petting session where my father ended up with blue balls. The thought of that me horny but I would act on it at another time. We plotted some more and with a little luck things fell into place.

A few days later there was a planned family get together. The whole family was to attend. Connie brought her kids over and then left to do an “errand”. I also left because I was going to

help out with the plan. We decided to have Connie get a flat tire on deserted nearby country road and then call the house for help. With luck my father and or his brother would be there and volunteer to come and change the tire. Of course the drinking had already started, and with both my father and uncle in your typical bad marriage, they both had roving eyes. To further the plan Connie had a cold six pack in the car to offer who ever arrived, and reduce anxiety or inhibitions if there was any.

Connie and I picked the perfect spot on a heavily wooded dirt road. It could sometimes be hours before another car came along, so it casino oyna was very private. Connie parked her car off to the side and I let the air out her tire. She was wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tube top with no shoes. I wanted to fuck her on the spot as no man could have resisted her, but she told me we needed to pull this off first. She called the house and sure enough both my father and uncle volunteered to come and help out and I knew they were both well into a six pack. I took my position out of site with a video camera in case their were any denials later.

In a few minutes my dads car pulls up and my father and uncle Bill get out. They survey the situation and start jacking up the car. Connie has already passed out the cold ones and was drinking one herself. Suddenly Connie starts reminiscing about the makeout session between her and my dad many years ago. They all laughed about it so it must have been common knowledge. She then said “I want to finish what we started and I have always fantacised about fucking a couple of studly brothers”. She then told my dad he was her first crush. With that the beer cans got put down and the action started. Connie dropped her drawers and tube top. Of course she was wearing no panties and it was beginning to dawn on me what a slut she was. She was standing stark naked in the middle of nowhere like a pale porcelain goddess. Here huge boobs and hairy black bush prominently on display. The woman was a walking wet dream.

With that the three of them moved under a shady tree and my father and uncle took off their shorts. I could see that that they were both aroused already. Connie stood between them and started giving them hand jobs and fondling their balls which canlı casino were hanging low in the summer heat. My father was a good 7 seven inches and stiff as a board. Uncle Bill was also around that length so I guess it ran in the family, but Bill’s cock was uncircumcised and Connie seemed fascinated by it as it reached its hooded glory. The action continued hot and heavy but Connie knew she needed to get to the main event quickly before any seed got spilled anywhere but inside her.

Connie then bent over and as usual her pussy was lubed and ready for business. With all of them in a standing position my father entered her sopping wet hole from the rear while she started sucking off my uncle and cupping his balls. They quickly got into a rhythm where as my father fucked her hard from the rear she would deep throat my my uncle Bill and then bounce backward all the way down the my father’s long shaft to its base. This went on for a few minutes as I was in shock and highly aroused by what I was witnessing. With the camera on a tripod I had to let off a little steam myself. I was surprised at the stamina of my dad and uncle as they both fucked my hot horny aunt for all she was worth like porn stars. With that that I heard my dad grunt and I knew he was planting some seed. I could see his balls raise and body tense up several times as he shot his pent up load inside her.

One down, one to go. Apparently Connie had outstanding oral skills as my uncle had not cum yet. My father pulled out and I could see his schlong glistening in the day light. I could also see his cum dribbling out of Connie’s hairy pussy. With that uncle Bill pulled his fat cock out of her mouth. He was at maximum arousal and his cock kaçak casino looked like a hooded purple snake with two large eggs hanging underneath. He picked Connie up and carried her over to the hood of her car. She lay on her back and raised her sexy legs at a ninety degree angle. He entered her with ease and apparently didn’t mind sloppy seconds. She wrapped her legs around his neck and he began slamming her hard and deep. By now Connie was well into the throes of orgasm, sexy feet dangling in the air, and moaning and panting like she was possessed. The site of my hot aunt sliding back and forth on the hood of the car with her huge jugs now pancaked and shaking like jello sent me over the top. I lost my load on the ground in front of me. It sent uncle Bill over the top too as he grunted and grabbed her hips tightly, his balls tightening and I could see his body stiffen as he released wave after wave of his sperm into her belly. He sunk to his knees and Connie just lay there on the hood of the car, oozing cum from her hot love hole. She had been well fucked these last few days and had been filled with enough sperm to repopulate China. Everyone in the family was very fertile and had kids young. Connie could have been pregnant with triplets based on the amount sperm likely swimming around inside her.

The three of them laughed and got dressed and left in the separate vehicles after fixing her flat. I was standing there shaking my head in disbelief over what I had done and seen these last few days. I was both relieved and aroused by the fact the Connie had others to pin any pregnancy on, and that I had video to pop in when I felt nostalgic and horny. Hopefully I would soon get another crack at the woman who was just made for fucking. Still a part of me wondered if I knew all there was to know about the situation. I would like to know if readers want to hear more about my hot, slutty, aunt Connie and her sexual adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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