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I am a 18 years old swimmer with a very thick and horny virgin 9 inches dick. I fantasize about my Mom’s younger sister, Aunt Brandy, every night. She is a astounding 36 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall, blue-eyed blonde, with the firmest 36 D breasts and nicest, long legs and a hard round ass. My Dad always comments about how delicious my Mom’s sister is, and how he would love to fuck her. She knows how we lust for her, because she seems to get extra exuberant when she is around us. Aunt Brandy really puts out a show when we are at the pool or watching a game. When Aunt Brandy is around my friends come over and we take turns in the bathroom jerking off for her.

One night Aunt Brandy was baby-sitting my little siblings, and she wore a semi-transparent small summer dress with a white thong. After she put them to sleep, she came back to the TV room and started to check out some videos, bending over provocatively and making little talk with me.

“Would you like to watch something for grown-ups Jimmy?”

I couldn’t help but get a big hard-on. I had to go excuse myself to my room to jerk off. Thinking of my Aunt Brandy’ awesome body, I was sitting on my bed with my dick in my hand when Aunt Brandy walked in.

“Jimmy! Oh my god! What are you doing?”

She caught me with my pants down and she knew exactly what I was doing. She deliberately caused it anyway. I was so embarrassed, covering my big boner under the blanket:

“Aunt…Aunt Brandy. I…I was just….”

“Jimmy… That’s Ok. This is very natural for a boy your age.”

“Wha.., what?”

Aunt Brandy sat right next to me looking down at my lap.

“Masturbation my dear. It’s an important element in your sexual development. I just need to be sure that you are healthy and there is nothing to worry about OK? Now be honest with Auntie: What were you thinking of when you were masturbating just now?

“Er… uhm, y…you. I was thinking of you Aunt Brandy… I was just…”

“Oh Jimmy! That’s nice! Don’t be embarrassed. I like that you jerk off for me!”


“Yes, really! Wanna know a secret? I put this dress tonight thinking it would give you something to jerk off about! See? I know what boys like … You want to go ahead and continue what you were doing? Huh? Come on, come on, jerk off and tell me what you fantasize when you do it. It will be fun.”


I was so embarrassed and just managed to steal a few pumps at my dick.

“That’s it! Do it! Jerk off and tell me what you like about me…

“My friends tell me what great tits and ass you have. I never fucked anyone… you are so hot! Ummm…”

“Oh Jimmy! You and your friends are adorable teenagers full of hormones. Do your friends jerk off for me too?”

“They come over just to see you and jerk off in the bathroom.”

“Oh my! I’ve got to have a talk to those boys too. Now don’t stop pumping Jimmy. We don’t want to loose your erection.”

“I won’t loose it. I do it 5 times a day at least.”

“5 times! All for me?!”

“Yes, pretty much…”

“Oh boy, how nice! Ok so, come on, do it! Jerk off and let me see it.”

I pumped a couple of times and Aunt Brandy would not take her eyes off the blanket covering my hard dick.

“Good Jimmy! Like that! Go for it! Now tell me what do you horny boys think about Aunt Brandy huh?”

“I think of you on your hands and knees, your ass high up and opened. Just like the girls on the Internet.”

“Good lord! Ok…here… is this what you like…?”

Aunt Brandy got up and turned around. She moved her hands over her waist and down to the side of her legs, then she caressed her ass.”

“Is this what you jerk off for Jimmy? You like my big ass?”

“Oh my god! Aunt Brandy!”

Moving her hands all over her firm ass, swinging her hips like a pro stripper, Aunt Brandy started to put up a show for me. She pulled up her dress to show off her big hot ass framed by a white lacy thong!”

“There Jimmy! You like this ass don’t you? You wanna touch it?”

“Oh Aunt Brandy!”

“You can touch my ass Jimmy. Pump your cock baby… let me see you jerk off for me.”

I touched her beautiful ass with one hand and held my dick with the other. Aunt Brandy opened the front of her dress and cupped out her awesome breasts and showed them to me! They were the nicest, biggest, firmest breasts I have ever seen. Her nice tits now hung over her summer dress.

“Like my tits? Huh? Go on Jimmy! Pump for me…”

I started to pump my dick a little faster under the blanket. Aunt Brandy thumbed her white lacy thong and with a lewd smile pulled it down ever so slowly, swinging her ass in my direction.

“Here baby, how about this…”

She turned around, opened her legs and put her hands over her bare ass, opening the cheeks so I could see her asshole and pussy.

“Here’s where you stick that hard dick baby! Wouldn’t be good to stick your cock right in here, huh?”

“Oh yeah!”

She then turned around facing me. Her mouth half opened salivating toward casino siteleri my cock:

“Your Mom… told me that your dick is the biggest she has ever seen!”

Aunt Brandy ogled over my cock, while I was trying to pump it under the blanket.

“So I thought I would baby sit tonight and maybe talk to you about… You know… how you fell about me… Err … Do you really have a big cock Jimmy?”

“Well, my friends seem to think I do…”

“Let me see it!”

“But, Aunt Bran…”


Aunt Brandy seemed out of patience and aggressively pulled the blanket hiding my boner.

“Oh my… oh my Jimmy! Your cock is huge! Oh dear nephew! Where have you been hiding this thing?”

Aunt Brandy kneeled in front of me and grabbed my fat cock by the base, pumping it up and down several times.

“My god! What a thick cock! Has any girl ever sucked it before Jimmy?”


“They don’t know what they are missing…”

Aunt Brandy opened her mouth wide and immediately mouthed the head of my cock at once.

“Uhmmmmm! … big cock …! uhmmmmm! I can’t even get my mouth around the head! Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm!”

“Oh Aunt Brandy! Oh my god!”

“Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Feels good? Huh? Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm!”

“Oh yeah!!”

“Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! … better than jerking off? Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm!”

“Yes, yes…”

” Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Your first blow job Jimmy! Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm!”

“Oh, fuck!!”

“Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Do you wanna cum in Auntie’s mouth?”

“Oh yes, yes…”

“Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! You kinky boy! Or do you wanna fuck Auntie from behind? Huh?”

“Yes… yes…Oh!”

“Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Oh poor horny baby! You can cum in my mouth now and fuck me doggy later… Ok?”

“Oh…! I wanna fuck your ass …”

“My! Jimmy! Wanna butt fuck me with this monster! You kinky virgin boy!! uhmmm!”

“Oh Aunt Brandy …”

“Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Oh Dear!.. it’s getting bigger!”

Aunt Brandy stopped sucking:

“Don’t cum in my mouth yet baby. Auntie wants to measure your cock for record keeping. Don’t do anything, stay right here and I will be right back.”

She went to the kitchen, swinging her great ass under a half opened summer dress, tits bouncing, and came back with a tape measurer. Aunt Brandy kneeled in front of me again, grabbing my cock by the base, pumping, sucking and licking it from base to head to make sure it was fully erect, then she measured its length:

“Good lord! 9 inches and growing… And so thick around too…. Uhmm! uhmm!”

She stuffed my cock back in her mouth and squeezed the base of my cock to make it real thick. Then she measured my girth:

“Holy cock! 4 and half inches around! My god Jimmy! Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm!”

Aunt Brandy opened her mouth wide, putting out her tongue and slurping up my cock like there was no tomorrow.

“Uhmmm!… poor Jimmy! … must be so horny with this big cock!! Uhmmm!”

Aunt Brandy sucked my cock in every possible way, obviously enjoying every inch of my dick. She was very good at it but although she tried hard, couldn’t fit even half of it in her mouth. She licked and sucked my balls, pumped my dick with both hands, twisting her head, moaning, trying to stuff it in her mouth, making slurping sounds, and fucking her mouth straight down on it. She would put as much in her mouth as she could, her lips stretched to the limit, then force it further down her throat, making loud gagging noises. She would pull out for air, her mouth and my dick dripping with spit, make a nasty comment, and then back to slurping it down:

“Uhmmmmm!… nasty big dick … Uhmmmmm! gonna cum in my mouth … Uhmmmmm…!”

Aunt Brandy was kneeling with her back to the mirror where I could see her awesome ass. She noticed and looked up at me and back to the mirror. She lifted up her dress and showed me her beautiful ass again, her thong mark showing the way to her asshole.

“You really like my ass don’t you Jimmy?”

“Yeah it’s awesome!”

She raised herself on her knees and got her ass high up. She was propped on my lap, looking back watching herself caress her own butt and opened her legs wider and puckered up her butt for the mirror. Her pussy and asshole were now fully visible through the mirror. What a beauty!

“There…you like my big ass? Wouldn’t be good to fuck me like that? After you cum in my mouth I will show you how doggy fuck is the best!”

“I wanna fuck your little asshole Aunt Brandy!”

“Jimmy!! Here I am, your own Aunt, on my knees sucking your big cock… and I’m even gonna let you cum in my mouth! And you virgin pervert just wanna butt fuck me with this monster dick! First of all you first need to cum in my pussy. Can’t loose your cheery in my ass…!”

“Why not…?”

“Because…. your dick is way too big! See how tight my asshole is! It’s very tight…”

Aunt Brandy enjoyed herself stuck her middle finger half way in her anus. I could see it perfectly through the mirror.

“See… my ass is big but my butt hole is canlı casino actually really tight… Now look how thick is this cock…Damn, that’s the biggest cock I’ve seen… you gonna rip that little butt hole open!…”

“Can we just try Aunt Brandy, please?”

“Second… nephews are not supposed to butt fuck their Aunties!”

“But you are sucking my cock already…”

Aunt Brandy pushed the finger all the way in and out of her own ass and went back to sucking my dick…

“Uhmmmmm! Oh Jimmy, do you really wanna butt fuck me with this monster?! … Uhmmmmm! …oh baby, it’s so big…”

“Oh Aunt Brandy…”

She continue sucking my dick and fingering her ass.

“… don’t wanna cum on Auntie’s mouth Jimmy? Huh? How about you watch I finger my ass in the mirror and fuck my mouth imagining you are fucking that tight ass? Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Oh Yeah!”

“Yeah? Ok then… watch my finger go… in… and out… Isn’t that nice and tight?! “

“Fuck yes!”

“Yeah? Like that? Good! … now fuck my mouth! Uhmmmmm…!”

I held her head and pumped my dick down her throat as far as it went. She braced on the edge of the bed and took a pounding in her mouth. She loved face fucking my cock and it showed. Seeing Aunt Brandy finger her own asshole was to much and I was ready to explode in her mouth!

“Cum on my face baby! Uhmmmmm…! Imagine fucking my big tight ass and spunk on my face! Come on! Uhmmmmm…!”

I couldn’t hold anymore, and Aunt Brandy forced the pace of her mouth and head pumping. My cum spurt on her mouth so plentifully that it bulged and spilled out of her cheeks with so much volume.

“Uhmmmmm!!!!!! Gaw…gaw…!!!!!”

Aunt Brandy swallowed 2 mouths full and her cheeks bulged and she gagged and couched, spiting up a mouth full of sperm back onto my lap.

“Uhmmmmm!!!!!! Gaw…gaw…!!!!! Coughhhh! Coughhh!!! Oh!”

I hosed the rest of my cum all over her face. Just then I noticed that she had another finger up her ass and was shaking along with my orgasm. After several spunks in her face, she put my dick back in her mouth and sucked it for another minute, swallowing more cum.

“Oh god, Uhmmmmm…! Uhmmmmm…! Gulp…”

She loved that. I came like a gallon for 30 seconds, and she had an awesome orgasm too. With her face completely covered with cum, her nasty mouth, lips and chin dripping and all spunked up, she said:

“Jesus Jimmy, you had so much cum for me! Very nice start for a virgin.”

She sucked down on my dick some more, drinking the still oozing jizm.

“Your teen cum tastes so sweet. Uhmmmmm…!”

She rubbed my cock on her face and tits, scooping whatever cum she could eat off my cock.

“Now lets have you taste my cum.”

Aunt Brandy got up, turned around and raised her dress sexily showing me her beautiful naked ass. She was putting out such a show. She laid on the bed running her hands over and spreading her legs, showing me her nicely shaved pussy, and opening her beautiful cunt lips exposing a her cute pink clit.

“I shaved my pussy for you tonight Jimmy. Come here and let me teach you how to eat it.”

I kneeled on the floor and she immediately grabbed my head and guided me to her pussy.

“This is my clit. Now put your tongue and lick it right here. Yeah, right there! Good boy! Go ahead, lick and suck on that! Yeah, yeah! You are a good boy. Lick it! That’s it!”

I proceeded to drink her cum. She continued to press my head on her crotch. She was so delicious.

“Good boy! Lick Auntie’s pussy harder. Oh Yeah! Suck on it! Yeah! Right there! Good boy!”

I started to press my tongue hard, and noticed Aunt Brandy reaching under her body and grabbing her own ass cheek with one hand, while the other still held my head in place.

“How do you like my pussy Jimmy? Taste good?”

“Hum, hum…”

She got her hand down to her butt and opened one cheek as far as she could:

“Now stick your big finger in my pussy baby. Oh yeah, good lad! Get it nice and wet, deep inside. Good… good!”

“Like this Auntie?”

“Yes, yes! Now pull it out and stick it up my butt Jimmy. Right here! Yeah push it up my butt!!”

I pushed my finger up her very tight butt hole.

“Oh fuck yeah!! That’s it! Don’t stop licking! Finger my butt. Oh! Yes, yes!”

I stuffed my finger all the way in her ass and Aunt Brandy was going crazy. She started thrashing and talking dirty.

“Lick my clit harder you little punk! Finger my butt. Oh Yeah! Now, put another finger in! All the way in! Oh Shit! Yeah! Yeah! Lick my clit harder! I’m gonna cum! Yeah!”

Aunt Brandy came again, this time with a huge tremble as she shook all over. It lasted for about 20 seconds and her great body was working over time. I kept pumping my 2 fingers in her bun, and licking her clit until her orgasm subsided and she pulled away. She looked at me with the most loving eyes, as if she weren’t the dirty talking slut with 2 fingers up her asshole and a face caked with cum.

“Oh Jimmy, that kaçak casino was so good! You are so precious! I will be so happy to pop the cherry off your monster dick!”

Aunt Brandy told me to lay down and reached for my hardening cock. Aunt Brandy tried to stuff it in her mouth again and pump with both hands.

“Oh boy! You are still hard! Uhmmmmm…! Uhmmmmm…!”

Once Aunt Brandy was satisfied with my hardness, she pulled her dress over her head and stood over me. This was the first time I saw her fully naked – except for her high heels. What a woman! Big hard tits and ass, to put 20 year olds to shame. Flat stomach and fit arms, her whole body was tight… She was heavenly.

“Are you ready for your first pussy my nephew boy?”

Aunt Brandy mounted me with one foot and a knee down, allowing space to guide my 9 inches cock to her tight pussy. Holding my cock at the base with one hand, she reached down and opened her pussy lips, and sat down on the large pole.

“Jesus Jimmy! Let’s see how we manage this monster cock in my pussy. It feels I am loosing my virginity too.”

Slowly Aunt Brandy lowered herself onto my meat, pulling up then down further, always holding it at the base.

“Oh! It’s so big! Oh my god! These high school girls can’t possibly appreciate your cock the way I can.”

Aunt Brandy pumped up and down several times, inching more of my cock into her every time. It was so good! It felt wet, warm and tight. Like a moist velvet vise. After some time she was able to lower the other knee on the floor and with one courageous push she sat on it all the way. It was heaven for both of us!

“Oh my sweet nephew! What a delicious cock you have. Oh fuck! This is the best cock I’ve had in a while.”

Aunt Brandy started to ride my cock up and down with gyrating movements. She was a pro.

“Move your hip up and down and pump that big fucker up my snatch. Fuck your Aunt’s tight pussy real good! Come on boy! Yeah like that!”

Aunt Brandy started to bounce up and down, slowly pulling off all 9 inches and back down on the walls of her very tight pussy.

“Oh your cock is fucking me where no one has gone before. My pussy will never be the same.”

“Oh Aunt Brandy. You are so hot!”

“Oh Jimmy! You are driving me crazy with this big cock … Pump your hips harder baby.”

Aunt Brandy quickened her ride and our breathing got heavy. She reached back with one hand and opened her ass check, the other hand held her tits for my mouth.

“Here, stick your finger up my ass… Ah! there we go! Ah yeah! … now suck my tits baby…! Oh yeah!”

Aunt Brandy held her 36 D tits with one arm for me to suck. Her tits were awesome! Her thigh ass ring around my finger felt great. God what a woman! She started to bounce up and down harder. She reached down and open her ass cheeks all the way, so I could finger her ass deeper. She was a bitch in heat riding on a 9 inches pole.

“Finger my ass and pump your big cock up my pussy Jimmy! Yeah, that’s it! Fuck Auntie good baby!”

Her ass in my hands and her tits in my mouth felt like I was in heaven. She had such awesome hard body, and her skin was just velvet. Aunt Brandy started to grind her entire crotch area on me, and all of my 9 inches disappeared inside her. All of a sudden Aunt Brandy tensed up, shook, and had another huge orgasm.

“Ahhh! My god! Aaah! I am cuming! I am cuming!”

Her big breasts hardened and her nipples were straight up. It was such a sight to see this woman coming on top of me. I was on the verge of another orgasm when she came. She stayed still with my cock buried in her for a while and breathing hard. My cock was begging for action when she kissed my mouth and told me:

“Did you cum baby?”


“Let me make you cum really good now… I am sure you will like this …”

Aunt Brandy rose up, turned around mounted me facing my legs, grabbed my cock and sat back shoving all of it in at once.

“Oh yeah!”

After she was settled, Aunt Brandy reached back with both hands and opened her big ass cheeks wide for me, with my 9 inches buried deep in her cunt. Her clean and puckered asshole spread open in front of my face. Her big firm ass was so much bigger now, so close up and spread open like that, making the little tight brown hole in the middle even more attractive. Aunt Brandy started to ride me again, this time holding her ass cheeks wide open and slamming her big hard butt down on me.

“There’s my butt hole Jimmy! How do you like it my boy? Isn’t it nice?”

“Oh yeah Aunt Brandy! It is so beautiful!”

“See how tight it is? Wouldn’t be good to stick your big cock on that thigh hole? Huh?”

“Oh yeah!”

“You would love that, wouldn’t you pervert? Ok… you can stick your finger up my butt again. Use your big finger! Go for it!”

I reached down and shoved my big finger up Aunt Brandy’s asshole at once.

“Oh yeah! … nice and deep. Now have a taste of it! Suck it in your mouth you pervert!”

I stirred it in her asshole and pulled out. Aunt Brandy turned her face full of cum to see me suck on my finger straight out of her ass. She was still holding her ass cheeks open.

“You nasty boy, I knew you would like it. Now put 2 fingers in there!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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