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Francis and I were exhausted after our lovemaking in front of the fireplace. My body was wet with her piss. I looked at her perfect body. She is a woman with massive tits, big ass, fat thighs and a pretty face. What a woman. I stood up to pour ourselves another glass of cognac. Francis took the glass and sighed deeply. Without saying a word she zipped the liquor. I offered her a cigarette and I took one myself.

“I love you,” Francis finally said. “Making love and having sex with you is the best that happened to me. When I have finished my drink you should carry me to bed. Can you handle that?”

“Yes I can, but I have to go to the bathroom first. I have to empty my bladder.”

“Oh no, you can’t. I want you to piss over my tits, my fat belly and then over my cunt. Can you handle that?”

“I can.” So I stood over her. Francis was lying on the floor. I pointed my cock to her tits and started pissing. My piss hit her massive tits and I aimed at her nipples. After that my piss went up to her belly and finally her pussy. Francis moved her hands over her body and licked her piss wet hands. She was becoming horny again. She put two fingers in her wet cunt and started to masturbate. I could not stay behind. My dick was already stiffening. While Francis rubbed her clit I stroke my cock head. We both came at the same time. Her body was shivering while my sperm flew against her big tits. We just collapsed. I felt down upon her body. We stayed on the floor for a while. Although the warm piss was getting cold güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri we could not get ourselves to move. Finally, it seemed like an hour, we got up and took a warm shower. After we towelled each other dry, I picked her up and took her to our bed.

“I knew you could manage. You are a strong boy.”

It was not easy but I managed. I put Francis to bed. Just looking at her I became horny again. She is such a woman. I am blessed to have her. I want her to stay with me all the time.

We fell asleep. After the lovemaking, the sex and the pissing we could not stay awake a single minute.

The early morning singing birds woke me up. I had slept very peacefully. I looked at Francis, who was still asleep, and felt my body to warm up. What a lovely woman she is. I went to the kitchen first to make some coffee. When finished I took a mug and opened the doors to the garden. I zipped my coffee and enjoyed the early morning sun and the singing birds. What a lovely day. This is a very nice weekend I thought.

I felt two hands touching my body and the two firm breasts touching my back. Francis took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it very gentle. She planted her legs a bit wide and started to piss. I felt the piss hit my legs and within seconds my feet were drowned. I moved my hand between her legs to feel her piss wet cunt. What a start of the morning. Francis told me to piss as well. She aimed my dick and I watered the flowers. “I love you so much, that I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri always want to piss when you are around. I trust you so much. And I want to see you piss as well. I love your cock, your balls and the piss that comes from it.”

“I love you as well, Francis. Your body with the best biggest tits I ever touched, the wettest pussy in the world, and above all your pee. You are incredible.”

Having said all this I went to the kitchen to get her a cup of coffee. While she zipped her coffee, I had again a look at her magnificent body. My dick was already standing up. Her big body was so nice that it made my body warm. Francis looked at me and smiled. She knew I found her a lovely woman. That was the most important thing. She felt admired and right she was.

“We go for a walk into the woods, aren’t we Martin” Francis asked. “Yes, we will, but we get some breakfast first. It will be a long day and we could prepare some food for lunch when we are out there. And some wine of course.”

An hour later we left the cabin. We followed a path into the woods. It was such a lovely morning. We hardly spoke to each other. We just enjoyed the environment and each other company. We arrived at a small lake, surrounded with trees. We seemed to be alone. We had not seen anybody and as far as we could see nobody was at the lake. We sat down on the grass and kicked our shoes of. We put our feet into the water so we could cool down. I took the mugs and coffee from the bag I carried güvenilir bahis şirketleri all the way. No to heavy but after a while you feel the weight.

We had a zip and both lit a cigarette. We sat there in a peaceful environment. I kissed Francis. “I am so happy with you being here.” “I am happy too.”

I knew Francis only put on a dress when we left the cabin. No underwear. Why bother, she had said. I don’t mind of course. I like her tits whether in or outside a bra.

Francis moved her dress up, so I had again a good look at her pussy. She spread her legs and I moved my hand between her legs. She was getting wet. We kissed passionately. We were in love. I moved two fingers in her pussy and another finger was touching her anus. Francis took her hand into my pants. My cock was already so erected that it was somewhat painful. I felt her wetness form her cunt, I wetted a finger and put it into her anus. She shivered from excitement.

“Move that finger in my ass. Fuck my ass. Feel what is inside” Francis screamed. “Fuck my holes.” I moved my fingers as well in her cunt as in her ass. I could see she loved it. And she came. Her body was shaking. She sighed deeply and I felt her piss against my hand. I had to lick her pussy while she was pissing. I felt the piss over my tongue and splattering to my face. I licked her clit and put once again my finger into her ass. It was as if Francis had a multiple orgasm. She did not stop shivering and shaking her body. I kept my finger in her ass while licking her cunt. More piss was coming out. I drank it all as if it would be the last thing on this world what could happen. But I felt more. There was something pressing against my finger.

“Martin, I can’t hold it any longer. I have to relieve myself. Get your finger out of my ass.”

To be continued. ..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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