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To people who are about to read this story:


I do like feedback; I’m not a professional writer so I’m sorry if it’s not perfect. I did read through it a few times and I hope I got out most of the dumb mistakes. I’m very sorry if I didn’t.


I had to bring my 10yo daughter Maria with me to work. (My names Joe, I’m in my late 30’s, I work out on a regular basis so I’m pretty good shape.) She had the day off from school, my wife Ann couldn’t take her and our normal sitter was sick at home. I work in an office, and as long she doesn’t cause trouble she been welcome to go there. I have a beautiful secretary Rose, she has long red hair, a huge set if tits and a nice tight ass. She’s been working for me for me for 5 years now, and I’ve been fucking her for last 4 years. I’ve also been fucking my daughter for the last 2 years. My wife isn’t bad looking, B chest size, not bad of an ass, but we don’t have a lot of sex.

My daughter was wearing a white tank top today and a short skirt, with Red thong panties. She likes to tease me with her outfits. I can see her tiny nipples press against the fabric of her shirt. She would also sit across from me when we were alone and spread her legs then put her heels on the chair. I had a perfect view of her red thongs; I got for her not to long ago.

My cock was straining against my pants, it’s been a few hours at work now and I’ve been hard almost all that time. Rose was wearing a damn sexy outfit. She had on a Mini-skirt, that showed her ass off well, and a top that made it look like her tits were bursting out. When she came to work every day she always wore a long jacket casino siteleri to hide what she was wearing. She loved dressing sexy, but she really didn’t like being stared at by strangers. I didn’t get to see her outfits until a year after she started working for me.

I called her in and said my daughter would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. I left the office and closed the door behind me. I had to go to a meeting.

Maria “Do you mind if ask you something personal?”
Rose “Go right ahead sweetie, anything”
Maria “What’s it like to have fake ones?”
Rose “What do you mean?”
Maria “My moms says you have fake breasts, that’s why they’re so big.”
Rose (while laughing) “I assure you, they’re 100% real.”
Maria “WOW, my mom’s are a lot smaller then yours. Can I see them?”
Rose “I don’t think that would be a good idea, what if you father comes back. I could get in a lot of trouble”
Maria “PLEASE, I promise I wont tell, besides it’s the only real way I’ll know for sure. Unless they are fake and you don’t want to me to find out.”
Rose (pausing for a few seconds) “All right honey, I’ll tell you what. You take your shirt off and I’ll take mine off. Is that a deal?”

Without even thinking about it Maria flung her shirt off, now it was Roses turn. Maria was only about 3 or 4 feet away from Rose, as soon as Rose removed her shirt, Maria moved in like a flash. Her dad had shone her several porn videos with lesbian scenes and it always made her wicked horny. He said some women have very sensitive nipples, she hoping Rose was one of those women.

Both her hands went to Rose huge tits, while her mouth went right the nipple. Maria sucked on her nipple, letting her tongue swirl around it as she sucked. She brought the breasts close together so the nipples were almost touching. Then went back and forth, canlı casino from one to the other. Rose couldn’t help herself; she always had a secret desire to play with a little girl like this. Her nipples also happened to be very sensitive, she lost all inhibitions.

Rose started moaning, she had one hand on the back of Maria’s head and the other moved down to Maria’s ass. Maria let go of Roses breasts with her mouth and moved up to kiss her. As soon as their lips touched Maria’s tongue shot out, Rose opened her mouth and they shared a deep kiss. Rose had moved both hands now under Maria’s skirt and was gripping her tight young ass.

Maria moved her hands down under Rose’s skirt, grabbed her panties and started pulling them down. Rose gave no resistance, she was too deep into it now, her fantasy was coming true. They kissed for several more minutes while they explored each other. Their lips and tongues locked as they moaned over and over.

Maria finally broke from the kiss, she couldn’t wait any longer. Rose sat back on the couch and spread her legs. Maria dove right in, I’d gone down on her many times over the past 2 years, and she’d many videos. Her fingers went to work sliding in and out of Rose’s hot pussy while her tongue went to work on her clit.

Rose almost screamed out from pleasure, watching and feeling this 10yo going down on her like a pro. All she could feel was continuous pleasure coursing thru her body. She clamped her eyes shut, then grabbed a pillow form off the couch. She covered her face and screamed into the pillow as her orgasm hit her. Her back arched and she forced her pussy against Maria’s invading tongue. Maria went at her even harder, moving 3 of her fingers in and out of Rose’s pussy and now she had 2 fingers in Rose’s ass. Rose never removed the pillow from her face, as another orgasm shot thru her body, kaçak casino even larger then the last one.

Maria didn’t let up, and now she could hear Maria’s voice moaning, and felt her face being shoved against her pussy again and again. She suddenly heard Maria cry out, so she opened her eyes. What she saw made her cum again, Joe was behind his daughter, slamming his cock into her pussy. Maria had just hit had her own orgasm that’s why she cried out. Suddenly Joe went stiff; he thrust forward as he exploded deep inside Maria’s tight little pussy. She could see Maria was in pure ecstasy; her whole face was glistening from Rose’s juices.

Maria pulled her head back, turned around and took her dad’s cock into her mouth. She licked every inch of his cock, and sucked him till he was hard again, which didn’t take long. Rose got down on the floor, and Maria lowered her dripping pussy to Rose’s awaiting mouth. Joe got behind his daughter again, only this time he inserted his cock into her ass. He slowly got the head in, then started a slow fucking motion.

Rose let her tongue slide deep into Maria’s pussy, licking up Joe’s cum as it seeped out. As her tongue moved all over, she watched as Joe’s cock slid deeper and deeper. Every once in awhile he would slide out and Rose took him into her mouth, sucking on his entire length. The he would stuff it back in her tiny ass.

Maria reached orgasm several times, she loved the feel of his cock in her ass. Rose was licking and sucking like she was possessed, her tongue felt incredible and only drove her over the edge even faster. Suddenly Joe slammed his entire length in Maria’s ass and let loose like a volcano. He loved fucking his beautiful daughter, especially in her hot little ass.

Joe had a private bathroom, where they each took a turn getting cleaned up, and put themselves back together. Joe promised Rose there would be another round very soon. It made the rest of the day go by much easier once tensions had been released.

Let me know if I should write a

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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