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All participants are over 18.


Martin used a chair as a stepping stool to get up on the table at the front of the studio. He looked out over the room and saw seven pairs of eyes watching him. He sighed. This is what he signed up for when he agreed to be a nude model for Mr. Breck’s drawing class. For the next twenty minutes he was expected to maintain a pose while the students sketched him.

Martin disrobed and struck a simple pose, taking direction from Mr. Breck.

Martin heard pencils squeaking and scratching against paper.

Mr. Breck’s phone vibrated; he had the ringer off to avoid distracting his students, but he took the call. The teacher mentioned before class that his wife was ten days past due to deliver their first child. It quickly developed that this call related to that. The man was in an instant panic. He announced he was going to the hospital to see the birth of his child. Class was at an end almost before it started.

One of the students, Gareth, offered to lock up the studio after everyone left; that way the class could continue. Mr. Breck believed Gareth was trustworthy so he quickly agreed; he had no time to argue in any case. Ninety seconds after his phone call ended, Mr. Breck was out the door and Martin was left on display for the six remaining students.

The room settled back down to work. Eyes peered up at Martin and back down at their work. Everyone was the same, except Gareth. He stood at the back of the class smirking at Martin as he locked the door from the inside. His obvious attentions did nothing to steady Martin’s nerves.

The eyes of the students continued to reference him for their drawings. Martin noticed that there were many moments when the artists were all looking at him at once and some where he was viewed by only one. He wondered if any of them were drawing his cock right now. His cock actually twitched at the thought. God, did anyone notice that?

It looked like someone noticed; a couple of pairs of eyes lingered on the amateur model. The scrutiny aroused Martin somewhat. He knew these men were looking at his cock. He felt a slight flush as blood seemed to rush to his face and to his penis.

Martin looked over the group of artists. The youngest, Gareth, was probably twenty, about the same age as Martin. He had long blond hair and a thin layer of stubble on his jaw. The studio tables had cardboard name plates placed beside the easels, for the benefit of Mr. Breck, who was bad with names. Using the name plates, Martin could easily identify the rest of the men by name. Hugh was about fifty, bearded, stocky and short. Gerard and Rupert were both lean, clean-shaven thirty-somethings and by the way they chattered softly, they were either close friends or lovers. Patrick was a fit, handsome black man of about thirty years of age; he wore thick-rimmed glasses. Kenneth, an Asian man, was looking back at Martin with a surprised expression.

Martin had a full-blown erection thinking about the men looking at him. Now they all saw his wood.

Nothing had changed with Gareth; he wasn’t even at his easel. He just leaned against the back wall of the room with that knowing smirk. Hugh seemed to accept Martin’s erection more or less at face value; he kept drawing, now modifying the penis he had previously drawn in his sketch to reflect the real one’s change in size and angle. Gerard and Rupert looked at each other and licked their lips; they pretended to keep drawing but they were looking up far too much. Patrick did continue drawing but very slowly; maybe a part of him was embarrassed for the model. Kenneth just kept staring right at Martin’s engorged canlı bahis cock.

All of this and Martin was only six minutes into his twenty.

Gareth broke the charged silence. His voice was light and easy and carried across the studio easily. “Why do you have a hard-on, Martin?”

“I don’t know.” Martin squeaked the lame answer.

“What is it that turns you on right now? Are you thinking about how vulnerable you are, alone and naked in this locked room with six guys?”

Martin’s cock visibly jumped.

Rupert and Gerard actually laughed, but there was something behind the humour. They both had hard-ons themselves now. Their faces conveyed their obvious desire to get me on my knees or on my back.

Hugh joined in. “That smooth lean body is almost like a young woman’s.” He licked his lips without thinking.

“That mouth is like a girl’s too,” Patrick said and he was already rubbing his erection.

Kenneth, the quiet Asian, remained silent but continued staring at Martin. He nodded in agreement with his fellow students’ remarks.

Martin’s penis continued to shudder occasionally and it lost none of its hardness.

Almost as one, the artists set down their pencils and slowly converged on the table that Martin stood on. Gareth was with them.

“What are you thinking about that gives you wood like that?” Gareth asked. “Was it our cocks?”

“Yes,” Martin admitted to the group. “I was imagining all your cocks under your clothes. I was nervous about posing nude and I remembered that old advice for nervous performers: just imagine everyone watching you is in their underwear. I went one step further and imagined you all naked like me. And then, this just happened.” He pointed down at his throbbing erection.

“Hell, don’t just imagine; have a real look at mine!” Gerard whipped out his own hard member. Rupert exposed himself as well. This emboldened the other men. Patrick brandished his own thick, long, brown tube of flesh. Hugh revealed a surprisingly large package. Kenneth, it seemed, preferred to watch rather than to participate. Gareth had his camera out. That visibly wilted the confidence of some of the men until he promised no faces would be in the photos except Martin’s. That reassured them. Having a photographer document the action made it a real event to everyone. This was happening.

The men closed in all around Martin and he felt his strength crumbling against theirs. He lay down on the table so he was looking up at the men’s faces.

“You big strong men outnumber me; there’s no way I can stop you from taking me as you will.”

“Your dick says you want it.” Gareth seemed to be the appointed spokesman of the group.

“I only ask one favour: come on me, not in me.”

“Fair enough, right, guys?” There was general agreement. Martin had given a reluctant-sounding consent to six men to use him according to their wishes and it looked like most of them were going to take him up on it. Martin was beside himself with excitement and nerves.

The first hand on Martin was Gareth’s. He rearranged Martin on the table so that he was lying on his back with his head and ass hanging over the opposite ends. Then Gareth stood back and raised his camera. He started to take pictures of Martin’s naked and aroused body.

Hugh was the next to touch Martin. The older man fondled Martin’s arse. “Just like a girl’s ass,” he said. Hugh remained fully dressed but he had his cock out and he was stroking it. All he needed to get started was a bit of spit on Martin’s anus and some more on his dick. Perhaps not his first time, Gareth thought of Hugh. Martin felt Gareth’s camera bahis siteleri moving all around him as Hugh’s boner penetrated his sphincter. It slid in easily and soon Hugh was slapping his thighs against Martin’s ass, fucking him with obvious enthusiasm.

Martin’s mouth was not long left idle. Patrick filled the cavity with his long dick. Martin engulfed it easily at first and then with more difficulty as Patrick began to face-fuck him deeply. Martin’s gag reflex was put to the test, but he managed to take the whole cock down his throat. His lips reached Patrick’s pubes. Martin issued muffled sounds that proved the depth of his oral penetration. Patrick backed off a little and let Martin breathe as well as to love his mouth a little more with his tongue.

Rupert and Gerard were affected by the show before them and Rupert soon knelt before his partner and started sucking his cock. Gerard groaned and continued to watch the tableaux at the front of the room.

“Kenneth,” Gareth said between snaps. “Get in there and get a handjob at least.”

Kenneth seemed to think it over for a few seconds, weighing pros and cons, but the tent in his pants was the deciding argument. He moved around to the back of the table so he wouldn’t be blocking Gareth’s shots and unleashed a long, fiendishly-thick penis, coming fully erect.

“Wow,” Gareth thought as he continued shooting.

Martin felt the warm flesh against his hand and he began to caress it in gentle strokes. The giant member almost vibrated between his fingers. Martin couldn’t see it with his head tilted back swallowing Patrick’s cock, but he thought the penis in his hand must have been the biggest cock in the room. The Asian student began thrusting in and out of Martin’s grip, and in just over a minute, he came all over Martin’s belly and chest to cheers from all the other guys. Gareth captured the whole scene with his camera.

Rupert continued sucking his lover, Gerard, until he was ready to come. He knew just where to put his load. He withdrew from Rupert’s mouth and quickly turned around to face the table. Then he sprayed his jizz all over Martin’s chest.

“Load number two,” Gareth said. Once more there was cheering.

Martin was almost beyond hearing it. With a cock sliding in and out of his mouth and another one pounding his prostate, he was in a state of enforced ecstasy. He concentrated his efforts on Patrick’s knob, rubbing patterns into it with his tongue.

When Patrick came, he groaned loudly. He pulled his cock out of Martin’s mouth and blasted semen from the younger man’s mouth to his navel. Watching Patrick’s orgasm may have tipped Hugh over. He didn’t last another minute. He too pulled out just in time to spurt his semen across Martin’s abdomen in great silky strings.

“That’s four loads you’ve taken,” Gareth told Martin. Martin only opened his mouth for Gareth’s cock. Gareth accepted the invitation and sunk his dick to the hilt down Martin’s neck before beginning a rhythmic fucking routine.

Rupert had given an orgasm but he hadn’t received one. Now he manned Martin’s asshole. With the hole already stretched by Hugh, Rupert had no problem sinking into Martin’s arse. He began sawing in and out of the pleasure-giving butthole.

Gareth enjoyed his blowjob, but he didn’t fail in his duty as the chronicler of this event. Just across Martin’s body, Rupert was fucking Martin hard. Gareth snapped shots of that and then he turned the camera down and took a few more pictures as his cock was sucked by the male model.

Kenneth in the meantime was back for another handjob. Martin accommodated, recognizing the cock as the same one bahis şirketleri he’d pleasured moments before. It was so big! What would that be like inside him, Martin thought. It would rip him in two.

The other hand was in use as well now as Patrick lined up for his second orgasm.

Martin found it took a surprising amount of coordination to manage his work. He was simultaneously jacking off two cocks and blowing another, all while thrusting back at the lover in his asshole.

As Rupert fucked Martin, Gerard stood behind him, fondling his body and whispering hotly in his ear. With the added stimulation, Rupert did not take long to nut. He pulled out and ejaculated in heavy spurts that left pearl-like globs of semen all over Martin’s abdomen.

When Rupert withdrew, Kenneth didn’t wait for Martin to recover or for anyone else to take Martin’s asshole. He pressed his thick cock against the stretched anus and slowly it admitted him, stretched ever more by his extraordinary tool. Since Gareth’s cock was still in Martin’s throat, Martin’s groans were largely absorbed into the flesh; the vibration created a pleasant feeling for Gareth. Kenneth eventually forced his penis all the way in and he set his own pace. Martin helplessly thrust back, past the pain and overwhelmed with the pleasure of being truly filled.

Gareth allowed his dick one last deep stroke in Martin’s mouth before he came all over his face and neck. It was a good orgasm, but Gareth recovered quickly and resumed taking pictures of the male model. He was a sight already, covered in slick coats of cum from face to groin. Gareth got close-ups of Martin’s jizz-covered face before the sticky goo could run off and drip to the floor.

Gareth soon lost count of the loads that Martin wore. It took a long time for Kenneth to finish with Martin’s ass, but when he did, he came just as much or more than the first time, glazing Martin’s midsection. Patrick came hard from the handjob and pasted Martin’s chest some more before taking a crack at Martin’s arse. Meanwhile Gerard and Rupert fucked each other in turns and blew their loads on Martin. Hugh came again on Martin’s face and so did Gareth.

There came a point when everyone was satisfied and it seemed time to quit.

Gareth urged them to take a few minutes and sketch the model before going home. There was laughter, but they all stayed and did it, drawing pictures of Martin as he sat up in a chair on top of the table. He still sported his unrequited erection and he was dripping with cum from his hair down to his cock. Martin found it hard to sit still because he began to itch as the edges of the cum trails dried to his skin. The men produced some good pictures, but they would never be submitted to Mr. Breck for grading.

As they left, Gareth promised him he would show them the choice prints from the pictures he took tonight. Eventually everyone but Gareth and Martin had their coats on and left the studio with their drawing kits.

“Well, lover,” Gareth said to Martin. “Was it everything you dreamed it would be?”

“Fuck, yes,” Martin said. “Too bad Mr. Breck left; I could have used his dick too. I feel like such a whore.”

“You really are a sight. Cum in your hair, on your face and chest, your tummy.”

“Don’t get me excited all over again or I may need you to blow one more load on me.”

“I’ll give you excited. There are no towels here. You’re walking home with cum on your face.”

The nasty thought made Martin’s dick twitch anew. He would stroll the walk of shame all the way home. Everyone would know he was only a device purposed for coaxing the cum out of the dicks of many men. He wiped a wet slick of jizz off his chest and began stroking himself using the semen for lube, pulling himself off to a quick, hot orgasm of his own.

The last load he wore that night was his own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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