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My excitement was beyond words that morning when we pulled away from our duplex. I’ve been in love with this women for well over 10 years now and if its possible my love has only grown, and here we are on our way to get married! Just the fact that I want and can’t wait to get married speaks for itself. When I was growing up I was always the girl that never wanted a man to tie her down, guess I just realized that it was always a women that was needed to tie me down in more sense than one.

Marcy is an amazing blond bombshell with twinkling blue eyes, soft pearly white skin, an ass you could bounce a dime off of and her breasts are the epitome of a perfect handful. Me on the other hand, I’m just a plain jane, brown eyes, mousy blonde hair, annoyingly oversized breasts and no ass to really speak of.

Our story is pretty common, me being the one in love with my beautiful straight best friend with no thoughts of ever acting on or telling her and then suddenly and magically we get together with small bumps and giant holes in the road of our relationship, stories that perhaps one day will come to fruitition. Let me get on with this one, our most important one.

Vegas has always been our city, its where we have the most fun and where it made complete sense to pledge our love to each other. We had toyed with going to Mexico or the Caribbean or even Hawaii but those just didn’t feel right to us until I mentioned Vegas and we were in agreement. We also agreed that we did not want the typical wedding that Vegas is famous for; we wanted a nice, romantic and simple get together with a few select people and to be able to celebrate each other. So after months of planning here we were on our way to Vegas, driving of course because that is the best way to spend time together, just the two of us together in a vehicle for 17 hours, that is the true test of a relationship.

So our first day of traveling took us into the mountains passing by beautiful, breathtaking scenery and hilarious road side attractions. Marcy slept for the first few hours while I drove. We stopped just before the American border to freshen up at a rest stop high up in the Rockies. I stretched my legs and laid down on a hill to wait for Marcy to finish up. She laid beside me as we watched the sun peek over the edge of the mountain. With her head on my chest her hand slowly slid down my stomach.

“This is the beginning of another journey for us. I just want you to know how much I love you and always will” Marcy whispered as she stared deeply into my eyes,

I kissed her with all my might and her hand slid over my mound and she grasped me. My whole body began to tremble with little electric pulses. I reached my hand around her body and squeezed her ass then I slid my hand under her pants straight to her triangle and rubbed her clit. Pulling apart from our kiss we stared into each others eyes as we brought each other to a short climax and then we settled back down to just bask in the sunlight.

Back in the car we talked and laughed as time and country side flew by. Soon it was dark and we were looking for a place to put up our tent. We pulled off the main highway and found a small campsite. Food on the other hand was hard to find. The little town we were in had one grocery store and no restaurants. So into the grocery store we went. We bought a few of those Lunchables, a bag of chips and a couple pops.

In the tent supper was quickly scarfed down and a game of cards was quickly set up. God I love beating this woman at crib, it’s weird I know. As darkness engulfed us the full day hit us hard and we were ready for bed very early. I watched as Marcy undressed in the dark of the tent, her body illuminated by the street lamp across from our campsite. I was unable to contain myself as her breasts were unleashed from her bra.

Sitting up on the bed I grabbed her around the waist and sucked her left nipple straight into my mouth, nibbling on her nub I reached up and grabbed the perfect handful of her right breast and very slowly kneaded it just below the nipple. Marcy arched her back, tilted her head backwards, held onto my head for stability and let out a long low moan. Licking up her breast, into the canal of her chest and up her long neck, I pulled her down on top of me. Kissing deeply she helped me remove my shirt, her hands running through my hair and my hands pulling her naked bosom as close to me as possible.

We rolled over onto our sides and I slipped her pants and panties off, dragging my nails back up the inner side of her thighs making her moan and writhe. I let my fingers slowly graze over her moist hair, almost tickling her so she bucked just to make the smallest contact. I pulled away and tore my pants and panties off and climbed on top of her. She spread her legs allowing our pussies to make full contact. With long, slow movements I ground into her, as I sucked, licked and preciously bit at her neck I could feel her fingernails clawing at my back. Sensing the closeness of her climax canlı bahis I pulled away and began my slow descent down her body. Leading with my tongue I went down her neck stopping again at her breasts. I kissed, licked and bit around each nipple. I licked her left nipple in one long slow movement and then gently blew on it, sending a tremble down her entire body. Repeating the process on her right nipple I could smell her excitement sending my own excitement into overdrive. I licked down her stomach, stopping to bite at the bottom of her belly button. Kissing my way into her mound she began to buck her hips up into my chin. My tongue found her sweetness and she let out an exasperated sigh. Licking up and down between her hole and her engorged nub I wrapped my arms under her legs and set into one of my favourite acts of sex. I grabbed her clit in my mouth and sucked hard on it, allowing my teeth to very gently graze over it. Just when I knew she couldn’t take any more of it I pulled away and plunged my tongue deep into her hole. Exploring her deeply I tongue fucked her until she came in cascades all over my face.

She met me halfway as I sat up and kissed me deeply, tasting herself on my tongue. Pushing me down onto the bed she kneeled beside me and with no foreplay needed she plunged two fingers deep inside my hole. Gasping I searched for her hole, knowing she wasn’t quite finished and after a few fumbles I shoved two of my fingers deep inside her. Fucking hard and fast in complete sync we both came hard and fast, collapsing onto the bed, falling into a deep sleep wrapped in each others arms.

We were wide awake and on the go at the crack of dawn. Only 1 more day and we would be hitched. Again miles and miles flew by and things in the car grew silent, not awkwardly but comfortably. My thoughts wandered to what I was planning the night of our wedding, the dildo play weighed heavily in my mind. We were never ones that used it that often, in fact I only really liked to wear it, not get fucked by it. I couldn’t wait to fuck my wife. Suddenly, as if sensing my thoughts I felt Marcy’s hand plunge down my pants and her fingers dive straight at my clit.

“Whoa babe I’m driving.”

“Ahh you’ll be fine. You look like you need a little release.” Marcy explained to me as her fingers circled my clit.

Focusing on the road, all I could do was grasp at the steering wheel while my juices flowed and Marcy’s fingers pushed me closer and closer to that final release. Moaning and groaning I finally plummeted into that beautiful abyss, my whole body throbbing.

“You always know what I need.” I gushed at her.

A few hours later we arrived in Vegas at our wonderful hotel and awaited our guests who would be flying in later that evening. We sat and watched the fountains at the Bellagio and just basked in the wonderfulness that is us and Vegas, laughing at the interesting people who gave us the side long glances as we sat hand in hand.

We met our friends and family for supper and enjoyed an interesting dinner because even though we’re gay the same universal laws apply to us: INLAWS DON’T GET ALONG! Our two best friends had come and had decided that they were taking us out to celebrate our last night of “freedom”. Even though we technically haven’t been free in about 10 years.

The club scene was amazing, tons of wonderful looking girls and even more amazing women. We all bumped and grinded all over the dance floor and the happiness on our faces was definitely out shined by our straight friends husbands. I didn’t care I was having the time of my life, getting drunk and getting my grind on.

However I was not happy at the end of the night when Marcy and I had to go to our separate rooms. We had made the agreement that the night before our wedding we would be as ‘traditional’ as possible and sleep in separate rooms. So the boys stayed in one room, Marcy and her maid stayed in one room and my maid and I stayed in the suite. So I definitely was not happy when we got separated, I was horny as hell and sopping wet and what was I supposed to do?

“This is your one.” Marcy whispered in my ear as we said goodbye for the night.

I stared blankly in her eyes, questioning her, not understanding her at all.

“Just know that I’ll be getting fucked too.” She explained.

Ok here’s the thing I have always had an attraction to my maid, to fuck her. Not in love with her, just to fuck her brains out, have her moaning and calling out my name.

So as Marcy walked away I called out “Seriously.”

My answer came as I watched her grab her maids ass.

“What was that all about?” Kendra (my maid of honor and the only other occupant of my sexual fantasies) asked me.

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough.” I stated as I wrapped my arm around her waist.

Back in the hotel room I changed into my silk jammies, rinsed the makeup off my face and took a second to breathe as I prepared myself for the jump I was about to make. As I emerged there bahis siteleri stood Kendra, half naked, changing into a long night shirt (probably her husbands). I strode up to her , the butterflies in stomach fluttering a category 4 hurricane in my stomach. In one fluid motion I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply and urgently.

Pushing me away she exclaimed “what the hell?”

“You’re on my list, actually you’re number 2 on my list, just below Shane but like that’s ever going to happen.” I explained.

“And what about Marcy?”

“Oh she gave me permission, actually she wanted the same with Jesse.” Which is of course Marcy’s maid of honor.

“But what will Steve think?”

“I’m sure as long as you tell him every little detail he’ll get over it real fast. It’s not like this is ever going to happen again. You know how committed I am.”

And with that my lips were on hers again, my tongue probing and exploring. We stumbled onto the bed and fumbled with the lights, leaving the tv on for background light. Kendra is a buxomly women, not skinny but not big, she’s got gorgeous brown hair and deep green eyes.

“I’ve never been with a women before.” Duhh was all I could think of because if she had I would of heard about it.

“Don’t worry, I like to lead and I’ve been wanting this for a very long time.”

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by you., Marcy always made it sound magnificent.”

“Hey don’t jinx me now.” As sudden sex jitters went through my body.

Kissing her, I unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off and then I peeled hers over her head. My god her breasts were amazing, even though she was older they still sat all nice and perky. Her nipples were the size of a dollar and the nubs were already hard as tic tacs. Kneeling over top of her I ran both my hands up her torso, massaging her breasts and tickling her all over, then I buried my head in her cleavage. Lapping at her left breast like a little puppy. Getting a hold of my excitement I slowed down and gingerly sucked her nipple, rolling my tongue over her nub, pushing it back and forth. She succumbed and relaxed, running her fingers through my hair. I let my hand explore her body, running all over her back, her legs and finally gently rubbing her mound in a slow fluid motion, making sure my mouth paid as much attention to each breast just to be fair. Taking things slow I put my hand inside her pants but outside her panties, and continued rubbing her. But OMG her wetness, I almost came as soon as I felt her sopping panties under my palm, anticipating when I got to taste her.

I kissed her again and just made love to her tongue, distracting her from where my hands were going as they plunged into her slit. We both gasped as I made contact with her clit and god she was loud, I got wetter. Knowing she was past the point of no return I broke contact with her sweet mouth and made my way down her body, again exploring her with my hands. When I got to the waist line of her pants I stopped and made eye contact with her, she nodded and I slipped them off her.

“Are you going to eat me?” She questioned.

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“It’s just that Steve doesn’t do it that often and I don’t really like it when he does.”

I laughed (straight girls geez) “Don’t worry, if you feel uncomfortable just say so.”

I laid down, tucked my arms under her legs, propped her up a little bit and just enjoyed her scent, running my nose through her nicely trimmed landing strip. I slipped my tongue inside and nearly died, god she tasted better than I ever thought. I ran my tongue around her entire slit, going around her hole, under it, back up the side and just barely missing her clit. I felt her whole body tighten around me and watched as her hands clasped the bedspread and heard her let out a looong low groan. I focused my tongue on her clit, pressing my tongue firmly over, slowly licking up. I sucked and licked her clit for what seemed like hours, her juices running down my chin, her hands pushing my head in further, and then I found her hole. I teased the outside of it with my tongue and pushed inside. I tongue fucked her slowly and methodically, keeping a steady slow pace, I moved back up to her clit and pushed her over the edge. She came in gushes, totally soaking my face, chin and even chest and I found myself grinding the bed as my excitement grew and was in need of relief.

I crawled back up to the pillows and just lay and watched her pant and stare at the ceiling.

“Kris, that was amazing. I have never been eaten like that, ever!” She gasped at me.

“See I’m not crazy, sex is better when you’re gay.”

“So now it’s my turn?”

“Nah it’s ok.” I lied.

Without another word she crawled on top, I could feel her wet pussy on mine and I knew it wouldn’t be long for me. She sat on top of me and rocked back and forth.

“Wow even this feels amazing. I like being able to feel your pussy against mine.” bahis şirketleri She exclaimed to me in gasps.

My hands kneaded her breasts and she mimicked the motions on mine, finally leaning down and kissing me. I thrust up and she broke away and arched her back, meeting my motion, mashing our throbbing pussies together. She stopped suddenly and climbed off. I thought it was over, I feared I wouldn’t get my release but even more I feared that she was scared and perhaps our friendship was in danger. Why hadn’t I thought of that in the first place? Oh no, this could of ruined everything.

With my mind swimming in those negative thoughts I didn’t even realize that she was already inside my slit, exploring every part of it. I was pulled back into reality as trembles started throughout my body. She found my clit.

“Slow and gentle.” was all I could whisper.

She took a nipple in her mouth and let her finger explore the effects it was having on my body. I was almost there, the waves were beginning to overtake my body, the euphoria was on its way and again she stopped.

“You didn’t think I’d let you cum just like that?” She teased as she dragged her wet finger up over my stomach.

We kissed again and made out for what seemed like forever, my body growing even more excited, even more raw. Then she was at my clit again and then suddenly I had one finger inside. I gasped and bucked up so she slipped another in and found my spot. Fucking me very slowly she watched in amazement as my eyes rolled back, my back arched and I moaned loudly. Then the waves hit, one right after another pushing me up and over the edge, my whole body throbbing. I collapsed and stared at the ceiling.

“Kris, I need you to fuck me.” She told me after allowing me sometime to get back in my body.

I pushed her back on the bed, I was feverish, I kissed her hard and she answered me back, throwing her legs apart I plunged two fingers deep inside her. I fucked her hard and slow, pushing in as far as I could go, wanting to be as deep inside her as possible. She was thrashing wildly, groaning and panting.

“Ohhhh god Kris, fuck yah!” She moaned loudly as I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers then released a full onslaught of fluids. Exhausted I fell back onto the bed, totally spent she laid there, her breasts heaving up and down with her pants.

“You have no idea how good that was. Not quite the same as a dick inside you however they both have their good points.” She giggled. “And I don’t think this will have absolutely any affect on our friendship, if anything it might make my sex life a little bit better, so thank you.”

“No, thank you.” was all I could manage as I drifted off into slumber land.

Morning came and life was normal again, we were joking and laughing as though nothing had happened. Although Steve did come in ask how his wife tasted. Which was a little awkward but oh well.

Kendra and I met my sisters, parents and their spouses for a delicious breakfast that was beautiful. Then we all went and got ready together, they all contributed something to my look that day, whether it be my hair, make up, necklace or garter belt. Finally it was time to go and my father was at the door of the dressing room. Everyone left for their seats and spots next to me, leaving me and my father alone.

“I’m proud of you.” was all my father could choke out as he held out his arm and walked me down the isle.

I walked first. The terrace was beautiful, the day was gorgeous and the sun was bright and shining. I really like the orchid arrangements and I must admit for not being a girlie girl the rose petals down the isle was a really nice touch.

Then it was Marcy’s turn. Tears came to my eyes as my beloved and her father started their descent down the isle. She was simply radiant, her smile warmed my blood and her eyes bore straight into my heart. With Kendra standing next to me and Jesse standing next to Marcy we stared into each others eyes as we pledged our love to one another to last a life time. And as the fountains went off in the close background we had our first kiss as a married couple.

Hugs from family and friends quickly enveloped us and soon pictures were being snapped. Hand in hand we walked back down the isle and out in to the sunshine where many, many pictures were taken in the lovely gardens. Then in a whirlwind we were changed and heading down for a small reception supper. There were speeches and laughs and cries and it really all was absolutely amazing. After a few hours and couple drinks we took our leave and headed up to our bridal suite.

Once inside our lips and hands were all over each other. I had her up against a wall and was kissing her hard and deeply. Her hands went straight down to my mound and she stopped.

“Mmmm well that excites me.” She moaned as she released the gift that I had put on for her just before we had left the restaurant.

“Well you weren’t supposed to find it that fast.”

“How could I resist you, today has been amazing, you looked amazing. It took everything in me to not jump you all night at the supper table.” She explained as she started rubbing the dildo, making the base of it grind into my pussy.

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