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It was an odd sound coming through the paper thin walls, a strange metallic whir and then a loud, distinct click. It was a sound that seemed to repeat several times during the day and then simply stop. If anyone cared, they might wonder if it was perhaps a ceiling fan about to break down, or maybe a refrigerator about to expire, but nobody cared.

Jay lived on the other side of that wall, or perhaps lived is not correct, Jay existed on the other side of that wall. Day to day he moved about, made noises, turned on TV, perhaps even spoke into the phone. He worked somewhere, had some money saved up, got lucky with the lottery or something. He could buy food and the electricity and water had never been turned off, so he managed something. It’s just nobody cared.

Jay wondered if he cared, certainly not about the apartment or the neighbors, it could fucking burn to the ground and kill them all and he wouldn’t care. Well, it would be a pain to move, so perhaps he did care a bit. Most importantly, amid this apathetic existence, bahis firmaları Jay did care about something, something strong enough to carry him though each day, something that made the next morning a believable reality.

Plain and simple, Jay was a glory hole cocksucker. Whenever he was away from the arcade, he thought about it, the stinging scent of the disinfectant mopped on the walls and floors each morning, the consistent texture of the plywood walls inside the movie rooms, the perfect circle of the glory hole cut though that plywood.

He was good. First of all, he was quick on his feet and could gracefully, yet subtlety slip in and out of booths almost unnoticed. He was smart, not book smart, but he had an uncanny sense which booth a person might be headed towards. Somehow, he always managed to be in the right booth at the right time.

Jay also could charm a snake, in fact he did it all the time. He’d hover at the glory hole, spotting a first timer, a married man looking for something he can’t kaçak iddaa get at home, a college kid experimenting with his sexuality, or a homophobe giving into the inevitable. He’d whisper encouragement to some, he’d flatter others and some he’d somehow shame them into shoving their cock through the hole.

Of course once he charmed a snake, he had a friend for life. Though he never thought of himself an expert at blowjobs, he never failed to receive astounding, “Thank you”s whispered back through the hole. “The best I’ve ever had.” Jay never thought much about it, he always felt that if you enjoyed it, and wasn’t just doing it to please some one else, you couldn’t help but be good. And he swallowed because he wanted it, again, not because he felt he had to.

He loved variety, the sizes, the tastes, the way they pulsed when they came, even the temperature of the cum excited him. Jay would often try to guess a man’s occupation just by the amount and taste of their cum. He never could be sure if he was right, except maybe kaçak bahis for a chef’s cum… theirs varied so much from day to day he always knew when he sucked a chef.

Of course, from time to time the odds would catch up to him and he’d blow a cop. Funny thing, although the cops always arrested him, they always let him finish. And that was the reason he never stayed in jail long.

Jay loved rainy days, the days the field workers couldn’t work due to weather. The men would pour out of work with nothing else to do, but hit the arcade. Jay made sure he was there, often swallowing enough cum that he could skip lunch and not get hungry. He’d leave early in the morning and get home late in the evening.

It was those days, when he was gone, that the sound was the loudest. The bullet inserted into the revolver, then the spin and the metallic whir and finally the shape, distinct click as the trigger is pulled.

Then it is repeated, the spin, the metallic whir and then as the barrel is rested against a temple, or in a mouth, or anywhere else and then a sound, almost as loud as the ringing of bells, as the click explodes past an eardrum and echoes off into space. And then it happens again, and again… day after day, cock after cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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