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Welcome to the fourth of five chapters! As usual, I’m so appreciative of the response I received for the last chapter – lots of good feedback and constructive criticism. Thank you so much, and please keep it coming! I’m still “learning the ropes” so to speak, so knowing what you like and don’t like is important to me. Again, this is a story about fictional consenting adults. Thank you again for taking the time to read.


Amara peered out the tiny aircraft window at the white carpet of clouds below the bright, blue sky. It was hard to get a good view past Dani and Anne. Dani was in the window seat and Anne was out of her child restraint harness and perched on Dani’s lap to get a better view. Amara didn’t mind ceding the window to them; neither had ever flown before and Amara had taken many flights over the years.

The idea to bring them along to the ‘HR Everywhere’ conference in Vancouver had been a spur-of-the-moment stroke of genius. Amara could attend the work sessions during the day, then enjoy the company of her two favourite people in the evenings. Anne would get an educational visit to one of Canada’s most beautiful and diverse cities and Dani could experience the unique culture of the west coast.

It had shocked Amara to learn it would be Dani’s first-ever trip away from the Greater Toronto area. How could anyone spend twenty-two years in the same city, never exploring beyond its confines? But of course life had been a struggle for the younger woman; she’d had to deal with more immediate and pressing concerns than touring. All told, Amara felt Dani had done an admirable job building a life despite an unfortunate and probably tragic childhood. That resilience and inner strength were two of the things Amara found attractive about her young lover.

“This is amazing,” Dani said with an excited glance back at Amara. “If you wanted to see, we could switch seats…”

Amara smiled and shook her head and Dani turned back to the window as Anne excitedly pointed at something passing far below. Dani made a show of being impressed. Or maybe it wasn’t a show. There were moments – rare, fleeting moments – where Dani seemed almost child-like herself. Those brief glimpses didn’t last long and never failed to draw a smile. There was much about Dani to like.

Much to love, in fact.

Dani was generous. Attentive. The younger woman was upbeat, hard-working and competent. No-nonsense but not impatient. A skillful lover – sometimes urgent and passionate, sometimes tender and giving; her touch was always welcome and appreciated.

It was unthinkable that Amara had known Dani only eight weeks and already the word ‘love’ was beginning to swirl around in her brain. They’d been living together for a month and sharing the same bed every night for just two weeks. Two weeks! Surely it was crazy to be thinking long-term with the relationship still in its infancy.

But those thoughts were occurring more and more frequently, and Amara found it increasingly difficult to picture her life without Dani in it.

And that was the ulterior motive for bringing her to Vancouver.

It was one thing to privately nurse feelings for another woman, or to express them in the safety and seclusion of her own home. There was nothing wrong with it and Amara had embraced the chance to explore these new feelings, to discover a part of herself that had somehow lain dormant and undetected for the first forty years of her life. The rewards had been beyond her expectations.

But in order for her relationship with Dani to continue to grow it would eventually need to come out of the shadows. Dani couldn’t be Amara’s ‘dirty little secret’ forever. It was unfair and insulting to the younger woman. Her worth and importance deserved to be acknowledged openly, not hidden away and covered up.

But going public with their relationship presented…issues…and Amara was too much of a realist to dismiss them offhand. There was a lot to consider.

Would it affect Anne? Would having ‘two moms’ change the way Anne was treated in school or by her friends’ parents? Would her daughter be teased? Ostracized?

Could her soon-to-be ex-husband somehow use Dani against Amara in a custody battle? Would a same-sex relationship prejudice a judge against her?

How would Amara’s younger sister and her conservative husband react? What about her three nephews – would they find it weird? Would they treat Anne differently? Would it drive a wedge between Amara and her only living family?

Would it affect Amara’s career; her credibility with senior management or with the employees she dealt with day in and day out? Would it cost her opportunities? Respect? Would she lose professional standing?

In addition to all that, Amara was apprehensive about how it would ‘feel’. How would it feel to hold hands with Dani in a shopping mall? To kiss her in public? To feel the stares of people she passed on the street? Would there be snide comments directed at her? Slurs? Assaults? She’d read and heard canlı bahis plenty of stories over the years…

And Dani was half Amara’s age. Yet another complication in an already tricky set of circumstances.

Amara hated the idea that these concerns were holding her back. In this day and age, to be thinking such thoughts seemed…weak, somehow. Cowardly. Unworthy of an educated woman with progressive values. Nevertheless, the thoughts were there, and very real. She knew to deny or dismiss them carelessly would only create problems further down the road. A big decision like this wasn’t something to make in haste or without the proper consideration.

And that was why Vancouver was the perfect trip at the perfect time.

She didn’t know anyone there, and no one knew her. In Vancouver she could express her feelings for Dani openly, publicly, and – best of all – anonymously. Vancouver would be a trial run for a new lifestyle, a laboratory where she could experiment without consequences to her established life in Toronto. By the end of the trip she would have the answers to at least some of her questions.


“So? What are you in the mood for? Dinner? A little exploring?” Amara asked.

They were in their hotel room. Dani was busy unpacking their two suitcases, hanging what needed to be hung and folding everything else neatly in the drawers. Anne was sitting on one of the two queen-sized beds, sipping an apple juice box and watching the cartoon network on TV.

“I’m game for anything. I’m not super-hungry but I could eat.”

“Swimming!” Anne cried. She’d slept on the plane for much of the trip so her energy was still high and she’d been looking forward to swimming ever since she’d heard the hotel had a pool.

“Yeah, I could go for that. I don’t have a swim suit but I could watch. Or you could take her and I could do some ironing.”

Amara rooted through her carry-on luggage and pulled out a plastic shopping bag. “You do have a swim suit.” She tossed the bag onto the mattress near Dani. “I guessed at your size but I’m pretty sure it’s right. I already hand-washed it. Try it on – I want to see how it fits.”

Dani stopped packing and picked up the bag, then flashed a grateful smile at Amara. “That was really thoughtful – thanks. Believe it or not, this is my first-ever swim suit.”

“If you can’t figure out how to put it on, call me,” Amara teased.

“Funny,” Dani said, then grabbed the bag and retreated to the washroom.

Amara helped Anne into her bathing suit as Dani changed.

“Wow…this is, uh, really form-fitting,” Dani said from behind the closed door. Amara smiled at the nervousness in the younger woman’s voice.

“It’s just an ordinary one-piece. Come out so I can have a look.”

The door opened and Dani emerged.

“Oh, my! You look really good!” Amara said.

It was true, she looked lovely – the all-black, sporty one-piece was ideal for her slim, well-proportioned build and clung to her like a second skin. The size was perfect, although the scoop neck dipped a little lower than Amara would have guessed. Still, it was child-appropriate and not at all indecent.

“Really?” Dani said in genuine surprise. She tugged at the material in a futile effort to cover her bum a little more completely.

“Oh, yes. If I’d known how great you look in a bathing suit I’d have picked a two-piece instead.”

“Heh. One step at a time.”

Amara picked her own swim suit out of the half-full luggage. “Any chance you could help me into mine?”

“You need help?” Dani said, one eyebrow raised.

“Watch TV for a minute, baby. Mommy’s going to get into her swim suit and then we’ll all go down to the pool.”

Anne nodded absently as Amara took Dani’s hand and led her into the washroom. She closed the door but didn’t lock it – Amara never wanted Anne to feel like she was being locked out of her mother’s space. There would be a time for that, but not when she was only three!

“What-” Dani began. Amara cut the question off with a deep kiss and let her hands roam slowly over the contours of Dani’s swim suit. It was most of a minute before she pulled back.

“Mmm. I’ve been saving that one since we got on the plane,” Amara said in a whisper. “You look incredible in a bathing suit.”

Dani replied with a soft kiss, then moved her lips to Amara’s neck, under her ear. The contact sent a shiver down Amara’s spine and she sighed appreciatively; Dani had learned all her favourite places and exploited them mercilessly.

They kissed for another few moments, then Amara stepped away and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. Dani had already released the clasp on her bra by the time Amara lowered her arms. The shirt fell to the floor and the bra joined it a moment later.

Dani pressed against her, warm hands on Amara’s bare waist. There was more kissing.

“Wish we had time to do this right,” Dani said.


“I’ll hold you to that.”

“See that you do,” Amara said, then bahis siteleri opened the door and playfully shoved Dani out of the washroom.


The hotel had a small pool and, much more important, a hot tub.

“Oh, yes, please!” Amara said when she first laid eyes on it. It had been ages since her last hot tub. A bubble bath at home was lovely, but a steaming hot tub, with water jets? That was a whole new level of luxury.

And best of all? There were no other people in it. The pool had a few swimmers – an elderly man doing the breaststroke and a young father with a little boy and girl in the shallow end, with a young woman – maybe his wife – reading in a plastic chair on the deck. But the hot tub was deserted.

Dani chuckled. “Go for it. I’ll take Anne in the pool.”

“We’ll switch up in a little bit,” Amara offered.

Dani shrugged. “No hurry. Enjoy,” she said. Casually selfless, as usual.

Seized by an impulse, Amara pulled Dani into a tight hug, then quickly kissed her ear. She’d wanted to experiment with public displays of affection, and it was the perfect opportunity in front of a small audience. It felt daring and risque to embrace her young lover while they wore only bathing suits, and in full view of others.

“Thank you,” Amara whispered, then drew back. She flashed quick glances at the other guests to gauge their reactions to the hug. None of them had noticed, or if they had there was no sign of it. Amara felt both relieved and strangely disappointed.

“Yeah…uh…no problem,” Dani said, giving Amara a puzzled expression. She took Anne by the hand and led her to the shallow end of the pool.

Amara stepped into the hot tub and slowly, blissfully lowered herself into the near-scalding water until she was immersed up to her neck. The grateful sigh that escaped her seemed to expel the stress from her body. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the heat and pulsing massage of the water jets. If there was a Heaven, surely it couldn’t get any better than this.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes again. The pool room had floor-to-ceiling windows that gave a pretty view of a courtyard garden. Amara could picture herself sitting in a deck chair in that courtyard with a glass of wine and a good book. She vowed to find some time.

She turned her attention back to the pool. Dani was standing in the shallow end where the water rose to her underarms. She had Anne clinging to her arm and was slowly dragging the girl along the surface of the water. Anne’s expression was one of pure delight and it made Amara smile reflexively.

“You’re supposed to kick with your legs,” Dani said in an encouraging voice. “Kick, kick, kick. That’s how you swim.”

Anne clung to Dani and kicked. Dani praised her and dragged her through the water again. It was a touching scene, and Amara wished she’d remembered her phone so she could take a video. Next time, for sure. As it was, Amara didn’t want to move a muscle.

Amara continued to watch and was struck by how natural the two of them looked together. Anne was comfortable with Dani; her face reflected only joy and excitement. When Dani showed her how to plug her nose and put her face in the water, Anne copied the gesture without hesitation, confident in Dani’s guidance.

For her part, Dani was gentle, careful and involved. When she talked to Anne she didn’t use exaggerated, high-pitched tones; there was no baby-talk. She spoke to Anne the way she spoke to everyone else.

Maybe it was premature to say the two had ‘bonded’, but certainly Dani was a good care-giver. And…potentially…an excellent co-parent. If Amara’s relationship with her young lover was going to become a long-term commitment, Anne’s interests were vitally important. Watching the two of them together in the pool, Amara felt assured that Dani would make a strong contribution to Anne’s well-being.

And that assurance, as much as the steaming water in the hot tub, helped to banish Amara’s tension and stress.


“This is really cool. Being here with you and Anne, I mean. Thanks again for inviting me,” Dani said as she pulled back the covers and slid into bed next to Amara.

She wore her usual cotton nightshirt, and as she settled in Amara caught the faint scents of shampoo and soap that still clung to her skin from her shower. Anne was fast asleep in the other bed, and Dani had left both the bathroom light and the nightstand light on in case she woke up during the night.

“I should thank you. Because of you, Anne gets to see Vancouver for the first time. Without your support I don’t think I’d even be able to attend this conference, let alone bring Anne.”

“Well I wish you’d let me pay for my plane ticket. I hate that you spent all that money. I should pay for my share of the hotel and meals too.”

Amara shook her head. “No chance. It’s a gift.”

“You’re giving me a lot of gifts. I’m not holding up my end,” Dani said. She was smiling as she said it, but Amara could hear the understated protest in bahis şirketleri her tone.

“I see it differently. If anything, I feel bad for always taking advantage of you. The last few weeks have been awfully demanding in terms of your time and effort. I’m running out of ways to say ‘thank you’.”

Dani rolled on her side and propped her head up on one hand while the other slipped under the sheets, under Amara’s half-camisole and stroked her belly. Amara gazed up into the pale eyes of her lover, no longer questioning the effect they had on her.

“Fine. But the NEXT trip is on me,” Dani said, then lowered her lips to Amara’s. They kissed for a moment before Dani pulled back.

“Okay, deal. I’ve always wanted to tour Europe. You know…France, Portugal, Spain, Italy…”

“Uh, then I might need a raise.”

“Compensation is one of my professional specialties,” Amara said. She parted her lips and swiped her tongue over Dani’s bottom lip as it came in for another kiss. That grabbed the younger woman’s attention and the kiss grew more passionate, with Dani seeking out Amara’s tongue. Amara was eager to oblige her. Dani’s warm hand rubbed her stomach.

“Mmm. You seem eager to go tonight,” Dani said.

“It was the sight of you in that sexy one-piece,” Amara teased.

“Is that why I got the hug and kiss down at the pool?” The warm hand slowly worked its way down to the waistband of Amara’s panties.

“Maybe,” Amara said with a mischievous grin. “Don’t tell me it made you uncomfortable.”

Dani leaned in and pressed hot lips to the side of Amara’s neck, bringing an appreciative sigh in response.

“No, I’m fine with it. So…is that a thing we’re doing now – in public, I mean? I thought you wanted things…discreet.”

“No reason we shouldn’t try it out, right?” Amara said.

Dani’s fingers slipped under the waistband. Amara parted her legs a little wider in invitation, but the young woman seemed content to tease the soft skin below her navel with her fingertips. A familiar warmth spread through Amara and her breathing quickened. She needed those fingers lower, but knew from experience that Dani was seldom in a rush to give her what she wanted.

“No reason I can think of,” Dani agreed.

“It’s settled, then,” Amara said. “Now…I need those fingers to-“

Suddenly she heard Anne stirring in the next bed. Dani heard it too and withdrew her hand, and Amara swung her legs out of bed to check on her little girl. A few minutes and a quick sip of water later Anne was sleeping peacefully again. Amara switched off the nightstand light but left the bathroom light on, then slid back under the sheets with Dani.

“Now where were-” Amara started.

“Shh,” Dani’s hand settled lightly on Amara’s mouth. The younger woman’s lips dipped close to Amara’s ear. “No noise. We don’t want to wake the kid.”

Amara could only nod. Dani pulled back, and even in the dim light from the washroom Amara could make out her wicked smile. The sight of it caused a quiver in Amara’s stomach and a throbbing between her legs. She loved Dani’s games.

The hand left her mouth and dipped under the sheets again, coming to rest on Amara’s stomach, then lower, under her panties, grazing her labia, scratching lightly. Amara parted her legs; an almost automatic response by now. This time Dani didn’t make her wait and slid her middle finger between her lips, into the copious wetness there, then found her clit and tormented it with feather-light touches.

Amara moaned and rolled her hips forward, needing more.

“Shh,” Dani hissed quietly, and her finger left Amara’s clit. Amara sighed in frustration and nodded her head. Message received: no noise allowed.

Dani’s hand retreated. She took Amara’s hand and directed it to Amara’s own breast. After a moment Amara got the idea and grasped her nipple through the silky fabric of the half-camisole and began to roll it between thumb and middle finger. The contact send an arousing tingle through her, but the true reward was the return of Dani’s fingertips to her swollen, eager clitoris for more feather touches.

Dani’s lips dipped down and Amara welcomed them. She loved kissing. She loved that Dani loved kissing. Not just a little at the start to get her warmed up, but all throughout their lovemaking, and afterwards too.

Amara was careful to stifle every wanton moan, to steal the sound from every hungry groan. The only noises that broke the silence were quiet kisses, breathy sighs and, as Dani’s fingers began to stroke in earnest, urgent gasps.

But just as a powerful climax was about to crest, Dani’s fingers retreated again, and Amara couldn’t smother the frustrated whine that came from somewhere deep inside. Dani’s hand slid up and over Amara’s stomach, leaving a trail of sticky wetness behind. She took Amara’s hand and guided it lower.

This time there was no hesitation; Amara began rubbing her own hard clitoris, seeking a quick return to peak arousal. At the same time she felt fingers between her legs, nudging between her lips, pushing inside. Dani worked two fingers in and out of Amara’s pussy as Amara slid slippery fingers over her own clit. The twin sensations flooded her with pleasure, washing her thoughts away.

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