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Song woke to the crow of her Uncle’s rooster and soft sunlight peeking through her bedroom shutters. She had almost grown used to waking with the sun, just a week after moving into her aunt and uncle’s estate. This sabbatical from The Institute of Glorious Companionship was supposed to be her opportunity to live among the common folk of the province and learn from her elders but her experience was anything but common.

Back at the institute, attendants woke Song and her roommate long before the sun broke for morning exercises and meditation. In the first days at her relatives’ home, she could feel a phantom hand poking at her side and was surprised that there wasn’t a small silent woman with a shaved head holding a lantern over her bed. The beds here were stuffed with fresh feathers, not old straw. She had her own small room for her chamber pot and a servant even emptied it regularly. She was not living like the common folk like most of her classmates but she figured the institute had a reason to let her visit her wealthy extended family.

Sitting up in bed, Song let her soft blanket fall to her waist. She looked to the mirrored glass on the wall and inspected her pale tan-colored skin. She could see why she garnered so much attention at The Institute: her full perky breasts sat high on her chest. He stomach was thin and toned but not overly muscular. Her skin was pale enough to attract men with a penchant for women from the West but maintained enough yellowy tan pigment to fit in with the local noble women. Her big brown eyes were topped by long full lashes.

The blankets fell off to Song’s side as she stood and felt the breeze pass through her open window. The puffy groomed patch of pubic hair that sat just over her bare vulva, manicured in a style popular with the lords of the Empire, was beginning to grow outward. Weeks had passed since the grooming staff at the institute applied her last waxing and she could feel small stubble forming on her dark vulva lips as she passed her fingers over its surface.

While training at the institute, Song regularly was encouraged and even instructed to explore her sexual preferences and to allow herself to experience orgasms from many different positions and partners. She felt guilty about masturbating in her aunt’s guest room, though, with her brother and cousins in adjoining rooms. She had not allowed herself a release in the week since she arrived, and her privates ached for attention. She knew she could easily make an excuse for her delayed arrival at breakfast, though, so she allowed herself to gaze out the window over flowing pastures while her fingers slipped between her thin wet lower folds.

Birds dotted the landscape in front of the sun’s growing rays and Song meditated while she took in a long look between the shutters. After several minutes enjoying the feeling of her own fingers against her clitoral bud, she could feel a thin stream of fluid dribbling down the inside of her thigh. She sighed and sat back into her soft bedding, leaning backward until her clenched stomach muscles encouraged the coming orgasm. She bit her lower lip as a wave of ecstasy rippled from her toes to the top of her head.

When the sensation passed from her skin, Song rose and used her fingers to wipe up the stream of fluids inside her thighs. She circled the bed and opened the sliding door that led to the small room with her chamber pot, made her morning water, and then crossed her bedroom to the western style armoire that held her clothes.

Mei-Ling, Song’s mother’s sister, insisted that Song could not wear the “rags” that the institute issued to its trainees so, instead, she had filled the armoire in the guest room with a variety of outfits she found suitable for her niece. Song picked out a tight fitting doudou, the apron-style undergarment that had been popular among high society women for many years now, and tied it behind her neck and bare back. It flattened her perky breasts slightly but she liked the tight feeling against her chest. She found a flower patterned red dress that fastened just above her clavicle and then brushed out her mid-back length hair. Inside the small chest of drawers next to the mirror hid the perfumes and makeup that Mei-Ling and she expertly applied both to brighten her appearance and her aroma.

“Are you feeling well?” Mei-Ling asked when Song joined her family for their traditional breakfast, a soup with noodles, eggs and shrimp.

“Oh, I’m fine. Just some… stomach issues. Fine now…” Song said apologetically to her aunt.

“I see,” Mei-Ling responded in a suspicious tone.

Song’s younger brother, Ren, chuckled as did Mei-Ling’s daughter, Sook.

“What did I miss?” Sook’s older and slower brother, Jin, asked looking up from his bowl.

“Nothing’s funny. Go back to your breakfast,” Mei-Ling sternly corrected the giggling young adults at the table. They quickly returned to staring down at their breakfast and eating in silence. As Song had casino oyna learned in her short time in her relatives home, her aunt ruled her house with strict discipline.

Song took a moment to look over her relatives gathered at the table. As a young child, her mother died after giving birth to Ren. At the age of thirteen, Song’s father was convicted for corruption and and her family lost its wealth and high standing in their village as a result. It was determined that her brother would go live with Mei-Ling and her family but Song desired to rebuild her family name. She convinced her aunt to let her join the institute, a prestigious school for a children. It allowed her to graduate into the Institute’s academy at nineteen and continue her education while learning the ways of the world so she could one day serve as bodyguard and courtesan to the Empire’s elite lords. Now twenty two years old, Song’s sabbatical was one of the final steps toward finding a placement with a lord and leaving the Institute.

The long years away from her relatives meant that Song’s brother and cousins were more acquaintances than family. She had only spent a little time here at her aunt and uncle’s impressive home for a few days over the last several years. She took note of how her brother’s thin nose ended in a little bulb like hers and the his underlying skin tones reminded her of her own. When she looked in the mirror, she felt like she was seeing an older, more feminized version of her pretty nineteen year old brother.

Jin was broad and burly like her uncle, Jeong. She could hear his weight fall into the wooden chair next to her as he sat. His thick arms reached forward and a muscular hand gripped the serving spoon and delivered nourishment from the large communal bowl into the table into his own wooden bowl. Song couldn’t help but feel safe in the presence of her twenty year old “big” cousin.

Next to Ren, across the tale from Jin, sat Sook. She wore a silk purple dress with little white birds decorating it. Like her mother, Sook struggled to hide her buxom breasts, much as she tried to bind them. She sported a full head of silky black hair like the other women in her family and a rounded face like her brother and father. At eighteen, Sook had already filled out into her full womanly form and Song had already heard Mei-Ling chastise her daughter for wearing dresses that fit too snugly on her full hips and behind. Sook couldn’t help it, of course, since she had inherited her form from her mother.

The group ate breakfast at their own pace and excused themselves as they finished. After eating, Song walked with her cousins and brother to the family’s market stall in the wealthy section of the village. The storefront’s sturdy frame was built from wood felled from the ancient trees in a nearby forest. Bamboo lined the walls and hooks displayed exotic animal pelts from all over the Empire and the lands beyond its borders. Heavily locked cases stored precious metals and stones.

It was the younger generation’s duty to learn about their family’s business so that they could take over when Song’s uncle, Jeong Zhang, grew too old to manage it for himself. For now, they each worked at a task in the market stall. Song’s pretty younger cousin, Sook, stood outside the stall to flirt with passing men and attempt to lure them into the large stall.

“Once inside, customers are greeted by your brother who convinces the men that they can build favor with their courtesan companions if they purchase an exotic pelt with which clothing can be made,” Sook had explained on Song’s first day working with the family. “But, If they purchase a pelt, they might make their wife jealous. That means they need to purchase an even more expensive gemstone for their wife.”

“Jin might not pick up on social clues but he is a genius with math. You see, our payments can become complicated,” Sook had continued. “Payment is not taken directly at this stall because we do not want vagrants or thieves hanging around looking for a free lunch… and we do not want to tempt a family member into corruption. Servants of our customers take payment directly to my father’s office just outside his mine. Jin keeps track of payments that were made or missed by customers and then he uses his size to… encourage customers to keep up with payments.” Sook’s tone became stern with her final statement. “When a sizable payment is missed, Jin arranges for an enforcement squad to go recoup the expenses or to make an example of the customer.”

Song did not realize her uncle’s business included such a seedy underside to its operation. She must have shown some external concern, because Sook’s expression suddenly changed. The masters and mistresses at the Institute always chastised her for giving too much away with her body language.

“Oh, don’t worry, we almost never reach the point when the enforcers are necessary,” Sook reassured Song.

Over the last several days, Song’s role had been to canlı casino assist Sook. She let Sook do the talking as Song’s interest lied more in listening and observing passerbys. She tried to pick up on body language and ticks that gave away customers’ secrets. There was one local merchant who frequented the shop, for example, but rarely made a purchase. It became obvious that he puffed up his chest when he began talking about his finances, a sign that he might also be puffing up his financial prowess.

The day in the stall seemed to pass normally for the group. Song bought lunch from the same noodle merchant she always visited and returned to her uncle’s stall to ask Jin questions about how he was able to manipulate customers into purchasing more expensive goods than they may have intended. It was during their conversation that she she heard a ruckus at the front of the stall. Before she could figure out what was going on, Jin dashed by her on his way toward the noise with a club in his hand.

Instinct took over and Song followed her burly cousin. When she exited the stall, she saw a thin but athletically built young man with a hand on Sook’s wrist. Jin struck the smaller man with his club and the assailant wailed and grabbed at his head but another young man appeared behind Jin and threw his arms around Song’s cousin.

The new assailant managed to wrangle Jin’s club out of his hand just before Jin spun to face him in open hand combat. A flurry of kicks and jabs pummeled Jin’s chest and he fell into the tables in front of the stall. As the assailant closed in, Song sprung into action. She dashed forward and struck the young man with an open palm to his diaphragm. He stumbled backward and gasped for breath with a look of surprise on his face and Song planted her left foot between his eyes. Blood streamed from the man’s nose as Song lowered herself into a mantis pose and readied for a counter-attack.

“It’s not worth it, let’s go,” the first assailant yelled to his bloodied companion. The scurried away, knocking over a basket-carrying servant as they ran.

“Dirty dogs,” Jin spat. “Those are Wang’s men. They’ll be back, and more of them. Thank you, Song, I never knew I could be saved by a woman with such a slight build.”

“I will take that as a compliment, cousin,” Song retorted. She turned and looked into the stunned expression on Ren and Sook’s faces.


“We thank you for your assistance today, Song,” her uncle said that night before dinner. “We will add another duck to tonight’s feast in your honor.”

“You should have seen her, all hands and feet. She looked like a crane and then a mantis,” Sook bubbled at dinner as she recounted the events at the stall that day. “Maybe I’m not too old to attend The Glorious Institute and learn to move like that,” she followed.

Mei-Ling cleared her throat. “I think you are doing just fine on your own, my daughter. the institute is for… more worldly women. Your place is here with your family.” Mei-Ling froze for a moment, realizing she had just insulted the family guest. “We do appreciate Song’s talents, though,” she quickly added with a smile directed to Song.

After dinner, Song requested that one of the house servants bring buckets of warm water to the family’s bathing room. Her uncle was wealthy enough to afford a private bathroom in his home with a drain that could be plugged and then opened to allow the water to run to a pit some distance from the home.

She felt sore and dirty from the day’s events and she enjoyed the feeling of being alone and nude again after she removed her dress and undergarments. Song poured the first bucket of warm water into the bath and then sat in the waist deep water. She splashed handfuls of water over her breasts and stomach, took one of the soaps from the edge of the tub, and then scrubbed down her arms and across her chest. She felt the weight of her perky breasts in her hands and she washed below their flesh and then down her soft flat stomach. Her thighs and lower legs came next, and Song made sure to sit forward so she could scrub the soft skin between her muscular butt cheeks.

When Song stood in the tub, soapy bubbles traveled down her smooth skin and into the water at her feet. Suddenly, she felt as though she was being watched. Using her training, Song expanded her peripheral gaze and notice the door to the room was slightly ajar. In the slim opening between the door and its frame, she could just make out a young man’s thin nose with a little bulb on the end.

In that moment, Song pitied her brother more than feeling ashamed that he was watching her bathe. His prospects must be poor in this village, with the reputation of a disgraced father following him wherever he travelled. She wondered if he had ever seen a woman in all her glory and she decided she would not expose him as a little pervert.

Song remained in profile to the door and ran her hands down her breasts, pressing into the flesh kaçak casino so it gathered in plump handfuls at the base. She looked down at her little dark nipples and then gave each one a tight squeeze with her fingers, perking them up.

She wanted to make sure Ren got the full show, so she turned toward the door but made sure to bend down to pick up the remaining bucket. A pair of gleaming yes in the doorway reflected the lantern light from the bathing room. They darted away for a moment but soon returned. Song’s light brown breasts fell forward as she grabbed the bucket and then she stood up and dumped its lukewarm contents over her head.

Water streamed over her silky black hair and rinsed away the soap bubbles on her chest and around her waist. She knew her brother could see the bushy patch of pubic hair covering her mons pubis and she spread her legs slightly so he could get a glimpse of her dark brown vulva lips while she used her hands to rinse between her legs.

Finally, Song turned her back to the door and bent into the tub to pull the circular plug from its drain. She flexed her legs as she hovered with her hair hanging over her head. A very quiet, almost inaudible, click came from the door behind Song as her audience departed and she flipped her hair back behind her shoulders as she stood again.

While she dried off, Song laughed to herself about her brother’s transgressions. She was sure she had given him enough material to keep him occupied during his long lonely nights in his room.


The following evening, Song got her chance to return her brother’s transgressions. As she glanced at Ren through the day she grew curious about this young man who looked like her masculine double. When she heard him request water for his own bath that evening, she decided that she should investigate further. The bathroom was just around the corner from her bedroom, so she waited at her door until she heard the familiar click of the bathroom door closing.

Silently, Song crept through the dark hallway. She could see the glow of the dim lantern beneath the crack below the bathroom door and she crouched at the door’s base. Her hand crept up to the door handle and she carefully pressed it open just a crack. Inside the room, her brother was stepping into the tub. From this angle, his butt looked lean and muscular like her own behind. She hand taken stock of her physique in mirrors many times and had every inch memorized.

Ren turned to sit down in the water and an impressively thick penis hung from his legs as he squatted. His foreskin was slightly darker than the rest of his shaft and it stretched down to form a sleeve around the head of his penis. Her brother’s cock sat neatly on a set of tight balls covered in a layer of dark pubic hair.

Instead of washing right away, Ren put a hand to his shaft when he settled into the water. He slowly started stroking his foreskin up and over his penis head and then pulled it down to unsheath the mushroom shaped head underneath. He was no doubt recalling the show Song had given him the night before, she thought.

Beneath the flickering lantern light, Ren lost himself in his fantasy. His strokes quickened and the water in the tub splashed around him. Song took the opportunity to lean farther into the doorframe. Then, inspiration struck her.

She had learned so much at the institute. She had so much knowledge to share, she thought. Why shouldn’t she help her poor younger brother? He was coming of age and he would need to learn how to respect a woman’s body. She pushed through the doorway and closed it behind her.

Ren nearly jumped from the tub when her heard the door shut.

“What are you doing in here?” He cried out in a whisper.

Song simply raised a finger to her lips. She shook her head to indicate to him not to make any more noise. She reached down to the rope that belted her robe to her body, untied it and pulled the front of her garment open.

Ren stared down at his sister’s half naked body. His eyes traced a line down her breasts and down to the hair between her legs. She pulled the robe the rest of the way off her body and then hung it on a hook on the wall. With one hand, she motioned for Ren to sit and he understood her motion, lowering his body back into the tub and crossing his arms around his legs.

Song crept across the small wooden planks on the floor until she reached the tub and sat on its edge.

“Brother… I know you were the one spying on me last night,” she chastised him in a whisper.

Ren could only bow his head in shame. His penis was now small and soft and floating in the water.

“I think I understand, though. Tell me, where did you learn such behavior?”

Ren was silent for a moment but then confessed, “From cousin Jin.”

“And whom were you spying on, if I might ask?”

“Cousin Sook. I’m sorry, she is just so beautiful and… and…”

“…and you had never seen a woman naked before?” Song finished his statement for him.

“Well, not exactly. Not never…” he said in a whine.

“And whom did you see before Sook?” Song’s interest was peaked.

“Aunt Mei-Ling. I’m so ashamed.”

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