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This another story I had previously written. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have writing it. Comments are most welcomed. I just hope that I caught all the errors. Sexy_Lisa Collins


Setting in my one bedroom apartment, drinking my Bud light, feeling a little down with myself, I sat near the window looking out at the raindrops falling on the glass pane, looking back Thinking about my miserable life. Coming from a loveless home life, both mother and father were drunks and always high on drugs, I often wondered how I had escaped without being drawn into the same trap.

I had fooled around a little kissing and touching some of the girls when I was a little younger, but nothing really became of that, at least I didn’t look at it as having sex, but more like experimenting. I’m sure by now each of them has grown out of that faze of their lives and are now married with four kids each.

Seeing my reflection in the window, I look good for where I’ve been. At five foot ten, with curly brown hair. Looking at my breasts, a nice C cup, narrow hips and strong firm legs and thighs, I don’t look bad. I keep my hair short, out of my face. This is very helpful when running nearly five miles a day and working out at the gym. Sometimes I wonder if it’s to keep in shape or maybe to keep the frustration and anger in check.

As soon as school was over and I turned eighteen, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I was assigned to the motor pool, and within a year was being shipped out to Iraq. I had done six months in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan, where I was wounded in a firefight with insurgents, earning me the Silver Star. I avoid thinking how I had earned the commendation; the loss of some of my closest friends is still hard to deal with. I was shipped back home for my wounds to heal and some much needed R&R.

Having been back in the States for 3 months, I felt I was as good as new and ready for a real assignment. Not being anxious to be sent back over there, I was getting a little bored sitting behind a desk doing filing. One day my Captain walks in and tells me to pack my gear, I’m being shipped out. Being a little leery of where I’m going, I slowly looked up and asked;

“Sir, can you tell me where I am going?”

“Gunny, you know it’s not your place to ask such questions, but because I like you, I am going to tell you. You’re being shipped out to Parris Island where you will be in training for the next eight weeks on becoming one of the Marine Corps finest drill instructors.” He had sat on the edge of my desk, giving me that big shit ass-eating grin he was so famous for.

Slowly rising to me feet, standing at attention, “Sir, I don’t… I mean… Why me?”

“Gunny you had won the Silver Star, that alone being enables you to name your next station, I thought I would step in and see to it that you were placed where you would do the most good. With your combat experience, and rank, you would be perfect to teach our young recruits how to stay alive.”

Standing at attention, I gave my Captain my sharpest salute, “Thank you sir, I won’t let you down.”

I had spent the next four years at Parris Island, doing my very best to make sure each recruit assigned to me left with knowledge and skills to return home safely, were ever they were assigned.

Getting another bottle of Bud and returning to my seat next to the window, I again started to reminisce about my past.

Ever since joining the Corps, I had dated men. I knew women were what captured my imagination, but with the military’s stance on lesbians and gays I wanted to avoid problems associated with it trying to make the Corps my life long career.

I also wanted to avoid any conflicts with dating men I worked with, so I only dated civilians, hoping to avoid any repercussions. Maintaining my housing in the NCO barracks, I was semi living in my currant boyfriend’s apartment. Coming home early one night, I walked in and caught him and two of his buddies gangbanging a girl on our bed. Totally losing it, I grabbed the closest guy, flipping him. I later learned that I had dislocated his shoulder. I then grabbed my then boyfriend, yanked him back off the bed by his hair. When he had raised his arm to me, I punched him three quick short jabs in his ribs, hearing bones cracking on each jab. As the third guy started to approach me, I stepped back then going into a flying kick, knocked him backwards, and unfortunately right into the girl trying to escape.

I had no idea anyone called the police, but they showed up shortly afterwards along with the MP’s and a couple ambulances. Since they had three naked men and one naked girl who just happened to be seventeen years old on their hands. It probably was the girl being underage that kept me from being arrested then and there. I had gathered my belongings and was ordered to returned to my barracks and stay there until further notified.

It wasn’t until two days after the incident that I had received orders to report to Major Thorns office on the double. Standing in front of his desk at attention, cap bahis firmaları under my arm, I knew I was in a world of shit. I had never seen his face as red as it was at this moment. My eyes were fixed on a placard behind him. I could however see him sitting there staring at me. Slowly he stood, placing his fingers on the desk.

“Gunny Sgt., just why in the hell did you send three civilians to the hospital. If it weren’t for an ex-marine detective, your ass would be sitting in the local jail rotting right now. I still have a mind to throw you in the brig. Now would you care to explain everything to me?”

It took me about ten minutes to tell Major Thorn the whole story. I even explained that I only dated civilians in the hopes of avoiding any additional problems with military interactions.

Maj. Thorns had by now sat back down. After looking at me for another minute or two, he finally told me to stand at ease.

“I am trying very hard to understand your position, but you must know, this has stirred up a hornets nest in the press. I even have Washington calling me and asking why I can’t keep my men in line. I want you to report to Capt. Peters tomorrow at o-one hundred hours. She will be handing this situation from here on out. Dismissed Gunny Sgt.”

Snapping back to attention, saluting him, doing an about face walking out of his office. I knew then and there, that my carrier was over in the Corps and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I just lost it and it cost me.

By o-one hundred hours the next day, I was sitting in a straight back chair outside Captain Marie Peters Office. Having seen her many times on the drill field, she was a strikingly beautiful woman, early forties, around five foot five with short blond hair. Her B cup breasts filled out her uniform very nicely. I was snapped out of my day dreaming when she stepped out of her office telling to come in.

I stood, walked into her office, stood at attention in front of her desk saluting her saying, “Gunny Sgt. Bella reporting as ordered ma’am.”

She gave me a quick salute and told me to have a seat. I sat down, sitting at attention.

“Sergeant, relax and now off the record, I’d be the first to throw you a party for what you had done. As a combat veteran, you have shown everyone what it takes to be a Marine.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“Now I must put back on my Captains hat and get serious. The news is playing this up as sex triangle gone awry. You know your career is basically over with the Corps. There are some stiff pricks in Washington wanting your head on a platter.”

I sat listened to my Captain talking and soon I felt my eyes watering up and my tears slowly making their way down my cheeks. From somewhere in her desk, Captain Peters had pulled out a box of tissues, walking around her desk she sat beside me, handing one to me. As I took it and started to dry my eyes, I started blabbing how Marines weren’t supposed to cry.

“Who the fuck said that, I cry, I laugh, and yes, sometimes I even scream for no reason. Sometimes we all need a shoulder to cry on, and if you’ll allow me, I’d like nothing better than for you to use mine.”

Pulling a few more tissues from the box, I laid my head on her shoulder and let my tears flow. For each tear, was a memory of my time with the Corps. My days overseas, the friends and comrades I had made and lost in battle. The proud look on the faces of the men and women who I had trained when they graduated. With each tear that fell, it left a woman that was nothing but a shell, hollow and empty.

“I’m sorry ma’am…”

“Please call me Marie, that is my name. Don’t be sorry, you have nothing to be sorry about, it’s us who you are leaving behind that should be sorry.” She was looking at me with care and honesty in her eyes.

“Do you have any plans, where you are going to do, or go.”

“No, I have no idea, this kind of happened all of the sudden, at this very moment I think all I want to do is crawl up in a ball and lay down in some hole and just die.”

“Well, the Major has given me his nod of approval on this, but I am going to put in an early retirement for you. I want to do this before any of those stiff pricks in Washington can do anything to you. You’ll receive an honorable discharge with nothing attached. Your record is clean and we’re going to keep it that way.”

“Thank you Marie, I know that it might not mean much now, but one day I know there will be no way that I could thank you enough for doing this for me.”

“Do you have a home to go back to?”

“No! I really have no idea where I will go or do for that matter.”

“Tell you what, take a few minutes to put yourself back together, then get your affairs in order here on base. Have your car packed and report back to my office sixteen hundred hours on Friday. I’ll expect you to be dressed casual, could you do that for me?”

“Yes ma… Yes Marie, I really don’t have much in civvies, but don’t expect much, I don’t have that many good civilian clothes, yet.”

“Not a problem, we’re not going anywhere kaçak iddaa fancy, but I am taking you out to dinner. Will that be a problem with you?”

“No ma… sorry old habits are hard to break. But you don’t really have to do that. I feel you have done enough as it is.”

“Nonsense, it’s the least I can do for one of my men. Well… Woman. See you Friday. Dismissed Sgt.”

For the next two days I was running all around the base, signing discharge papers, turning in equipment that was assigned to me.

By Friday at fifteen thirty hours I was again sitting outside Capt. Marie Peters door waiting to be summoned into her office. I was wearing an ‘A line’ black skirt that came about half way up my thighs, and a blue shot sleeve blouse. It was just tight enough that my breasts filled it out nicely. I had on two-inch pumps, not adding too much to my already five foot ten height.

When she exited her office and called out to me, when I stood and started walking towards her, she just stared at me. As I walked up to her, she smiled and said how beautiful I looked. I could feel my face blushing, not really hearing anyone say that to me before now.

“Thank you, I really don’t feel I deserve such a compliment.” Again feeling my face getting redder by the minute.

I stood in front of her, until she realized I could not enter until she moved out of the door way. Stepping aside, I entered the office and took a seat in front of her desk. She had my final discharge papers laying on top of the desk ready for me to sign.

After signing the papers, I agreed to follow her to her apartment so that she could change clothes and freshen up a bit before we went to dinner.

While eating dinner she explained to me that her life partner lived in Charleston and owned a cab company left to her by her grandfather.

She had explained that if I didn’t have a problem that once we were through with our meal, we would head out for Charleston to meet up with Barbara and to get me settled in over the weekend. Marie had explained that every free weekend she had, she spent them with Barbara in Charleston. Seems she had arranged for her partner, Barbara to give me a job working as the maintenance foreman in the garage keeping the fleet in good running order. I had told her that I was very grateful for her help and would try very hard not to let her down.

During the rest of our meal, talking about our past experiences while in the service. She had told me how she had met her life partner and now fully dedicated to one another. She went on to say that she only had three years left before she could retire, and the two of them would then be able to be together without concern who saw them together.

It took us a little less than two hours to get to Barbara’s house in Charleston. I followed Marie up the walkway to the front door feeling a little nervous meeting Barbara for the first time, not knowing what to expect. Apparently Marie had her own key to the house opening the door, waiting for me to step inside. We were met by a squealing woman running down the hallway towards us. Standing to one side, both women embraced into a soul-searching kiss that seemed to go on forever. Once the kiss was over, they hugged each other tightly, again what seemed like forever. I could see Barbara’s face as she laid her head on Marie’s shoulder and tears falling from her eyes.

Barbara was at least five foot five, long blond hair going down to the middle of her back. She was slim, but very curvy. She had what appeared to be B cup, not really sure with the sweatshirt she was wearing.

Seeing such love between two people, I too began to get choked up over the display of love and emotions. Suddenly Barbara started to pull away from Marie, while looking at me.

“Shame on me, ignoring my newest guest, my name is Barbara and you must be Gunny Sgt. Bella.” She said as she reached out her hand to me.

“Ma’am, there is no need for apologies, honestly I could never get tired seeing the interactions of two people who loved each other as you and Marie. Secondly, it’s no longer Gunny Sgt., but just plain Alexandria, but please just call me Alexi.”

Releasing my hand, I was pulled into a bone-crushing hug. As I stood there unsure what to do, I could see Marie smiling at me as she dried her tears and winked at me. I slowly put my hands around Barbara and began hugging her back.

I stayed with Barbara, at hers and Marie’s insistence until I could find a suitable apartment I felt comfortable moving into, which only took me two weeks to find. I have been working for the Ace Cab Company now for four months. I believe I have seen Marie in passing at least five times since then.

Now finishing my second beer, I had decided to go out this evening, and have a little fun and stop feeling sorry for myself. Barbara had been telling me about a bar down on Fourth Street, called the Purple Palace. She said that it was a nice place, and the owner didn’t allow anyone being pressured.

After taking a long hot shower and drying my hair, I stood in my closet kaçak bahis not sure what to wear, I decided to be a little conservative and wear a sundress that came down to my knees, with wide straps over the shoulders. It was tight enough that it did show my breasts, but not like they were my main focal point.

It was about eight when I arrived. The doorman, or should I say woman looked at me and gave me a toothy grin. She had tattoos up and down both arms and on her neck. By the look of her arms and shoulders, you could tell that she worked out regularly. I was later to learn that her name was Jo, and she and the owner was a couple. Smiling back, I stepped inside to a dim lit bar with a purple glow.

Standing off to one side, I began taking in my surroundings. Off to one side was a large dance floor, with several couples already on it dancing, some holding onto each other and others kind like free flowing it doing their own thing. At the edge of the dance floor, I spotted a woman, long black hair; her gown went down to the floor. Beside her was a younger woman, wearing what looked like a petty coat, and around her neck was a collar with a lease attached to it. The woman gave me a nod and a smile. Ignoring her, I turn towards the bar.

The stools around the bar were mostly empty being so early I thought. The bar had a few people sitting around it, so I slid into an empty stool at the bar giving me a good view of the door and dance floor. It was between two women to either side of me. The woman to my left glanced over her shoulder at me, but turned and continued her conversation to the person next to her.

The bar tender came up to me, wiped the bar in front of me saying, “Hey sugar, never seen you in here before, are you new to the area?”

“Yes I am and yes, this is the first time being here.” Giving her a slight smile.

“Well welcome to the Purple Palace, my name is Patty, I own this place and the first drink is on the house, what’ll you have?”

“How about a Bud Light, got that on draft?”

“Sure thing, be back in a moment.” Turning towards the other end of the bar.

Turning in my head and looking around, surveying the people in the bar. There was a mixture of young and old. Some dressed as if they were men, and some dressed very sexy, each looking for someone who pleased them. I spotted a woman sitting in a corner booth with another woman, they were apparently talking to one another, but her eyes never left mine. The entire time they were conversing with one another, she kept her eyes on me. I turned my head, looking back around the room, but when I again looked towards her, she was still staring at me.

I couldn’t tell much about her, except that she had black hair that came down to her shoulders and the darkest eyes. They were almost hypnotic. I could almost feel myself being drawn into them. Her complexion was an olive hue, as if she were from somewhere around the Mediterranean. Just as her staring was about to get to me, I felt a bump against my back.

Looking over my shoulder was a woman, possible a few years older than myself.

“Sorry, I was just trying to get up to the bar to order a drink.”

“No, that is alright.” Leaning over a little giving her more room.

From my seated position I guessed her to be around five foot five, long sandy colored hair and blue eyes. Looked like she was at least a full C or possibly a D cup. Being possibly five or ten pounds overweight, she did carry it very well.

While waiting on the bar tender, she asked, “Never seen you in here before, are you new?

“Yes I am, my name is Alexi.”

“Well, welcome to the Purple Palace, my name is Nancy.” Extending her hand to me.

“I smiled, nice meeting you.” Clasping her hand in mine, it felt cool to the touch and very soft. It was a softness one might want touching all over your body.

When the bartender came up to us, she ordered a glass of Merlot. Turning back to me, “So do you live around here, or just visiting?”

“Yes, I live here now, I moved here a few months ago, and for now, I would like to make this my home, and you?” Trying to find more about this woman.

“Born and raised here.” While looking me up and down, hoping that what she is seeing meets her approval.

After she had received her drink, again turning to me, “would you like to find a table and get to know one another?”

“I think that would really be nice.” Tilting my head to one side, smiling at her.

I was looking at one side of the room as she was looking in the other direction. She laid her hand on my forearm, “There is a table over there near that booth, let’s take it before someone else grabs it.”

When I turned and looked in the direction she was looking, my heart skipped a beat, seeing that it was near the same booth the other woman was staring at me earlier. Taking me by the hand she began dragging me towards the empty table.

As we got closer, the woman looked up and I could tell her eyes were once more trying to see into my soul. A slight smile had begun to form on her lips. As we got to the table, I made sure that my back was towards the woman as we sat down, I saw my new friend give a slight wave to the woman behind me. Being a little curious, I had to ask, “A friend of yours?”

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