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Alene stormed into the house, she cared not for the cum that stained her dress. As she reached the cum covered girl she remembered what she learned in first aid class. First, she felt for the girl’s pulse in her right wrist, under the cum covering her skin she could feel her pulse, it was study. Next, she moved her hand in front of the girl’s mouth, she could feel her breath.

She made sure her airway was clear and lifted the girl’s legs as she learned in class.

“Is she OK?” Nadia said in fear “what’s going on here?”

“I don’t know, but we have to take care of her first,” Alene said and Nadia agreed. She closed the door and went to get a glass of water that has no cum on it.

Finally, Nadia found a glass, she grabbed it but just as she did a scream startled her and the glass dropped from her hand and shattered on the counter.

The girl awoke with a scream, “GET OFF ME! DON’T TOUCH ME!” She yelled as she backed away, her belly clearly slushing with cum, she backed herself into a wall, “DON’T COME NEAR ME!”

“Please relax ma’am,” Alene tried to calm her to no avail.

“Lady, please chill,” nothing Naida said seemed to reach the girl. She looked dangerous but something inside Nadia told her what to do.

“DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!!” She screamed as Nadia came towards her.

“I don’t know what happened to you love, but me and Alene here don’t want to hurt you,” Nadia explained in a calm, soft voice as she moved towards the girl.

“Stay away! Please,” the girl yelled but she broke into tears midway.

Nadia was right in front of her. “I won’t hurt you,” Nadia said as she hugged the girl who busted into tears. Alene joined the hug.

As the girls backed away the girl seemed more relaxed, as if her panic attack subsided.

“Come with us to the kitchen,” Nadia offered, “I’ll make you some tea to calm your nerves.”

“Thank you,” the girl mumbled with a broken voice. She slowly got up and tried to gain her balance as she wobbled towards the kitchen counter. Her belly was full of cum, it was something the girls were used to, but she was a mess.

“No sugar?” Alene asked.

“No, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri can I ask where I am? And who you girls are?” the girl asked.

“I’m Alene and this is Nadia,” Alene presented herself, “we own this house.”

“Alene Raven?” the girl wondered. Alene nodded yes.

“You have a huge cock! and you,” she pointed at Nadia, “are Nadia Everlin.”

“How do you know that?” Alene and Nadia said with shock on their face.

The girl’s face filled with terror again, “Jennifer black told me about you.”

“Jen?” Alene asked with dread as she handed her the cup, “how do you know her?”

The girl trembled, fighting to control her body, “she… she…” tears came to her eyes, “she is the one who did this to me.”

The room went silent for a moment.

“She wanted me to tell you she appreciates the gift,” she spoke directly to Alene, “she said she liked her new toy and that she will contact you.” Finishing what she had to say the girl collapsed into tears, it was clear to Nadia and Alene that she was a rack and whatever Jen did to her, it was a nightmare.

Nadia hugged her again “shhhh, there, there, relax love, you are safe now. As long as you’re here no one will hurt you.” She calmed the girl.

“You can stay here for now,” Alene spoke, “let’s start with cleaning you up.”

Alene and Nadia showed the girl to the big bathroom, “you have everything you need inside,” Alene explained, “feel free to take as much time as you need and if you have any problem, call for Nadia or me.”

“Thank you,” the girl said in a quiet voice and started walking into the bathroom, Nadia grabbed her arm gently and whispered, “squat and take very deep breaths, it really helps removing the cum from your womb, and use Dr. Nono’s Hair shampoo, it will remove the cum from your hair easy peasy.” Nadia spoke from personal experience.

As the girl took a long shower, Alene and Nadia cleaned the cum left behind.

“What the hell does Jen want with us?” Nadia wondered.

“I really have no idea, I granted her wish. Maybe we can call her?” Alene offered.

“You güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri can try, but please be careful, whatever she did to that girl was insane, did you see how broken she was?”

“I’ll try,” said Alene and picked her phone, dialing Jens old number. The phone announced, “the number you have dialed is disconnected.”

“Well, we tried…” Alene said, “what do you think we should do with the girl?”

“It looks like she needs someone who can understand her, and I believe we can, but first of all I think she needs to rest. We should offer her a ride home or the option to crash here.”

“I agree,” Alene said, “but we’re wasting time cleaning this up!”

She opened her spell book and found the spell she wanted, “Redige cubiculum hanc,” and in a blink of an eye the room was clean.

“I’ll cook something for her,” Nadia said, “could you please go check if she’s OK?”

“Sure,” Alene said and walked to the bathroom.

After waiting about five minutes outside the bathroom the girl came out. Her long blond hair was silky clean and her belly was significantly smaller, only slightly bulging out.

“Feeling better?” Alene asked, she couldn’t ignore the beauty before her.

The girl nodded yes, “thank you Alene, do you think you could lend me something to wear?”

“Yeah, sure, back in a sec.” Alene said and bolted to her room to get the something for the girl. “There you go, Nadia is making you something to eat so get dressed and come to the kitchen, OK?”

“Thank you so much,” the girl answered as she got dressed, her voice shaking, “I’m starving, I’d like to eat please.”

Alene took her to the kitchen where Nadia served her beacon and sausage which she eagerly ate. Then she started talking, “I’m grateful for the way you treated me, thank you Alene and Nadia.”

“Sure, it’s the least we could do after finding you here…” Nadia shot at her, “I don’t think you gave us your name though.”

“My name is Nicky Rada.”

“Nice to meet you,” Alene greeted her, “where are you from?”

“I live here in Bristol.” Nicky answered.

“I’m güvenilir bahis şirketleri sure you’re exhausted,” Nadia said, “we need to talk, but it can wait for tomorrow, would you like me to drive you home?”

Nicky started to tremble and weep, she was clearly afraid.

“Would you like to stay here? We can give you a room for the night,” Alene offered.

“Y… Yes,” Nicky shuddered, her voice full of fright.

“OK, we’ll take you to your room,” Alene and Nadia guided Nicky to the room next to theirs. They set the bed for her and showed her the house.

“We are next door, if you need anything just call us,” Nadia concluded, “you are safe here, we won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Thank you,” Nicky said in an appreciative voice.

The girls want to their room and switched to their PJ’s. The sun was slowly setting on the crazy two days that came before.

“I can’t believe we can finally sleep,” Nadia said in a sleepy voice.

“You’re one to talk,” Alene fired back at her, “you slept after playing with Angie, I saw you two sleeping for 3 hours at least.”

“Your point being?” Nadia taunted.

“I haven’t slept for over 30 hours Nadia,” Alene said in a cranky tone, “I think I literally came more than the whole population of Bristol did in the last year.”

“OK, OK, sorry, I was just teasing you,” Nadia apologized as they got into bed.

The girls easily fall vast asleep.

As the sun rose, Alene woke to a pleasant sensation, Nadia wasted no time and started going down on her while she slept.

“Good morning love, I missed you.” Nadia greeted her, “And I missed this beast,” she proclaimed as she grabbed Alene’s rock-hard cock with one hand and place her other hand on Alene’s taunt scrotum.

“So, what’s stopping you?” Alene teased.

“You grew a lot after What Paula did to you, how long are you?” Nadia asked curiously. She placed her right hand around the base of the cock and her left hand above it, then she relocated her right hand above the left. Repeating the process until her right hand touched the tip of Alene’s cock.

“Nine hands,” Nadia stated.

“Thank god for Nadia’s precise measuring system,” Alene mocked her, “could you please get the measuring tape? I want to know how big my cock is.”

“OK,” Nadia said and got off the bed. Her leg felt something soft and warm on her skin. As she looked down, a yelp of fear escaped her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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