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I had always denied that I had any sexual desire with the female form. Of course, I could find a woman beautiful. Of course, I would look at woman and compare her breast to mine and mine virtually always won in the size category. Because of my breasts, I have received more attention from some men than I wanted, but also I received the attention of women.

I had girlfriends who have been touchy and I found it strange, but I knew they were not lesbian. My husband has always talked about lesbians as his favorite thing. He brought porn home. Initially, the porn he brought was of such disinterested unattractive women that I would only notice the lighting or the décor.

Eventually, he brought home lesbian pornography that was made by someone who understood that a woman would look at the actresses and want them to be beautiful and that the woman would want the place that they had sex to be immaculate and crisp, so it did not distract from the action. I watched this pornography and was so excited. The women were beautiful. The women seemed interested in the other woman and the women moved like I would move if my mouth were kissed like that, if my nipples were flicked with a tongue like that, and if my pussy were loved by a smooth face.

I found that I got very wet and could not wait for my husband to fuck me. I found myself saying out loud how beautiful those women were. I was heterosexual, but I could appreciate that the women were sexy and gorgeous.

My husband would always talk about women being able to appreciate a woman. He told me so many women he dated were willing to have a threesome with another woman. I told him I would probably go with it. I find the idea sexy, but so scary. I even went with him to a strip club, but I was so uncomfortable. We left after our meal. Yes, we had a meal at the strip club.

This kind of flirting with the presence of another woman in our bed continued even after our move to Costa Mesa. I got involved with my daughter’s school and the PTA. I was approached by a gorgeous mom, we’ll call her Millika. Millika had dark hair and beautiful skin, about 5-8, 130, with C cup breasts and captivating brown eyes.

Millika was in charge of the PTA and take charge she was. She got me involved in the PTA right away. Millika was different from a lot of other women in that she was dominant and yet the essence of femininity was no less than any other woman. Millika would was also one of the first women I had met that would give just a positive comment about me. She would call me “Beautiful” or “Gorgeous”. She would always have something wonderful to say about my appearance. I fell in love with her beauty, both physical and inner.

We would hang out all the time she would comment on my breasts and say how much she loved breasts. It made me uncomfortable, but in a thrilling way. She would touch my neck to fix a tag or touch my cleavage to hold my necklace. The physical contact was not lost on me. She would flirt with me and say she was my surrogate husband and that I would have to “put out”.

She stopped being in charge of the PTA and picked up a job, so the frequency of our meetings became more rare with her other commitments. She also became involved with a male friend and would speak in glowing terms about him. There was a loss of the connection for a while.

Sometime later we had a PTA meeting where we reconnected. She asked me out for drinks on another date and I quickly agreed. I was a bit nervous and did not want to be let down again.

We agreed to meet at Eureka, a bar. I wore a dress I knew would attract her attention. I have never gone out in a dress without underwear. I decided I would do it this night. I took off my underwear before entering the bar. It was so exciting and added to the evening. We had a great time and, yes, she commented on my cleavage and touched my hand several times.

Jim recommended that I get a sheer bra for nights that I would meet Millika. I went out and bought the most supportive bra that was sheer. I am embarrassed when my nipples show through my nipples. Normally, the two don’t go together, but I found one that was prefect for my big melons. I wanted her to see my nipples though my clothes.

A couple of weeks later she asked to get together again. Because of her commitments, she asked if she could just come over to my house for drinks after my daughter’s school. I told Millika that she was always welcomed at my house. Jim has been a super help and arranged to keep Sedona out of the house by the use of our code word LIBRARY. Jim took Sedona out to dinner and her acting class. Millika and I would have the house to ourselves. Millika asked if Sedona and Jim would be home and I told her they were going to be busy until 8. Millika said, “I’ll bring the wine and be there at 4.”

Millika came and immediately said how beautiful I was. She hugged me and smelled me. She said, “Nice! What is that?” I told her conditioner.

Millika picked up my hair and smelled it bahis firmaları and said, “Lovely.” She then let my hair down, but not before touching the bare skin of my clavicle. I could see her look down in my cleavage. I had hoped she saw the sheer bra I was wearing.

We talked at the counter of my kitchen and she poured the wine. We then sat down on the couch. We sat about a foot apart and faced each other. I had been so bold as to not wear panties again. I sat in such a way that my legs were slightly open as I turned to her, but she could not see I all the way up my legs.

We drank and talked. I put my right arm on the top of the couch. Millika would regularly touch my hand as she talked, but would pick her hand up after about three seconds. She had done this three times. I could see her looking at my silky smooth thighs. She reached for my thigh and said, “So smooth!” It took everything in my power to just stay cool, because my natural reaction is to pull back. Her thumb caressed my thigh for a few strokes and she pulled her hand off my leg. I felt she was trying to get bolder, but we both could not close the deal. My husband had described it as two young lovers just trying to find the right parking spot on Lover’s Lane.

I decided that the way to push her buttons a bit was to turn my hand over on the top of the couch so she would have to touch my palm, not the back of my hand. I turned my hand over and within a couple of seconds she put her hand to touch mine. Her hand was in my palm. I closed my hand on hers, not in clasping trapped way, but in a gentle hold. It was as I suspected, she kept her hand in mine. She kept talking and then I could feel her thumb move across the inside of my wrist. She moved it back and forth slowly.

I could feel the heat over coming me. My face was getting flush and must have been turning red. My pussy was tingling and getting very moist. I think Millika could see this. She moved closer to me on the couch. She picked up her dress, so that her legs were showing and our knees were touching. She moved her hand so that it was now on my inner forearm and mine on hers.

She then told me her feet were sore and reached down and began to rub her foot. I told her I could rub it. She said, “You don’t mind?” I told her of course not and she pulled her left foot up and rested in on my thigh.

She kept her right foot on the floor so that her legs were spread. I took both my hands and rubbed her foot. She tilted her head back and leaned back on the couch and said, “Magdelana, you are not only sexy but have magic fingers.” She moved her ankle a couple of times to have her toes touch my right breast. My nipples were so hard. Her foot touched the nipple. She then adjusted herself down, still keeping her head towards the ceiling, while her foot was on my breast, feeling my hard nipple on her sole.

I began to rub her calf and she moaned, “Mmm.” I looked to the middle of her dress in the hopes of seeing her crotch. I lifted her knee, not her foot, as I moved closer to massage her calf. Millika moved down a little more on the couch and this caused her knee to go higher. I could see her panties now. Millika was wearing sheer panties! She had a shaved pussy on both labia and above the clit was a patch of hair. I could see her large labia were open and a smooth glistening juice as obscuring the view.

As she moved closer her foot moved up from my tit towards my chin. Her toes were touching the tip of my chin. She began to speak of a vacation she had taken with her church group. I think she wanted to tell a story, which required no comment from me. I sensed she wanted my mouth busy with things other than words. I tilted my head down and her toes were at my lips. Her toenails were red and lovely. I pressed my mouth to her toes. I did not kiss them, I just wanted my lips to feel her toes and her toes to feel my lips. Neither one of us moved. My heart was racing. I looked up from her pussy and saw her chest. I could see her blouse moving up and down quickly, her breath was coming fast.

I kissed her big toe. She just kept talking though I heard a crack in her voice. I kissed each of her toes and she never stopped her lips from moving. She would not look down, she kept her head up towards the ceiling. I began to kiss the sole of her foot. This finally took her off topic and she said, “I think this is the best foot massage I have ever had.”

She now slid her other foot on to my foot on the floor. I moved her foot down from kissing her heel and sole to the toes near my mouth. I opened my mouth and let her big toe in my mouth. I let my mouth surround that toe. I could hear her take such a deep breath and say, “mmm.”

I was not sucking on her toe, I wanted her to feel the warmth of my mouth, my lips on her body. I wanted her toe to imagine my pussy. I then felt her foot move up my left leg. Her foot was sliding smoothly up my leg. She got to the middle of my thigh and stopped. I then began to suck on her big toe. As I kaçak iddaa began to suck and move her toe in and out of my mouth, her foot kept moving closer and closer to my pussy.

I first felt the side of her foot on my slit. She must have felt the dampness of my pantieless pussy on her foot. She did not wiggle her foot on my pussy, she pressed it. I immediately let out and uncontrollable, “Ahh.” Letting her toe free of my mouth. She moved her foot up and down my pussy.

I then took her foot and moved it to the right side of my face. I started kissing the inside of her left ankle and up the side of her calf, slowly. She had long ago stopped talking and concentrating on moving her foot on my pussy. She moved her toes so that they were on my clit. The toes were not skilled, but felt like tiny fingers squeezing me with curiosity.

I kissed her to her knee. She still had her head up to the ceiling. I got the impression that she believed that if she was not looking at me, then we were not really two women exploring each other’s bodies with a wonton lust.

I kissed her thigh, but this caused my body to move from a position, where her foot could tease my pussy straight on. She adjusted her foot so that the top of her foot kept rubbing my dripping woman cave.

I wanted to rush to her face and kiss it a thousand times, but she still would not look at me. I did the trick my husband would pull and pressed the top of my tits against her pussy as I pushed her dress above her waist and she let out an, “Oh, Goddddd.” I could smell her woman lubricant. It was intoxicating. My chest was damp from her juice.

While I was pressing my tits between her legs, I was kissing her torso through her dress. I could not get to her tits without unzipping the back of her dress. I did not want her to freak out or leave. I got up slowly from between her legs, but never stopped touching her body. I pulled her up, but stayed behind her. She followed my lead.

I unzipped her dress and removed it. My God, I thought, I am undressing this woman, my fantasies for so countless masturbatory sessions. The dress came off. I took of my clothes. I unclasped her bra and reached around to hold her tits. I was actually squeezing another woman’s breasts. I wanted her to moan and she did. She was taller than me so I kissed her back. I love having my back kissed so I treated her back as I would want mine treated. Millika said, “Yesss.” I removed her bra.

Millika started to bend over towards the couch, which meant her ass was against me. I pulled off her panties and she stepped out of them. Never looking back at me, she stood there and spread her feet apart. She wanted me to kiss her ass. This kind of bothered me. She wanted me to stick my tongue in her ass, but not kiss my mouth. I got on my knees and went under her pussy. I decide to lick her cunt from behind but not lick her ass.

I loved the taste of her pussy on my tongue. I could feel the heavy folds of her vagina on my chin and the perineum on my nose. Her juices were just running into my mouth. My neck was starting to hurt from this position and so I got up, before making her cum. I did not want her to just get off, claim embarrassment and run off, like a guy who gets a blow job and says, “Thanks” and leaves.

I put her down on the couch and she quickly spread her legs. “I know what you want and you’ll get it,” I said softly, while I straddled her so that my pussy was near her tits. I fed her my big tittie and she closed her eyes like a baby going to sleep. She brought her hands up and squeezed my tits so much, if there had been milk it would have been come a milk shake. She did love titties and she wanted to prove it.

I was tired of her no kiss game. I didn’t want her to leave here trying to justify to herself that it was all me and that I took her, like a guy would claim to his wife or girlfriend, “Babe, what could I do, I’m weak? She just pulled out my cock and sucked. I never kissed her.” I put my mouth on hers and I kissed her. I kissed her hard. She was going to know she kissed me. Millika knew the bullshit was over. She was kissing me and kissing me hard. I believe she had not felt this much raw passion in so long that she just wanted me and could not stop herself. She never stopped squeezing my titties.

I let her mouth go and said, “No woman has ever excited me as much as you have.” I then started to kiss her chin and her neck. I got down to her utters and sucked on them. I wanted to leave a hickey on the nipple so that she would remember this when she looks in the mirror tonight, but I thought if her husband just happens to see it, we would never be able to do this again.

I began to kiss her torso, then belly. I got to her small patch of pubic hair. I could smell all of her and it was invigorating, no wonder my husband offers to eat my pussy. I licked her clit left and right, up and down, little circles. She then said, “Suck it!” Her clit was bigger than mine and protruded out. I treated her kaçak bahis clit like a finger and sucked it up and down.

“That’s it!! Oh, Goddd! You got!” she said with such excitement as her legs began to move back and forth. I wanted her to not be able to deny me or deny that this occurred and stopped. She looked down at me in horror.

I looked up at her and said, “Say my name!”

Millika said, “I’m sorry?” playing stupid.

I said, “I’m gonna make you cum now and you need to say my name. What is my name?” I kept my thumb on her clit and kept moving it to keep her head in the game.

“Don’t be silly, Magdelana, I know you name for god sakes!” she pleaded.

“I want you to say my name as I lick you, understand?” I said as I kept twirling her clit.

Her mouth was opening from excitement, “Magdelanaaaa. Magdelanaaaaa.” I dove back into this stunning woman’s pussy and sucked her thick clit like it was cock. I could hear my name being repeated and getting louder. From her putting her ass in my face, I could tell she wanted something going on with her asshole.

I put my index finger right on the tip of it and moved it in circles as I sucked her clit. “Stick it in!” she shouted. I stuck my finger in her ass and she screamed and creamed. My face got splashed with her squirt. The smell of her pussy and uric smell, her scream, my finger being clasped by her asshole and having her soak my face made me cum. I could not believe I came.

Millika immediately covered her face with her hands. I came up to her face and held her. I put the throw over us. I wanted her to see my cum covered face and know it was me, but I know she knew it. I kissed her forehead and she slowly moved her hands from her face. I kissed her eyes, her nose her cheeks. She looked up at me and kissed me on the lips and said, “Magdelana.” I was so happy that I came again. She took my face in her hands and pulled me in and kissed my mouth. She tasted herself from my mouth and her passion did not subside.

She turned me over so that I was lying on my back on the couch and said, “Magdelana, I thought I would never make love to a woman again, but I could not resist you. I tried to stay away and be with other people, but my thoughts always come back to you and I got so scared.” We kissed again.

She went down to my tits and licked them and played with them. It made me laugh to see her so happy, as she played with my titties with her mouth. She started to work her way down to my pussy. Oh wow, this is really happening! Millika is going down on me. I looked down and saw the top of her head, her forehead and her nose as her soft wet tongue worked my pussy like a skilled painter with a paintbrush. My pussy was Millika’s canvas and her tongue was the brush. I could feel my orgasm building. I was petrified that I was going to squirt in her mouth and she would be turned off.

I screamed, “I’m cumminggg!! Please stop!! I’m warning you!! I’m going to squirt so much, Millika!! MIllikaaaaa!!” I squirted right in her face. She did not move! She kept her tongue working. I squirted again, though I did not want to cum, I could not stop. I tried to pull her up and she would not budge. I closed my legs and she moved out from between them. She kissed my legs and I came again.

I could not handle the emotions and started to cry. She giggled and held me, “I understand.” She kissed my face. She moved down to my mouth and kissed me. I tasted my squirt and pussy on Millika’s tongue, the thought made me cum again and she felt it.

I pushed her back gently, I needed air. I looked at the clock and it was almost 8!! “Millika, Jim and Sedona will probably home soon. Let’s get upstairs and shower,” I said in a panic. We picked up our close and took off upstairs. I sent Jim a text telling him we were in the bedroom, but to put Sedona in the shower. He sent back an emoji.

Millika and I laid in bed and just held each other. I ran my fingertips over her body and she just played with my boobs. I heard the garage open and told her we should shower. Millika got up and I turned on the shower. We got in the shower together. She immediately spotted my toy in the shower. She turned it on and giggled and said, “What is this?” in a playful way.

She put it on her tits. She moved it down to her clit and said, “mmm”. She used her other hand to place it on the small of my back, moving me closer. She placed the vibrator between both our legs at the same time. I put my leg on the little shampoo shelf and she did the same thing with her leg. We were clit to clit with the vibrator tickling us both. I got to see her face as she was cumming. We looked into each other’s eyes as we both came, clit to clit, eye to eye, her tits to my chin.

We washed and exited the shower. I could hear Sedona’s shower going. Millika reached for her panties and stopped her and said, “No!! Those are mine!!” Millika looked at me puzzled, because she knew they were hers.

I said, “No, these are NOW mine.”

“Magdelana, I can’t go home without panties!” she pleaded.

I said, “No. You are going home without these!” Millika was worried that Jim might hear her arguing and smiled in a playful way and got dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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