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This is a long story (four parts) and takes a while to get going. I “set the table” in these first chapters. Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Volunteers for story continuity or editing desired I would love a second opinion.

This is the first story I wrote. I have published others and have more coming. This is the one that got me hooked on writing. Through repeated re-writing, brutal user comments, and experience, I have grown as a writer and this is finally presentable. I am an amateur and I take lots of artistic liberties to make the story fun.

Chapter 1 – Childhood

My name is Anna, I am a 24-year-old model and my brother Ronald is 22 and recently left the Army. We grew up in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles to two loving normal parents. They both have good jobs which meant we had lots of money and very little supervision. Because of our wealth, we lived in an area with few neighbors. I grew up with two best friends, Beth and Cindy while my brother was a loner. No boys his age lived near us and who wants their little brother hanging around while you are playing with dolls or talking about boys from school.

For as long as I could remember the ABC (Anna, Beth, Cindy) girls were always the best looking, best dressed, and most popular girls in school. The only time I remember seeing my little brother was when boys would harass us. Since grade school, boys wanted to date and control the ABC girls.

Whenever boys got too “aggressive”, Ron was always there. He had a sixth sense and magically appeared when we needed him. We needed him a lot. Unfortunately, the boys chasing us were two years older than Ron, he often ended up in the ER or doctor’s office for stitches. He was a pit bull though, nobody walked away unscathed. My parents noticed the trend and sent him to Taekwondo classes.

Over the years, the boys learned that no meant no or else Ron would show up and their fun would end. Ron ended High School at 5′ 6″ 110 lbs. My friends thought he was cute, I guess I did as well, but he was my brother, the boy that got beat up a lot. He was too skinny and meek for me, I liked gentlemen with muscles and confidence. Since there were no true gentlemen in High School yet alone ones with muscles and confidence, my only release was women.

Beth, Cindy, and I did everything together. We did drama and volleyball in High School and cheerleading in High School and college. As we got older we added sex to our shared activities and lots of it. Every other day in High School and every day in our private apartment off campus we had a threesome. Nothing was off limits, we tried everything but men. We were lesbians, we didn’t need men.

I am 5′ 6″ 110 lb. 36C-24-34 with long platinum blond hair and the deepest blue eyes on earth. It’s my killer smile that controls people. Beth is 6′ 2″ 125 lb. 34B-26-34 with shoulder length curly red hair and brown eyes that can melt anyone’s heart. Cindy is a 5′ 2″ Asian girl 95 lb. 28A-25-26 with jet-black hair and huge black eyes. We had money, we dressed well, and we can stop a crowd just by walking by.

Boys, girls, men, women, all stopped to stare at our stunning bodies and our confidence. When you are a model, you learn early on that you can get what you want just by being sexy. Guys get hard, they stutter and walk over each other to help you. So yes, your ego explodes with confidence. Then your baby brother signs up for the Army a year before a war starts and you cry for a week.

Why did I cry? At the time, I didn’t know. I never felt anything for him, I just always assumed he would be there for me. He was our protector and that always made me feel safe. Two years into college, he graduates High School and goes into the Army. He never asked me, never said goodbye, he just left.

Chapter 2 – Moving On

After twelve weeks of Army life, I got a call from Ron. They are prepping him for some special force thing. I didn’t understand a thing he said other than they are prepping for war. I did understand that in this program he would no longer have contact with me and would not be coming home for graduation or holidays. He was sorry.

Once again, a man had disappointed me, and I cry for a week. My parents get the same call and my mom is just as devastated. My dad (retired Army) is very proud of him but didn’t say anything.

Graduation came, the ABC girls were 2, 3, 1 in the class for GPA. Cindy had an awesome speech, but I was so jealous of missing the top spot by .003. Our parents took us out to a wonderful dinner. Lots of other graduates were at the same restaurant and dad make sure no boys would cause any trouble. Nothing is more intimidating than a protective father that can kill with bare hands.

Dad doesn’t talk about his experience in the Army, but mom knows him too well and suspects a lot. Later that night, sitting in my old room at home, I hear the doorbell ring and then I hear crying casino siteleri downstairs. It takes me about three seconds to get to the door. Mom and dad are holding a teddy bear and a delivery guy is reading a letter. I hold my mouth fearing the worst, but I can’t imagine the Pentagon sending a teddy bear to the parents of slain soldiers. My parents tell the guy to start again for me. He says:


Hi Mom, Dad, and Anna,

Congratulations on your graduation today from all the guys here in Iraq. Mom, hand the bear to Anna. I am so proud of you. Dad will explain the medals, I am fine, really. Defending the ABC girls was the best training to prepare me for my current duties. Say hi to them and know that I love you all. I know that you, Beth, and Cindy live at home (the advantages of working with spooks) and that tells me you don’t have a job yet.

Everyone here agrees that you three are the hottest women they have ever seen. Your mission should you accept it is to start the ABC Modeling Company. You have the business degree to know how, Beth has the Marketing knowledge, and Cindy has the financial knowledge. You will do well. Until I get home, call the bear Ron. Just like me, he won’t talk much.

I love you all, bye.


Immediately my dad says, “That is a purple heart”. I know what that meant, my heart split at that moment. Dad then goes on to name the other dozen medals on the bear, I have no idea what those are, and I didn’t care. I call Beth and Cindy to come over as I run up to my room. They run upstairs to join me. I read the note, show them the bear, show them the purple heart. We all cry. The next day, we started a corporation with three employees.

Chapter 3 – Homecoming

In two years, the ABC Modeling company has done fantastic. The three of us have traveled the world and made 250 million dollars. We do live fashion runway shows, TV ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, package ads, we are everywhere. We are not supermodels like the big twelve, we are the next tier down. Because of that, we are very busy, and we love our jobs. In the last few years, we have filled out in all the right ways, added more curves in all the right places. With Cindy’s investments, none of us will ever have to work another day in our lives.

Mom called me to say that other guys that joined the Army when Ron did are starting to come home. I am excited to finally see him again. I tell Beth and Cindy and we start to make plans for when he comes home. We are going to make it a homecoming like none other. We wait, and wait, and wait, and after six months still no Ron. At this point, I am losing weight and even stopped having sex with Beth and Cindy. I am worried.

It is Beth who finally brought me back to life. We all live in a very large six-bedroom house/mansion. Beth calls both me and Cindy down for a corporate meeting. We do this all the time with important decisions. This time, there is a very nicely dressed older man sitting next to Beth. I am immediately worried.

Beth is confident, “Ok girls, we can’t go on like this. Anna is not eating, she is worried to death, and in case nobody has noticed, Cindy and I are depressed as well. I know what we need. We need answers!”

I am at a loss here, why is this man here?

Cindy skeptically asks “So what can we do? We can’t walk up to the Army and ask where Ron is?”

Beth smiles, “That is why Anthony Jones of the Jones Private Investigation firm is here.”

That awakened me. A private investigation firm, hmmm.

Beth continues, “Anna, I hope you won’t hate me, but I can see how much your brother has hurt all of us. I love you too much to let a man hurt you like this, I started looking for help. I wanted someone with a military background. Anthony’s name came up again and again, I finally contacted him. I explained what little we know. He contacted your parents for more information and his social security number. He called me this morning and said he needs to meet with us.”

I stare at Beth with my eyes wide open and my jaw on the floor.

Beth hugs me, “I am so sorry for not telling you I was doing this. I was afraid it would get your hopes up too much or hurt you more. Please forgive me.”

I cry, snort, and finally answer, “I love you so much!” I then kiss her as I continue to cry.

Anthony confidently speaks up, “I have a piece of paper here.”

This breaks me out of my kiss and I stop crying, listening keenly to a man for the first time in memory.

Anthony continues, “There is an address on this piece of paper. If you want, I will get him for you.”

I lunge for the paper but quick as a cat (this guy is too old to do this I think) he moves away and yells “STOP!” in a deep booming military voice.

He then continues, “In my research, this boy does not exist. I have some of the highest levels of national security access and this man does not exist. He belongs to no unit. He is a ghost. I don’t know what this means or how he did this or why. I do know that many of our finest men canlı casino come back to civilization and can’t cope with civilian life. Some of them spend several years in Iraq knowing this might be their last day alive. They see their friends die. It’s not easy to come back and just turn that off. Some guys are never the same. Your brother may not be the man you expect. Do you still want this piece of paper?”

I look him straight in the eye with all the courage I can muster and demand, “Give me that piece of paper NOW! I am going to see my brother. Girls have Wilson get the car, we are going out.”

Again, Anthony snaps back in his deep commanding voice, “NO! You and your friends will not get in your stretch limo, with your $5000 shoes, and stop by. I interviewed about 100 men that spent time over there to scrap this intel together. If he is hiding, it’s for a reason, he sees you coming, you may never see him again. We will do this my way. You will go upstairs, take off your makeup, change into some blue jeans and long sleeve shirts, the worst you have, then put on some sneakers and be back down here in fifteen minutes. If you are not back here in fifteen minutes, I am leaving without you. GO! GO! GO!”

Nobody tells me what to do, I never put on bad clothes, I never go without makeup, and never ever have I dressed in less than fifteen minutes. Yet all three of us are waiting at the door in less than ten. Anthony led us out to four identical black Humvee’s, the original big ones. There are also a dozen men dressed for war standing at attention holding rifles. Not one will look at us and we are out of place in this group. We ride with Anthony in the last vehicle while the others all load into the first three. We drive in precision (always about five feet between vehicles) so nobody can get in between.

We end up in a very bad neighborhood. Burned out cars, cars on blocks, storefronts burned out, and bars on all windows. We pull up to a seedy six-story apartment building. Half the rooms have no front doors. I am scared and now see the wisdom of this man Anthony. No way any of our bodyguards would intimidate anyone in this area.

On a command from Anthony, all eighteen men exit the vehicles and spread out in an orderly manner taking up security positions while most of them go inside. Five minutes later, a single word “alive” comes over the radio. Anthony opens the door and yells, “Get out and follow me, don’t look at anyone, walk fast.”

We exit the vehicle and follow Anthony up six flights of stairs with my heart beating 1000 beats a minute. I am sweaty, nervous, and yet due to all these men, I feel very safe. Inside the smelly room, there is no furniture, lots of dirt, bugs, alcohol bottles, and a man curled up in a sleeping bag.

Instantly we recognize my brother even though his hair is very long with a dirty beard and the smell of alcohol. We yell, “RON!” Anthony holds us back as it takes three men to pick up my “little” brother. Oh my, he is several inches taller and has put on a ton of weight and it’s all muscle. I want to go and hug him so badly, Anthony won’t let me.

Anthony again orders us, “Not here and not like this”, then shouts “EVAC!”

The next few minutes are a blur. Two men grab my brother and walk off with him. They quickly guide each of us out of the building and into the vehicles. My brother goes into a new fifth vehicle that is a big square like an ambulance but no markings.

They gently throw us into a vehicle and we are on our way back to the house. No words, the ride home it’s silent, I am still in shock. We get home, and Anthony leads us back into the living room, tells us to stay, walks out to the kitchen, grabs a very expensive bottle of wine, opens it, and grabs three glasses. He walks back into the living room and pours us each a glass of wine.

Chapter 4 – Home

Anthony spoke first, “I didn’t want you to see Ron like he is, he is a good man. They are cleaning him up, shaving him, giving him new clothes, and doing a medical examination. He is well physically and is coming in now.”

I stand up and see four guys carrying a bright white stretcher with a chestnut brown man in a pair of white shorts. It really struck me how white the stretcher and shorts were.

Anthony put up his hand to signal not to move. We didn’t, somehow, we knew better than crossing Anthony. Then he explained, “He needs sleep, food, sleep, and more sleep. I assume you have access to a doctor?”

I am near crying but manage, “We have an endless supply of sleep, food, and doctors, whatever else is needed. I can afford it. He will get the best care.”

It’s at this point that I notice the four guys that brought my brother in, two nurses, and eight others standing at attention in the foyer awaiting instructions.

Anthony walks away from me and addresses the group, “Thank you for your help today. Mission accomplished. Report with your families to the location I gave you. I am buying. Dismissed.”

He then walks back into the living room, sits down, pulls out kaçak casino a flask with something much harder than a glass of wine and proceeds to tell us, “No, I will not answer your questions. When he is up to it he will explain what he wants. I can tell you that often men come back feeling guilty for what they have done. They have killed people, looked into their eyes and taken everything from them and their families. That’s not an easy thing to do.

“We are told not to kill then our country asks us to kill. They go back into society where killing is wrong again. Some love the adrenaline rush and now that it is gone, how do you replace it? Some guys have enough to come back to, they have no issues. Some turn to crime for the high, and some turn into a bottle to hide their shame. They did nothing wrong. War is bad, it’s ugly, and it hurts even those that live. I don’t know how this will end, I can just say good luck.”

With that, Anthony gets up, puts his flask away and starts walking to the door.

I jump up and yell, “Wait, what do we do?”

Anthony stops, turns around, and says “Just love him.”

Beth jumps up and says, “Wait, I have not paid you yet. Let me get my checkbook, name your price.”

Anthony smiles, “Put your checkbook away. After talking to those 100 men that knew him and explained what it was like there and what Ron meant to them, I can’t charge you anything. Those sixteen men and two nurses that were here, they were some of those people I talked to and all volunteered their time. I could have had 100 men here. Now go upstairs and wait for that lucky bastard to wake up to you three angels.”

He stood up straight, slowly saluted us, and quickly left the house with a tear in his eye.

Chapter 5 – Parents

We are all standing, staring at each other. Cindy takes charge, “Beth, you and I am going upstairs to wait for Ron to wake up. Anna, you are going to call your folks and decide what you want to tell them. Don’t freak them out, their nice people and won’t be able to handle what we just experienced.”

She was right. If I told my parents what just happened, mom would be hysterical, and dad would be dragging mom into the car to rush here at 100 mph. No, that was not going to happen.

I yell, “Wilson!”

Wilson shows up a minute later, “Yes mam?”

I explain, “Drive to my parent’s house, they will have some clothes packed. Pick them up and drive them back here. They will be expecting you. Force them to eat and sleep if they need it. I know it’s a 9-hour trip each way, so get going. Wilson, this is important to me. I just got my brother back, I am emotional, they will be emotional. Go up and see him, take a picture so you can show them he is OK. Be warned, my mom may kiss you.”

Wilson blushes, “I will take Leon with me, so we have two drivers. I am on my way, they will get here safe.”

I continue, “Wilson, pay for everything on the company credit card. Stop for whatever you need, no limit. Got it?”

Wilson looking surprised, “Thank you, Anna, I will do what’s right. You have friends in high places, I spent time in the military and there is no way Anthony is a simple Private Eye, they NEVER turn down money and my best guess is he was no lower than a minor general. He found you, you didn’t find him. I am on my way!” the door closes with a slam and I hear him yelling “Leon, get over here now! We are leaving immediately.”

I call my parents and explain a tiny bit, “Ron is OK, he is home, I don’t know anything, a car is coming for you, go pack, goodbye.” That’s what I remember, somehow that took 45 minutes to say those few words.

I run upstairs and, in my bed, lying flat on his back, is my “little” brother. He has a sheet covering him to the waist, and nothing else above the waist. I can see why it took two men to carry him out. He really put on a lot of muscle. His arms, chest, legs, wow, he looks like a mini bodybuilder.

Beth and Cindy are sitting in chairs on the side of the bed staring at him intently, trying to use their willpower to wake him. He has a lot of small scars on his chest and the telltale sign of stitching on one side. He is in one piece with all attachments. A smile slowly sprang to his face and then something else sprang up.

I hissed quietly at Beth who is closest, “What did you do?”

Beth raises her shoulders and hands saying meekly, “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t touch him, you can see I am two feet away.”

Cindy looks at the floor and quietly whispers, “I was wondering how big he is.”

Seething, I respond “Well, now you know. That sheet didn’t point up like that on its own and I think the answer is that he is well endowed.” Then I blush and smile.

Ron has a big smile on his face as the tent grew and grew. Beth and Cindy simultaneously lick their lips, I had to blush again. I almost smiled. Here are three beautiful lesbians staring lustfully at a large cock. What is wrong with us?

Chapter 6 – Awake

It was already late afternoon when we got home. Now it is getting very late at night. None of us have moved. Someone brought us food, we couldn’t eat. We just stare at him. A variety of emotions run across his face. It is like we are watching the entire four years fly by in a few hours.

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