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It’s been eight months since my last drunken public outing and tonight, I’ve been made over, dressed to the hilt, poked and prodded until I plastered an acceptable smile on my face. I think I’ve finally gotten past my not so ridiculous fears of public encounters and I’m being thrown into the lion’s den, all for the sake of my newest collections of stories. This shindig was being held in the ultra-swanky Palisades Room of the Hilton, complete with the white coats wandering in and out of patrons, fans and friends.

Keelan stood beside me in the doorway, a pillar of strength in my life. She gave me a nudge and followed me into the heart of the crowd. I shook hands, got hugged, thanked and basically mauled as I wound my way to the stage. A few brief sentences, a plethora of questions and answers and a quick, grateful speech got me down from the blazing podium. I stood at the bar, finally, waiting for a stout shot of tequila when he sidled up beside me.

“You just get more beautiful every time I see you.” His honeyed whiskey voice purred beside my ear. I looked up into Kian’s face, remembering almost every second we spent together. We’ve mended fences, sort of, patched up our issues and have tentatively been friends for the last eight months. I still wanted him. He still wanted me, I knew.

“Kian, what are you doing here?” I grinned.

“I’ve got a couple of concerts here the next two days. I saw in the paper that you’d be here and decided to come see…” he trailed off as my shot came. “…nerves still bothering you, huh?”

“Not as bad.” I said before taking my shot, biting the lime. “Now it’s just after the speech part. And I usually limit myself to two.”

The music had just started, fast and happy. The dinner service was being removed, white coats prowling everywhere with their balanced trays.

“Well, that’s a blessing, I guess.”

“Where’s Darla…Darlene…”

“Daniece. Long gone.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Care to join me this round?” I asked as the bartender brought the bottle.

“Sure, for a little bit.” I held his gaze as we both lifted filled shot glasses and drank. As I bit into my lime, he whispered in my ear, “Watching you do shots is still as enthralling as watching you come.”

“Kian, please.” I mumbled, feeling all those familiar pulls and tugs. His lips pressed a faint kiss under my ear, making my insides turn to goo. I stepped back from him, meeting his eyes. “You’ve always known how to make me melt. It’s not fair.”

“I know but Dari…” he trailed off, gazing into his empty shot glass. I’d kept track of his failed relationships since we ended ours, nothing lasted more than a few weeks. I knew the shitstorms he’d been through. I laid my hand on his forearm in commiseration, in friendship.

“Come dance with this old bag.” I asked him softly, hearing a slow song just start. He smiled and nodded, took my hand and led me onto the dance floor.

Being in his arms again was like…calorie free chocolate…heavenly. He held me close, swaying to the beat. Our bodies knew the moves and I let him lead me along. I couldn’t help but grin foolishly when he dipped me, holding me easily, his mouth a breath away from mine.

Impulsive and feeling the tequila buzz, I kissed him. I heard the bells and whistles and warnings my brain was shouting, and dismissed them all. In his arms, I knew I was home. His arms brought me back up to vertical; his mouth continued sipping at mine as his hands slid over my bared back.

With all the familiarity of old lovers, we touched and caressed, whispered and kissed. When the music changed back to the faster, younger songs, we returned to the bar for more shots.

I watched him, remembering how he’d take one shot to three or four of mine, noticing he was keeping up with me, shot for shot. After two more, I found myself on the dance floor, in his arms again, with his mouth travelling down along my throat. “Kian…Kian…”

“Yes, Sweetness?”

“Take me home, Kian.” I was lost. I was a burning, throbbing ache. I let Keelan know what was going on and he took me outside. I never could keep my hands off of him. At the valet’s station, I was sliding both hands into his unbuttoned shirt. His car, a brand new Mustang, pulled up, separating us for a few moments. I leaned back against the door, gazing steadily, hungrily at him as he drove, shifting easily.

“How is it we always manage to meet up like this?”

“I’m not sure, but you’re the one that I never should have left.” He turned from the road to gaze at me, letting his huge hand rest on my bared thigh. “You never left my mind….or my heart.” He finished softly.

“Neither did you.” I began, turning to look at the passing scenery. “Phelan knew, no matter how much I denied it, that I still felt something for you. It ate at him until he did what he did. And it was then I decided to go it alone.”

“Alone? For casino oyna the rest of your life? Sounds depressing.”

“Beats getting hurt like that again.”

“Hurting makes it real.” He said softly, glancing over at me. “So, are we at a new beginning?”

“Maybe, maybe it’s the tequila…”

“Bullshit, tequila. No more excuses. I still love you.”

I watched the scenery, letting my stupid heart do its flips and spins, while my mind brought up the reasons why we split. I felt his warm hand on my thigh, a single squeeze.

“Look at me.” I turned to him, seeing that face I’d loved for oh so long, the lips I’d dreamed about. “Don’t go back. I want you more now than I ever did. I want so much more with you at my side, in my heart.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“Where did my Empress go?” his fingertips trailed along my jaw in a soft caress. I had to laugh a little, remembering.

“Your Empress had the shit kicked out of her, and then she was tossed through the wringer and dumped into a mangler to be eaten whole.”

“Bullshit. My Empress is still inside you. Yeah, okay, she did take one hell of an ass kicking…”

“‘One hell of an ass kicking’? Oh no Darling…that shit was a war, not an ass kicking. It was an interminable war of such viciousness and vapidity that your brave Empress crumbled into dust and scurried off to hide, to lick my wounds. I can’t say I was alone, but you were gone.”

“My major fuck up.”

“Yep, that’s done though, we’ve managed to come around to being friends…”

“I know but, tonight’s different.”

“How so, darling?” I asked, arching an eyebrow, making him grin.

“It just is.” He passed the hotel strip, bringing the fact that he was taking me home to the forefront. “And before you ask, yes, I do know where it is.”

“Hmmm.” Was all I could say, with my brain spinning wildly. I still wanted him, still loved him.

Do I give him another chance? Do I open myself up for the total annihilation that he alone could wreak? Did I love him enough to put it all on the line again? I could see the want in his eyes, the hope. “Let’s take this as it comes, minute by minute.”

“You need to understand this…I’m not taking no for an answer.” His eyes told me he was serious, dead serious. I felt a shiver in my soul, physically shook it off, sat up straight in this plush leather seat and just watched him. His grin spread into a smile. “Hello, my Empress, nice to see you again.”

“You’re making me feel like I’ve got multiple personalities.” At this he burst out with a laugh.

“In a way, I think you do, and I just happen to love all of them.”

I smirked, shaking my head in disbelief. I watched my newest neighborhood come into view, the sky, a blue black backdrop, the ocean a hushed murmur. He pulled the Mustang into my drive, parking it near the door. He took my chin in his fingertips, kissing me softly. I felt the same melting with every nip, every kiss, that same breathlessness as he took my mouth.

“Invite me in.”

“Vampire.” I mumbled against his lips, feeling them spread into a smile as he kept kissing me. “Welcome to my home. Come inside.”

“Mmmm, yes, I will at that.” I felt his snicker against my own grinning lips. We locked eyes. We exploded into laughter. We climbed out of the car and met at the door. I slid my key in the lock, feeling him hovering just behind me, his breath on my neck and his hand at my hip, turned it, opened the door to my foyer/mudroom.

“Welcome. You’re not a guest, as I think in time you may end up here, more than anywhere else, so you get to explore. Want a tour? It’s really short.”

I still saw laughter in his eyes whenever they’d land on me. Facing him, on my left was the spare room/office, on the right my kitchen and dining areas. Behind me was a bathroom and a flight of stairs leading up to my master loft. He nodded to the stairs behind me.

“Those go to your bedroom?” When I nodded, slipping off my last shoe, he scooped me into his arms and carried me up. “Still a lightweight, though quite bit lighter than before, but that’s okay. I know how to feed you.” He mumbled as he climbed.

He’d done this so much before; I felt the rush of feeling precious flood me, melting. He stood in the open entry to my room, taking in the feminine, the bold colors, the picture of us on our third trip, grinning at each other, madly in love, sitting on my nightstand, the same huge four post bed, raised on its platform. “I’ve dreamed of this bed quite often.”

“The bed?” I asked with a confused look.

“Yeah, it always had you in it.” He rasped, setting me on my feet.

In my bare feet, I barely reached his shoulder, just one of those things that always sent a thrill through me. Having this huge, powerful man enthralled by little me, had always been a heady experience, it still was. I felt his fingertips tuck a swath canlı casino of my hair behind my ear.

I met his eyes, those warm, melted caramel brown, hints of amber blended in, saw love and hope, a flash of lust as I slid my hand inside his shirt, over his pec, his shoulder, gently pulling him to me. His hands slid from my hips, up my back, curling me into him, his mouth meeting mine. He pulled me tight against him, his hands racing over my back, my ass. As always before, we blazed together, sparking an inferno only we made together.

I felt his hands, gentle but rough, skimming the zipper of my gown down, sliding the straps from my shoulders to drop it at my feet. His mouth nibbled a trail of sharp nips at my shoulder, as I threaded my fingers through his thick, silky hair and nipped at his ear, his neck, tasting him, savoring him. I heard the Velcro opening of my corset ripping open loudly. “I’m glad you’ve taken that doc’s advice.” He mumbled, nipping my earlobe.

“Me too, I like being able to walk…and fuck.” I growled, sliding my hand inside his pants, finding him all commando, hard as an iron spike, throbbing in my hand. I felt him pulling me toward the bed, stepping out of his pants as he did. I stepped on his belt buckle, stumbling forward into him. In three steps, awkward and ungainly, we flopped onto the bed, me on top of him, my legs entangled in his but his cock snuggled in tight against my hot, wet hole.

“You okay?” I asked between greedy kisses.

“Never better.” His hands had taken handfuls of my ass, kneading and squeezing my ass cheeks as he started grinding up into my sogginess, spreading it around, making more. I was squirming my hips around, rubbing back and forth against his cock.

“Mmmm, so wet…” I felt his finger dip inside me, bring the orgasm wave to crest, felt it vanish, felt that moment’s agonizing pleasure, felt his head slide between my lips, slide inside slowly, stretching me, into orgasm with every inch.

I was gasping and mewling over him as he sank bone deep into me. I bucked. I rose over him, feeling his completion of me, of us, feeling the beginnings of the evergasm rising, rode him wildly.

His hands slid up my ribcage grasping firm handfuls of my breasts, giving them the same kneading and squeezing as my ass. Through my half closed eyes, I could see his mouth forming the words, come for me, come on me, over and over.

Feeling him throb inside me as I slid back and forth pushed me closer and closer, feeling his roughened fingertips tweaking at my hard nipples, even further.

His arms wrapped around my waist, stilling my thrusting hips, his chest met mine as he sat up, his mouth feasting along the line of my collarbone. I could hear his quiet murmurs of, “…easy, now…so much sweeter, mmmm…I feel you quivering on me…”

I nodded against his cheek, feeling his hand slide between us, his thumb finding my clit, brushing it first, and then rubbing over it, his other hand slid to my hip, guiding my movements grinding our loins together.

I was panting heavily, my arms around his neck, my hands trailing lightly over his back, my teeth nipping lightly at his shoulder as he drove me even higher, wetter and squishier. His head was rubbing against my deep button with every movement, sending me skyrocketing, soaring up into this wild frenzy of primal mating.

One thing about being new, old lovers, you knew where to touch, when to rub just a little harder, rougher, how to make your lover come spectacularly. Kian knew everything, everywhere to touch me. He always had. I felt the wave crashing through me as he kept circling my clit in time with his grinding, as his mouth was leaving a damp trail up my neck.

I felt his arm circle my waist, bouncing me on his cock as it crashed through, sending me over, humping and grinding, growling against his lips, wrapping my arms tight around him, hanging on as he kept on.

“Mmmm, love feeling this…feeling you coming….mmmm, so tight….oh, there it is, there it is…come on me….come…” he growled in my ear, holding a fistful of my hair, my ass. I rode it out on a long, loud howl, nipping his ear sharp enough to draw a hiss, a drop of blood, sweetness. “…vampire…come on me vampire…I feel you coming so hard…oh yeah, ride me…”

I felt him start shifting beneath me, changing the feel just slightly, just enough to crash another wave through. I arched back, pistoning my hips furiously, riding his cock as he’d taught me so long ago, feeling him throbbing, pulsating deep inside me.

“…mmmm, you learned that so well….oh, you’re so slippery now…so juicy….hold on, now…” I felt him cradle me as he rolled us over. “…mmm, better…”

I opened my eyes to see him grinning down at me as I felt his cock sliding out, hovering along my slit, bumping wetly against my clit, making it throb, sliding down and in, and bumping my little button kaçak casino as he gave a little grind.

“….mmmm, much better…” He did it again, and again, kindling my hole into a blaze. I entwined my legs in his, levering my hips up to squirm against his cock as it slithered up, down to meet him sinking in, grinding with him. “…here, right here…” he mumbled against the underside of my breast, his tongue licking, tasting, his lips sucking. He knew that one spot to instantly send me in multiples.

I drove my fingers through his hair, gripping a handful tightly, holding his hair in a death grip as I bucked and writhed madly beneath him. He let me ride it out, let me ride him as I came, listening as he told me how good it felt when I came on him, how tight my cunt got, how wet I got after. How much he loves me. He didn’t move until I was soaking wet, panting. He leaned up on his elbows, gazing seriously down at me.

“No one has ever made you feel like this.” His eyes knew.

“No, no one ever has.” I answered honestly.

No one had. Not Phelan. Not one of the three others either. They’d all been great in bed, considerate, imaginative, and full of passion and youth. Not one of them had ever sated me so completely, so soulfully. Kian had never left me wanting more, he left me limp, almost comatose. It was when I woke up I wanted more of him.

“I know, I have the same problem, y’see. No one makes me feel alive the way you do. No one knows the sensuality of a bubble bath like you do. No one but you knows how empty I felt, how hollow inside I’ve been these last few years.” He leaned his forehead down on mine, still gazing into my eyes. I felt myself soften, knowing exactly what he meant. I slid my palm along his jaw, his cheek, caressing his bottom lip with my thumb.

“Kian….love me…” I whispered, brushing his lips with mine.

“Always.” He whispered back, brushing kisses over my mouth, deepening into passionate melding, straining against each other, trying to melt into each other.

I felt his first thrust with a jolt, feeling my sloppy hole instantly wake and blaze. He drove hard, thrusting into me with such power he was lifting me. His hands roughly gripped and squeezed my breasts as he pounded into me, throwing me up into the high wicked waves of delight.

“Yes, harder….rougher…oh, God, Kian….yessss….rougher…” I ended with a groan, unleashing my wild man mate.

He held me like a rag doll, furiously pounding his throbbing cock into me, humping me maniacally. I felt his body stiffen, jerk, heard his growl as he sank his teeth into my shoulder, felt him thrust a few more times, collapse on top of me. A warm welcome weight that I hadn’t realized just how much I’d missed, settled on me. “Kian…”

“Am I crushing you?” I heard him mumble from the pillows

“Yes, but don’t you dare move.” I heard a snort above me, and continued on, “We’ve always been incredible together in bed…”

“Is this the ‘It’s just chemistry’ speech?” he asked panting, rising up on his elbows, gazing down at me. “Forget it. This is so far beyond chemistry; it’s in a totally different galaxy. Enough with the excuses, do you still love me?”

When I didn’t answer, he repeated the question.

“Do you still love me?”

“Yes.” I admitted softly.

“We’ll figure it out. I’m not leaving you again.” His amber eyes were warm but firm, determined. “I’d rather have half my body taken from me than half my soul.” I gazed up, wondering, hoping.

“Our love making, our sexcapades, are only one thing that I’ve missed. The way you would cheer me up when the shit got to be too much. The way I felt whole watching the sunrise with you on the Island. The way your eyes would blaze when you’d get mad at me, and haze over when I’d make you go blind. I’ve missed being able to talk and not have everything dissected. I’ve missed watching you wake up.”

“Kian, you dope.” I teased with a bashful grin, my heart soaring between the galaxies. “You’ve been thinking a lot.”

“I have and I have a lot to do to earn you back into my life.” His smile was easy and relaxed. In all the time we’ve been apart, every picture I’d seen of him, he’d looked tired and hassled. At this moment, I saw peace and completion in his relaxed expression, love and the knowing he’s loved back.

“You have always amazed me. ‘Earn’ my love?”

“Yep, I guess in a way earn your trust and respect as well.”

“I’ve always respected you.”

“I know, but I lost your trust and your love. Those take time to rebuild.” His fingertips were trailing along my eyebrows, tracing them softly, caressing down my cheeks, and slowly tracing my lips. “Although this has had a habit of spitting poison at me, I’ve even missed this temptation…” Slowly, his lips met mine, lingering drugging kisses.

I could actually feel my melted brain leaking out of my ears as he deepened these kisses. His body completely pinned mine to the mattress. I slid my hands around him, feeling his silken skin, his quivering muscles and his heat under my questing fingertips, felt myself finally whole again, complete.

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