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Big Tits

Pat had recently become a widow and was a still a very young looking fifty year-old woman. Lonny’ s illness had lingered on for two years and her physical needs had not been met. She put her needs aside as she lovingly cared for her dying husband.

It was now six months since the funeral and she was ready to get on with her life. Her girls had both moved on to start their careers and Pat still had her career as an lab technician with a local ceramics company.

She had walked her basset hound earlier so they could both get a little exercise. After getting a shower, she settled down in front of the fireplace in her bathrobe with her latest romance novel and a glass of sherry.

The fire gave her pleasant memories of Lonny who always liked to build a fire on cool fall evenings. Reclining of the plush sofa she began to read as she slowly sipped her sherry. She enjoyed the mental and sometimes physical stimulation that these novels had provided her these past few years.

As she continued to read and sip her sherry, she was warmed outwardly by the fire and started to feel the strange sensations stirring in her loins that had been dormant for a long time. The novel she read was trashy and she smiled as she put herself in the characters’ roles.

Without consciously thinking about it, she set down the glass of sherry and her right hand started to undo the belt to her robe. As she read on, she slowly pulled the front of her robe loose.

Lying in a semi-reclining position she pulled her one foot towards her butt. As her knee raised up, the robe fell partially open revealing a shapely thigh and her tight belly.

All the dog-walking and caring for her ailing husband had kept her former gymnast’s body in tight condition. When Pat felt the radiant warmth of the fire on her soft skin, she moved her hand and lightly touched her belly.

Continuing to read, her fingers traced their way down to her navel and she gently circled the depression lightly.

It was then that Pat remembered she hadn’t closed the blinds on the sliding glass doors leading out to their deck. The large sofa sat halfway facing the fireplace while the upper half where she laid was in front of the doors.

– – — – — – —— – — – — – — – —

Being at the rear of the house, they had a good deal of privacy in their back yard. There had been an incident the previous summer when Erin, her 23-year old daughter was sunning herself on the deck outside the sliding doors. The only house with access sat about 150 yards away with trees scattered in between the two.

On that sunny afternoon, Erin was alone in the house. Pat and Lonny had been at the hospital for one of his lengthy checkups. Surveying the field in back of her house, Erin saw the other house was a safe distance away.

Erin then repositioned her chaise lounge so she was lying facing away from the doors. Before reclining back down on the lounge, she breezily undid her bikini top and dropped it on the deck.

The air and sun striking her large titties sent chills down her spine and her long nipples stiffened. Lying back down she squeezed a large gob of coconut scented tanning oil and lovingly applied the goo to her belly and boobies.

While still a very firm young woman, the sheer mass of her tits settled outwardly as she lay there enjoying the sun’s kisses onto her swollen nipples.

She swooned to the music playing on her little radio as a gentle breeze bathed her skin to raise pleasant goosebumps. Erin once again sat up and looked around the vacant fields to find them deserted.

Without canlı bahis getting up she slipped her thumbs under her bikini bottom and slipped them down over her hips, kicking them off onto the deck. The completeness of her naked body being exposed outdoors, sent gyrations throughout her body.

Erin smiled as she lay there with her legs spread slightly and the sun and breeze kissed her most intimate of areas.

“HOLY SHIT!”, exclaimed Bobby.

He couldn’t believe his good fortune as he peered through the powerful telescope from the bedroom window located at the rear of his parents’ sprawling rancher. He had driven by her house earlier that day and saw the great looking babe getting out of her red sports car.

She was only about five-foot two with long black hair. What caught his eye was the tight T-shirt stretched over her ample tits.

He slowed his car a little to watch her nice ass sway as she walked up the driveway. He tooted the horn, and she had turned and waved without really being sure to whom she was waving.

Bobby still had a year to go before he finished high school and like all teenage boys he had the hots for the two older chicks that lived down the road. Before they had left for college, he frequently trained his telescope and camera onto their bedroom windows that faced his.

He had learned where to move his equipment in order to spy between the trees that grew somewhat sparsely between their homes.

Right now his mouth had become dry as he saw the hot, little bitch spread tanning oil onto her luscious melon-sized tits.

Bobby kept his digital camera handy with the long 1000mm lens. It was mounted on a sturdy tripod to reduce vibrations and had cost his Dad a small fortune. Bobby spent the next hour taking fifty to sixty photographs, saying “holy shit”, and stronger utterances and thoroughly ruining his shorts.

About one month later Erin had returned to the University to work on her doctorate, when she received email. She was working on a research project on immuneology and had her own web page on the subject with an email address.

When she opened the message, it only said, “Enjoy” Love, Horny Dog. It had several attachments and Erin proceeded to open the first file.

“OHMIGOD!” was her response from looking at the first one. Erin recognized her naked body lying face up on the recliner from this past summer. Her legs were spread showing her neatly trimmed pussy and her big tits arose like twin peaks to the sun god.

After getting over the initial shock, Erin looked at the remainder of the explicit photos. Being an intellectual with a good body, she considered herself an adventuress on matters of sex and her beautiful body.

She continued to scan the attached photos, and could only smile at being captured doing all those nasty, hot acts. One showed her with three fingers buried in her gaping maw up to the second knuckle.

Another showed Erin’s penchant for pain as she twisted and pulled on her thick nipples until even she couldn’t stand it. The best ones or worst ones depending on your perception involved coating her slippery slit with half of a twin popsicle.

Before the root beer popsicle had started to melt substantially, Erin had dipped it into her own honey pot. This photo was extremely close up and showed only about one inch of the frozen phallus and the popsicle stick protruding from her hot little cunt.

Erin felt extremely excited at being captured surreptitiously on film during several of her orgasms. After a few weeks, the photos stopped coming in the email and Erin while bahis siteleri sexually adventurous, would never dream of telling her Mom or Dad about the incident.

Hence her Mom had no knowledge of the distant neighbor’s spying ability.

– – — – — – —— – — – — – — – —

Stopping to look out the glass doors, Pat arose from the sofa and lowered the lights to give the room the effect of soft candlelight. As she stepped over to peer out the windows, her robe had separated revealing her well-muscled legs and tummy. Her small cotton panties concealed her private area.

As she looked out, only darkness and a few very distant lights from the city were evident. With the height of her deck and the soft lighting inside, she felt secure in leaving the blinds open. As she walked back to the sofa, she pushed the robe off her shoulders and it fell to the carpet.

Bending over she slid her panties down and stepped clear of them on the floor. The fire’s warmth and flickering light shimmered off her firm little ass cheeks. Pat was self conscious of her small breasts, but Lonny had always reassured her by saying she made up for her smallness with extra nice nipples.

She would go bra-less in the summer months and had often caught other men staring at her nipples poking through her T-shirts and blouses. While never dressing like that for work, she seldom wore a bra at home.

Lonny’s hands were usually in search of her longish nips when he thought people weren’t looking. Pat had lost count of the embarrassing incidents over the years.

Before lying back down on the sofa, she finished her sherry in one long gulp. She felt the heat wash down her throat and then build an even hotter fire throughout her body.

As she stretched out and tried to read with the low light, her free hand tweaked her nipples until they jutted out like the filter tips on Marlboros. Giving up on trying to read she now used both hands to pull on her aching titties.

The fire within her had grown so hot, that her right hand quickly moved down to her soft mound and she pulled up sharply driving her middle finger into her leaking cunt. The sudden penetration quickly turned to pleasure as she pulled her finger out and up, grazing her stiffening clit.

After several more plunges and retrievals, she added two more of her petite fingers to the gouging.

Standing only four feet eleven inches tall, Pat had married a tall man in Lonny. He was six feet three and proportionally sized everywhere.

She had joked that she had to walk bowlegged for a week after their honeymoon. After years of marriage to Lonny, she had grown accustomed to the sheer mass and length of his cock. After more than two years of no real sex, her rather small vibrators, fingers, and dildos weren’t getting the job done anymore.

She quickly looked around the room for something else. The fire’s soft sputters caught her attention and she saw the long handled log poker sitting in the rack. She quickly got up and retrieved it.

It was almost hot from the fire’s radiant heat. It was almost three feet long and made of half-inch wrought iron. The top end of the handle was formed into a circle for your hand. The other end was bent into an L-shape and about five to six inches in length.

Since this was the first fire she had built this season, the poker was spotless from it’s last cleaning. The years of use had dulled the point on the “L” and the wrought iron felt smooth in her hands.

Pat laid back down on the sofa and her breathing and heart were starting to escalate as she rested the bahis şirketleri semi-hot iron against her belly and legs. She always surprised herself with her own depraved ideas, but it didn’t matter much at the moment.

Lifting the handle away from her face, she started to move the L-hook up and down her thighs. She gently left the dull point kiss her inner thighs. When she pushed her arms straight out from her chest and twisted the handgrip ninety degrees, she felt the dull point touch the opening to her anus.

“OOUU”, she purred softly. That wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She gently moved the tool down her thigh and the smooth iron shaft cleaved between her downy lips. Looking down she could see the shiny wetness that had rubbed onto the warm iron.

Moving back up her thighs Pat felt the iron tip kiss her soft lips. Pat repositioned her upper body more upright against the arm and big sofa pillows. At the same time she pulled up her knees so that her thighs were now at a right angle to her torso. The poker still rested against her sopping lips, but the angle was now better suited for her needs.

Pat steadily pulled on the tool’s shaft and gasped when the iron-tip not too gently penetrated into her soft tissues. Stopping momentarily to adjust to the iron poker’s intrusion, she continued pulling firmly and felt the hardness take her cavity completely. Adjusting to the hardness within her, she relaxed and molded herself to the rigid iron dildo.

Getting her breath she started to push and pull on the shaft until all six inches had been removed, and pulled it back into her tight little cunt. Pulling up harder the shaft above the L-shape was now rubbing against her engorged clit. The heat from the iron and its unyielding stiffness felt delicious in her dripping cunt.

Pat felt her unspent passions building and rolled her pelvis forward to get more friction on the iron. Within another few minutes Pat was pulling on the poker until she almost lifted her ass off the sofa. Groaning loudly she came in gasps as her cunt muscles clamped around the iron buried deep in her cunt.

After relaxing and getting her breath, she gently pulled out the poker and noticed a little blood on it. After inspecting herself with her fingers, she decided that was only from some abrasions to her labia, and nothing to worry about.

Laying the poker down, Pat fell asleep where she lay in front of the warm fire. Living alone, she didn’t bother with covering her nude form. The hot air felt good licking at her slightly wounded skin. Pat fell soundly to sleep after relieving a lot of her pent up sexual tension.


Johnny was having difficulty sighting through the long lens while simultaneously pulling on his stiff cock. He came almost at the same time as the hot little bitch reclining nude on her sofa. The low light in her living room had at first given Johnny some difficulty.

It’s a good thing that Dad had invested in the super expensive light-gathering, zoom lens he was now using. Even though she was older and had much smaller tits than her daughter, Johnny knew his internet friends would not be disappointed in this great sex footage.

He had never seen any woman, much less a respected, older broad abuse her own cunt like what he had just witnessed. In all he had taken two dozen stills along with about twenty minutes of dripping video. He expected that he somehow might be able to pay for his next tuition payment, Dad would be proud of his resourcefulness.

About a week later, Pat had returned from work and there was a large envelope stuffed into her mailbox at the end of her driveway. She noticed that the return address was from a University in Baltimore. She took the large envelope inside her house to open it.


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