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We were all sitting around the breakfast table again, sipping our newly filled cups and Connie pipes up, “Terry is still in bed… maybe I should go wake him up…”

“Maybe we should BOTH go wake him up… ” mom countered.

They looked at each other, smiling and then grinning…

“Yeah… maybe we both SHOULD!” And without a backwards glance they both got up and headed to the stairs…

I drank my drink, spent and wrung out, wondering how they still had the energy, but certain that Terry was in for a treat.

A few minutes passed and I thought I heard a scream, or a shout… it could have been a wail… I got up, put the cups in the sink and walked naked up the stairs towards my room. I wondered at the time if I would ever need to wear cloths in the house again. Being 18 years old, I figured that they would probably just get in the way.

As I neared the door I heard Connie say, “How dare you crap out and leave Matty to clean everything, including and especially us? Up!”

“No mom! Ouch! DAMN! Ouch! Oh god… oh shit! Matty!! oh FUCK YES!” It sounded Iike Terry was in distress about what was happening.

I pushed open the door to my room and found Terry, my best friend, on his back, naked, the covers pulled off the bed and piled on the floor. Connie was straddling his chest, his arms locked at his side by her legs. My mom was kneeling between his legs his hard cock in her mouth and what looked like her finger or fingers probing for his prostate gland.

He was tossing his hips side to side but never far enough to dislodge his cock from moms oh so talented mouth, and he was restricted by his mom’s weight on his chest. He suddenly surrendered and began to buck his hips up as mom dug a little deeper with her finger.

“Oh DAMN! You are killing me!”

Mom held tightly to the base of his cock, I could see from the doorway how hard she was squeezing. She let him extend himself up, tightening his ass around her finger and then she bobbed her head a few times before he relaxed and went down to the bed, only to repeat it again after a breath or two.

Terry’s cries of protest and pleasure were muffled to unintelligible moans when Connie re-positioned herself higher on is torso, lowering her pussy on his chin. His hands free, terry reached out and grabbed moms hair, trying to hold her head while he tried to fuck her mouth, but Connie ground into him, covering his mouth and nose as she fought for her orgasm. Terry, if he wanted to breathe, had to abandon mom to whatever she wanted to do, and grab his moms ass, trying to control her body enough to get a breath. Connie was aware of what she was doing, I realized that both moms knew us as well bahis firmaları or better than we knew ourselves.

“Lick your mothers pussy now Terry.” She coaxed. “make me cum baby and all will be forgiven. Oh yeeeeesssss!” she moaned.

I could see mom using her formerly free hand to finger herself and decided it was time to take a more active role. I went to the end of the bed and knelt behind her, first kissing her still red and bruised ass then caressing her with my hands. I lowered my face and kissed her moving fingers. She did not stop sucking Terry’ cock, but I heard/felt her moan deep in her gut as my tongue followed her finger up and into her wet, dripping pussy. I dreamed about it, never thinking there was ever a chance that I would be able to breath in her intoxicating scent. I licked and nibbled at her lips and clit after she moved her hand, then knelt closer to her, placing a palm on top of her clit, and put two fingers deep inside. I rubbed in circles and slipped my fingers in and out, corkscrewing slightly as I did so. I had always focused on Connie, thinking my mom was off limits, but after having her, knowing how good she felt, I looked at her differently.

She was beautiful. Her face, her body… Connie was grinding her pussy down in Terry’s face, and my desire for her had not waned, but I had a new appreciation for mom now. She looked so happy, so much younger than I remembers, her blonde hair flying as she bobbed up and down , sucking Terry’s cock. She pushed herself, trying to get more and more in her mouth, fighting to get past the gag reflex. Terry was in heaven I knew. His hands held the ass I had dreamed about for years, squeezing and kneading, his body stiffened and I heard him yell, muffled as it was, then mom gagged and choked, pulling her mouth off of his spurting cock. Cum poured out of her mouth as quickly as it shot from his dick. Jizz covered his crotch… covered her face. She coughed, gasping for breath as her own pussy gushed and exploded around my fingers, my hand as wet as if I had stepped out of the shower. Mom’s face was planted on Terry’s belly, her hips working hard to ride out her latest climax. My fingers had curled around and were pressing on her g-spot. I had read enough about it, that when I felt it, I knew I had found it.

Mom slumped down, her face once again covered in cum, my fingers and palm continued to work, slower, until she moaned, “no… no more”.

Connie climbed off Terry’s face, glistening hairline to neck, covered in his mother’s pussy juice. She turned and knelt beside him, leaning over him and started licking cum off of his stomach and mom’s face. I licked my fingers, making eye contact with Connie.

“That kaçak iddaa was hot as hell.” I said. She smiled and kept licking. She kissed mom and licked cum off of her cheek and eyebrow. “Did he finish you?” I asked her, she smiled and shook her head “no”, slurping up another string of her son’s fresh spunk. I moved around towards her and she knee walked around towards me, still kissing and licking, not wanting to miss a drop or glob. My cock was still worn down, but my tongue was alive and well, I came up behind her, kissed the cheeks of the ass I had dreamed about, I massaged her thighs and spread her open, exposing the flower of her womanhood, and the pink rosebud of her asshole. Her red hair set off by the alabaster white of her Irish or Scotts heritage was my best guess of what heaven on earth could be. I applied my best effort, learning as I went. I found that a good grope of her ass or dragging my fingertips pressed hard into her ass cheeks elicited a particular moan, vs when I played my fingers deep in her pussy.

Mom and Connie continued to kiss and fondle, licking each other, and Terry, clean of his cum. Mom then sat up and moved to were she could add her fingers to mine in driving Connie closer to release. Mom spanked her on the ass, once, then again, the first time a sharp chirp of a cry escaped, but the second, unexpected slap saw a deep groaning, yearning, growl come up to the surface. Mom raked her manicured nails leaving red streaks down Connie’s flanks. Terry, who had been kissing his mom, enjoying her passion and the way she played with his still limp cock, yelped as she moaned, worried because what has started as a friendly caress was rapidly turning into a death grip.

Mom whispered loudly into my ear… “She really loves to be spanked as much… more really than she likes to spank”, and then, nibbling my ear and reaching for my cock, “but then that is true for both of us.”

Mom rolled onto her back and scooted under me, sucking my half alive cock into her hungry mouth.

Terry and I had dreamed, fantasized, imagined what we would do, how we would seduce, dominate, rape, if it came down to it, our moms. Had we known the truth about them, what hose monsters they were, what cum guzzling cock suckers they were, hell, we would have been hitting this shit years ago.

As my prick inflated again, my hips began to hump in time with mom’s sucking and stroking, I was faintly aware of thinking that Connie was busy sucking Terry.

Mom had me hard and I could feel Connie close to her edge, but I was selfish and wanted another dip in her hot pussy. I pulled my face away, but left a finger inside, my thumb rubbing back and forth across her clit. I tried to pull kaçak bahis out of mom’s mouth but she held on and sucked harder, moving with me. I took my free hand off of Connie’s hip and pressed down on mom’s throat as I pulled my hips back. She whimpered but let go. I let go of her neck and motioned for her to come to me. I knee walked up to Connie’s ass and slipped neatly into her wet hole, stroking deep, and as she inhaled her pleasured shock, I noticed Terry still limp but enjoying, as evidenced by the smile on his face.

Mom sidled up to me and I kissed her hard and long without missing a beat, banging Connie’s cunt like I knew what I was doing. I was feeling mom up as we kissed and had a nipple tight between a thumb and forefinger. She was breathing shallow and quick.

“Go help with Terry, Mom… make him feel good.” I eased the tweak on her tit and she looked me deep in the eyes.

“What ever you want Matty… ” her hands caressed my chest and ass. “Anything you want.”

I slapped her lightly on the ass and she giggled like a teenage girl with a secret, then she joined Connie licking and sucking Terry’s slow to recover cock.

I continued to pound away, alternating my rhythm, the length of my stroke, trying to keep track of Connie’s progress. Mom and Connie kissed each other as much and as often as they kissed Terry’s dick, he was smiling and taking it all in, his cock, for all I could see, still not ready to go a third round. Much to his delight, mom moved up his chest and spent time on his nipples, then his mouth. Terry’s hands found her breasts, his fixation for years, and after groping and fondling, urged her further up his body so that he could fulfill an off rehearsed fantasy. His hands and mouth fully engaged with her nipples and full, firm breast meat, his cock being serviced by his mom. He hummed his delight as mom reacted to his playing, indulging him as a woman will, taking pleasure in his touch and kiss.

My own orgasm was building. I did not know how much cum my balls could produce, I had spewed so much already in the last few hours, but the pressure, the urge, was building. I stepped up my speed and the intensity of each thrust, my hands spanning her ass cheeks, my thumbs gravitating to the puckered little rose bud of her ass. My mouth watered as I thought about my own fantasies, and as the tips of my thumbs touched, I let a line of spit drip down, landing right on target. Now spit covered and slick, I pressed my thumbs down and massaged her tight muscle. I don’t know if I had lost track of how close she was, or if she was just that sensitive, but it triggered her. She clamped down, pressed back, squeezed short breathless bursts of sound. I was buried deep and her pussy contracted, milking my cock, bringing on my own orgasm.

Collapsed and entwined, across one another, we lay still catching our breath.

“Food.” I said. “I really need to get some food.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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