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There was a sickening mix of dread and excitement in the pit of Gina’s stomach as she lowered the radio to hear her GPS’s final instruction.

“In one mile, turn left on Lost Pine Way.”

She could feel the vibrations from the towering stereos already. Light spilled into the street as would a beacon to wayward sailors. The air was electric. Not only had Gina received her first invitation to a party in her hometown, not only was it to one of the notorious mansion bashes of the Petro twins, but she had been personally asked to come by John Petro himself.

The Petros were the wealthiest and, surprise surprise, the most popular kids in the town of Weymont. John Petro was the classic wide-shouldered, chiseled chinned, buff football star that every town seems to have. Despite his legendary status, he remained modest and friendly. Throughout high school, he was perpetually beset by a gaggle of horny girls. Gina hadn’t realized he had ever even known her name.

John’s sister, Allison, had a mean streak, to put it lightly. She was the queen bee, with a reputation as large as her brother’s but minus the kindheartedness. She tortured Gina throughout all twelve years of public school, as Gina was shy and eccentric. The athletic bodied Allison’s favorite ammo against Gina was her brutal comments upon Gina’s lackluster looks.

But Gina, once quite the ugly duckling, had finally transformed. She wasn’t a swan necessarily, but her first year of college had seen her discover the unconventional beauty that lay buried beneath an untamed head of hair and an unfortunate plague of acne. Now Gina, clear skin and short black hair with a punk rock streak of blue down the side, had caught the eye of John Petro.

She had just arrived home for the summer when she was messaged by John on Facebook: “Hi Gina! I know we didn’t talk too often in high school, but my sister and I are throwing a party at our place this weekend if you’d like to come. Hope to see you there!”

Allison Petro meandered around the enormous lawn of her mansion, basking in the barely hidden gazes of the male attendees. She wore a low cut tee and shorts that left nothing to the imagination. She carried her phone in one hand and a beer in the other, her fourth cup of the night.

Dozens of guests mingled inside and out, dancing and discussing their first years of college. A keg was set up in the living room and the DJ in the parlor. Few people went upstairs (except to use the bathroom), as it only contained a few bedrooms and the large balcony.

Inspired by the significant quantity of beer in her system, Allison began seeking a hook up buddy for the night. She watched the last remaining cars arrive, hoping to find someone more appealing than the riffraff that had already started partying. Nobody of special interest pulled up until a familiar girl pulled up. Allison, livid, approached her brother.

“The fuck, John? Did you invite that weird bitch Gina?”

John, painfully used to his sister’s sour attitude, responded calmly, “Yeah, I did. She’s a cool girl. Maybe if you’d stop judging her for a minute you’d actually like her.”

“I’d laugh if I wasn’t so disgusted. I don’t even tuzla escort know-“

“Gina! Over here!” John interrupted his sister and waved to the latest guest. The timid girl walked over gingerly.

“Oh, um, hi John. Thanks for the invite,” Gina stammered, forcing herself not to break eye contact. She glanced to the scowling girl next to him. “Hi Allison.”

Allison huffed and walked away.

“Don’t mind her,” John apologized. “Why don’t you go grab a drink?”

Gina perked up immediately. “I’d love to!”

The night raged on and the booze flowed like a river. Gina drank beer after beer, shot after shot, silently hoping to impress John with the drinking abilities she had developed in college. She was a relatively small girl, but she could hold her own against even the frat guys at her school.

John, of course, was busy talking to guests and making sure his parent’s mansion wasn’t trashed, but he still stole a few minutes here and there to talk to Gina; a gesture that gave her immense joy.

Allison did the same, although much of her conversations consisted of mocking the less popular guests, Gina chief among them. She too was a champion drinker, and was on par with Gina’s drink count.

It wasn’t long before both had bladders full to the brim with the result of the excessive liquor.

Allison stepped over a passed out guest to reach the staircase. The urge to pee had become overwhelming out of nowhere. She sprinted up the stairs only to crash into a guy standing at the end of a winding line.

“You ok?” The guy asked.

Allison recollected herself and said yes. She couldn’t help but dance around as her pressing need overtook her tendency to act dignified.

“You can go ahead of me. You look like you really need to go.”

Allison feigned shock. She had an image to maintain. She wanted others to see her as above human, almost as a goddess, and as far as she was concerned goddesses don’t urinate. “Uh, no I don’t! I was just looking for someone.” She quickly scampered back down the stairs, fighting the urge to cross her legs. She didn’t even notice Gina walking past her.

Gina, apparently less appealing than Allison, was not afforded the same courtesy by the guy at the end of the line, despite the fact that she had to pee just as badly. The sound of the toilet flushing echoed down the hallway, which caused Gina to fidget even more. She had been in similar predicaments over the past year of college, but never had she found herself in a line this long.

Minutes passed with nearly no movement. She tried to focus her mind elsewhere, but the mental image of sweet relief continuously snuck into her subconscious. There were clearly many desperate people in the line, as shown by their constant squirming, but Gina couldn’t imagine their need being worse than hers.

A toilet flushed and a girl walked out of the bathroom, relief plastered all over her face. The line moved torturously slowly as someone else took the girls place. Gina began to genuinely fear that she might lose control. Always the calculating type, she approximated a wait of about twenty more minutes before she would have a turn in the bathroom. She tuzla escort bayan also concluded that she had about fifteen minutes before she peed, bathroom or not.

With those ominous thoughts swimming through her head, she began to consider her options.

Allison found herself constantly stopped by guys fueled with lust and liquid courage. Her ultimate goal was to sneak away from the party and pee at the nearby diner, but her stunning body and skimpy outfit attracted men like flies. There was no way she could escape without being noticed.

Allison barely spoke two words to each guy that flagged her down. She was lucky she was known for being curt. No one would suspect she was really just desperate for a toilet.

Many guests, male and female, had opted to pee along the line of trees by the side of the mansion, but Allison believed herself to be far too classy for such primal behavior. She was steadily inching towards the road, where she planned to dash off to the diner once she was fully out of sight. She was getting close now. Just about fifty feet and she was home free. She could barely hold it, but at least relief was just around the-

“Yooo, Allison! What’s up? How you doing?” a group of guys chorused as they inadvertently prevented her escape.

Gina broke away from the line and made for the stairs. She figured she’d simply have to pee outside somewhere. But where? She had seen a few people dashing behind the trees, but she had a shy bladder. She couldn’t pee around other people and what if, god forbid, John were to stumble upon her with her pants around her ankles. No, outside was a no go.

She stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down the opposite end of the hallway. Making sure no one in the bathroom line saw her, she quickly rushed into a room on the far right. She closed the door behind her slowly. The queen sized bed and velvet drapes seemed to indicate the parent’s bedroom.

Well now what? she thought. She wasn’t going to just pee on the carpet, as much as that was seeming more and more appealing. Glancing around, she a sliding glass door that led to a fancy marble floored balcony. Works for me. She slipped out onto the balcony that hung over the back of the mansion. All the guests were located around the front yard, so nobody would see what she was about to do.

Gina pulled down her jeans, stepped onto a conveniently placed chair, and hoisted herself onto the railing.

It was now or never. Allison had finally broken away from her latest group of harassers and deemed her situation a lost cause. She was just about to pee her pants and the diner was just a little too far away to hold it in long enough. She stiffly shuffled past the partygoers without acknowledging their attempts to catch her eye. She would have to pee outside, but she decided she could save herself an extra shred of dignity by picking a spot in the back where nobody else was. People would see her walking there and would probably correctly theorize her goal, but it least she wouldn’t be giving anyone a free show.

Once she made it behind the mansion, she dashed to a spot a few feet in front of the wall. She ripped her shorts down and escort tuzla positioned herself into a high squat. An absolute torrent of pee shot out of her at a record speed. She silently willed the stream to quiet down, paranoid someone would hear it and come to investigate, but her bladder was currently independent of the rest of her body. She tried to move her shoes away from the rapidly growing puddle, but she couldn’t avoid some contact due to the sheer quantity of urine on the ground.

She sighed, her pee not even halfway through. The dirt all around her was soaked through with pee and she did not look forward to trudging through the pee-mud when she finished. Her mind began to wander as her stream continued its endless gush. She thought of which guy she might like to hook up with later. She thought of what she planned to do over the summer. She thought of the type of new car she wanted for her birthday. She thought of the weather. She didn’t recall seeing anything about rain but suddenly her head was getting sprinkled.

She glanced up, trying to keep her balance so as not to spray her leg, and was greeted with a thick stream of pee right in her face.

Gina couldn’t start her pee right away. She felt like an ocean was in her bladder, yet it wouldn’t release. After about thirty seconds of nothing, she closed her eyes and pretended she was sitting on a toilet. Finally she began to pee.

Seconds later she heard a bloodcurdling scream from directly below her. The shock nearly caused her to fall off the railing, but she steadied herself.

“Oh my god!” came a voice from below. “Someone’s peeing on me! Help! Oh god, it’s in my mouth!”

Gina panicked. She hopped off the railing, pee still streaming out of her but miraculously missing her clothes, and quickly squatted on the balcony floor to release more of her bladder’s contents. She cut the stream off midflow and sprinted into the bedroom and out into the hallway.

The yells of the girl below her couldn’t be heard by anyone in the house due to the blaring music, so no one had any reason to notice Gina silently making her way to the back of the bathroom line. She figured it’d be the most inconspicuous place to hide, and besides, she still had to pee a bit.

“Hey John, I just wanted to thank you again for inviting me. I had so much fun and I’d really like to do it again some time!” Gina said to her crush as she prepared to go home. Hours had passed since the incident and people couldn’t stop talking about it.

The outside guests, far enough removed from the music to hear Allison’s cries, ran around the back to see a sight no one would ever forget. Allison lay on her back in a large puddle of her own pee, her pants around her ankles, urine still spraying out of her and into the air. Phones immediately began flashing to capture the moment.

She was screaming about someone peeing on her, but nobody saw anyone when they looked up at the balcony. Her cries were written off as drunken rambling. Allison now lay sobbing in her room, obsessively checking social media to see how quickly the videos of her were spreading. Long story short, it went viral.

“Hey no problem, Gina! I’m glad you came,” John said as he embraced her. “I’m disappointed I didn’t get the chance to know you in high school, but I’d like to change that now. Want to catch a movie tomorrow night?”

Gina smiled. Life was good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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