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Ryan was staring at his mother a little nonplussed, he knew she was going through a bad time, but he had had to go through it too. It was his dad that had been killed those five long years ago, even if it only seemed like yesterday.

It had happened, just after his 13th birthday, he was waiting for him to come home so he could go to football practice, only he hadn’t arrived, Ryan went to meet him, he had all of his things, they could go when they met up. He walked into town, his dad was the best dad in the world, he loved him with a passion. He hung on every word he told him, he believed everything he told him too.

If he had a problem, no matter what it was, his dad would tell him a few things, and Ryan would see what he meant and was always satisfied with it, even if it hadn’t been what he wanted to hear. “How do you know all these things dad?” he would ask. “I have to know these things Ryan,” he would say, “so I can tell you, and so you can tell your children when they come along.” His dad amazed him, he seemed to know everything.

Along the way he had passed some sort of accident, the ambulance was just pulling away and the police were there, he didn’t stay to watch, he didn’t like that sort of thing, so he carried on into town. But he never met his dad, he was really upset and angry with him because he was missing practice, he waited a time, then headed back home.

When he got there, there was police car in the drive. He of course had no idea why they were at his house, but suddenly he was pained. He raced in to see his mom sat on the sofa crying, a policewoman at her side, also near to tears. It was then the awful tragic truth came out, his dad, his beloved dad had been mown down by a hit and run driver, and he had died at the scene.

The weeks and months that followed were a blur to him, he would wake in the night and cry out for him, his mom would dash to him and try to comfort him, and he tried to comfort her. But gradually things settled down, life returned as far as it ever could to normal.

There was one saving grace, the insurance that his mom had wisely insisted on placing on her and her husband, “for Ryan’s future,” was her words. As it happened it took care of them both, they had lost their breadwinner. Jodi his mom, was a clever woman; she was a financial wizard and worked from home so she could work and care for her son.

Thus she had sought the best possible life insurances for her and Jerry, her now deceased husband. The work she did was a sort of part time thing, well paid though because she was much sought after. So Ryan, who was as brave as a boy could be, always had his mother to hold him when it got too much.

Jodi herself had her best friend, her one true confidant; it was she who helped keep Jodi together. Jodi also had to keep possible suitors at bay too, she had no interest in other men, no one would ever, could ever, replace Jerry. No one pestered or bothered her, but after 18 months or so she would get the odd invite for a date, a meal, or a day out. She always politely refused.

But she was lonely, her bed for 5 years had lain empty on one side, no matter where she lay, the other side was always empty. Jodi was a sensual sexy and utterly beautiful woman; it didn’t surprise Sandra her best friend, when she received invites from other men.

Now at 39 years old, she pondered her future alone, she knew unequivocally there would never be another man in her life. It wasn’t a decision she had made, it was just that way. She still turned heads wherever she went, her long auburn hair was still as lustrous as if she was still 20 years old, her complexion was flawless, high eye brows started her face with an eye popping arch.

Jodi’s deep brown and hazel eyes drew people into them, her pert little nose, above full rounded, and heart shaped lips captured men’s attentions. Her body was still good, it didn’t sag, or hadn’t gone south as Jerry would tease her, that one day it would.

Now he had just celebrated his 18th birthday, he lamented the fact that his dearly beloved dad wasn’t there, he still talked to him, still asked his advice, and he did what he thought his dad would want him to do, and behaved the way he thought he would want him to, and to do as well as he could at school, everything Ryan did was for his mom and his dad. Though his heart still ached with a burn each and every day.

His mom had tried to create a normal life for him, but he also knew her heart had been irretrievably broken; she could never ever love another man. The three of them were the ultimate team. “No one can ever break the Forbes,” his dad would shout, and laugh, but God had hadn’t he? He hated god sometimes.

Ryan had been born after great difficulty, and no more babies would be conceived, lest her life was in great danger. Ryan of course knew nothing of this. He had his mom and dad, what more could any boy want than that.

Then his mom received another hammer blow from God, her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri best friend Sandra, had complained of feeling weird, she had gone to the doctors, he had referred her to hospital, and subsequently she had been diagnosed with and extreme and aggressive form of spinal cancer and had only weeks to live, she died within six weeks.

Ryan didn’t know, he couldn’t even guess how his mother would cope now. He stayed by her as much as he could, held her, talked to her, the way she had talked to him in his hour of need. Then Jodi started having a glass of wine, then another, and soon she was consuming 2 or 3 bottles a day.

Ryan couldn’t blame her, it was an aid to help her forget, but he, at his age didn’t know or understand the perils Jodi was drinking her way into. One day Ryan came home and found her slumped at the kitchen table, food on the stove was burning. And in her hand an empty glass of wine and next to that, an empty bottle. He called his girlfriend, who he was now having regular sex with unknown to his mother. He had asked his dad for advice in a dream, and he had told him it was okay, but to be careful.

“I can’t see you tonight Linda, my mom’s not too well and I don’t want to leave her alone,” he told, and Linda being the understanding girl she was, told him it was okay, and she would see him later. Ryan cleaned up in the kitchen, put the pots and pans away, half carried, and half walked his mom upstairs.

She told him she loved him through closed eyes, held on tight to him, and half way up, she vomited. It splashed Ryan and plopped onto the carpeted treads. It amazed Ryan because he was disgusted, he got his mom to the bedroom and lay her down, he returned to the mess and cleaned it up. His mom wasn’t well, he was her aid.

Back in the bedroom he looked at her and wondered what to do, He couldn’t just leave her could he? Jodi was asleep now, she was okay, but he knew he had to stay to guard her. He undid her blouse and removed it after a bit of a struggle, then he removed her skirt. And that’s when Ryan saw his mother for the first time for what she was. An absolutely beautiful woman, he didn’t have lewd thoughts, he was just shocked at himself for never seeing her this way before.

She was wearing a bra, and a small lacy thong, her body was stunning, high firm breasts, slim waist, and the longest legs he had ever seen, even though she was only about 5ft 7″ tall, to his 6ft 1.” He put his mother in the classic recovery position, Jodi was on her side.

He brought a bowl from the kitchen just in case she vomited again, then he pulled a chair up, and sat there to look after her if she needed it. After an hour or so he was nodding off himself, but kept jerking awake when his head dropped. “This is no good,” he told himself, he got blankets and a pillow and laid on the floor. And after about an hour there he was stiff and his side hurt.

He got up, looked at his mom sleeping peacefully, pulled the covers back and got in with her, he fell asleep in minutes. He awoke in the middle of the night because something was odd, wrong? His cock was hard and it was being held. He lifted his own hands to confirm it wasn’t one of his. He turned his head expecting to see Linda there, forgetting he was in bed with his mother.

His heart almost stopped when he saw his mom, he had actually forgotten he was in her bed with her, making sure she would be okay. Her head was towards him, on her side facing him, and fast asleep! And her was hand tight around his throbbing prick. “Mom,” he whispered in his head, she moved her hand up, then she moved it down, it was torturous. He lay there with the biggest hard on he had ever had, and his sleeping mother was slowly jacking him off.

He wanted to tell her to stop, but his voice wouldn’t work, he wanted grab her wrist and make her stop, but his mind wouldn’t let him. He was enjoying it too much. Ryan lay there in a daze, knowing that soon he would blow his load. And his mind and body wouldn’t let him do any other. It was the most fabulous feeling he had ever had, it was far better than anything Linda had done.

Then that irresistible sensation in his 18 year old bell end started, nothing could stop it now, his balls boiled and roiled, then his head and shoulders, along with his feet and legs, left the bed. He just managed to throw the covers back as his hot spunk shot over his head to land on the head board. Gasping for breath but forcing himself to be quiet about it, he lowered his body parts down.

He lay there wondering what to do, he daren’t move his mother until she herself moved, it took what seemed like an eternity, but finally his mother let him go and rolled over. Ryan snuck out of her bed, went into the bathroom and wet a towel, he cleaned his chest of the blobs there, then crept back in and wiped up his dripping cum off the headboard. He checked the sheets, none there, he looked his mom and wanted to dive on her and fuck her silly, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he loved her, he really did.

He went to his own room, knowing now she was alright, finally he went back to sleep. And he dreamed of his dad, they were in a field somewhere talking. Ryan wanted to know when he was coming back. His dad said, he didn’t know, “but look after your mother at all costs, you are all she has now Ryan,” he had told him.

In the morning at breakfast in the kitchen, Jodi looked at her son, and said. “Darling, I’m sorry, but I had a little too much to drink last night, please forgive me?” “It’s alright mom,” he said, relieved, “I got you to bed and you slept like a baby, I think?” He would know in a second if she remembered what she did. “Did you undress me then?” she asked. “Er, I, er, hmmm, yes mom, I did, was that alright?” “Yes darling and I thank you for considering my modesty, by not completely undressing me,” she laughed softly.

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief, but he would never forget that wonderful moment when she made him blow his load uncontrollably. Jodi set about making him bacon and eggs, he wolfed them down, she commenting on how hungry he was, had he been exercising? She asked. “No mom, last night with you was exercise enough,” he too laughed.

“I guessed you slept with me for a while because both sides of my bed were used, did you baby?” she posed, not looking at him when she said it. Ryan went on the defensive, “I had to mom, I needed to make sure you were okay, are you angry?” he questioned. “No darling of course not,” she said, “you are my guy, you have a right, and I expect, you to look after me, right?” “I’ll always look after you mom,” he told her, “Dad told me to in a dream I had.”

Jodi burst into tears on hearing that, Ryan grabbed her and held her tight. But he also got an erection having her squashed to his body, Jodi felt it, but said and did nothing but stay in his strong arms. “Won’t we ever get over it my baby?” she asked him.

“I don’t want to get over it mom, but we have to live, and dad wants us to live, for him, and for ourselves too,” he told her. “Do you feel that Ryan, does he really talk to you baby?” “In my dreams mom, yes he does, and I love him more because he hasn’t really left me, or you.”

He looked at his beautiful mother with a yearning for her in his heart he had never felt before. His erection forgotten momentarily, he hugged her tight. Jodi crushed herself to him too, fully aware now of the effect she was having on him, and her love for him grew in tune with his for her. They broke apart, and Jodi looked him ruefully, both now with the knowledge that he was sexually aroused because of their clinch.

Jodi excused herself and went upstairs, Ryan called out that he was going to school and would see her in the afternoon, she rushed down to kiss him good bye. The look that passed between them made them both realise that their bond was growing, inexplicably, imperceptibly slow, but so sure. “I’ll be home early mom, its Friday okay?” he told her, one more hug and he was gone. “What about Linda?” she called after him. “I’m having the weekend off!” he laughed, and disappeared from her view.

Jodi busied herself all day, she felt unreasonably happy, yet didn’t know why. Ryan was home around 3pm, he kissed his mothes cheek, they chatted about this and that, Ryan smelled her breath, no drink on it, he was glad about that. Around 6pm Linda called, her car was in the garage and she needed help. Jodi was not too pleased, he had promised he would be home all weekend, yet here he was dashing off to aid a damsel in distress.

Ryan got home around three hours later, he walked into the kitchen and there on the table was an empty wine bottle. “Oh no, mom, not again!” he wondered. He walked into the sitting room and his mother was laid out half on half off the sofa, and another almost empty bottle lying on its side on the floor. An empty glass was hanging from her fingers.

Ryan almost yelled at her, but managed to hold it in. She was hurting he knew, she wasn’t coping as well as he was. Although he cried sometimes at night even now for his lost dad. This made him feel sadder, to see his mother whom he loved with all his heart, going through this.

He saw that she was okay, then went around the house searching for bottles of wine, he found several, not hidden away but in different places. He tipped the lot down the sink, and stuffed the empties into the bin outside. Then he went back to his mother, and again he helped her up the stairs.

In the bed room he went through the same routine he had before, he undressed her once more. And couldn’t help but admire the form of her, she was so utterly beautiful, “no wonder you fell for her dad.” He said to himself. She flowed in and out in all the right places, and even in sleep she was so softly gorgeous. But he agonised over whether to get into bed with her.

He undressed and slipped into bed with güvenilir bahis şirketleri her, this time he made sure she was lying away from him. He fell to sleep and dreamed of his dad, he had no idea where they were, only that they were talking.

“Moms taking it hard dad,” he heard himself say. “Yes I know Ryan, I watch her.” “Can’t you come back dad and make it right, please?” “I can’t Ryan, I’m not allowed to, I only know I have to make sure you look after her, and when ‘he’ knows you are, I will go.” “I love you dad.” Ryan choked. “I love you too son, but it’s your mom who needs you the most.” There the dream ended.

Ryan woke in a sweat, his mother was all around him, her head on his shoulder, her arm around his waist, her leg cocked over his. And Ryan knew without even having to check, that he had a hard on, he was 18 for fucks sake, what’s a boy his age to do! He smelled her, it tazered his brain.

He lay there glorying in his mothers sleeping embrace, her softness, her lightness, her even breathing, her heat spreading to him. It got him going more than ever before. Then Jodi moved, her hand slid down and gripped his fevered cock. Ryan sighed for two reasons, the power of her hand, and the fear of it.

She began to slowly jack him off again, he had no defence, and certainly no control over what was happening. He worked the bed sheets off and let it happen. It was the most thrilling experience of his young life. She jacked him until his hips left the bed and he blew a thick wad of cum over his shoulder once more and hit the headboard in more or less the same place, also splattering his chest along the way.

Ryan lay there as before gasping, trying to ease his breath so as not to wake her. Then she began again, his cock hadn’t really gone down, it never did. He became hard again and liad there wallowing in her touches. Then without warning she rose up, climbed over him and sank herself down in one swift movement.

“Oh darling,” she whispered, in a stuporphoric kind of way, he didn’t know if she was awake or not. “Its been so long darling, so long, I love you baby.” Then his mother rode him, soon she was banging herself up and down on him, he saw her eyes gleaming in the light, she was definitely awake now! Ryan wasn’t going to cum any time soon, he had just blown his load, and knew it would take time for him to blow again.

This was the best thing that could happen, he lasted the course, his mother blasted herself to a cataclysmic climax. She fell on him, held him and kissed him. “Oh darling have you any idea how much I have missed that. I could never have told you Ryan, never.” “Mom,” he croaked. “Its okay my sweet love, if it hadn’t have been you, it would never have been anybody, no one darling.” She told him.

She lay on him, she kissed him, then said. “Ryan I’m sorry, are you okay sweetheart, I couldn’t help myself, I woke up with you in my hand and I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself, please forgive baby?” “Mom I love you, I will always love you,” he told her, “and now I know what dad meant, when he said I have to take care of you, he was leading me to you.”

“Ryan do you know what you are saying, your dad wants this, me and you, is that it?” she was incredulous. “Yes mom, I do, I understand now, what he was trying to say without telling me.” His beautiful mother was stunned, “I have waited five long years, for him to show me the way mom,” Ryan said. Jodi sobbed then in his arms, she felt safe for the first time in those long five years, and a peace was settling over her. Ryan was feeling the same.

They talked for a long time, Jodi never left his cock alone, but she never worked him either. Ryan told his mother in the best order that he could of his dreams of his dad, his talks with him. She believed everything he told her, she finished off by saying. He has watched over us hasn’t he darling, waiting for the right time for us. He loves us still, “we are still the three Forbes, no one could ever break us,” he used to say, and he was right wasn’t he?” “Yes mom, he was.”

They fell asleep, and Ryan dreamed again of his dad, but it was different, they talked without speaking, then his dad kissed Ryan’s forehead and drifted away somewhere. When Ryan wakened, he knew what had happened, his dad had gone to where he would be happy, happy knowing his son, his beloved son, was where he was ordained to be, with his wife, and Ryan’s mother. He was the only person who could ever do the job that was needed, to care for her, yo look after her with all the love he had.

Ryan and his mom were relaxed, they both knew his dad had brought them to this, and they both knew he was at last in peace with God. They began to learn each other; they made love again and again. Jodi was amazed at Ryan’s stamina, he was a bit crude but she would iron out all the kinks.

He 69nd her that afternoon, Jodi had enormous orgasms, he plated her in the same way his dad would, he was his fathers son, of that there was no doubt. He grew more like him with every passing second. Ryan called Linda, he needed to speak with her, Linda could tell by his tone there was something in the air. He told her he had to end their relationship, why, she asked. “Because I don’t feel we can go anywhere Linda, I’m sorry.”

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