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Chapter 6

The noise coming from apartment 2D was so egregious in the 24th hour of the day that Peter Massey felt he had no other choice than to knock on the door and let his neighbor know.

Moments later his knock came loud and repetitive. If Peter wasn’t mistaken he thought he heard a scream come from within the room above the incessant pounding of the music just as he rapped on the door.

Inside room 2D, a female in her early 20s heard no such knock on her door as she rode the cock of her lover. She was so lost in the moment, in the throes of another orgasm that her scream and the grunts of her partner underneath her were all that reached her ears.

Instead, as she rolled off and attempted to return to her senses, it was her partner who reached for the remote and turned off the Bose speaker filling the room with R&B music, then strode into the kitchen fully nude for some hydration while listening attentively for another knock at the door. None came.

Hearing the room go quiet, Massey decided that was sufficient enough for him at the moment and returned to his home across the hall. Back inside 2D, the nude male found his water bottle and began thirstily consuming water. After downing close to a liter, he set the bottle down, gathered another from the fridge and returned to the bedroom.

“Why did you turn the music off?” Summer asked. She was sitting up against her headboard now, one leg curled up the other extended. One hand idly massaged her pussy where a small amount of cum could be seen leaking out.

“I thought I heard someone at the door,” replied Cole and he handed his sister the water he brought over.

“Oh shit!” Summer exclaimed and she clambered over to the opposite side of the bed to look at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It read 11:05. She returned to her spot and looked up at Cole, her older brother by two years and accepted the water he was still offering.

“Thanks,” she said. “It’s past 11. Our quiet hours during the week are after 10. Whoops.” She began drinking.

“Well, whoever it was seems content now. Damn, I didn’t realize we were at it that long. That could be a new record for us, Sum,” Cole finished with a small smile for his sister. Summer looked up at her brother and returned the smile as she finished drinking for the moment.

“It was amazing,” Summer agreed. “How long do you think we were fucking for?”

It didn’t take Cole long to come up with a time frame. A little thought revealed he had to have been home by 9 p.m.

“Pretty close to two hours I think,” said Cole as he sat down on the bed next to his sister who was drinking more water. “I left the gym at 8:45 and it couldn’t have taken me more than 10 minutes to reach the building.”

“And then we basically started as soon as you came through the door,” laughed Summer.

“Well, I came home and you practically tackled me,” Cole replied.

There was a pause in the conversation as Summer finished a laughing fit. She finished her water and set it down on the nightstand.

“I couldn’t help myself. I was thinking about you all day at work and then at the gym,” Summer replied. She had her head laying on her brother’s chest, a hand massaging his toned abs. That’s when she realized her brother was erect again.

“How are you still hard?!” she asked incredulously.

“Well, I am sitting next to your naked body, watching my cum leak out of your pussy while you stroke my body,” Cole stated matter-of-factually. “That tends to do it.”

“I’m not complaining,” Summer returned with another smile. Cole loved that smile. She bent down and took Cole’s erection in her mouth, beginning a slow and tender blow job. Cole murmured his approval and stroked his sister’s hair, keeping it away from her eyes and mouth.

“How many orgasms did you have, Sum?”

Rather than speaking, Summer lifted her hand and answered with her fingers, raising four while she continued to suck Cole’s thick erection.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, too — mmmmmm, that’s good, sis.”

Summer’s body was sprawled out across the width of the queen size bed and her plump, curvaceous ass peaked out provocatively. Cole considers himself to have a reasonable amount of restraint, at least as much as the next man when it comes to temptation, but even in this moment he couldn’t resist fondling his sister’s booty. He reached over and cupped his sister’s left ass cheek, massaging it lovingly.

“I know I say this like every day, but damn sis, your ass is amazing,” Cole exclaimed.

Summer merely swept a few strands of loose hair out behind her ear and continued sucking on her brother’s cock. She had to open her mouth as wide as she could to fit it at its thickest. While Cole slapped and fondled Summer’s beautiful ass, Summer began gagging on her brother’s cock as she deep-throated him.

After another minute or so, Cole pulled his sister up to him and gave her a warm kiss on the lips. He was still sporting a tree trunk for a hard on and he slipped it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into the warm tunnel of Summer’s pussy smiling as she gasped, clearly shocked at being given the pipe again so soon.

“Cole, I’m sore. I don’t think I can take another round,” Summer said kindly, a note of disappointment in her voice.

That suited Cole fine. His intention was actually to cuddle and talk, not fuck.

“I actually just wanted to spoon, sis. Is it alright if I leave it in your warm pussy where it belongs?”

“Oh, Cole!” Summer turned her head and kissed Cole. She opened her mouth to him and the two made out lovingly for 20 seconds, Cole’s cock still buried in his sister’s vagina.

“Cole, that was so sweet. You nearly made me cry,” Summer said softly staring into her brother’s beautiful brown eyes. She gave him another soft kiss on the lips then turned her face forward and settled into her pillow, Cole spooning her from behind, one arm looped around her rib cage, cupping her right tit.

“It’s crazy how perfect this has worked out,” Summer began, thinking aloud. “You moving in here. I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive. As much as I loved spending time with you growing up, we never did any of this, you know?”

Cole was quiet but Summer could feel his agreement in the way he held her and nodded his head behind her. She continued.

“We never really lived together,” and Summer emphasized lived hard. “You know, as adults. I mean sure, we lived together when we were growing up but that’s different. We weren’t in charge of the house, making our own dinners, buying groceries or cleaning. We never shared the same room, the same bed obviously,” and she laughed. “I was just, I think, a little worried about how it would be, whether you would disrupt my comfort here.

“Instead it’s been perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so fortunate you were forced here and happy that I opted to share my bed with you.”

“Well, I’m just glad you’re happy, sis” Cole said. “Having you here for me when I needed you…” he trailed off, “I mean, it made everything so much easier..

“And I’ve actually been meaning to bring it up because I found out today that my unit will be ready to move back into next month, they said July 1 is their goal. But I thought, you know if it’s okay with you, I could just move here permanently and rent my place out instead. Is that fine with you?”

“Cole, I would absolutely love that! You know I would,” Summer answered, again turning to look her brother in the eyes.

“Well, then it’s decided. I’ll put my place up for rent this week and settle in here for good. How much should I pay you for rent, sis?” asked Cole.

“I don’t know,” Summer said apprehensively as she thought about it. “I think what we have going on now works, you paying for your food. Why don’t we just say $200 and you do all the grocery shopping. That should cost you no more than $600 per month, maybe $700 and keep things simple — you already do most of the shopping.

“What do you think you can rent your place for?” Summer asked finishing up her thoughts.

“I’d have to look at comps,” Cole answered thoughtfully. “To be honest, I hadn’t explored it at all. I think some of the units in my building, one bedrooms like mine, are being rented for $1,600, maybe $1,700?”

“That’d be awesome if you could get that,” Summer replied, still being spooned from behind. The cock resting inside her felt so good, Summer couldn’t help herself anymore. She started grinding her pussy on it ever so slowly, just savoring the feeling of her brother’s hard cock buried where it belonged.

“As long as I get this whenever I need it, that’s payment enough,” Summer said turning to look at Cole again, smiling wide.

“That’s no easy task,” laughed Cole. “You’re insatiable. I didn’t realize my sister was such a cock-hungry slut.”

Cole kissed his sister lightly on the lips and thrust deeper into her. Summer let out a little moan.

“Ohhhhhh God,” Summer moaned. “Only for your cock, Cole. Your magnificent thick pipe that you hammer me with every day.”

As she uttered that last sentence, Cole thrust in her to match each word, Summer timing her words carefully.

“I love it when you talk dirty to me, babe,” Cole replied and kissed Summer long and hard.


Cole felt the need for his release. He sat up, his cock still buried in Summer’s pussy, placed both hands on her beautiful ass applying pressure while holding it in place as he began a more fervent pace.

“Oh fuck!” Summer cried out. “Yes, right there, Cole! Don’t you dare stop. Ohhhhhhhhhh yes!”

Cole had no inclination to regardless of his sister’s demand. He took his sister’s legs, pinned them together and pushed them off to the right as he continued to fuck her furiously. The repositioning of her legs effectively altered the regions of Summer’s pussy in which he explored with his cock head. By the sounds his sister was making, this change güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was well made.

“OhhhhmyGodddddddd!” Summer screamed. “Yes, yes, yes. Uh uh uh uh uh.”

Her grunting went on and on as Cole drilled her relentlessly. He lasted another 10 minutes before emptying another load — this one much smaller, his well drained entirely now — inside Summer’s womb. Softening, Cole withdrew from Summer and the two fell asleep wrapped in each other’s embrace, Summer’s head using Cole’s chest as her pillow.

Chapter 7

Summer was at her office the following morning when her work email pinged. She glanced sideways at the alert and knew immediately from the subject header what it meant — France trip.

She was promoted about six months ago at her accounting firm. With that promotion came more important clients and one of the jobs she was placed on was with a big French company based in Paris. Clicking on the email, she realized her and her 5-person team would be on 4 p.m. direct flight out to Paris in just 10 days time. They were to be put up at the Hotel Villa d’Estrees for seven nights.

Summer was so elated she did a silent happy dance in her seat conscious of the fact that she was in an open office setting with six other colleagues focused on their work directly around her. She remembered being told about the possibility of more travel when she was promoted over the winter, but she didn’t realize she was placed on this particular client job. Seeing it confirmed in written form was surreal for her. At the youthful age of 24 now (she recently had her birthday) her limited travel experiences had taken her to about half of the United States, the province of British Columbia, Mexico and the Bahamas. This would be her first time setting foot in the continent of Europe and first trip over the Atlantic. Exciting stuff.

Seeing Paris had always been a dream of hers as well. Now it was set to become a reality. The only drawbacks she could think of was she would be working everyday. Typically off by dinner time, it left her and her colleagues only the evenings to experience the city. The other negative would be leaving her brother Cole for essentially nine days. It was a work trip and there was no way he could accompany her.

As she thought about it more, she wondered if she might be able to extend the trip a week. Take a week of vacation time to do some of her own traveling in France. Might as well she thought, I’ll be there and the flight is paid for. She checked her work calendar. She might be able to swing it if her boss okayed it. Exploring Paris, the wine region of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, Nice and Monaco… she had to do it. Maybe Cole could join her for that week? She sent off the request to her boss and sat back in her chair, her mind wandering over all the French highlights she could soon be experiencing.

A couple hours later her boss’s reply came back. It wasn’t the response Summer was hoping for. Her boss could let her stay an additional three days, but told her Summer was needed back in the office on the Wednesday for another client. It just wasn’t a good time to fit in a short vacation. She would have to just get a feel for Paris, maybe take a day trip somewhere and then come back another time to do France justice.

So instead of sending her brother a dinner invitation text, the hope to go somewhere fancy to both celebrate her pending trip abroad but also to ask him to join her, she set her phone down and sent no such text.

Chapter 8

She worked till six — a little longer than normal with work piling up now that she would be leaving soon — then rushed off to the gym to work legs and core. When she finished and reached in her gym bag for her phone, there was a message waiting for her. It was from Cole, short and sweet.

Out with a buddy. Will be back late.

She threw on her hoodie, grabbed her keys and headed home. Instead of the nice night relaxing in the living room with her brother, she drove home for her post workout meal and called a few of her friends. She caught up with Natalie and Emma, then had a nice long talk with Ashley in which she finally shared the news of her upcoming trip to Paris. Ashley was ecstatic for her. She had been recently as part of a study abroad program at university. So Ashley gave Summer a few tips on areas to visit, cafes to have an espresso at.

It was Ashley that near the end of the call steered the conversation towards Summer’s brother Cole.

“How’s your brother,” Ashley asked offhandedly, trying to come off nonchalant. Summer caught it, wasn’t too excited about her interest, but nonetheless did her best to respond without any sign of offense taken.

“He’s fine,” Summer said sweetly, perhaps a little too quick but she hoped her friend didn’t read anything into it.

“I’ll say he is,” Ashley replied and she tried to bite back a laugh only to fail.

Summer ignored her. “He’s out with a friend right now or I’d let you talk güvenilir bahis şirketleri to him.”

There was a short patch of silence. Summer remembered Ashley mentioning dating someone she met online and realized she hadn’t asked how that was going of late.

“Aren’t you seeing that guy you matched with online?” Summer queried.

Ashley exhaled. I guess it didn’t go well, thought Summer.

“Not anymore. He was lousy in bed,” admitted Ashley honestly.

“Oh,” Summer responded. “Well, you’ll find someone else. You’re gorgeous Ash.”

“Yeah, thanks Sum,” she responded. “I’m not sweating it.”

Realizing it was getting late, her interest in talking to Ashley suddenly diminished Summer decided to end the call.

“It’s been nice talking with you, Ash. Thanks for the advice on Paris.”

“Yeah, you too, Summer. Have a good time, okay? We should get together sometime here before you go.”

“Sounds good, babe. We can grab lunch,” Summer said cheerfully.

“Perfect! Night Summer,” returned Ashley, genuinely excited for their lunch date and her friends’ upcoming European excursion. She hung up her phone and Summer a few miles away did the same. Summer set her phone down on the night stand and unmuted the television. Saturday would be a good day for them to get together, she thought.

She was curled up on the couch in her sexy little bedtime attire, a pair of cotton booty shorts that didn’t even cover her ass entirely and a t-shirt from her university days, which actually fit her better now. She was idly watching The Office on Netflix laughing here and there, but her thoughts kept going back to Ashley and her brother.

Cole still had not returned from wherever he was with his friend and it was now 10:15 p.m. She had her eyes on him, Summer knew, Ashley that is. As much as it hurt her to think about that. To consider sharing her brother, she had to admit to herself girls would always be interested in him. He was too good looking, too easy to like, too fun for a straight girl not to be attracted to.

Without realizing it, Summer had slid her shorts off and was fingering herself right there on the sofa.

She wants him. And Cole likes her, too. I saw it. Ashley would fuck him in a heartbeat if I gave her the chance. Am I good with that? Can I handle Cole dating someone that isn’t me?

Summer got up. It was 10:30 now, she decided to get some wine. She poured herself a glass of red and sat back down sipping at it, still half naked and her pussy slick.

She knew the answers to her self-imposed questions. She could handle watching Cole date another girl, even her friend if that’s who he chose. She would have to after all, it wasn’t like she wanted to settle down with him. There’s no way their family would accept that and nor did she want to fight for it. Over the last three months she had grown to love her brother in ways that she realized she could love no other man. There was a deep connection there beyond just the mutual attraction. He knew her better than anybody alive, probably even her mother and that made everything else in their relationship even better, especially the sex. Summer’s only caveat was she wanted to keep what her and Cole had. Both elements. The close companionship and the sex. She felt sure that Cole would feel the same way, though they had yet to address that idea.

A rattle of the key in the door lock brought her out of her revelry. Cole turned the lock and pushed the door open just as Summer looked over.

“Hey sis,” Cole said as he came in. It took him a few strides into the room before he noticed that she was sitting half nude on the sofa, her legs bent up on the couch as she played with herself.

“Hi,” she called back. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“I see that,” Cole returned, he had his shoes off and was now pulling his shirt off as he approached his sister on the couch.

“Allow me, babe,” and Cole lowered his mouth onto his sister’s wet vagina, his tongue going to work over her slit and clit. Summer had her lips spread wide and Cole dove right into her. It wasn’t long before Summer had her head thrown back and her moans were unleashed, deep and throaty they came.

Cole dug his fingers into his sister’s hole while thumbing her thin clit. He felt his sister getting wetter, more excited, her pussy walls contracting more rapidly around his fingers and he started slamming his hand in and out of her furiously hoping to make her cum.

It didn’t take her long, she had been masturbating for close to 20 minutes before her brother came home after all. As Cole furiously pumped his fingers in and out of his Summer’s vagina in an up and down motion, his thumb continuing to work her clit in a circular motion, Summer’s arousal rose and she couldn’t hold back her screams.

“Holy shit, Cole!” Summer yelled. “That’s so good! Don’t… you… dare… stoppppp! Ahhhhh, I’m cumming!”

Cole’s hand was sloshing around in Summer’s cunt so wildly that for a moment he felt like a washing machine on the rinse cycle. He could feel his sister’s dam about to burst. A torrent of liquid was set to burst forth like a garden hose whose kink was cleared. He set his mouth to her swollen pink pussy lips and flicked his tongue inside her hole urging the stream to come while his sister moaned frantically.

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