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All characters in this story are of legal age and fictional.


I couldn’t believe my eyes, my wife of 15 years was fucking one of my work colleagues, in our house! I had put our video camera in the corner of the kitchen telling her it was on charge but I had left it recording to see what she did when I was at work. I watched again as she went about her day, then at just before 1pm in walks Mark, a friend and work colleague who was on a late shift, they start kissing, she unzips his trousers and then her knickers are off and they fuck on the kitchen work top. I froze one frame. Even hard his cock can only have been 4 maybe 5 inches long and very thin. My mind was in turmoil, 15 years I had been faithful to the bitch! I sat looking at the still frame fuming, suddenly my mind cleared. I would hurt them both. I made several copies of the video, one for both of them, one for myself, another for a solicitor and I would keep the original.

I had the weekend to myself, Debra was supposed to be away with our kids at her mother’s, so I would take a copy to give to Marks wife, Deborah by coincidence, all I had to do was find his address and drive down there. I drove to my work place. I was a production controller at a plastics factory so I had access to all the company records. As it was late Friday afternoon the offices were empty, just the back shift working. I opened the drawer containing employee records and found Mark’s file, I jotted down his home address and phone number. As I was putting it back I noticed a file “M&D evidence”, opening it I found several memory cards with dates on them that were a few months old. I took them over to my desk and plugged them in one at a time, each one of them showed Debra and Mark in the stores fucking like rabbits. I copied each one on to a memory stick, put them back, shut my pc down and left. Driving home I decided to phone Debra. Her mobile was switched off so I left a message.

“Hello phone me as soon as you get this.”

The rest of the short journey home I spent feeling angry. When I got home I made copies of the videos from work, realising that watching them was turning me on, what the hell was wrong with me? The last DVD was finished so I shut the pc down and phoned Debra’s mother.

“Is Debra there?”

There was a slight pause.

“No Jon, she’s staying at Anne’s.”

“I thought she was staying with you?” I said lightly.

“I have the decorators in doing the spare rooms, I did tell her last week.” Her voice sounded strange.

“That’s OK, just a bit worried because she normally texts me to say she got there OK, if she contacts you could you tell her that I called?”

“I will Jon.”

We said our goodbyes and hung up, I instantly phoned her sister.

“Hello Anne is Debra there?”

There was a long pause.

“It’s no good I can’t lie to you Jon, she has left the girls here and is at a hotel somewhere.”

“I thought so, she’s not alone is she?”


“OK Anne I really appreciate you being so honest.”

“I had this done to me and even if she is my sister you don’t deserve it. You have always been good to her, too good for her.”

We chatted some more and hung up. That made my mind up, I was going to drive to Marks and show his wife what he was doing. Just as I got to the front door, the idea of cancelling all her bank cards popped into my head. I found the details, rang them and cancelled both of her card’s. If she wants to screw someone else she wasn’t doing it with my money! It was a 20 minute drive to Marks and I tried Debra’s number twice, on both occasions it went to voice mail. I stopped outside Marks address and knocked the door. I had seen his wife several times. She was pleasant to talk to, red haired with pale skin and always had a worried expression. She opened the door looking surprised.

“Hi Deborah, is Mark here?”

She looked puzzled.

“He’s supposed to be with you at a conference for the weekend!”

“Can I come in, this would be easier indoors.”

She stepped back and motioned me in.

“Oh god don’t tell me he’s been in an accident?” she was almost white.

I followed her into the front room and we sat down.

“He’s not been in an accident and there never was a conference” I spotted a DVD player “it would be easier if you watched these” I gave her the 2 discs “and give them to your solicitor as soon as possible.”

I stood up to leave.

“Wait! please wait” I looked at her, she had her worried expression back “I have a horrible feeling I know what’s on them, will you please stay with me while I watch them?”

I sat back down on the sofa as she switched on the TV and DVD player, she sat back on the sofa next to me. The image of Debra leaving the kitchen and walking back in with Mark was enough to start my cock twitching again. As they stripped and started to fuck on the worktop, Deborah sighed.

“The bastard” she sighed again, turned and looked at me “he’s done this before, I’m so sorry that it’s your wife.”

“It takes two to tango so Debra is as much casino oyna to blame.” I put my hand on her arm.

“19 years I have been faithful to him. He’s does this at least 3 times that I know of” she put her hand over mine “he’s not getting away with it this time.”

She was unconsciously gripping my hand.

“I’m truly sorry that I had to be the bearer of bad news.” I replied.

“Don’t be sorry” she was watching the video “he’s not even got a good dick!”

“I thought I was small but I must have 2 inches more…” I said this without thinking.

Deborah turned and looked at me.

“If they are cheating on us, we should do the same!”

Before I knew what was happening we were pulling at each others clothes, undoing buttons and zips with our mouths clamped together. I think that watching the video so many times had turned me on so much that I would have fucked anyone who was willing. We were both naked when Deborah pulled away from me and took a long look at me.

“Why the hell is she fucking him when she has you?” she said this in a whisper.

I looked at her pale skin. Her nipples were bright pink, and they were at least half an inch long, her tits were different sizes, one much larger than the other. Her stomach had a few stretch marks but then my eyes reached her thick red bush.

“Wow!” was all I could say.

I put my arms out to her and she stepped into them, her hand grabbed my cock and we kissed again. She pulled me towards the sofa and sat down. It was low enough for me to kneel between her legs and slide my dick into her. I pushed the full length of it inside her and paused.

“Oh Christ!” she gasped.

I pulled slowly out of her, unintentionally pulling completely out. The video was still playing and on screen Mark had his erect cock about to enter my wife’s cunt. Deborah looked at the screen.

“Look at his dick, why have I put up with that.”

The head of my cock was now pressing against her opening, I left it there and grabbed both of her tits, her nipples were as hard as rock, on the screen Mark’s was slowly entering my wife so I slowly pushed my throbbing cock into his wife. Deborah let out a gasp as I kept pace with Mark on screen, I started matching him stroke for stroke when suddenly Deborah asked me to stop.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as she pushed me away.

“I need a towel”. She got up and went into the kitchen.

She has a great arse, I thought. She returned with 2 large towels, one of which she folded and put on the floor then folded the other and sat on it. As soon as she was in position I got on my knees again, this time I went down on her. Just like her nipples her pussy lips were bright pink, her clit was hard, I flicked it with my tongue and she grabbed my head.

“No!” she pulled at my head.

I straightened up and slid my cock into her.

“Fuck me.” she said.

I glanced at the TV, on screen Debra and Mark were fucking. I started to slowly fuck Deborah, savoring the feeling of her pussy around my cock.

“I’ve only ever been with Mark.” she said.

I stopped my movement, still deep inside her, I could feel her hot cunt gripping me. I pushed hard against her making sure all of my penis was in her, she was so wet and tight. I began to slowly fuck her occasionally glancing at the screen. I put my hands under her knees and lifted her legs making it easier to get deeper into her.

“Oh God!” she gasped.

She curled her legs around me freeing my hands.

“I’m coming, oh yes faster, please faster!”

I sped up pushing hard against her each time, I glanced up at her and watched her tits moving in time with my hips hitting her. I could feel the build up to my orgasam, the feeling of tightness the feeling of my cock head swelling, I know it wasn’t swelling but it felt as if I was massive.

“I’m coming.” I gasped.

With one last push I started pumping inside her, then pulled out a little and pushed in hard and held myself against her. Suddenly Deborah hissed as she climaxed, it felt like she was pissing against me, with every wave she squirted against me, I could feel it running down my legs. Her orgasam seemed to last for a long, long time, her cunt muscles were working hard around my cock. She stopped squirting and I felt her relax. I put my arms under her knees again to keep her from pulling away. We stayed like this for a while.

“I better clean up. I haven’t come like that in a while!”

I pulled slowly out of her, still semi erect. She sat up, smiled at me then kissed me gently on the lips, pulled the towel off the sofa and walked out. My legs down to my knees were soaking wet. When I stood up I could feel it running down to my feet. Deborah came back in.

“There’s a bathroom across the hall” she looked at me “Oh dear, I’m so sorry about that, I can’t help it though.”

“Don’t apologise, that’s the first time I have felt that.” I walked to the bathroom, still naked.

I washed and dried my self and went back to the front room, Deborah was dressed.

“Don’t take this the wrong canlı casino way, that was fantastic but it wasn’t enough. I really want to hurt him, humiliate him.”

I started dressing, as I pulled my trousers up I thought about cancelling Debra’s cards and suggested she did the same to Mark.

“Oh, that’s so evil ,I love it!”she grabbed her hand bag looking for her card.

Within a few minutes she had canceled his bank and American Express card.

“I’d better get going.” I stood up.

“Thank you for letting me know, Jon” she leaned forward and I put my arms around her “if your passing anytime give me a call.” she slipped a piece of paper in my pocket.

We kissed her quickly and left. I had left my phone in my car and noticed that I had 3 missed calls all from Anne. I pulled away and dialed her number.

“Hi Anne, everything okay?”

“Hi Jon, I was just wondering what you were doing tonight?”

“I’m just on my way home from a friend’s, why?”

“Don’t stay in the house alone, you can always use the sofa-bed here, the girls would love you to be here for them in the morning.”

I thought about it and decided that I would stay over and bring my daughters home with me, that would be another shock for Debra when she had sorted out the chaos of her cards being cancelled.

“OK I think that’s a great idea, I need to stop off for a shower, OK?”

“Come straight here, you can use mine. Have you eaten yet?”

“No I haven’t.” I realised I was starving.

“OK, get up here and I will feed you as well.”

“I should be there in about 45 minutes and thank you Anne.”

“For you it’s no problem, bye.”

I got there in less than 45 minutes. I parked on her drive and as I locked the car she was standing in the doorway.

“Thanks Anne.” I kissed her on the cheek.

“Get in the shower, food will be ready when you get back downstairs. There’s an old dressing gown and towels on my bed.” she hugged me.

“Your an angel” I smiled at her.

“Wait till you get the bill, matey!.”

“Oh! I can’t wait!” I flirted.

We had always been able to jokingly flirt and I had an admiration for Anne. On her own she had set up a small internet company selling baby clothes. It had started small but had grown. She still ran it mostly from home. I went upstairs and found the dressing gown and towels. I had the shower hot and made sure that there was no smell of sex on me. I dried myself and the aroma of food made me hurry. I slung on my briefs after a quick sniff assured me that they didn’t reek of pussy, put the dressing gown on and sauntered down stairs.

“Something smells good.” I said.

Anne had set the table up complete with a bottle of wine.

“Thank you, I do try.”

“I’m surprised the girls haven’t woken up.” I sat at the table.

Anne served me steak and chips with salad. She then gave me a glass of red wine and we started eating.

“Have you ever cheated on her Jon?”

Trust Anne to get straight to the point.

“I don’t expect you to believe me but I have been faithful to her since the day we started dating.”

She looked at me, almost as if she was looking into my soul.

“I believe you. But why have you been faithful to her, there must have been times when you wanted too.”

I chewed the mouthful of food and thought about what she had said.

“Well not naming names but there have been a couple of ladies that I would have given the chance, but to be honest I had your sister and I always thought we’d be together till we died.”

She gave me a strange smile.

“A long list of celebrities you can’t touch?” she asked.

I gave a chuckle.

“No, there’s only one celebrity on the list.”

“Always the realist.” She said.

We finished our meal, the wine had worked it’s magic and I was feeling tipsy.

“Go and sit on the sofa while I clear this lot away.”

“Yes boss.” I replied.

I sat in one corner of the sofa taking my refilled glass with me. After a few minutes Anne came in and sat next to me.

“You OK?” she enquired.

“Thanks to you, yes I think I am.” I put my right arm around her shoulders and pulled her against me, her head rested against my chest.

“I’m glad about that.”

“Can I ask you something?” I ventured.

“Anything but my bank account details.”

I had to giggle at that.

“I know that Rob left you for that bimbo, but why?”

“We kept trying for kids but nothing happened. My doctor said that there was a very strong chance that I couldn’t have children.”

“Why didn’t you adopt?” I was slowly rubbing her upper arm.

“I wanted to but all he said was that if it wasn’t his he didn’t want it.”

I sipped my wine, then asked. “Why have you stayed on your own?”

She seemed to think long and hard about the question.

“You said it earlier, I thought I’d be with him forever” she moved her head a little “then afterwards I couldn’t bring myself to go through the whole dating thing.”

“Good answer. God, I’m not looking forward kaçak casino to the next few months.”

She yawned heavily.

“The wine has gone to my head!”

I removed my arm and stood.

“Up to bed for you, I’ll make mine down here but I need my clothes.”

I helped her up and followed her upstairs where I grabbed my clothing.

“I will see you in the morning, thank you Anne.”

I made up a bed and settled down but before I settled completely I tried Debra’s phone number, it went to her voice mail. I didn’t speak I just let it record around 10 seconds of silence then ended the call.

I was woken by the feeling of a mouth around my cock. I moved a little and the feeling stopped.

“Shhhh, don’t move or say anything, I want this.” Anne whispered.

Her mouth returned to my cock, her tongue was swirling around the head as she sucked hard. After a few seconds she removed her mouth and started to using her hands. It seemed to took less than a couple of minutes for me to come. Was it because she was so good with her hands or the fact that this was fantasy of mine come true.

“Anne I’m coming!” I whispered.

I felt her mouth devour my cock as I started to come. She sucked and drank every drop I produced. When I had stopped she let my cock plop onto my stomach.

“Thank you Jon, I’ll let you sleep now.” I felt her move.

“Anne! Please don’t go. Stay with me?”

She hesitated.

“I really need someone to hold, please?”

I felt the quilt being pulled back and she got into bed with me. I moved over a little then felt her against me. She settled and we spooned, I put my arms around her.

“Is that OK?” I asked quietly.

“Yes” she whispered “I hope we don’t regret this in the morning.”

“I won’t” I put my head close to hers and could smell her hair “and I hope that you won’t.”

“I regret not doing this earlier. Good night.” she whispered.

“Good night.” I replied.

I had no idea of what the time was but I was awoken with a massive hard on. Anne’s ass was pressed against me, I lay there wondering why I had woken when Anne moved slightly and let out a soft moan. I lay still pretending to be asleep. I could feel her right arm move. The movement was accompanied by a wet sound and she moaned again, I realised she was playing with herself. I listened to her for a little while, then moved my right arm over her and found her hand. She stiffened slightly but then grabbed my hand and placed it over her pubic area, my fingers found her warm and wet opening and hard clit. I started to play with her. Every time I touched her clit she would push back against me letting out a gasp. I slipped a finger into her and she moaned pushing back so hard against me that my hard cock was clamped between her ass cheeks. I removed my hand and pulled her nightdress up and my briefs down. I pushed against her and my hand returned to play with her. “Oh god yes.” she whispered as my cock slid between her ass cheeks. I found her clit and started to roll it between my thumb and forefinger, making her moan and push back against me. Her right leg was lifted giving me access to play, she suddenly moved forward slightly pushing her hips forward, her right hand pushed past mine and she grabbed my cock which I felt slide into her as she pushed back against me. No sooner was I inside than she let out a high pitched noise that she stifled with her hand. She gripped me, her whole body shivered as she climaxed. With each wave she was screaming into her hand and it wasn’t long before I came for the third time in a matter of hours. We lay together unmoving, my cock seemed to pulse still pumping into her. After a few minutes I felt my cock shrinking, she reached down and grabbed my hand, her leg lowered and I slipped out of her. She held onto my hand, let out a sigh and pushed back against me and we settled to sleep.

I was woken by my daughters who were over joyed to find me there. I was a little dismayed to be alone in the bed. After cuddling them for a while I told them to go upstairs and get dressed. Anne then came into the room, kissed me and thanked me.

“What for?” I asked as I dressed.

“For last night” she said “I hope you were OK, I was a little drunk.”

“Really?” I looked at her “I was a little tipsy.”

The girls came down stairs then so we set about eating breakfast. After we finished, Anne gave me a phone number.

“Phone these solicitors now, they are good and open on a Saturday.”

I called them and got an appointment in the afternoon.

“That’s good, now enjoy the morning with your girls, get the afternoon over with and I will take care of the girls while you are gone.”

“How could any man disobey?” I quipped.

The morning went by too fast but the afternoon dragged. The worst part was having to watch my wife screw Mark again.

“The first disc is the one we will use. Its best if I contact your employer and discretely ask them if they have had any problems with her at work, I will ask if they have evidence of her infidelity, if I present that one you in court you could be prosecuted for theft.”

I also stressed that I did not want her to have our children, pointing out the fact that she had dumped them on her sister while she was off with her lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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