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They snogged all the time on the way back home. I strained to get a clear view of their making out from the driver’s seat but nevertheless I was incredibly aroused.

Darren had instructed me to drive back to his condo, which was some fifteen minutes from the practice centre. Obviously it took me way longer because I wasn’t really concentrating on getting us there as quickly as possible.

Neither were the two of them. I had never imagined that the sight of my girlfriend stuffing her tongue in another guy’s mouth would serve to push me to the brink of cumming. But it did. It turned me on to see Lily kiss Darren so passionately. They ran their hands all over each other, caressing, groping, petting. He smacked Lily’s ass a couple of times, as if to remind me that I wasn’t allowed to do the same.

The walk up to his apartment was painful. The security on duty thought that Lily and Darren were together and very rightfully so, going by the fact that Darren’s hand rested firmly on Lily’s ass. She giggled slightly as he patted her butt and turned around and winked at me as she proceeded to smack Darren’s ass.

“I can’t wait for some of that booty”, she said huskily.

Darren smirked and pulled her in for a kiss.

I stared, my eyes locked onto his hands groping my girlfriend’s ass. I didn’t even realize we were in his condo until he shut the door behind us.

They separated at last, Lily plopping herself down on a bean bag and Darren taking a seat on the sofa.

I sat down on the other end of the sofa, glancing in between the two nervously.

He cleared his throat, “So, like I said. Rules. You have got to follow some rules, cuck. Now, we’ve made it clear what rules pertain to you inside the ring. Let’s talk about what happens outside.”

He looked at Lily.

“Well, Darren and I have have been talking…”

“Wait what? When have you guys been talking?”

She blushed, “We’ve been texting since the day he first kissed me.”

Darren grinned. “Didn’t know about that cuck boy?”

My mouth gaped open, looking from one to the other, I struggled to find words.

“I… What…when… I mean did you guys set this up together?”

“Pretty mersin esc much. Lily told me about how much the kiss turned you on and the rest wasn’t hard to decipher.”

“Um. Wow okay”

I sighed. “Well, what next?”

Lily interrupted Darren as he began to speak, “Firstly, like I told you before babe, this is a game. The three of us are playing a game. That’s all. It’s an extremely hot, erotic game but we can stop it the moment one of us isn’t feeling comfortable with the whole notion of what’s happening. That’s the point of rules. We’ve decided on some and we want you to weigh in on the others”

Darren picked up, “Yes, well so since you are new to this, let’s go slow. Okay? We’ve talked and I will take Lily out two days a week, dinner, sex, whatever, she will not stay the night with me for the moment but that’s the initial plan. It can and will change as we progress and you embrace your role in whatever way you choose to. How’s that sound?”

Two days a week. Okay, not bad I could do that.

I nodded. “Sounds good. So are these two days decided?”

“Nope, it can be any of the two weekdays, the weekends you can have her to yourself.”

“Okay, what else?”

“Sex. You are allowed to have sex with her only once I’ve finished taking her out for that week.”

I gulped. “Um…okay.”

“And lastly.”, Darren paused. “Masturbating.”

I looked at him quizzically, “What about it?”

“I’d like you to restrict it. It’s a form of pleasure, one you’re giving yourself, and I’d like to control it”


He smiled at Lily, who’d been silently listening to our conversation the whole time.

“Chastity”, she said.


“We’d like you to remain in chastity until the time when you get to have sex with Lily during the week.”

My penis was harder than a diamond. Painfully, throbbing and pulsating.

“Are…are you serious?”

“Very.” , he said. “Lily has already ordered one, it’ll be here by tomorrow and then we’ll all put it on you together yes?”

Lily giggled at my horror. “Don’t worry baby. You’ll grow to like it. My last…”she stopped suddenly.

“Your last what?”

She smiled naughtily. “Remember esc mersin the time when I told you about the girl who locked her boyfriend up in school? Well, surprise! That was me. My ex was a cuckold and imagine my delight when you exhibited such clear signs of being one too. Oh and that was after graduating high school, a couple of years ago. We broke up shortly after because as it turns out, he couldn’t keep it in his pants, not because of our lifestyle.”

My surprise must have made itself evident because she seemed amused by the look on my face. “Aww don’t you fret baby, that’s not why I’m going to lock your dick away. I know you’ll always be faithful to me anyway.”

They both laughed. “Anyway, all clear? Jason, any problems?”

I mulled it over. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. That was a positive sign no? The mere thought of Darren being able to have sex with Lily first, while I remained celibate and unable to help myself off. I shut my eyes and groaned inwardly.

“No. No issues.”

They smiled simultaneously. “Great. Just like we hoped. For today, you can jerk off to us, seeing as how your dick is making you so uncomfortable…”

Lily giggled and got up, Darren pulled her in for a deep kiss. She turned to me, “Jason, honey come on over”

I walked shakily over to where our bull stood, with his arm draped around my girlfriend.

“Undo your pants sweetie.”

She started unbuttoning Darren’s jeans.

I undid mine, letting them drop to the floor,

“Underwear too”

I slowly pulled down my underwear, my erection now in full view.

She kissed Darren and pulled his boxers down. His appendage wasn’t much larger than mine. Maybe a couple of inches but it was definitely thicker.

Lily kneeled down. Grabbing hold of my erection in one hand and Darren’s in another, she started rubbing both.

“Well lookie here. Doesn’t cucky have the cutest little pee-wee?”

Darren laughed.

“Well, little is right. It looks tiny next to mine”

I groaned, in pure ecstasy.

Lily put her lips close to Darren’s hard, pulsating member and gave the tip a little lick. Letting go of my penis, she wrapped her fingers mersineskort around his and slowly started giving it soft kisses. Licking and slowly pumping it.

I started pumping my own dick, the sight of Lily giving Darren a blowjob almost bringing me to orgasm.

She stopped suddenly , a smile on her face. “Jason, get down here.” I knelt down nervously, just before she shoved her tongue down my throat. I could still taste his cock all over her. It was so very humiliating and erotic, my dick begging for release now.

She pulled away, smiling smugly. “Now get up baby”, she patted my ass.

“Darren and I are going to take this somewhere more private”

“Can’t I watch?!”

“Not today, baby, maybe when you’re all caged up”

She stood up, and led Darren into the bedroom, by his magnificent erection. He grinned at me on the way and gave me a light slap on my ass.

“Have fun cucky”

I stood there, as the both of them disappeared into the room and shut the door behind them. Very soon, the sounds of love making wafted through, Lily moaning in pleasure, Darren grunting.

“Moan louder babe. Your cuck is standing right outside”

“Ugggggrrrrhhhhh” Lily’s moans grew more passionate.

I rubbed my erection furiously, listening to every single sound coming out of the room.

“C’mon baby. Yes that’s it. That’s it. Who fucks you better? Me or your pathetic boyfriend?”

“You…you OH MY GOD. Don’t stop please. You fuck me so good. Oh GOD. HE’S SUCH A CUCK. Oh fuck please…”

I was so close to cumming, I strained to hear his reply.

“Yes…YES FUCK…that’s a good little slut. Maybe I should change the rules. Five days instead of two.”

Lily moaned in reply.

“You agree? Ohh…FUCK, OH YES…Arghhh in fact I think I’ll just lock his little penis away and keep you to myself. All days of the week. Whenever I…I feel like. “

“Yes yes… I’m your slut…fuck me whenever you want. Oh FUCK I’M COMING!”

Lily’s moans turned into shrieks as she came.

My penis too, finally gave away, and I grew dizzy as my orgasm overtook me, spurting line after line of my cum, heaving and breathing hard, I finally came.

As the orgasm subsided, the realization finally settled in.

My girlfriend and another guy, a manlier guy, were in another room. Fucking. And she was enjoying it by the sound of it.

I had become a cuckold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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