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I was having a hard time. My final examinations were approaching, but I just could not get down to studying. At 18, I had always been a pretty good student. However, my performances were beginning to slip. Everyone was worried. My teachers were unable to make out why I was suddenly neglecting my studies at such a vital time. My mother was at the end of her wits. She had single handedly put me through school after my father had ditched us and left with a girl half his age when I was ten.

The problem, as one may guess, was girls. I just could not stop thinking about them. I was still a virgin. I had never seen a girl naked in the flesh leave alone fuck one, and I was dying to get a chance. The best I could get were some nude pictures over which I would masturbate.

One morning I was sitting at my study desk pretending to study. I was actually busy ogling at the pictures of a nude woman with great tits that a friend had supplied me with. I was jacking away feverishly trying to release my sexual tension. I did not know that I had forgotten to shut the door of my room. I never knew when my mother entered the room, but she caught me red handed at what I was doing.

As one may well imagine, she simply chewed me out. The entire moral science book was thrown at me. Nothing better could be expected, she said, from the son of a father as was mine. I was a pervert and a maniac, she said. I could not say anything. I somehow managed to stuff my cock into my pants and hung my head in shame and listened as Mother continued to rave at me.

We did not exchange a look or word that entire day. We ate our meals in silence and I tried to keep in my room as far as possible and avoid meeting with Mother as far as possible. I was the most thankful guy in the world when we finally finished our dinner that night and it was time for both of us to turn in.

I was about to get into bed when I heard my mother calling me from her room. I went there with my heart sinking. I was sure she was going to give me another lecture about what had happened earlier that day. When I got to her room I found it was dark. I stood at the doorway unsure about what I should do.

“Come inside.” Said Mother. “Keep the lights off.”

I did as she said. Maybe she had a headache, I thought. I approached her bed. Some residual light from outside was all that came into the room. I came and stood beside her canlı bahis bed. I saw that she was lying on her bed and then with a shock I realised that she was lying stark naked.

I stood there totally stunned. Mother was no a beauty queen but she was always quite an eyeful to look at, standing 5’5″ tall, and weighing about 65 kgs. She has a magnificent pair of boobs measuring 40D. We stared at each other for a while and then I panicked and was about to run, when Mother caught my hand and pulled me to her. She pulled my head to her tits.

“Do you like them?” She asked softly. “Are they as good as the one you were seeing in those pictures?”

I was dumbstruck. I did not know what to say.

“You can enjoy my breasts if you want.” Said Mother. “Come feel them and kiss them. I think you will enjoy them.”

I felt as though I was living in some dream. I started slowly by kissing and sucking at her nipples. Soon I got into the mood. I sucked and kissed and squeezed her tits to my heart’s content. At times, Mother would cry out in pain as I became more and more wild with desire. In fact her breasts were covered with bruises the next morning, but she never tried to stop me.

“Would you like to fuck your Ma?” She asked after a while as I began to ease up a little.

“Yes, Ma, I would.” I said, still quite unable to believe my ears and my luck. “Oh, I would love to fuck you.”

“Fine, you can.” She said. “However, I have some conditions.”

“Oh, I will do whatever you say.” I told her. “Just let me fuck you once. Please, Ma, please.”

“I realise that the reason for your poor performance at studies is your preoccupation with women and sex.” She said. “That is quite natural at your age, but in our society it will be difficult for you to get satisfaction anywhere. However, we cannot let it ruin your career and life, can we? I will let you have all the sex you wish with me on condition that you start concentrating on your studies once more. Do you agree to that? Will you make me proud of you once more?”

“I do, Ma.” I promised her fervently. “I promise you I will never let you down again.”

“What are you waiting for in that case?” She asked laughing. “Come and fuck me good and hard, my son. I am dying for some sex as well. I haven’t had any ever since your father left us and went away.”

I did not any further invitations. I climbed on top bahis siteleri of her. I was so nervous and eager to start that I could not put my cock into her love hole properly. She laughed and helped me guide my cock into her hole. It was like entering heaven. I had never felt such ecstasy in my life. It was so soft and snug and warm inside her. Her pussy was a bit tight on account of all the years without use, but slowly my cock sunk its whole length into her.

“Oh you are so BIG!” Mother exclaimed. “Oh I’m going to love this!”

I began to move on top of her. We quickly settled into a rhythm. I drove my body deeper and deeper into her. She sucked me deeper and deeper into her. Waves of ectasy swept over both of us. Soon we were both moaning in sheer rapture. We covered each other’s body with kisses and bites as we moved to still higher and higher levels of pleasure. I could feel my cock begin to swell inside Mother’s belly. She felt it too as she began to scream with pleasure as the friction inside her pussy got more and more unbearable.

Finally I could not hold back the fire raging in my balls any longer. My cock exploded inside Mother sending streams of my sperm spurting to every nook and corner of her belly. We continued thrusting against each other till at last all the sperm in my balls had been squeezed out of me and had fallen inside her.

We tenderly kissed each other on each other’s face and neck still unable this wonderful new facet to our relationship. Finally I fell asleep with my heads cradled by Mother against her tits while she caressed my head and back lovingly and tenderly, kissing the top of my head every now and then.

I woke up a few hours later to a wonderful sensation. At first I could not make out what it was. Gradually I realised it was being caused by Mother riding me. She had woken up ahead of me. She had begun playing with my cock while I slept. My cock had soon become erect all over again on its own while I was slept. Mother had rolled me over on to my back and had climbed on top of me. She had inserted my cock inside her pussy and had taken it fully inside her pussy. When I had finally come out my sleep she was already riding away hard on top of me, with her tits juggling in gay abandon in front of my face.

I caught hold of her tits and began to squeeze them while joining into her rhythm. She moaned unable to bear the wonderful bahis şirketleri sensations of pleasure and pain together. I pulled her tits to my mouth and began to suck them. Mother began to ride me harder and harder. She was groaning with ecstacy and she moved up and down in a frenzy on my impaled cock. Since I had emptied my balls only a little while back I was taking some time to come again. I could feel Mother begin to get exhausted, so I turned our positions around with my cock still inside her and began to fuck her juicy body now under me harder and harder. Mother was screaming and sobbing with pleasure as my cock threatened to tear her apart. I drove my cock into her mercilessly again and again and again.

I could feel the floodgates in my testicles finally burst and my sperms begin to flood into my cock. I tried to hold them back for as long as I could, but finally the sensations in my cock were too much for me to bear and I let go. Once more a fair amount of my cum splashed into Mother’s womb. I continued to drive myself into her until I was totally drained.

We lay in each other’s arms silently gazing at each other for a long time.

“I will make you very proud of me, Ma.” I promised her. “I will give you that you want from me — as a son or in any other manner you want. I will make you as happy as I can. I give you my solemn promise on that.”

“That is all I can wish for.” Mother replied smiling. “From now on you are not only my son, but also much more. Somehow, I feel certain that you will make me proud and happy in every way.”

So saying, we fell asleep, a deep and contented sleep, in each other’s arms. Mother arranged a vacation for a week at a lonely hill station where we put up at a comfortable but discreet hotel. We did nothing for the entire week but fuck each other crazy. We were two totally sex hungry animals suddenly given this wonderful opportunity to satiate our needs. At the end of the week we were barely able to stand on our feet, but we were happy beyond belief.

Needless to say I have been able to keep my part of the bargain. Once we got back from the vacations I dug my teeth into my studies. Mother gave me all the sex I needed. I passed my examinations with flying colours, doing even better that what I had been expected of me. I am now studying at one of the top engineering institutes in the country. I have to stay at a hostel. Mother and I miss other terribly when I am away. However, I try to get home every now and then whenever I manage get a few day’s holidays together. Then Mother and I spend the time we have together fucking each other’s brains out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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