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Rachel walked briskly. After a long day in a stuffy law firm breathing canned air it felt good to stretch her legs. She could have taken a cab but this was much more satisfying. Busy Washington traffic flowed by smoothly, the rush hour long past. Ahead loomed the bus station which marked the subway she was aiming for.

An alleyway crossed just past the main entrance to the station. She hear voices raised. Couldn’t understand the words, but the sentiment was obvious. One was gruff, deep – a man’s voice. The other was querulous – a female answering. Rachel paused, then took a couple of steps hurriedly. Better get away from this, she thought. Then another pause. What is wrong with me? With a sigh she turned back and entered the alley.

The man was large and unkempt. A typical DC street dweller. Probably sleeps on grates in the winter, she thought unkindly. Rachel stopped, cautious of his size. But when the female spoke she threw caution aside.

“Hey!” she yelled stepping up to him. He was a good foot taller than her, broader, and the closer she got the more she smelled him. Definitely a bum. “What the fuck are you doing!”

“Huh?” the man asked, not expecting the demon from hell coming at him.

“Back off!” Rachel yelled getting between the woman and the man without fear. The closer she got to him the more he backed up, eyes locked on her. “Get!” she said as she balled up her fist and whacked him in the chest. Without looking back he turned and hurried off.

“Alright alright, I’m going,” he said. Rachel glared at him until he disappeared around the corner. She turned back to the most beautiful woman she had ever seen up close. Taller than Rachel, her blond hair tumbled to her shoulders. It was swept back over one ear revealing a perfectly formed ear and its earring. She reached a trembling hand to her neck, fingertips touching her silver necklace as if absentmindedly checking that it remained. Rachel noted the quivering and sought to reassure her.

“It’s okay now. He’s gone.”

“I… I… I know. I was … you were… that was amazing. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, honey. How did you get stuck with him?”

“I came off the bus and was leaving the station. He said he would help me with my bag. Portage or something like that. Carry my bag to the cab stand. When we got outside he said it would be a hundred dollars fee. I tried to get my bag back and that’s when you showed up. Thank you again.”

“I’m glad I could help. Now. Where were you going?” The blond became flustered, eyes not meeting hers. She turned to pick up the suitcase and upright it on its wheels.

“I… I don’t know, actually. I was going to ask the cab driver for a suggestion of someplace cheap. You know, just until i can check the want ads for a place.”

“Wow. You are brave. Have you at least been here before?” A wan smile plays on the woman’s face.

“For a school trip. Eight years ago.” The woman chuckled softly.

“It may have changed a bit in that time,” Rachel smiled. Tai shifted her weight uncomfortably, eyes darting everywhere.

“Can you suggest someplace, then? Not expensive. Just temporary. Someplace close by that I can walk to?”

“I know a place. But first I’ll need to know your name.” She blushes and averted her eyes again.

“What a dork. I’m sorry. I never introduced myself. I am Tai.” She offered her hand. Rachel took it, her stubby unpainted fingernails in sharp contrast to long, carefully shaped burgundy nails.

“Hi. Rachel. And it’s getting late, cold, and a lot darker. Come with me. I get on the subway just down the street. You can stay with me until you pull yourself together. You don’t want any place in this area… trust me!” Tai looked dubious but confused.

“It’ll be okay, really. I don’t bite and I certainly won’t hurt you. Come on,” she said, reaching out her hand for the suitcase handle. She watched the self-argument Tai went through before a look of decision came over her face. With a nod she gave the handle to Rachel.


They sat facing one another on the subway heading for Virginia. Rachel studied Tai. Tai was the taller of the two. When she unbuttoned her coat to sit Rachel was pleased to see how voluptuous she was. She studiously avoided staring at the jiggling breasts as the train swayed. Tai stared out the window as they left downtown and the countryside took over. The reflection in the glass displayed flawless makeup. It also showed a quivering lip. Tai was disturbed about something.

“What is it?” Rachel asked softly.

“Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“I know about-to-cry when i see it. Come on. Tell me. You’ll feel better if you get it off your chest.” At the word ‘chest’ Rachel inadvertently looked at Tai’s, who responded by pulling her open coat closed.

“It’s just…” the lip trembled and her voice cracked. Rachel didn’t say anything else, waiting.

“My husband left me. For his secretary. How cliche, huh.” Rachel paused for only a moment.

“Cliche illegal bahis for sure. Men are only loyal to sports teams. Fuck them.” Tai jolted at the crude word. “Sorry. I call them the way I see them. So you are running away?”

“Not away. To. I’m running to a new life.” Her face tightened, determined.

They were silent after that. Tai composed herself while Rachel wrestled with her own emotions, her own past hurts. After a brief engagement to a school jock, Rachel discovered that men were not worth the pain they could bring so casually. She also discovered snuggling with a cheerleader much more satisfying. Careful dedicated experimentation brought her to a conclusion: I am a lesbian. I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Soon they disembarked the train. Rachel led her to her car parked in a far lot, still dragging the suitcase behind her. The click clack of Tai’s high heels followed them. A short drive delivered them to a townhouse in a quiet neighborhood. Once there they were both emotionally drained and, after settling Tai into the spare bedroom, they made it an early night.


Rachel staggered down the carpeted steps and yawned her way to the kitchen. She found Tai already sitting in the breakfast nook reading a newspaper and drinking coffee. Tai looked up long enough to see the rats nest of hair that turniped from Rachel’s head. With her chin she pointed at the pot of coffee on the counter.

Cup gripped tight enough to show white knuckles, Rachel sipped the hot liquid and looked over the edge at Tai. God, she’s beautiful even on waking!

“When you’re finished and my heart starts beating, we’ll drive around town. I’ll show you some of my favorite spots and, of course the best tourist sights.”

“Delightful,” she answered melodically, voice far chipper than last night. When she flashed a smile at Rachel her heart fluttered. I could lose myself in that smile for the rest of my life.

Rachel lived in a typical suburban housing area, groups of townhomes with esoteric names, separated by a shopping strip for gas, bank and Chinese restaurant. From there long strips of concrete, ribbons leading into the distance.

“Find some music. Whatever you like,” Rachel said. “Get comfy. It takes a while to get anywhere around here. Welcome to my world,’ she chuckles. She was surprised when Tai settled on a soft jazz station. Blues was her own genre of choice, but jazz a close second. A match made in… fuck. Get ahold of yourself, girl.

Finally they arrived at a colonial town, Alexandria. Specifically Old Town. Older than Washington, the sidewalks were always jam packed with gawking tourists. They left the car in a parking garage and joined the crowds. An artist colony in a nearby building caught their first attention. Wandering, they would occasionally find an artist at work eager to talk to them about his craft. Tai showed an amazing knowledge of various mediums. She revealed the museums she had visited in many countries. Tai was a museum rat, wandering from one to the other.

Rachel had to adjust to Tai’s pace. She did not rush from one exhibit to the other. Instead she studied and made comments. And amazingly, asked Rachel for her opinion. She had to dig hard to try coming up with something intelligent. She would be happy with coherent.

After a stroll along the narrow sidewalks, avoiding Aunt Betty posing in front of a generic fisherman statue by walking into the street, risking death by an inattentive driver, they returned to the car and drove on.

Tai was surprised to find that the Smithsonian was more than one museum. Instead a string of them along the Mall, a grassy centerpiece of the city anchored by the Washington Monument at one end and the Capitol building on the other. Tai insisted on walking the distance, going inside and grabbing informational brochures for later study and planning. Her clacking heels steadily carried them along, Rachel was content to be led by her. One, to let her explore at her own pace, and two, because the view from behind made her mouth water. Her perfectly formed buttocks jiggled enticingly in her mid-length skirt. Rachel compared her jeans, Izod and well worn sneakers with Tai’s outfit. I’ll bet good money this woman doesn’t even own a pair of jeans. Or sneakers!

Rachel took them to a Spanish restaurant with streetside seating. Being a tapas restaurant they order a plethora of dishes, tasting a little from each, laughing at their various expressions of either delight or disgust… hard to enjoy squid. Everytime Tai pulled a long lock of hair over her ear and smiled Rachel’s heart melted a little more.

The past kept rearing up for Rachel. She had made mistakes in the past. Hungry for love, for romance, she often moved too fast and, like cautious prey, the other would scurry away. Not this time!


Tai plopped heavily onto the couch, heavy sigh following.

“I can’t remember that last time i walked so much,” Tai giggled.

“It’s a surprising illegal bahis siteleri city. So much to see.”

“Yes. I’m excited to visit each place.”

“Good. Just don’t try it all in one day,” Rachel chuckled. She moved to sit at the end of the couch, reached over and lifted Tai’s foot, removing her shoe and setting it to one side. At the touch Tai let out a long, contented sigh and rested her head on the couch back.

“Oh god that feels good.”

“Rest, sweetie,” she said, smiling to herself. Even her feet are sexy! Rachel kneaded her foot. It felt swollen and hot to the touch.

“Oh honey, don’t do that, They’re sweaty and stinky. I’ve been in my shoes all day.”

“I know. I was there. Step by agonizing step. Now shush and let me do this.” She slid off the couch and looked at Tai. With a barely perceptible shrug Tai leaned against the arm of the couch and visibly relaxed.

Rachel could smell feet. And leather. Tai’s toenails was as exquisitely groomed as her fingernails. From her position Rachel could look up between her feet and keep an eye on Tai’s reactions. Rachel had never done this before. She would have to rely on feedback.

She flattened her tongue and brushed it along the sole. It tasted musty yet there was something about it that was pleasant. Or maybe it was simply who it was attached to, She was thrilled to see no sign of disgust on Tai’s face. In fact, she saw her eyes closed with a slight smile. The only sounds were the liquidly slurp from her tongue, not unlike a blissful kiss, and the soft moans coming from Tai.

She concentrated on one foot, leaving it glistening with her saliva. She began to nibble lightly, alongside the edge, down to the heel and around. Finally the tongue found its way between the toes. She separated each one, running her tongue along their length.

Tai’s moans grew. They turned into outright groans of pleasure when Rachel took a big toe in her mouth and sucked on it, cheeks hollowing from the pressure. When she gathered two feet together, sucking on both big toes at once Tai began to squirm, rubbing her thighs together, adding to the sensations filling her body. Rachel sucked on the toes as if it were a cock, bobbing her head.

“Oh my god, Rachel. You’re driving me crazy. Don’t stop.” Rachel had no intention to. She moved along the foot sucking a toe at a time as her hand played with the other foot. A long forefinger flicked the gap between each toe.

Tai stared at the lovely sight and was moved. As she switched from one foot to another, then back again she spied a growing wet spot on Tai’s panties. She had soaked through.

With a groan she massaged Tai’s calves while her tongue circled the toe, tip curling around the digit, swirling. She wanted to touch that wet spot – she wanted to put her mouth on it and suck the fabric dry, draining every bit of the fluids – she wanted to swallow Tai’s essence. A part of her inside her.

But she did none of that. Steeling herself for self-control, she kept to her foot worship and no more. The last thing she wanted was to scare Tai. Go slow girl, she thought as her tongue delved between toes.

Then Tai surprised her. Keeping her eyes closed, one hand released a leg to settle against the couch, then crept down to her wet crotch. On the outside of her panties she rubbed, up and down the slit, pressing it between her puffy pussy lips. The spot spread. Rachel kept up a steady suction hoping the sensation added to what Tai was feeling.

Tai’s fingers slid further to the top of her cunt, up to the hard clit making a protuberance in the dampness. The instant she touched it, Rachel could see movement under Tai’s lids – eyes rolling into the back of her skull. That’s a good sign, she smiled to herself.

Tai started a slow circular motion around the nub. Her breath caught than rushed out. The spot darkened and Rachel could smell it. Delicious. Her hand increased in speed and force, her knuckles whitening.

Tai stopped.

She sat up.

Rachel left the toe and leaned back.

“I …” Tai stood and rushed to her room. Rachel was left on the floor, tongue still out.

“Ah… um…” Rachel started to say to an empty room. Tai comes in, eyes darting everywhere but on Rachel.

“I’m sorry. Thank you for the lovely… massage. I needed it.” Then with face blushing red, she rushed back to her room and closed the door.


The next morning Rachel was up first so she made the coffee. She hadn’t slept the entire night, instead laying and staring at the ceiling. She enjoyed that. She was on the verge of letting go. She is so close.

Rachel heard the shuffle of slippers before Tai reached the room. Her eyes were red-rimmed. Looks like she didn’t sleep either. Tai poured her coffee and took the chair across the table.

“About last night…” Tai began. “That was…”

“I know,” Rachel giggled in response. “That was something.”

“How did you know i like that?”

“I canlı bahis siteleri didn’t. A lucky accident? Kismet?” The both gazed into the distance, considering. Rachel suddenly snapped to stare into Tai’s eyes.

“Baby, you know how i feel about you. I’ve made no secret of it.” Tai blushes and nods. “I would count it a high point of my life if you’d be my wife.” Tai’s eyes opened wide and she suddenly couldn’t look Rachel in the face.

“I… I… Rachel. I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes.” All manner of feelings played over Tai’s face. Joy, confusion, fear… a decision is made.

“Rachel, I do have feelings for you. You know that, too. You have helped me so much, been nothing but kind to me. But honey, I just got here. Everything is so new. I’m not saying no… I’m just saying not now. Can we take this slower?”

Rachel steeled herself as she heard the words. She knew Tai was right. She knew she was rushing things unrealistically. But she also knew that she had found the love of her life, the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life pleasing and exploring with. She nodded.

“Yes. You’re right, Tai. It’s just… never mind. It is how i am.”

“I know,” she said, taking Rachel’s hand and kissing the back of it. “Rushing in is how you rescued me in the first place. But I need to pull myself together before i can be with anyone… that way.”


The city is one of the true greats of the world with museums of every sort. Rachel knew Tai would be the type to enjoy a taste of culture so she began showing her around. The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden was having a showing of erotic art. She felt combining culture with erotica would be fun for both of them. She was right. Tai entered with a large smile on her face.

“How did you find this?” she giggled, sauntering casually to a giant oil of a Vietnamese woman squatting in the street to pee, holding her skirt up with one hand while the other held a gun.

“The newspaper. Cultural events.”

“You don’t strike me as a ‘cultural events’ type of person, Rachel.” Her smile took the sting out of her impression. “Action is more your style.”

“It is. True. But you are my style,” she said, blushing at admitting she was specifically searching out activities for her.

“Awww, so sweet.” Tai gave a blinding smile to Rachel.

“I know. I’m giving myself diabetes.”

They moved from picture and picture, and like before, Tai made comments and expected the same from Rachel.

“I see they have a lot of art concerning lesbians,” Tai commented standing before a large painting. Two lesbians, one blond, one redhead, were standing at an airport departure gate. They were in a deep kiss, faces melting together as the crowd, slightly out of focus, wandered past them.

“Yeah, well… love is love.” Tai continued staring, then nodded slowly.

“I agree. I have found myself… i’m straight you know… being… intrigued at the love between two women.” Rachel’s heart beat faster as she listened to her confession. “I believe you in that love is love. But…”

“Always a but.”

“Hush,” Tai giggled. “But… i do like a big, stiff cock in me.”

Rachel’s heart dropped at hearing the words. She could compete against any woman. She could compete against anything. But a cock? Strap ons aren’t the same.


“But… I am discovering a side to me i had never considered before. And i have you to thank for that.” Rachel closed her mouth. “You are so kind, so loving, i have no doubt that you would be a perfect companion for me.” She turned from the picture and gave a quick peck on the cheek before moving on to the next.

Rachel’s feet didn’t touch the ground the rest of the day. The pictures became a kaleidoscope of colors and motion. All she could think about was her voice, like honey, and her body. Small touches. An arm squeeze. A whispered comment. Tai had Rachel’s full attention effortlessly.

They leave the museum at early evening. The daylight is fading fast, shadows lengthening. The hum of cars steady as a cicada’s song

“We can grab some food at this club i know. I go there all the time. Good food. Good people.”

“OK. I’m in your hands.”

“I wish,” Rachel said with a wicked smile. Tai tried to frown but the smile belied it.

Rescuing her car from the side street on which she had parked, it was a short drive along still crowded roads. It seemed every street was one-way and ended at a roundabout. Tai got quickly turned around and had no idea of the direction they were headed.

Once Rachel found the club they spent another ten minutes circling trying to find a spot to park. With a sigh of relief they succeeded and walked to Phase Three. Flickering lights of red, orange, yellow, geen, blue, and purple around a theater-style marque. Music blared from the open doors before they arrived.

Entering the building proved a challenge. There were groups of women talking, standing around, just inside the entrance. Rachel kept saying ‘excuse me,’ ‘sorry,’ as she pressed on holding Tai’s hand to keep from losing her. She pulled them all the way to the dance floor. Rachel began to move to the music, watching Tai study the crowd.

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