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Big Tits

Fuck is the greatest word in the English language. Fuck can be almost any part of speech; it can be destructive, harsh, and cruel, but it can also be loving, seductive, and beautiful. Despite its range of meanings and possible intentions, it still has the ability to be bluntly accurate.

That night in the living room, Sam and I fucked Jane. We did not just have sex with her, and we most certainly did not make love—love had nothing to do with the animalistic, lustful rage with which we attacked each other.

The three of us lounged on the couch watching a movie. I don’t recall which flick because I was anxious and not really paying attention. We had a somewhat pre-coordinated plan; we were just waiting for a mutual sign to commence the festivities. I was anxious, Jane was visibly excited, and I don’t think Sam really cared either way considering he was eating popcorn and actually following the plot of the movie and laughing on cue.

Jane could tell I was nervous, and had every intention of taking advantage of my hesitations for her own personal amusement. Her hand playfully crawled under the blanket and meticulously climbed up my leg, one finger at a time, lightly caressing my inner thigh. She was careful to apply enough pressure to show her true intentions and prove she was in control here. Her hand knowingly stopped a few inches below the growing bulge in my jeans, and while she massaged my thigh, her eyes quickly darted over to mine, giving away the subtlety she had tried to create.

My eyes admittedly had spent most of the evening locked on her breasts begging to burst forth from their confinement in her tight white tank top. My lustful stares, quiet moans of anticipation, and “innocent” brushes canlı bahis against her soft skin had not gone unnoticed, and Jane refused to politely play along anymore.

Her hand skipped the slow climb up my leg and lunged straight for my belt. While she swiftly removed the barriers between her hand and its goal, our lips fiercely locked, tongues entwined, and my hand shot for the tits they had been pining for all day.

Sam eventually realized the commotion next to him and pulled his attention away from the television.

“Oh, are we finally starting?” he asked, interest quickly spreading through his stocky features. Dropping the popcorn bowl to the floor, he helped me rip Jane’s tank top off, and his mouth darted for the bare breast I had yet to claim. Jane doubled her efforts to remove my clothes as she moaned her approval of Sam’s tongue bathing her erect nipple.

“You have no idea how hard it was to resist the urge to drag you to the restroom and fucking you in the stall today at the mall,” I whispered in her ear as she managed to wrestle my pants and underwear off in one motion.

“Shut up” was her only reply as she dove to wrap her lips around my awaiting cock. Sam took the opportunity to deftly tear his own clothes off. I tried unbuttoning my own shirt, but Jane’s talented tongue destroyed my attention towards such trivial activities. Laughing at my pleasurable struggle, Sam leaned over and helped me out of my remaining clothes; then, with the same skill and eagerness Jane and shown towards me, Sam swooped down upon Jane’s pants and jerked them down, revealing her magnificent tight ass. I gaped longingly as Sam lifted her leg and offered his wide tongue to her visibly wet pussy lips. He wasted no bahis siteleri time going slow and teasing; he focused directly on her engorged clit while his fingers plunged into her. With every luscious tongue lashing from Sam, Jane dedicated herself more fervently to blowing me. One hand massaged my shaved sac while the other twisted up and down in motion with her mouth, spreading her saliva along the entirety of my shaft.

Without warning, Sam stood up and heaved his concrete cock into Jane. For a second, her focus collapsed as she screamed out “Harder!” with guttural intensity before dedicating herself to me with unwavering resolve.

Her fiery appetite brought me close to the edge, but I refused to end so soon. I gently lifted her head from my lap—the only gentle action of the night—and asked, “Are you ready?” She replied with carnal desire, “I’m waiting. I want you to fuck my ass.”

Sam bit his lower lip as he fucked her from behind, slowing when he saw me reach for the bottle of warming lube on the coffee table. Sam sat on the couch, and Jane followed suit by sitting on his lap, a perverse cowgirl foregoing all lady-like politeness. Jane squirmed, impatiently waiting for me to squirt a plentiful load of lube on her enticing back hole.

This was her fantasy, her desire, but as I directed my member into her inviting ass, that was my moment. I spent years dreaming of violating her this way, squeezing into her tight hole, anticipating the plunge, and I refused to foolishly rush through this like an uncontrollable teenager. I meticulously slid into her rear, centimeter by wonderfully agonizing centimeter. I was forced to hold Jane’s back to prevent her from just sliding onto me.

“Please just fuck bahis şirketleri me! I need it!” Her juices mixed with the warming gel, and the more she squirmed, struggled, and screamed for me to lunge right in, the slower I crept, reducing her to begging moans. Sam also stopped his thrusting, enjoying her demands for pleasure as much as I was and denying her the violent satisfaction she so longed to have.

I reached up to grab a handful of her soft brown hair, lightly tugging as I forcefully finished my entrance. Her screams were of both pain and pleasure, and she begged for more. After a few alternating thrusts from Sam and me, we found a rhythm to enter and fill her at the same time. As all of our hips pounded simultaneously, Jane emitted harsh, wonderful yelps of “fuck, yes, harder, fuck!” and we diligently obeyed. Sam managed to bury his face into her tits again, sucking and licking while he also snaked a finger down to bump her clit every time she impaled herself upon us.

I felt her shudder and shake as she met with wave upon wave of shattering orgasms, crying out each time “I’m cumming!” loud enough for the neighbors to hear. With obvious effort, she picked herself up and collapsed on the couch.

“Honey, you’re not done yet because we’re not finished yet,” Sam informed her as he forced his wet and sticky cock into her mouth. She almost choked in surprise, but immediately commenced to lapping up her own juices as her other hand rapidly stroked the other dick slapping her tits.

Through gritted teeth, Sam grunted to me, “Are you ready?” Jane aimed both of our loaded guns at her luscious mounds as we shot off in unison, bathing her milky orbs with a heavy mixture of our cum.

Jane dipped a finger into the sticky solution dripping down her drenched tits, and then brought the finger to her mouth, relishing the combined flavors. “Next time I want to be completely covered. Maybe we should invite some more people!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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