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Tanya moved around the kitchen preparing supper for her son and herself.

The open floor plan of the luxury apartment on the 18th floor allowed her an open view of the large living room and her son sitting in his father’s chair watching TV. His head and dropped to the side and she felt a tinge of pain, knowing her son was so tired he had drifted off.

Tanya and her husband had immigrated to the United States in their early 20s. She had married well and had prospered in both wealth and family. Ebby, her son, was the youngest of four. He had arrived 12 years after her last daughter and was the adored one of the family.

Ebenezer, Ebby, was named after Ebenezer Scrooge. She and her husband loved the movie and named him so in the hopes that wealth would follow him as well as the kindness his namesake eventually found. Her oldest daughter and started calling him Ebby and the nickname stuck.

Sadly, her husband was gone now, having a fatal stroke at the young age of 53. Ebby reminded her so much of her husband when he was in his early 20s. He was slightly taller than the 5’7″ of his father, but unlike his father he was skinny as a rail. He had his father’s brain and was on his way to being wealthy his own right.

Unfortunately, the American bitch that he had married had not be stamina are integrity to last through the tough times. She had divorced him a year earlier.

A month ago Ebby had his first patent pending. It was going to bring him wealth. She was no longer put off by his divorce. The bitch would not profit in his good fortune.

“Ebby.” She whispered, shaking her son lightly on the shoulder. “Supper is ready, my son.”

“Okay, Momsey.” Ebby acknowledged, sluggishly beginning to rise from the chair.

Ebby sat down at the higher kitchen counter as his mother sat a plate of fried steak and fries in front of him.

“I marvel at your ability, and willingness, to cook American food!” Ebby complemented.

“Only because I love you.” She returned. “It’s not good for you. Unfortunately, your father would not listen to me either and you see what happened to him.”

He had not eaten all day and the silence as he ate showed it. Tanya sat across from her son and studied him as she drank her tea.

She and her husband had had a very active sex life. She knew the importance of sex in marriage and sexual stress relief in general. Her husband had been passionate and demanding of her need to understand a hard-working man’s need for relief of his stress through sex. She never said anything but she found it worked for her also. It was demanding and stressful to raise four children.

She hoped Ebby masturbated as she did, but pondered if he missed the warm touch of a woman as she did the warm body of her husband. Since his passing, she had collected, tried out, a good variety of sex toys and used a few of them often.

“Do you have a female interest of late? She inquired.

“Haven’t had the time. I’ve been working like a madman here lately.” He sighed. “I will be surprised if I don’t get a call this evening. I told them, only if it’s an emergency as I need to spend time with my momsey.”

She reached to pat his hand smiling at him. She loved her son so much and her mind of late had been going places it should not go.

She had begun to have sexual thoughts about him. She had contemplated and worried herself ragged pondering the reasons for such thoughts. Was it her feeling of loneliness? Was it her despair for him not having a woman in his life? Or, was it just plain lust for sexual contact and the fact that she had no other place to go except to Ebby……….. to family!

“You need to find time, son!” She retorted. “It is important for a man to have a woman to relieve his stress. You cannot do your best thinking if you are stressed out! “

“Do women get stressed out?” He queried.

“What do you mean?”

“I suppose, we are talking about sex, right?” He replied.

“Yes. I suppose they do. Why do you ask?” She answered.

“Because Momsey, you seem a bit stressed right now.”

“I just think you need a woman in your life!” She replied, then lied. “And, I am not the least bit stressed. I’m concerned, is all!”

She swallowed the last bit of tea and stood to begin cleaning up. The wide expanse of windows in the apartment showed that the sun was going down and it would soon be dark.

“Look at that beautiful sunset!” She said, as she wiped the counter. “So, unless you get a call we can spend some time together tonight?”

“Definitely!” He replied.

“Well, let me go and take a quick shower and get my PJs on.” She said. “It will not take but a few minutes. I would like a Coke and there is some popcorn on top of the fridge.”

Tanya did not hasten through her shower as promised. She had come to a decision and pampering every nook and cranny of her body in preparation made her feel young and alive. Her thoughts were not of rejection.

As she toweled off, she studied herself in the mirror. Her short hairstyle looked American. She only cut it at the insistence of her husband who pendik escort wanted in every fiber of his body to be American.

But her heart and her name; “of the family” was East Indian and was guiding her to do, in her mind, a reasonable thing.

Studying her reflection, she knew she had a pretty face, as did all her daughters. They were trim and fit, but she was not. Her 5’8″ frame was somewhat pudgy, but her mocha colored skin was like silk and her ample breasts had large nipples that her husband loved to suckle on. Her ass was not all that broad and had driven her husband insane with lust for her. No, there would be no rejection!

She left the bathroom, entering her bedroom. PJs were out of the question. She dressed herself in the same black, see-through Teddy pants that her husband had often begged for. She strapped on a black bra with openings for her areola and nipples to protrude.

Over this, she put on a medium weight, modest housecoat one could not see through.

Tanya found her son sitting on the large sofa. On the way by, she switched off the kitchen light darkening the apartment.

Normally, she would have sat at the opposite end of the couch or another chair as modesty dictated. Instead, tonight she sat down next to her son. Taking up her glass of Coke, she put her legs up on the coffee table. The housecoat dropped off a good portion of her legs and thighs. Both actions were highly inappropriate and only done in the presence of her husband when they were alone.

With reluctance, Ebby could not help noticing his mother’s legs and a good amount of her thighs. Though instantly uncomfortable, he did not say anything. Unconsciously, he found them superb.

Of late, they always enjoyed the apartment lights turned off as the nearness of the downtown area illuminated the apartment in soft mellow light. They were the highest around for a number of miles and even with all of the numerous blinds up being observed was not a concern.

Also, Tanya had found, in husband and son alike, darkness relaxed them and they talked more openly, revealing more than they normally would have.

Tanya guided the conversation for many minutes updating Ebby on his siblings. There were numerous stories to tell about her grandchildren. She inquired about his job and related topics. Then, several long moments of silence as she ran out of things to talk about

She sat studying her son as he stared down at the floor. She edged a bit closer to him.

“You need a girlfriend, Ebby.” She said softly and lovingly.

“I have a girlfriend! You are my girlfriend.” He replied.

“I am thrilled to have that title. Then, why don’t we consider me a girlfriend with………..awwww………. what’s that word………. a girlfriend with benefits.” She suggested.

“Do you know what that means?” He queried. “Do you know what you’re proposing?”

“Actually, I do. I looked it up. I’m proposing that I be your girlfriend with benefits until you find a more appropriate girlfriend.” Tanya stated matter-of-factly.

Tanya noticed a bulge in his pants. Her son’s eyes were glued to the floor, but it was not long before his right hand dropped to cover the bulge.

“Your dad and I had a very active sex life. After you left home, it became even more so. I enjoyed and miss sex, Ebby.”

“And what about dad!” He queried. “Do you think he would approve of us being intimate?”

“Your dad, unfortunately, left us.” She answered. “I think he would approve of you and me being intimate together rather than another man outside the family. There is something to be said for keeping it in the family.”

Moments passed and Tanya noted that her son was toying with the bulge in his pants with his thumb and forefinger.

“What about my sisters?” He queried. “Would they not disapprove?”

“They do not have to know!” She exclaimed. “You’re being contrary, my son. No one will ever know.”

Tanya took a deep breath to calm down.

“Does that feel good?” She queried. “Why don’t you unzip and let it have some freedom. It will not bother me in the least. It would please me to see you release your sexual stress.”

“Really?” Ebby queried nervously.

“Your dad and I and a good collection of X-rated movies. I could put one on for you?” She suggested.

When her son unzipped his pants and brought forth his erection, Tanya became mesmerized by his long, thin shaft and its pointed domed head. Tiny veins were clearly visible by the ambient light.

“You have a very nice cock, Ebby.” She observed. “Thinner but considerably longer than your father’s. Should I put on a video so you might have help pleasuring yourself?”

She was hoping for a response but it did not come. Her son just sit there staring and toying with his cock.

She decided to try a more subservient attitude, more attuned to the old country.

“Perhaps you would like me to suck it for you.” She proposed. “Let you relax. Your father taught me how to do it and said I was quite proficient.”

He said nothing but released his cock kartal escort placing his right hand flat on the sofa, as was the left.

Tanya bent over and took a few inches of his stiffly erect cock into her mouth. There was no need to hold it.

In a matter of moments, with only the slightest of moan, he filled her mouth with his cum. Totally unexpected, she gagged as she tried to continue to suck him. Finally, she had to spit him out.

“Momsey! I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed apologetically. “It was unexpected, I promise.

“Calm down, Ebby!” She exclaimed, in a loving tone. “No harm done. It’s not the first time. I just wasn’t expecting it, is all.”

Tanya hurried to the kitchen, spitting and rinsing her mouth out before wetting a towel. Coming back to the sofa she gulped a few sips of her Coke swishing them around in her mouth, swallowing them. Then, she knelt between her son’s knees and began to lovingly cleanse his cock.

“It is perfectly understandable.” She explained lovingly. “It’s the stress I was telling you about. You don’t know it but it builds up and you see what happened. But look at how hard you still are. There is a lot more of stress built up inside of you.”

“The eroticism of having my mother sucking my cock had nothing to do with it?” He queried.

The releasing of the mind, due to the surrounding darkness of the area was working like a charm. Her son is not being his normal uptight self.

“May be a little.” She reluctantly agreed. “But I had to get you to relax enough for you to let me take care of you.”

“Is it possible, Momsey, that maybe you need a little TLC yourself?”

“I admit I’ve built up a lot of stress worrying about you.” She answered.

She stood and discarded the washcloth on to the coffee table. She slowly untied her housecoat, slipped it off and threw it to a nearby chair.

“That is a great pair of PJs.” He observed. “How long have you been planning this?”

“Do not do your mother an injustice.” Tanya retorted. “That my desire to take care of your stress should also alleviate mine does not diminish my love for you.”

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I was just trying to be funny.”

“I apologize, my son. I am a bit nervous, I suppose. One does not seduce their son every day.”

Ebby lifted himself to the edge of the sofa and began to mouth his mother’s left nipple so conveniently offered up. After long moments, he started kissing down her body. He ran his lips up and down her silky smooth legs, alternately, kissing and stroking them.

Moving ever closer, he pushed his nose into her panty-covered crotch and heard her moan appreciatively. He breathed in deeply.

His hands reached to slide his fingers beneath the elastic of her black Teddy pants. He tugged them off his mother’s wide hips, down her legs, helping her to step out of them. He replaced his nose into her very lavish bush, gripping her bare buttocks, pulling her in tight.

“Do you like it?” She queried.

“Very much so!” Ebby answered. “I’ve only seen such lavish hair in movies and magazines.

“When you put your tongue to my treasure, you may find so much hair annoying.” She theorized.

“I will gladly learn to live with it!” He replied. “Are you hurrying me along, Momsey?”

“Not at all, my dearest.” She replied lovingly.

It should be noted here that with their eyes adjusted to the semidarkness the available light coming through the large and many windows allowed mother and son to see the endowments of the other quite well.

Ebby reached to remove his shoes and socks. He stood and removed his black suit pants.

Tanya was able to appraise is rigid manhood. The shaft and balls appeared to be molded as one with the shaft pointing off of vertical 10 or 12°. The thin domed head reminded her of a Viking helmet.

She allowed herself to be maneuvered onto the sofa facedown.

It did not cross Ebby’s mind to unsnap her bra. He was an ass and pussy man. All that he desired was now stripped and before him for his enjoyment. But should he want a taste of a nipple, they too were quite accessible.

He scrubbed his mother’s ass and thighs with his hands for long moments before placing his lips on her ass to explore. He slid his tongue up the crack of her ass. Nibbling lightly brought the moans from his mother that stimulated his desires. He bit and squeezed her ass harder, receiving no rebuke but only more intense moans and the flexing and tightening of her ass.

Tanya clenched her fists and pushed her face into the sofa. The pain, if you could call it such, translated to lust and desire. Her breathing was accelerated and opened mouth. She bucked her ass in response to each bite, not to deter but to elicit another bite. It was working and her moans and yelps were soon quite loud.

But soon, with a woman’s prerogative she maneuvered to her back.

Spreading her legs, knees lifted, feet flat on the sofa, she waited invitingly for whatever her son might desire to do to her next. Fuck her or eat her, she would delight in either.

But maltepe escort as she had hoped, he promptly put his face to her pussy.

Ebby switched from aggressively biting her ass to a loving exploration of his mother’s pussy with his tongue. He took his leisure, kissing, licking and sucking the thick-lipped treasure. His face was soon slick with her lubricant and her pubic hair was becoming matted with moisture.

“AAHhhhhhhhhhhhh! That is so good, Ebby!” She exclaimed. “It has been so long! Please tell me you will not stop! Tell me I can come. No need to rush! Just let me come!”

“Yes Momsey. I will bring you to orgasm presently.” He assured her. “Just be patient! I’m getting to know you.”

“I am patient! Really, I am!”

Ebby, withdrew his face slightly. With his left palm down, he extended his middle finger and pushed it slowly into his mother’s pussy.

Tanya reached with her right hand to scrub her clit, causing her son to slap her hand lightly.

“Behave yourself, woman!” He scolded lovingly.

“I’m trying, but you’re driving me crazy.” She whined. “I need to come! Put your tongue back of my clit.”

He fingered her pussy for a few more long moment. Instead of putting his tongue back to her clit, he pushed her legs back further and thrust his tongue into her treasure’s depths.

“OH MY!” Tanya exclaimed loudly. “Don’t stop! That is so erotic!”

Her husband had eaten her pussy many times but never had he put his tongue into her.

“I will be your girlfriend forever!” She cried. “Promise me you’ll always eat my pussy!”

He answered her by repeatedly shoving his tongue deep into her. Soon, he returned his tongue to her clit and in brief moments the orgasm seized her, quaking her violently.

Ebby did not wait for the orgasm to diminish. He desired to consummate their newfound incestuous relationship while his mother was in orgasm. He moved to mount her and she reached to guide his cock into her.

Ebby began a modest but determined rhythm and Tanya, still in mid-orgasm, her pussy contracted, with a loud groan of being taken, was quick to respond with an equally determined rhythm, matching his deep penetrating thrusts with her own returning thrusts.

“Pushed it deep, my dearest!” She pleaded. “I can feel it!”

“Your pussy is wonderful, my dear mother.” He whispered with labored breath into her ear. “I promise. I will eat your pussy forever.”

Mother and son were lost in their incestuous lust as they fucked on the sofa.

Ebby, became fatigued and changed position over his mother. Straight-arming himself over her, they both viewed their coupling for long minutes before he gathered her ass up in his hands to fuck her hard and fast once more, only to repeat the process long minutes later.

His ejaculation earlier allowed him to last longer even though incestuous lust was driving him onward. The desire to fill his mother’s belly with his cum was strong.

Tanya had also come, but their aggressive fucking had hastened her return to arousal and she was also seeking another orgasm.

Onward they fucked, both breathing heavily. Words were no longer exchanged between them. They were delirious in their incestuous lust as they both climb the ladder.

Tanya was the first to reach the top rung and plummet into the oblivion of not caring of the future. She had spermicide in the bathroom but it was supposed to be placed inside of her pussy before intercourse.

Ebby’s fell into the oblivion of not carrying as his mother’s body quaked beneath him, instantly causing his eruption into her. He had had a moment of thought of the chances of pregnancy but left it to his mother.

There orgasms subsided and they both continued to breathe exhaustively as they lay embraced.

“I need to go to the bathroom, my dearest.” She whispered. “Let me up, please, it’s important.”

Lust had been replaced with reality and Tanya was now anxious to prevent the unthinkable.

Ebby pulled out of his mother and backed away from her to allow her to get up. He watched her as she hastened from the room.

Curious, he followed her, finding her in the bathroom with one leg on the toilet seat, squirting the spermicide into her pussy.

“I think we have made a mistake.” He said with concern.

“I have made a small mistake.” Tanya replied lovingly. “It is a minor detail. Do not worry.”

She reached for some toilet paper and wiped a good bit of cum off of her left thigh. She turned smiling at her son with intent to embrace him.

“Mercy! Your cock is as hard as ever.” She said, staring at his firm erection. “I’m glad it is your stress and not your blood pressure that is so high. Do you wish to go to the bed?” She teased, smiling at him.

He had not been all that hard following her to the bathroom. Watching his mother spermicide her pussy, his sperm, had instantly aroused him. He was indeed ready and wanting to fuck her again but right where they were would suffice.

Ebby turned his mother towards the double sink counter.

Tanya knew what was desired and reached for a towel. Placing it on the counter, she widened her stance and placed her elbows on the towel. She watched their reflection in the large mirror as her son positioned himself behind her and entered her. Her pussy was still numb from the strenuous fucking but it did not matter.

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