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James turned the sleek black sports car onto the on ramp and pressed the accelerator down to the floor. The motor revved and the car sped down the interstate as if it was shot out of a cannon. James reached for his cell phone and dialed the number that he had recently acquired.

The phone rang just a few times and then a very sultry voice answered “Hello?”

“Why hello there, I was wondering if you would be interested in an orgasm?” He chuckled as he ended the sentence.

The sultry voice giggled in a very sexy way before answering “Hey sexy, are we still on for tonight?”

“Of course we are, when have I ever let you down? I’m on the way to your place now.” He answered almost accusingly.

“Mmmm good” she almost moaned; “I have been waiting for you all day.”

“See ya soon” he responded and then slammed the phone shut.

The car came to a crawl as it pulled into an apartment complex. He quickly found a parking spot close to the breeze way that led to her apartment.

He opened the door and stepped out, the cold air immediately bit into his skin as he left his warm car. He pushed the lock button twice and the horn sounded letting him know that the doors were locked.

He began to make his way to her door, the sound of his shoes echoing through the breezeway. He found her number and knocked on the door twice.

He could hear shuffling and In just a few moments the door opened, and there stood Michelle in a tight black corset, her magnificent breasts being pushed up her chest. His eyes began to look her over starting from the bottom; her black high heels and stockings already had his cock pulsing and growing in his pants. His eyes continued upward until he found the small black G string and then a garter belt attached to her stockings. He had to admit that she truly was a beautiful woman, and he was going to enjoy taking her as his own.

He rushed into the door and she slammed it behind him. His hands found her slim waist as his lips began to suckle on her neck; a soft moan escaped her lips. Her hands soon found there way down to his zipper and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri began to gently tug downwards as his cock pushed hard against the material trying to escape. Soon enough his pants were around his ankles and his cock stood out proudly ready to claim it’s prize. She dropped to her knees and began to admire the cock that bobbed just inches from her open lips.

She bent her back inwards and thrusted her hips outward giving him a glorious view of the black nylon g string disappearing between her wonderful ass cheeks. She opened her lips and took his warm head into her mouth. She began to suck as hard as she could and circle the head with her tongue. Her mouth was stretched as far as it could while his thick cock slid deeper into her, soon making it’s way to her throat. She then pulled her head back and created a magnificent feeling as her cheeks began to massage his cock as it slid out, and then she repeated. It was a very slow and sensual blowjob but it felt great. His heavy balls began to pull up as his seed was almost ready to be shot down her throat and into her stomach.

He grabbed her dark hair and began to really pump into her mouth. She soon began to moan loudly as she rubbed her clit while he used her mouth as his personal pussy. Within a few seconds his balls began to draw up and his warm cum shot out of him drenching the back of her throat. He held her head still as she began to swallow the load that he had just deposited.

He let go of her head, and slowly pulled his cock from her mouth. It fell from her lips, and she looked up into his eyes and smiled. He helped her up and they walked into her bedroom. He unbuttoned his shirt and helped her out of her lingerie, they made there way to her bathroom and cut on the shower. The warm water soon produced a steam as they began to kiss very slowly and passionately. It had only been minutes since he had shot his cum down her throat, but he hadn’t really had a release in days, and he was ready to go again. He picked her up and her legs wrapped around his waist. He slowly walked toward the wall and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he rested her body there. He soon let his lips leave hers, and made there way downwards. He began to suck and nibble at her soft pink nipples, watching them grow and extend. She threw her head back and moaned very softly, as he moved from the left nipple to the right. Her breast were very large, and probably augmented, but he didn’t really care. He soon picked her up again and laid her across the counter in her dressing room, with her legs split.

He got down on his knees and took in her sex for the first time. Her smell was intoxicating as he began to slowly kiss up her thighs. He could feel the heat coming from her as he began to slowly kiss around her wonderful pussy. He slowly started to make circles with his tongue around the outsides of her sex. She put her hands on the back of his head as he stopped at the bottom of her vagina and began to slowly trace his way upwards. He found her clitoris and began to slowly circle the hood that covered the sensitive organ. She threw her head backwards as her breathing increased, making her breasts heave up and down as she let out soft moans. He slowly opened his lips and took her clit into his mouth, with just a little bit of suction. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head further into her pussy. He continued to suck at her clitoris and finally began a slow flicking action. She began to moan louder and grind her hips into his face.

As he continued to worship her wonderful clitoris, he took his finger and let it enter her. He crooked it upwards and began to let it drag across the top of her canal. Within a few moments he found the little rough spot that drove her absolutely wild. She began to thrash around as he continued to suck on her clitoris and slowly rub her G spot with the palm of index finger. She clenched her hands on his hair and let out a long high pitched moan as her body began to shake. He picked up the pace with his tongue and finger, as she began to roll through the waves of climax. He slowed his pace and her muscles slowly güvenilir bahis şirketleri began to relax. Within a few moments her hands had unclenched from his hair and began to massage her large breasts. He removed his finger and began to tenderly massage her clitoris as she came down from her high.

His cock was standing at attention after tasting this delicious woman, and he removed her clitoris from his warm suckling mouth very slowly. He then stood and took in the sight of her slumped against her mirror with her legs open wide, eyes closed, and massaging her breasts. He began to move toward her, and placed both of his hands on her smooth thighs. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly slid his large head inside.

Her mouth opened and she let out a soft moan, he rested there for a few moments and then began to slide the length of his cock into her very slowly. Her hands found his buttocks and began to squeeze as his heavy balls rested against her tan bottom. He slid his cock slowly out until just the head was inside, and slammed the length of his member back into her. She let out a loud moan as her whole body shook from the force. He pulled his cock out slowly again and then slammed it all the way back in. Within a few moments he was pumping his cock in and out at a nice pace. She was moaning every time his balls slapped her ass cheeks; obviously enjoying being impaled by such an impressive cock.

After a few minutes of this rhythmic pace she began to pull him into her quicker and quicker, so that the sound of the bodies colliding filled the room. She grabbed her breasts and pulled hard at her nipples, as he kept slamming his cock into her. His heavy balls began to pull up as he was getting ready to shoot his seed deep into her womb. He began to thrust with all that he had, and within just a few moments he felt his cock twitch and then shoot his warm cum deep inside of her. He held his cock all the way in her as it shot out. He let his head rest on her shoulder for a few moments, before pulling his flaccid cock out of her stretched pussy.

His seed slowly began to ooze out of her stretched hole as he gave her a quick kiss and whispered in her ear “Thanks for a good time, I’ll call you tomorrow”. He left her laying there used as he made his way through her house and began to dress. He pulled out his wedding band and placed it on his finger as he made his way out of the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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