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Chapter 2. A Massage and a Friend

It had been a few days since our date and it was now Friday. It was mid-morning and I was hanging out in my room. I’ve been up for a couple hours but haven’t really moved much. I was sitting on my bed in just my boxers watching TV. My mom and me hadn’t talked much the past few days. It wasn’t uncommon though. We would often go a day or two without very much conversation between us. Usually I’d be in my Cave (work room from the previous chapter) working on my projects and streaming and my mom would just leave me be. Sometimes she would be out and about maybe shopping or visiting Sarah in San Diego.

This time was different though. It was intense in that vehicle on the way home. So intense it felt like that ride lasted forever. When we got home that night my mom seemed like she didn’t want to let go of my hand. After a few minutes she did and we walked into the house all the while not saying a word. When we reach the hallway I turned to my mom. Before I could say anything she hugged me. Hard and long. I returned the embrace. Then she released me and went into her room and closed the door behind her. I stood there for a minute or two unsure of what to do. I was tempted to go to her room try and comfort her in some way but decided against it.

I walked into the bathroom that was between my room and my mom’s. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I stripped down to my boxers and hung my clothes on the towel rack behind me. I was on my way out the bathroom when I heard a noise. I couldn’t quite make it out so I turned out the light in the bathroom that was making a hum. The noise was a bit louder now. It sounded like a whimper..coming from mom’s room. It was soft but strong. It was coming steadily too. I assumed she was crying. Crying. She hadn’t done that in a while at least in front of me. But why? Why was she crying now? Was she thinking crazy thoughts like I was? Did I do this? All I knew was that I really wanted to go in there and comfort her.

“But what if I only bring her more pain?” I thought. I decided that going to bed and get some rest would be best. It would also give my mom time too. I headed to my room and plopped on the bed. I started trying to figure out ways to talk to my mom tomorrow. I got halfway through an idea before I passed out.

Now it was Friday. We never had that talk but she woke up the next morning and behaved the same way she always did. I was going to bring it up but I ultimately decided to let it go. Things seem fine now and I didn’t want to ruin it. So that was that. I hadn’t left my room yet this morning so I haven’t seen my mom. I haven’t heard her door so it didn’t seem like she hadn’t left her room either.

I was just getting bored of watching TV when the doorbell rang. I sighed. I knew exactly who that was and what was about to make my day a longer day. I got up and threw on a T-shirt and shorts. I walked out of my room and toward the front of the house. I looked towards my mom’s room. The door was closed but the light was on. I was sure I could hear her moving about. I reached the front door and paused. I took a breath and open the door. I was immediately met with the smell of strawberries.

Strawberries and vanilla. It was heavenly. The origin of that smell was standing right in front of me smiling from ear to ear. Staci was beautiful. No doubt about it. As much as it seems like I complain about her flirting with me I really don’t mind it. She was fun and exciting to be around. She was a classic California girl.

Staci was caucasian with an incredible tan. She had perfect bronze skin that look amazing in the sunlight. She had long wavy dirty blonde hair that ran past her shoulders and stopped halfway down her back. It was all down now flowing in the slight breeze that had come in this morning. She had piercing green eyes that looked like someone stuck two emeralds on her face. She had this cute button like nose with a few freckles across it. Her lips were full, redish pink, and plump and made it seem like she was always pouting. Her teeth were perfect after she had braces in her early teens (she told me). She was tall for size about 5’10 or 11′ pushing 6′. She had a long slender neck that lead to her perfect model body.

Her slight shoulders lead on to her slender frame. Her breasts were just a little more than a handful and sat up perfectly on her toned chest. They were perky and had just enough weight where they bounce if she jumped around. They were currently under a green ripped half shirt that was sleeveless. I’m sure if I was sitting down and she was right under me I’d be staring right at her really tan breasts. Since she was wearing a half shirt you could see her toned stomach. She had a soft six pack and it was enticing to look at. Lower than that was a really small pair of Daisy Duke’s that fit her just right. I’m sure if I walked around her I’d see that toned and round ass, that she was always teasing me with, halfway sticking out of them. Her legs were long and toned like the rest of her body and she had a pair of flip flops on to finish the outfit.

Staci was a massage therapist as well as a yoga instructor. güvenilir bahis She also did some surfing on the side. All that made her body look incredible like it was chiseled by the gods themselves. If it was my first time seeing her I would be at a lost for words but I’d known her for a couple of years now. Jenn had met her at some concert very close to the end of our senior year of college. I would have never matched the two as friends but somehow it worked and well.

Today was different though. I’m sure she was planning for it too and to her account it worked perfectly. She clearly had some “work” done since I last saw her. The most noticeable thing was her stomach. She had a navel piercing that in all honesty somehow made her even sexier than before. It was long, about an inch and hung under her belly button. The other thing took a minute to notice but once I did my eyes grew wide. Staci smiled. She had been waiting for this moment. To be honest I’m more than happy that she was. Her little half shirt was tight on her body. There was no mistaking where her nipples were. Except this time they looked different. It was very clear she got them pierced. They seem to be bars with a little jeweled half circle on the underside of the bar. I couldn’t clearly see them but her shirt was just thin enough to make them out. I was at a lost of words. Staci’s smile somehow got wider.

“Hey Chris. How’s it going?” She asked with her smooth bubbly voice.

“H-hey Staci…” I managed to sputter out.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure. Yeah come on in.”

I moved aside to let her in. She walked past me into the house. Her round toned ass swaying as she walked. I came in behind her and shut the door. Staci walked over to the island in the kitchen and put her purse down. She turned towards me and leaned back against the island. I was standing in the big entrance way of the kitchen trying my best not to get a hard on right in front of her. Staci’s half shirt seemed more like a “thirds shirt”. It was cut off right under her boobs so they way she was leaning I could see a slight view of her under boob. I sighed.

Staci laughed. “Is you mom still getting on to you about that?”

“What?” I asked not at all listening to what she just said.

“You sighed. Is you mom still giving you crap for it?” She asked again.

“Oh yeah. She is. She refuses to give up. Me? I gave up a long time ago.” I answered.

“I don’t know. I kinda like it.”

“You like it? How so?” I wondered eyebrows raised.

“It’s kinda your thing. A part of who you are. It would be weird if you stopped doing it.” She said genuinely.

“Hmmm. I haven’t thought of it that way. I guess so.”

“Totally. Now come here and give me a hug. I haven’t seen you in a while.” She beckoned me.

I walked up to her and she threw her arms around my neck and hug me in a tight embrace. I could feel her perky tits pushed against my chest. I could also feel those piercings poking my chest. I wrapped my arm around her waist to hug her back. I misjudged how tall she actually was and my hand rested on her round firm ass. I immediately moved my hand up to her lower back in embarrassment. Either she didn’t notice or she didn’t care. I was leaning on the latter given her numerous advances toward me. I begin to ease out of the hug and Staci was too but she stopped with her forearms resting on my shoulders. She was looking me in the eyes and smiling. Fuck she had a gorgeous smile.

“You still look really good. How are you doing it?” She asked me.

“You know I run every other night.” I said matter of factly. She did. She’s actually ran with me every now and then. I don’t mind it. Jennifer never would. “In fact I’m probably gonna run tonight. Care to join me?”

“Sure! I’ll just have on what I have on but I’d be totally down.” She said as she bounced with excitement.

So remember how I said her shirt was just cut off below her tits? As she kept her arms up on my shoulders I noticed a distinct glinter just a little ways directly below me. I didn’t think and just reacted. What I was looking at now was Staci’s bare tits hanging out of her barely shirt. Her tits were perky and even curved up a little. The pierced nipples were right in plain view and there was no way to miss them. The way they shimmered on her perfectly tanned skin almost killed me in that moment. Her nipples were pink and the size of those mini marshmallows you get in hot cocoa. Her areolas were also pink and about the size of a quarter. I was staring at them for about 30 seconds before I realized it and looked up at Staci’s face. She wasn’t concerned at all that her tits were out for me to see. In fact she grinned then stretched her arms up above her head to give me a real good long look at them. I groaned on the inside.

“They look so fucking good! Fuck! Why? Just why does she always torture me? If I wasn’t dating Jenn I’d fuck the senses out of this girl!” I thought.

Jenn! I quickly took a couple steps back and clearly my throat. I was done being teased and felt a major hard on coming.

“Cool. We can go running around 9 or 10. It’s my türkçe bahis favorite time.” I paused. “I’ll go get my mom so you can get started.”

I turned and left before giving her a chance to respond or show me her beautiful perky tits again. I made my way to mom’s room and sighed. Staci was gonna give me a heart attack one day. I walked up to my mom’s door and knocked.

“Hey mom.”

I heard shuffling then the door opened. My mom looked up at me. She was wearing nothing but a shirt. It was longer than the last one but not by much. Her hair was unkempt like she had just woken up. She smiled.

“Hey baby. Is that Staci?”

“Yeah she is here for your appointment.”

“Okay baby. Are you getting one?”

“Maybe later. I don’t need to be anywhere near her right now. I need to go release myself a little” I say.

“Hahahahaha. She is already coming at you huh? Okay baby. Have fun.” She snickered.

“Yeah you will see when you get out there. And ha ha… I will.” I said sarcastically.

I walked towards my room as my mom walked down the hall. She stops and calls to me. I look back at her.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Mom.”

I hung out in my room for about an hour before deciding it was time for lunch. I had no idea if my mom has gotten her massage or not. Whenever Staci came over it was a all day thing so they were in no hurry to get if over with. Whatever they were doing I wasn’t gonna interrupt. I was gonna make my lunch and make my way back to my room. It was about one or two in the afternoon. I hopped off my bed and walked out of my room. I made my way down the hall as I heard soft music being played. It was classical music and came from the living room. Staci always played this style of music when she was giving her massages.

As I enter into where the kitchen and living room were I looked right. In the middle of of the den, which was on the other side of the living room from where I stood, was Staci standing over my mom. Mom was laying on a cot-like bed. It had been raised up high so that Staci could reach her while standing. My mom ordered it online after a couple of sessions when Staci first began coming over. My mom was face down with her feet pointed towards me. Her big ass sticking up to where I almost couldn’t see her head. Staci was busy with my mom’s shoulders and concentrating so hard on them she didn’t notice I was watching. I couldn’t tell if my mom was asleep or not but if it’s anything like the other times I’d bet she was. After watching them for another minute I quietly turned and headed into the kitchen.

“I gonna whip together a sandwich.” I decided. I grab the bread that was on top of the fridge and sat it down on the island behind me. I then went into the fridge and grab the cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. I placed all of that next to the bread. I looked and could still see Staci going at my mom’s back. I turned back around and tried to decide what type of meat I want. I eventually went sun-dried tomato turkey (try it it’s really good) that I loved picking up from the grocery store around the corner. I closed the fridge and took out two big slices of bread from the package. The bread was from a bakery on the other side of town. The slices were thicker than usual and the bread was delicious. I slapped some turkey on it and then cheese. I grabbed the slice the meat and cheese were on and took it to the table top toaster oven we had next to the microwave. I put it in and set it to go off in about a minute.

I returned to my area of the island and begin cutting my lettuce and tomato as quietly as possible. I hadn’t seem to get noticed by Staci yet and was really proud of myself. I was almost finished cutting the tomato when the fucking toaster oven beeps that it was finish. I jumped and quickly went over to open it. You can’t see the oven, microwave or toaster oven from the living room. The opening, as large as it is, is on the other side of the kitchen where you can see most of the island and the refrigerator right behind it. There also a pantry on the other side of that. I was out of sight at the moment but was sure Staci was looking this way now wondering what made the noise.

I sighed and walked in view to my spot of the island. If she was looking this way before she either lost interest or figured it was nothing. I breathed again realizing it was fine and immediately took a quick breath in again. Staci was looking over at me from the den. She caught me. She smiled and stuck her tongue out. I nodded my head to acknowledge her and went straight into ensembling the rest of my sandwich.

Occasionally I looked up at Staci and she caught my eye a couple of times. After like the third time I grew tired of the game and just continued looking at her. I watch as, I guess cause I couldn’t see over my mom fat ass, she rubbed on her lower back. I could feel that from here. Staci really was good at her job. She had plenty of clients and more wanting her to add them to her clientele. She was always busy but made it a habit to come visit us at least twice a month. I think we were her favorite.

She had another client, some güvenilir bahis siteleri big college soccer player, that she would go to often too. She would often talk about him when giving me my massage. It was clear she liked him a bit and definitely clear they were fucking. I asked once if they were dating and she immediately blushed and denied it. She said she wouldn’t do that to me. I laughed and told her it’s all good and I wouldn’t be mad. She still insisted they weren’t. I’m guessing eventually when she realized I wasn’t gonna give in to her feminine wiles so she decided fucking him was a good idea. I thought that would prevent her from flirting with me so hard but it changed nothing.

I was finished making my sandwich and instead of doing the logical thing like going back to my room, I made a much dumber decision. I sat on one of the many stools surrounding the island. I sat purposefully looking towards Staci. I ate while I watched her. After a few seconds she looked up and noticed me there. She smiled. She continued to massage and start making her way down to my mom huge ass. I took the first bite of my sandwich and swallowed hard. Staci begin working my mom’s ass. She hands slide over the two big mounds as gracefully as possible. She used her palms to dig into the cheeks and rubbed in big wide circles. Of course this made my mom’s voluptuous ass jiggle and bounce as she rubbed. She was purposefully putting on a show for me. Staci had no qualms about trying to entice me with my own mother’s ass and to be fair it was working. I was really watching her now. I wasn’t close either considering there was the entire living room between me and what was going on in the den.

Still, I knew exactly what she was doing and went with it. I don’t know why but a week ago I would have not been interested to see this. Today I was mesmerized. Staci, this gorgeous girl, was rubbing on my mom big ass. At the moment it was all I wanted to see. She continued her fun and started moving her hands close to the middle of my mom’s ass. She was rubbing hard between the cheeks. Eventually she was cupping the bottom of my mom’s ass and made slow small circles. Staci was staring at me now making sure I was watching her every move. Then she made a move that almost made me choke on my sandwich I was almost done with.

She softly grabbed both cheeks and spread them hard exposing everything to the air. If I was in there I’m sure I would have gotten a very clear view of my mom’s pink fat pussy and her dark tight asshole. From where I was sitting I couldn’t see it though only the shadow of what was supposed to be there. The lighting also didn’t help as there was only a lamp on in the den somewhere and a couple scented candles near Staci. Still what Staci was doing caught me off guard and my mind was racing.

She repeated the process and held it open for longer this time. While holding it open she looked right at me and stuck out her tongue. She licked at the air, long and slow, imitating as if she was licking my mom’s nether regions. Then she stuck her tongue back in her mouth and gave me a big smile. She continued rubbing on the ass before bending over it. Her tits were grazing my Mom’s ass as she grabbed a cheek and pulled it apart. Then she did something that would have made me fall out of my chair had I not been holding onto the island already. She used her other hand to rub on my mom’s anus. She used her middle finger and ring finger to rub from the perineum slowly to the top of my mom’s ass. She reversed this process going over the asshole again. She continued to do this while squeezing my mom’s ass cheek she was pulling on. It was very eroctic. I could not look away. I had to admit I was enjoying this probably more than I should.

Almost as if the universe is truly messing with me I heard a noise that I would never forget. It came from a low and wanting place. The moan was long and loud enough for me to hear it over the soft classical music that was fading in the background. My mom had apparently awoken from her slumber. She had to be aware of what was happening to her and made no moved to stop it. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d sworn she was sticking her ass out more. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I realized who was making that noise. My mom moaned long and loud again this time with more purpose. Then I looked at Staci who had been watching me the entire time. She had a eyebrow raised and seemed like she was giggling.

For some reason that snapped me out of my trance and I got up and threw my trash away and before leaving the kitchen grabbed a bottle of Not My Father’s root beer out of the fridge. I was heading to the hallway and took one last look towards the den. My mom was still laying down and Staci had moved on to my mom’s thighs. She looked over at me and winked. I turned my head away and walked to my room. I had a hard on that needed to be dealt with. I heard another moan and stopped right at my door. That moan. I could be wrong but I was sure those moans we’re familiar. I thought hard… Wait… that night. The night after our date when I was in the bathroom and thought my mom was crying. I was so sure that night but now that I was hearing my mom moan I wasn’t. If that was true my mom was never sad… which meant she was… horny? Oh god. My mom was masturbating right after that intense ride home…which meant it was because of me?!

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