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Dae walked into the classroom marked 203, and she could feel all the eyes turn towards her. She knew it was still two minutes for the bell, but most of the seats in the classroom had already filled up. She turned towards the teacher’s desk, where a kind-looking woman (presumably her teacher) was seated. The teacher, who told Dae that her name was Mrs. Kinley, directed her to a seat. As she walked down the aisle, she could hear the snickers regarding her outfit. She sighed, knowing that in a preppy school like this her more alternative style would make her stand out, just like her last school. At 5’3, she was tiny, and had dark brown, almost black hair, with a light purple streak running through it. She had icy blue eyes and wore dark black jeans, a red shirt over a black long-sleeved one, and Sugi skate shoes. Her clothes didn’t really do her body justice, but she had a fairly nice looking one, not too flabby and not too skinny, with a 36B chest. She sat down at the seat Mrs. Kinley had assigned her too, and took out her headphones. She pressed play and began listening to Disturbed’s track ‘Liberate’.

She was still listening to the track when the bell rang, signaling for class to begin. Her teacher raised her hand and then said, “Quiet down class. Let us listen to your morning announcements.” At that moment, a boy, whom Dae couldn’t help notice was quite attractive, skidded in. She silently laughed as she took in his outfit. He, too, was wearing red and black. He wore black baggy jeans, a red long-sleeved tee-shirt and overtop of it was a black tee-shirt. He had brown eyes, black hair, and the part she loved most; a Mohawk with red tips. He also had some piercings; one in his eyebrow, and three in each ear. She was happy to see none were in his nose, because in her opinion, that wasn’t attractive in anyone. As he began to explain his excuse to Mrs. Kinley for his being late, she saw a flash of metal in his mouth, realizing he also had a tongue ring. Mrs. Kinley just sighed and shook her head, and pointed him towards his seat. As he walked down the aisle, Dae realized the only available desk was the one beside hers. She quickly slid her headphones to her neck and looked his way.

He sat down beside her, casually glancing in her direction. She pretended to look bored, that is until Mrs. Kinley asked her to stand for the class and introduce herself. She stood up and said:

“Hi, my name is Dae Reynolds. I moved here from Michigan and I live with my parents and my younger brother, Levin. Thanks.”

“Well, Dae can you tell us something about your name? And maybe your brother’s name also? They are such unique ones; I think the whole class would find them interesting.”

“My parents are archaeologists. Which ever country we were born in, we were named a name from that country’s culture. My name is Korean, meaning “Destined for greatness” and Levin’s is from Russia, meaning “Lion hearted”.

‘Why, that’s so interesting! Isn’t that interesting class?” Mrs. Kinley said enthusiastically.

Dae shrugged and sat down. Beside her, the boy was chuckling quietly. Quickly Dae scribbled out a note, “What’s so funny?”

He wrote back; “Nothing. I just find it funny how she made you explain your name. You get that often? Oh, by the way, my name’s John.”

“Yeah, I do get that a lot,” she wrote back, “but you get used to it.”

He read her note and replied, “Your name’s cool, I like it. I canlı bahis also like your shirt.”

She looked down at her Linkin Park tee-shirt. She mouthed, Thanks, and he flashed the thumbs-up.

“Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Barwick, would you mind having your conversation after class?’

Dae smiled at John and then looked towards the board.

After class, Dae packed up her bag. She noticed John was still standing there so she looked up and smiled.

“So, you like Linkin Park?” she asked, but was interrupted by Mrs. Kinley.

“Will you two be working on the project together then?”

“What project?” They asked together, unanimously.

“You know, the project I was explaining while you two were having a note-fest? I let it slide this time, Dae, because you are new and should be making new friends, but if I catch you two at it again, it’s detention time! John, I’m sure you can show Dae here where that is, since you frequent it so much.”

John blushed and Dae laughed. Dae asked, “So what’s this project about then?”

“Here’s a pamphlet for each of you. Look through it and discuss. It’s due in a week’s time.”

As she walked away, Dae turned towards John and said, “Partners? Or do I have to be with one of those prepsters in our class?”

John laughed. “Actually, one of those prepsters is my girlfriend. Do you know her? Her name’s Michelle.”

Dae’s heart sunk. Michelle sat at the front and had long gorgeous blond curls, big brown eyes, red pouty lips, a figure to die for… well, you get the picture.

“How long have you two been going out?”

“A month, but I’m not sure, I think she wants to break up.”

Dae’s heart perked up. “Yeah? Why?”

“Oh, I think she likes being a free woman. Not me, though, well you know, a free man not woman. I like to have a steady girl.”

“So can I call you?” She blushed. “I mean, for the project?”

“Oh yeah. Sure. Here’s my number>” He gave it to her and then walked away, down another hallway. Dae fingered the slip of paper between her fingers. She was going to call him.

She walked into her house and called out, “Mom? Dad? Levin?”

“Yeah, Dae. I’m here. Oh, and so is my new ‘friend’.”

She turned towards the voice, and saw her brother and also a girl beside him.

“This is Teresa.” He introduced her.

“Oh, hey. Look Levin, sorry to be rude Teresa, but where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Didn’t you get the note? It says they won’t be back till Monday. So Teresa is going to stay this weekend, ‘kay?”

She chuckled. She knew her brother was a cutie, but to already have a girl? It was hilarious. Her brother stood at 5”7, and was muscular from years of sports, but not too muscular. He had brown spikey hair, matching his 16 yr-old friends, and green eyes. At the moment, he was wearing blue Nike swim shorts, so Dae guessed they were going to take a dip in the hot tub. Teresa was cute too. She had short blond hair and blue eyes, with some freckles. Dae watched them leave the room and she walked up the stairs.

She could hear them laughing outside her window, and she was almost a bit jealous of her brother’s new source of pleasure. She walked to her mirror and began to examine herself. She did have a nice body, but no guys however ever seemed to be all that interested. She sighed and walked towards her bed, and sat down. She flipped on her T.V. and began watching a Buffy rerun.

Later bahis siteleri that night, when she was home alone since her brother had left with Teresa, she decided to call up John and see what he was up to. She knew that he had a girlfriend, but she couldn’t help but think that maybe he’d want to go see a movie or something. She dialed his number and a woman answered.

“Hello?” the woman asked.

“Oh, hello Ma’am, may I please speak to John?” Dae asked.

“Oh. Yes. Jonathan, please come to the phone.”

“Hello?” John answered, sounding a bit down.

“Hey John, what’s up? It’s Dae.”

“Oh hey. Not much.”

“You sound a bit sad, John. What’s wrong?”

“Oh…It’s just me and Michelle broke up. She wants to see other people. But I just want one girl all to myself.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry John. Is there anything I can do to cheer you up?”

“I don’t think so.”

“How about you come over and we’ll watch a movie? I have some good DVDs.”

“I guess that’d be okay. Uh…where’s your house?”

“Oh, 36 Elm St.”

“You live near me. I’m a block way. I live on Oak.”

“Cool. So come over around eight okay?”

“Sure. See ya.”


Erin ran up to her room and slowly undressed. She showered and then dried off. She cupped her breasts, pushing them out. She was going to dress sexy. She picked out a favourite outfit of hers: a green cargo mini, black tank, and a fishnet top over top of the tank. Since the tank had a built in bra, she just slipped on a black thong. She looked in her mirror and she saw definite sexiness.

She watched some TV and then at eight, the doorbell rang. Dae opened the door and Dae gasped. John looked even cuter then he had at school. He was wearing the same clothes as before, which secretly made her laugh, because she knew guys aren’t as particular about clothes as girls are, but she could tell he had showered because of his fresh scent. She invited him in and he smiled.

“Nice place you have here,” and then noticing the pictures on the wall, “Is that your family?”

“Yeah, that’s Mom, me, Dad, and Levin,” she said pointing to each person, ‘but you didn’t come to look at pictures, did you?”

“No,” he said laughing, but she couldn’t help noticing that he had blushed a little bit, “So what do you want to watch then?”

“Uhhh…I have some great movies in my room. Do you want to check them out?”

“In your room?” Dae noticed that he gulped.

“Yes, my room. C’mon.”

She led him upstairs and up into her room. He loved the look of it right away…her bed had a simple black room and her desk was set up for easy access to her computer. Her walls were covered with posters of Disturbed and Linkin Park. He walked with her to her shelf where the DVDs were. They decided to watch the first season of the Family Guy, and they settled onto her bed to watch it. They watched it and as time went on, Dae noticed that John was gradually inching his way over to her. She smiled and when he was close enough, she leaned her head on his chest.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“No. No problem.”

So Dae snuggled into his chest. After the movie ended, Dae moved up to turn the player off. When she did this, her body leant across his cock and he stiffened. Dae noticed, but she wasn’t going to say anything to him, so she kept quiet. When she leant back towards him, she decided it was time. She began talking bahis şirketleri to John, just about general things, but Dae kept licking her lips. John noticed and he really wanted to kiss her. There came a point when they were quite and John leaned in and kissed her. It was like an electric shock was flowing through her. She kissed him back and their lips parted and she began to fondle his tongue with hers.

She stopped and asked, “John is this okay? I mean we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want.”

He responded by pushing her gently back onto the bed. He started to kiss her neck and sucking lightly, and then he reached her earlobe, which he nibbled, and then doing something which surprised her, stuck his tongue into it. Her pussy went aflame; it felt terrific when he did that. She took off her two tops and then she helped him with his. He started to lick around the areas of her breast, but was avoiding her nipples. She moaned and tried to guide his head there, but he wouldn’t, so finally she took his head by her hands and forced it overtop. He laughed into her breast and then began to lick her nipples. He alternated and then began sucking. She was moaning and then he continued his journey downwards.

At this point his cock was straining to get out of both his pants and his boxers, and she undid his pants and he wiggled out of them. Then he took his boxers off, revealing his seven-inch cock. She pushed his head off her hest and then she knelt in front of him, in between his legs. He sat up and she began to suck his cock. She licked his whole shaft, and then sucked on his ball sac. She began to lick the tip and then suck on it like a lollipop. She then took more of it, until she had almost all of it. He was moaning and he had his hand on her hair and he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. He went faster and within her hands, Dae could feel his ball sac jerk and he began to cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all. He pulled her up to his mouth and kissed her, tasting his cum. He then turned the tables on her, so that he was in between her legs. He undid her skirt and threw it to the ground, along with the thong. He kissed her pink lips, and then using his fingers, pried them open. He could see a spot of wetness, and he licked it. She moaned and shoved his head in between her legs. He licked up and down the slit, sucking her lips into his mouth, and then he sucked her clit like it was a little cock. He stuck one finger into her and began to thrust it in and out. He added another and she was moaning fiercely. He started to flick her clit with his tongue and that was it; she orgasmed. Her cum filled his mouth and he licked it all up. She continued writhing under his touch. He then moved back up to her and kissed her, letting their tongues dance.

He asked, “Can you do this? I mean…go all the way?”

“Yes. I’m on the pill. As long as you don’t have any STDs, which you’d better not, we’re fine.”

“No. I have nothing.”

He kissed her again and then he eased into her when he slid the first inch in, her legs instinctively wrapped around him and she pulled him a bit more. By this time he had about five inches in, and he began to thrust in and out. They were moaning together and then when she started pulling on her nipples, that was enough for him and he shot his load in her. She orgasmed around him and John loved the feeling of her vaginal walls clutching his penis. When he began to go flaccid, he removed himself.

He kissed her and then said, “I guess I have found the girl I was looking for.”

Dae smiled and kissed him, and his cock began to come back to life. They were in for a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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