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This flight was going to be a long one, 10 hours right across the country plus we had the added discomfort of not being able to get seats all together..My husband Jim had a seat right at the back next to two old women which he was not happy about but I had managed to get a seat in the row behind our 18 year old daughter Emmie.

She was sat in the middle of the row right in between two rather overweight and balding old businessmen. I watched as she wriggled past the first man to squeeze into her seat in the middle and had to giggle to myself as she gave both the guys a lovely cute smile as she sat down.

Emmie had really made an effort for the flight and looked great in her strappy white vest top and pink floaty skirt with her shoulder length blonde hair trailing over her shoulders. I in turn also went for a vest top but being 41 thought that a short skirt might have been too much so opted for classic blue jeans instead.

Just after takeoff Jim came down to check on us and found Emmie chatting away to the businessman while I chatted casually to the 2 black guys sitting next to me “if you two are ok I’m gonna pop a sleeping pill catch up on some sleep honey?” he said I nodded and said “sure no problem I’ll probably just have glass of wine and fall asleep too and Emmie looks fine so you go ahead”.

I shared a few glasses of wine with the black guys and was actually feeling pretty drowsy as the lights were dimmed on the plane and people began to quiet down. I stood up to go and check on Emmie in front of me and found she had dozed off already so I guessed it was time for some shut eye for me too!

I don’t know how long I was asleep but the lights were still dimmed as I woke up feeling kind of dazy and sleepy. I yawned and peered through the gap in the seats expecting Emmie still be fast asleep but instead I almost gasped at what I saw!

Emmie had her hand gently wrapped around the fat guy on her right’s cock and was slowly jerking him off. His cock looked fat and I guessed about 3 inches of it still showed above my daughters little hand so he must have been around 7 inches. He had his head back against the headrest and was clearly enjoying my daughter’s attention!

I sat back aghast at was I was seeing and shut my eyes and looked again to check I hadn’t imagined it! I knew I should have been stopping this but I don’t know if it was the wine or what but I leant forward again canlı bahis şirketleri to look again.

Emmie is quiet petite and she had now managed to wriggle up on to her knees and bend over her seat to take this fat old guys dick in her mouth. This seemed to really get him excited and he began to get more aggressive with her — grabbing her hair and forcing her to deep throat him. I could hear her gag and slurp on his cock trying to get her breathe back but he was relentless with her and bucked his hips up towards her.

Then the guy on her left began to stir and looked over at was going on. The look on his face was priceless as he watched this 18 year old girl’s head bob up and down in his friends lap as her cute little ass was pointed right at him! I saw him glance around the cabin to see if anyone was watching but it must have looked as if everyone was asleep as he then began to slowly lift Emmie’s skirt up around her waist. My daughter didn’t even flinch as his chubby, knarled old fingers peeled up her skirt to reveal the tiniest little pink g-string he had ever seen. I actually thought what a coincidence as I had a matching pair like this on as well!

I quickly sat back as Emmie took a quick break from sucking her new friends cock to glance over her shoulder at her new friend and mouth something to him. I couldn’t quite catch what she whispered so waited for a couple of minutes before daring to look again.

My heart was now skipping but inexplicably my pussy was tingling and soaking wet as I leant forward again. ‘Jesus Christ’ I said to myself as I watched the guy on my daughter’s left start to insert the thick end of full wine bottle into her anus. Her panties were down around her ankles and she had pushed her ass right up to give him a great shot at getting the bottle in but she was clearly struggling to take it. I watched her reach around and clearly say ‘no more’ to the guy with the bottle but he simply sneered at her and began to push harder as his friend held her in position.

I was now lost in lust watching these two overweight old businessmen abuse my daughter but decided I should at least try to help her in some way..I reached around the seat and tapped the guy with the bottle on the shoulder, I whispered at him ‘that girl is my daughter now give me that bottle and don’t make a sound!’ He looked shocked and scared as he quickly handed over the bottle with shaky hands. canlı kaçak iddaa I took the bottle from him and told him to watch me. I then drooled and spat all over the thick end of the bottle that had been in my daughters ass and rubbed the makeshift lube all over the shaft before handing it back to him.

He sneered again as he snatched the bottle back and readjusted my daughters ass. This time, with a lot of pushing and squirming my daughter’s ass began to open up and take the bottle. She looked over her shoulder again and looked shocked to see her ass had swallowed the bottle right up to the neck!

After several minutes of thrusting the bottle in and out Emmie’s bottom she simply collapsed in the other guys lap and gently rocked her ass back and forth. Now even the neck was in only leaving the guys fingers holding the end of the bottle visible at the opening of her butt.

I was now literally gushing in my panties and had begun to rub my pussy through my jeans to try and stop the burning! The guys were clearly ready to explode too. The bottle was roughly pulled from my daughters ass with a grotesque sounding squelch that left her ass wide open and glowing red.

Emmie was then shoved onto her knees on the floor facing the seat in front of her. The two guys then pulled her head back so it was on her seat facing up. She shut her eyes as the two fat pigs began to jerk over her face from either side. They had obviously not cum for some time as they unleashed two massive, thick loads over her pretty young face covering her mouth, nose and eyes and their semen.

She dutifully cleaned both their cocks with her mouth and gave the guys both a kiss on the cheek. I then heard them say they hadn’t finished yet and for Emmie to get her head back on her seat. They both then took their fat cocks and began to unleash streams of piss all over her face and clothes — she began to cry and her skimpy white vest top was getting soaked through with smelly, yellow piss from these two old guys. Tears were rolling down her face as they finished off pissing into her mouth while holding her nose shut.

I was again lost totally in the moment as I realised my jeans were undone and I had managed to stuff 4 of my fingers into my pussy as these pigs abused my daughter — why was I so turned on by this??

I watched and fisted my shaved pussy as Emmie was then made to lick the wine bottle clean canlı kaçak bahis of all her ass juices. My fingers squirmed in my soaking pussy as she licked up and down the thick shaft swallowing the taste of her own ass.

The cruel old man that I had taken the bottle from earlier then grabbed Emmie again and whispered in her ear while laughing with his friend. She spun around, looked over her shoulder through the gap in the seat and looked right at me finger fucking myself and handed the bottle to me mouthing the words ‘thank-you’!

I few hours later the lights came up on the plane and people around us started to wake up. I looked forward at Emmie and tapped her shoulder to wake her up. She awoke slightly startled and still with her pink thong around her ankles — I told her to get dressed quickly before her father came down. I watched as she leant forward to pick up her underwear — her anus was still dilating and you could clearly see a trail of her own pussy juices dried along her inside thigh. Her shirt and top were dry now but clearly stained and smelling of piss — she looked a mess.

As if on cue Jim then came down the aisle smiling saying what a great night’s sleep he had while leaning over the sleeping fat gentleman sitting next to Emmie to give her a big kiss on her cheeks. There was dried cum over her face but Jim didn’t seem to notice, Emmie just smiled sweetly and said ‘I had a great night too Daddy these guys and Mom really looked after me!’

Realising what a dirty little slut my daughter was had made me so horny and I still hadn’t even cum! I said to Jim and Emmie to excuse me while I went to the ladies room to freshen up but Emmie stopped me by saying ‘Mom, haven’t you forgotten something?’ while waving the wine bottle at me smiling sweetly!

Jim looked at us both a bit strangely so I quickly said ‘oh yes honey, I’ll take the bottle to the trash can on my way to the Ladies Room.’

I hurried to the restroom, locked the door and began to lube the bottle again with my spit. I could still taste my daughter’s ass on the bottle as I licked and drooled up and down the shaft. I placed the bottle on the floor of the restroom and knowing I didn’t have much time lowered my ass down to meet it. I had taken the neck but was really struggling to get the shaft into my tight ass but I figured if my daughter can do it then so can I!

I gave one final push and the shaft slipped right the way into my anus and after a few strokes I was actually sitting right on the dirty floor of the restroom with the bottle buried in me. Finally it was time to let go and I repeatedly slapped my swollen clit and had the most intense orgasm ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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