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For the last three weeks each time Joe met Sandi he would take the four small, square sealed foil packets that hid in his car and put them in his pocket. He didn’t tell Sandi he had them, but wanted to make sure they were nearby if ever needed.

Things had been better than wonderful, he and Sandi were living the “where there’s a will, there’s a way” dream. They were meeting everywhere from the grocery store to the Doctors office to each other’s work, day or night (Joe sometimes worked at night and Sandi would come by after “book club” or “girls night out”). They had lunch often but had never even shared a sandwich: each of them satisfied themselves sucking each other’s juices, then kissing and mixing them for dessert.

Both of them had lost weight, laughed like crazy all day for no apparent reason, and had never been happier. In other words experiencing some of the pleasant side effects from being in love with your friend’s spouse. To avoid the unpleasant ones they had both become experts at turning it (and each other) on and off. There was however, more and more risk taking, e.g. cock rubbing, fingering and cum wiping in the presence of others.

To control this Joe found himself being careful to stay across the room from Sandi at social gatherings. Anything beyond one or two other couples allowed too many eyes in too many places. It was a difficult task; just the smell of her hair as she passed by made his dick throb, and he was afraid at some point he would just kiss her right in front of whatever crowd might be present.

He was also careful not to render any opinion about her to others, not matter how much it hurt. If they were out at a party and some guy made a comment about Sandi’s hidden big tits or tiny ass (or if she was good at sucking cock) he didn’t chime in. Even though he knew first hand and was reminded often that when it came to blow jobs there was no one better. Joe worked around a lot of guys and knew when the alcohol hits talk like that is just going to happen.

However; he had almost slipped twice. Once when one of his friends called Sandi a bitch while she wasn’t even present. Joe found himself questioning that person exactly why. He recalled feeling an adrenaline rush of anger, puffing out his chest while being loud and confrontational. Actions that for the most part were very unlike him.

After all, in reality it wasn’t his wife. And in reality it wasn’t unusual for guys to make comments like that out of the hearing reach of others. Although Joe never made or felt the need to make any remarks like that, he understood that for some guys talk like that made them feel manlier. And no one was immune to such banter, be it a wife, girlfriend or waitress.

The second time he almost tripped himself up was when he and Keith were alone in Keith’s yard. The two of them were outside alone; Sandi had just gone inside to get them a drink. Granted it was late and they had been drinking, but Keith had suddenly flipped her off and called her a cunt.

Joe instinctively had rolled his hand into a fist and squared his shoulder toward his target. He had caught himself as his bicep pulled back. “Not my dojo,” he said to himself, standing down.

Plus, in all fairness he had been naked with the man’s wife just hours earlier; fingering her soaking hole and spreading her juices along with his across her face, down her chest and behind her ears. And all the time knowing she wouldn’t think of washing it off.

So perhaps it had been his scent that night that was too much. Or how her sultry eyes would widen and mouth open whenever Keith wasn’t looking. The same smiling mouth that had earlier taken two loads of Joe’s cum just minutes apart, directed them down her waiting throat as his body convulsed. And of course while he was pumping into her face she was squeezing his cock and making her “ummmm” sound.

“Hey, take it easy,” is what he finally told Keith, using a tone that made it clear if he had anything physical in mind against Sandi there would be trouble.

In that respect Joe’s feelings for Sandi had never been stronger. He felt protective, respected, cared for, and loved. And it worked both ways. Sandi’s feelings were just as strong. And she was always looking for some way to show Joe how much she loved him besides just telling him.

If she asked him what she could do for him his answer always was pretty much the same. He felt happiest, he told her, when she was happy. And happy she was, as she told him whenever they were together.

Sandi admitted to Joe she never knew the feelings and pleasures that she had experienced at his hands. She was constantly surprised at what Joe would come up with, and had the trust to let him do whatever he wanted to do with her.

Even after all these months her pussy began running like a faucet with just one kiss from him, his huge fingers never once failing to reach below her panties and find a lubricated hole.

“I just can’t explain it,” she would tell him.

“Neither can I,” illegal bahis he would answer, “but I like it!”

“My love for you, Joe, is so crazy it’s completely indescribable.”

The usual course of their meetings now included a little extra on the menu. Before it had been a minimum of three sessions a week deep kissing, stripping, Joe licking her pussy, deep kissing, the spreading of juices and pre-cum, breast sharing, Sandi rubbing her wet slit along his rigid dick, then a mutually enjoyable cock suck and swallow. Which was, time allowing, usually repeated as soon as Joe could get it up again.

Since the day Joe had finally slid his rod in her (as she talked on the phone with her husband) they both decided five or so strokes inside her without protection was allowable. Risky yes, but mutually agreeable. Of course Sandi would go down him first, cleaning him carefully with her talented tongue, and then again immediately when he pulled out so his cum would find it’s way deep inside of her.

The fact that she would readily lick her own juices off his cock seconds after he pulled it out really turned Joe on. Or from his fingers, or from her nipples if he spread her love nectar there.

Just the thought of her doing that always made his dick that much harder. Then actually seeing her doing it made him so hard the skin at the top of his cock felt like it was going to split open.

So, on their next get together Joe already knew what to expect. Or did he?

Before he arrived at Sandi’s that late morning he had been working outside in the sun. He was hot, shirt-soaking sweaty and dusty. When he got there her car was in the driveway. He made his way around to the back door.

Before he could knock the door opened and Sandi was standing there. She was wearing orange shorts and a black sleeveless top. Apparently she wasn’t working today. She had less makeup on than usual, no necklace, and open toed sandals. Ms. Proper was taking a break. Her auburn hair shined in the sun, held back in a ponytail which made her look more like a pretty tomboy than a pretty businesswoman.

“Hello there,” he said. He kissed her and stepped inside the back door, removing his muddy boots.

“Hello yourself.”

Sandi kissed him back and helped him pull off his shirt. It stuck to him as she tugged on it, rolling off inside out.

“I’m sorry, beautiful, I’m a mess and I stink.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied. “I love the way you smell.”

“Who wouldn’t?” she add, and proved it by licking his underarms and breasts.

As her tongue moved across his chest his half erect penis quickly filled with blood and semen. He dropped his shorts right there, leaving his boxers on so he wouldn’t start dripping pre-cum across her floors.

“Come upstairs with me,” she said, taking him by the hand, “now!” Her usually sqeaky voice had a frisky tone added into it.

Joe followed her, still just as amazed as the first time he ever heard her invite him up.

“You seem like you’re having a good day,” he said.

“It’s always a good day when I see you,” she replied. She stopped, looked back and smiled at him. Her brown eyes had a shine to them and she sported a Cheshire cat smile.

“Sandi, If I didn’t know it I’d think you were high.”

“Oh, I’m high all right, high on you.”

She slowly slipped down her shorts, letting them hit the floor instead of the careful folding she normally did. She removed her blouse and unsnapped the black bra that held her 34 DD magical tits. Joe noticed the nipples were already hard as rocks. Her panties, black and silk, went next. There was a visible wet spot in the center of them, no different or more than his boxers where the tip of his cock had leaked fluid through the stretched cotton.

Sandi released the band that held her pony tail and laid back on the bed, her hair looking like a halo, well suited for the beautiful naked angel in front of him. As usual she had pulled the covers off much earlier leaving only the bottom sheet. In the corner of the bed he noticed she had placed a folded white towel.

She spread her legs wide and offered her tiny pussy to him.

Joe immediately went down on her. It had only been two days but it seemed like an eternity since he last tasted her. He just simply could never get enough of that sweet pussy juice of hers.

He was careful to slowly convince her slit to part by prying it with his tongue. Just up and down at first, then a little deeper till she was fully lubed and his finger was inside her. He used his wet finger on her nipples and moved it up to her mouth so she could get a taste, then began picking up rhythm and speed with his tongue, inserting a second digit as soon as she could take it.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned. He loved that sound and by now could ride her pussy with his tongue like a cowboy on a twenty-five cent drugstore horse. At this point he knew he owned her.

He watched her stomach roll down into him as her mound rose up into him. Her illegal bahis siteleri nipples, still wet with her own cum shined in the well-lit room, her chest now beet red from the top of her tits to her neck.

“God, yes,” she whispered, her squeaky voice cracking as air to her diaphragm was cut short by the contractions from below.

“Now kiss me.”

“Of course,” Joe obliged. He moved up from her tiny patch of hair to her heart shaped mouth. His tongue went deep into her and she sucked on it, clearing it of all her juices.

“Now, your turn. Lay on your back.”

Joe obliged again, laying his head on a pillow and his big body at an angle so he could fit on the bed comfortably. Sandi removed his boxers and stared down at the giant erection she was responsible for.

Joe took a fingertip of pre-cum and wiped it across her lips as she climbed on top of him. It put a nice sheen on the lips of the naked smiling vixen climbing onto his body.

She then straddled him as usual, running her wet slit along his dick as her weight held the shaft in place against his abdomen. She would slide until her pussy was just below the tip, then back down to the base, putting just the right amount of pressure on his balls.

“Who owns who?” he thought to himself. Sandi could make him cum anytime she liked; however she liked, and she knew it. After a few strokes she stopped stroking him with her pussy lips and sat straight up just below his balls, her tits and pussy in plain view.

Joe watched as her eyes widened and pupils dilated before him. Smiling down, she cocked her head slightly to the right. There was no doubt she had the look of mischievousness.

The two sat for a moment in silence, just enjoying each other’s view. Joe then took the opportunity to move his hand down and rub her clit. She responded by grabbing his cock and holding it straight up (as if he needed help!). Finally she broke the ice.

“Would you like to try something a little different?”

Joe looked her in the eyes, and traced them down her body slowly. He noticed her sweet lips, her perfect chin, and her still red chest that led down to those beautiful tits. From there her followed the freckled path to her belly button, down to her sparse patch of hair. As his eyes focused on her pussy she slowly spread her legs almost as if their minds were in sync. She opened them even wider and leaned back, spreading her cheeks just enough so Joe could get a perfect view of it.

“I’ve…I’ve never…” was all he could say.

“Neither have I,” she replied.

“Ever thought about it?”

“Sure, but never, really, till I met you.”

Joe was speechless. He had dreamed this might happen someday between them, but didn’t want to wreck a good thing by pushing any more limits. He had been taken completely by surprise.

He stared at Sandi’s virgin ass. He had seen it plenty of times and circled it once or twice with his finger or cock, but now it had taken on a presence of it’s own. He could not of felt more honored or loved.

Her asshole was truly tiny, perfectly pink and clean as a whistle from the hole all the way up the crack.

Joe didn’t think it possible for his cock to get any harder, but as he looked at her it seemed to triple in size right before his eyes.

He reached into his shorts pocket and nervously brought out the four foil packets that had been making the trip unseen for weeks.

“Oh, baby. I brought some lube, made especially for this kind of stuff.”

“One thing about you, Joe, is you’re always prepared.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never prepared for this.”

Joe fingered her pussy, it was still soaking wet. He brought the wet finger out and began spreading pussy juice down along the space from her love hole to her….new love hole. Once he had plenty of lubrication he circled her anus, slowly and lightly. He was careful now not to move the finger back toward her pussy; he didn’t want to be responsible for a tract infection. As her natural lubricant wore out he handed her one of the one-ounce foil packets of surgical lubricant.

“Spread it on my finger.”

She put a big dot on Joe’s finger and he circled her ring even more, before slowly moving just the very end of his finger inside. It was tight. Way tight. Super tight.

“Squeeze the packet till it’s all out. We’re going to need all the lube we can get.”

Dories emptied the full packet onto his finger. He then handed her another packet.

He instructed her, “Now coat me with that one.”

Sandi put the lube on her hand and began to coat Joe’s cock from the tip down but it was way more like a hand job than preparing for anal sex.

“Stop. Just stop or I’m going to blast all over you. I’ll do that part as well.”

Sandi laughed at him, not realizing he was serious.

Joe worked some more lube into her ass with his finger. It was progress but not enough and he didn’t want to hurt her. He got up on his knees, spread out the towel and canlı bahis siteleri then moved Sandi until she was over it on her hands and knees. He then took the third packet and gooped it out right onto her crack just above her asshole.

“Okay, down on your elbows.”

Dories obliged, moving her head down to the mattress, which put her ass at a forty-five degree angle. Joe kissed each cheek as he worked more lube and more finger into the tiny entrance. Finally he went nail bed deep. Then one knuckle down. Then a second. He was finally able to make a pointing motion with his finger and slide it in until his hand stopped it.

It was the moment of truth. Joe moved in behind her and put what was left of the lube on the head of his cock, covering it evenly all the way around. He spread her cheeks and circled the entrance with the slick, leaking shaft.

As the tip touched her anus he thought to himself, “this thing will never fit.” Christ, it barely fit in her tight pussy hole, how would it ever squeeze into this tiny virgin ass hole?

He stared down at the opening. He was already so much taller than her even on his knees the angle would be difficult as well. He considered standing on the floor and moving her ass over to the end of the bed. Unsure of which angle would be best he decided just to push forward from where he was. He spread her cheeks again until…

“Stop,” she said. Joe stopped immediately, even raising his hands in case he was hurting her in any manner.

“No, not that way,” she continued. “That’s not what I want. I want to look right at you. I want to kiss you.”

Sandi rolled off the towel.

“Now lay right here,” she ordered. Joe had no argument for that strategy.

Joe laid himself out on the towel and she straddled him just below his balls. They stared into each other’s eyes, each contemplating what was about to happen. He reached over and grabbed the remaining packet of lube. He opened it and squeezed the contents directly onto the head of his shaft, save for one drop, which he wiped across the pencil eraser sized opening she was offering him.

“What shall I do now?” Joe asked.

“Relax,” Sandi said, moving up on him until she had a knee on each of his hips and her ass was just over his balls.

She put her right hand down and grabbed the base of Joe’s slippery manhood. Propping herself up as high as she could she guided Joe’s cock till the tip was just at her ass opening, and then she lowered herself downward.

It was incredibly tight. Not only was Joe’s cock at maximum hardness, Sandi found her ass was already clamping down in anticipation. She backed off and regrouped.

She took a big breath and repositioned herself a bit farther up from the base of his dick.

“I know I can do this,” she said out loud to Joe and herself.

Closing her eyes she again aligned the tip with the entrance to her ass. He could feel the contact with her sphincter.

Sandi wiggled to get it into place and then and put both her hands on Joe’s shoulders.

“Okay,” she yelled. “Push.” “Push!” ” Push up!”

Joe followed her orders and thrust his hips up as she forced herself down.

It felt was like he was sticking a baseball bat into a keyhole. The end of his cock felt like it was against a concrete wall while being tightened in a vice. He fought to not yell, “stop!” himself.

“Push,” she commanded, sitting more upright and moving her hands down behind his sides, pulling herself down as he lifted himself up.

Joe grimaced and shoved forward. It was still tight all right, and painfully so. He wondered if he was hurting her as well.

Then suddenly, magically, the door to her chute opened. As the lube greased the opening the head of his cock led the way into the virgin tunnel. The concrete turned to velvet. It was smooth and dark and tight as Sandi’ ass clamped down on Joe’s rod until it reached the base.

Joe looked up, she was naked and sweaty and smiling down with her cat eyes. He kissed her fully, as he had no words for the beautiful woman who had given him her last bit of virginity.

“Oh my,” he whispered.

Sandi raised her ass slowly off the base of his cock. Joe lay completely still. He didn’t want to chance hurting her, and didn’t want to come either, at least not yet. They hadn’t even finished the first stroke! As Sandi rocked slowly forward she measured how much she could move and keep him inside her. Up and back down she moved, slowly.

“How’s that for you?” she asked. He kissed her again.

“Nice. How is it for you?”


“Don’t make that sound or I’ll come immediately.”

Sandi began leaning forward and rocking up and down more and more. Joe could feel his cock being fully exposed and then swallowed by her ass. The feeling was fucking incredible. She began to pick up the rhythm. As she picked up speed Joe put his hands on her hips, pulling her down just a bit as she impaled herself on his shaft.

His lips could reach her swaying breasts and he made sure they were noticed and sucked.

Soon they began to synchronize, Sandi rocking up and then Joe pulling her down, now harder and harder. Both began to perspire more as they together picked up more and more speed.

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