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Remembering back its still like a dream. This was only about 5 years ago when it happened and it opened up a whole new world for me that I never knew existed. I was 34 years old at the time and Traci was 33. We have been married for 8 years and been together for 12. We met each other in a local club and when we met her looks and smile immediately took me. Ok Ok, so she also had a killer body. Slim frame at only 117# with 36c 25 36 and those hazel green eyes took me in and wouldn’t let go. Then I saw her and was introduced to her I had to send her a drink and a rose so that I could get to know her a little better and maybe. Oh wait that’s another story. This isn’t about how we met.

It was August of 2001 and I was sitting at home when my right side began to ache and double me over with such pain as I had ever felt before in my life. Traci had to help me to the car, and take me to the emergency room. And only after about 15 minutes of waiting and initial interview the resident physician that was on call at the time pronounced that I was having a appendicitis attack and that I would immediately need to have an operation before it became inflamed and burst. The operation was standard and was over in a matter of hours. After which I was taken to recovery and stayed there while I came out of the anesthesia.

After being in recovery for about 2 hours I was then taken to my room of which now was where I slept while still under pain medication due to the operations. I am not sure still to this day how long I was out but when I began to come to I still thought that I was asleep due to the fact that I could hear the moans and whimpers of Traci. Thinking I was only dreaming I kept laying there without moving to see if i were dreaming or if it were a hallucination due to the medication. As I groggily opened my eyes I saw a site that I never in a million years would have ventured that I would see.

As I lay there I could hear Traci moan how hard his cock was and how her cunt was being stretched. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I began to slowly open my eyes so as not to be noticed. As I opened my eyes slightly, I could see Traci. Bent over the windowsill of the room looking out over the Nashville kadıköy escort skyline, her thin white top unbuttoned and pulled back over her back exposing her brown nipples hard as rocks with as the cool air from the vent blew up on her body. Her small plaid skirt was lifted up over her back exposing her ass to his every whim. As this guy drove his cock into her pussy I could see that he

must have been and orderly that worked at the hospital in some capacity. His scrubs were down around his ankles half off and bunched up around one leg. As he continued his assault on Traci’s wet pussy she turned her head to one side and I could tell by the way her face was flushed that she was enjoying every bit of what she was getting. Her arms were holding onto the side of the window sill pushing herself back onto his cock while his hands gripped tightly to her hips as to not to let her get away. Not that she would want to with the way she was telling him how hard she wanted him to fuck her. I couldn’t believe her wanton ways with this man. With each thrust of his cock I could see by the look on her face he was in deeper than she had ever had a cock in her life. From my vantage point I could see that she had already had at least one orgasm while he had been fucking her. Her juices were streaming down her legs and glistened in the sunlight that came through the window of my room.

At this moment her legs began to tire from the pounding his cock had been giving her and she raised up. I guess she heard me rustle under the covers and she looked my way. My eyes were still half closed and with sun being in her eyes I think she couldn’t notice they were slightly open. I heard her whisper to him that she thought I might be waking up but I could tell that she didn’t want to stop not till she was able to milk his cock for everything he had. She then said to him let me sit on the windowsill and keep an eye on me to see if I were waking up or not. With this she then turned around and due to her 5’5″ frame her legs were just barely able to keep one leg on the floor while sitting on the ledge. With the way she maneuvered her body I for the first time was able to see this man at üsküdar escort an angle and could see just exactly what had her chancing a divorce. His frame was well cut and seemed to keep himself in good shape. He wasn’t a bad looking man even from a mans point of view. But what had her attention was his cock. He had to have easily a 10″ cock and was at least medium size flashlight or better.

As he moved closer to her she moved one leg down and adjusted her body as she placed her hand around his cock to glide it into her pussy once again. I could easily see now why she was so flushed I could see the lips of her pussy were beet red swollen with passion and the head of his cock huge and purple with anticipation began to push inside her. Her eyes rolled and closed as her hands gripped and tightly gripped his shoulders digging her fingernails into his shoulders. As each inch of his cock slid deeper and deeper into her pussy. I saw her shudder as his cock went deeper into her and could see the little unicorn tattoo on her pelvic area stretch as her body moved to accommodate all of this massive cock.

The sight of this man fucking my wife was getting to me in such a way, as I have never known. I began to wonder what caused her to fuck this guy not only why but to do it in the same room with me just after surgery. But my thoughts were soon clouded due to hearing Traci again grab this man now and hold onto his ass forcing his cock deeper into her fucking him hard. Her gasps

as each thrust was driven deeper and deeper into her as she begged him to fuck her harder. I could see each thrust into her as she begged for more. She moved one leg and wrapped it around his waist while now using the other to steady herself on the windowsill. He was kissing her and his hands taking her nipples in between his fingers pinching them till they were so erect that I thought they were going to come off. From my own relationship with Traci I know how much she loves to have her nipples pinched when we were fucking. As I looked at her face I could tell she was about to cum as her face became more flushed I could see the veins in her neck begin to enlarge as she kept telling tuzla escort him with every breath please don’t stop oh god don’t stop. Traci’s body began to shutter as she began to come Traci is a squirter when she has her best orgasm and this would be no exception. As she leaned forward she pressed her mouth against his shoulder and opened her mouth and bit him to stifle the scream she wanted to unleash.

I could see now her body shudder as wave after wave began to rush over her body as her cum ran down her leg as it glistened in the light. Holding him tight she said she didn’t want to stop but needed to do so or I would wake up. She then dropped to her knees in front of him, and began to take as much of this massive cock as she could into her mouth. As she sucked on the head of his cock I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back long due to the way Traci loves to suck cock. Taking one hand and cupping his balls she had the other one around his cock pumping it fast up and down the shaft. She then held his ass, pulling his cock deep as she could into her mouth he held her head like he thought she was going to try to stop. As his ass cheeks tightened up. I knew now was the point of no return for him. As he began to cum she tried to swallow as much of it as she could but to no avail it began to come out of her mouth due to the force of his orgasm his cum shot onto her face. As he pulled away and droplets sprayed her breast she licked his cock as it finally began to go flaccid he immediately helped her to her feet again. As he held her close he said that she was the best fuck he has ever had he began to pull up his scrubs and tie them up again. Traci then began to put herself back together also she said to him as he left she didn’t know how long I would be in here but maybe if the pain is bad for me I would have to have to have more medication and they could get together again. As he left he said sure he has to work for the next 6 days straight and would love to see her again anytime he could. That he would stop by and if he ever saw the door cracked would know to stop in immediately.

As the door closed I noticed that my cock was as rock hard as his was just a few minutes ago. I groggily said hello to Traci just after she sat down and turned up the TV to watch what ever was playing on the tube. She looked at me with such a smile and look of utter exhaustion I know she wondered if I suspected anything but I never said a word to her about it. Well not at that time. But that’s for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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