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We finished out that weekend with a little bit of tension. Gina still didn’t understand that my discomfort in the house was not out of guilt. It was because I couldn’t be with just Gina in the house. Lynn kept popping up in my head. We had another small argument about it, but in the end she said she would try hard to just trust me on this, even though it sucked.

I sought out a lawyer to talk privately about divorce. Explaining the situation (while omitting any mention of Gina), I asked about my options. He explained that, while abandonment is grounds for divorce, it’s hard to demonstrate that such is the case when I had made no effort to contact Lynn. That she had asked me not to call her made little difference at this point. So we discussed all my options and next steps, the first of which was to contact Lynn. I wasn’t ready to do that yet, so I pocketed the information for a few weeks.

The next weekend Gina and I spent from Friday afternoon until Monday morning in a posh hotel an hour away. Gina worked hard that week to be caught up in her classes so that nothing else would be on our plates. We enjoyed the heated pool on Friday night and then got a couples massage in our room. The masseuses slipped out of the room and Gina was on me in seconds. We made love urgently, happily. There’s something exciting about hotel sex- the new environment, the knowledge that people are in rooms all around you, the knowledge that you won’t need to clean the room later…

After I came, Gina was finishing up on top of me, smiling and sweating from exertion. As I watched her with appreciation and love, I was pleased to discover that Lynn was out of my head. That room, that hotel, it belonged to me and Gina. There were no memories in the way. I didn’t tell Gina at first, wanting to see how the weekend would go, but I looked around the room and started planning how to “make memories” on all the furniture in our luxurious room. I really had gone all out with this room- partly out of guilt for making us leave the house and partly out of a sense of this being like a small honeymoon for us.

After a quickie in the shower Saturday morning (which was not easy to do with a condom), we dressed and went to the insanely large breakfast buffet. Returning to our room, we pulled up a new movie on the hotel’s TV service- a movie that had just left theaters- and watched it while we snuggled in bed. Halfway through the movie, Gina got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She came out mumbling profanities and digging through her suitcase.

When she returned to the bed, she curled under my arm and finished out the movie. When it was done, I asked, “Is everything OK?”

“No,” she said glumly. “I just started my period.”

“Awww. Well, should we schedule another massage, then? Would that feel good?”

“Gareth! You’re missing the point. Our sexy hotel trip is ruined.”

I squeezed her and masked the small measure of disappointment I was feeling. “No it’s not. You’re still sexy and we’re still in a hotel, right? This trip wasn’t about having sex- it’s about us having time together. I’m not disappointed. Well, not very disappointed. There’s still plenty we could do together.”

“Gareth, you doofus. I’m not worried about you being disappointed. You’re Mr. Nice Guy. I’m disappointed. You’re not the only one who likes to have sex! I wanted to have sex this weekend. I wanted you to fuck me raw before Monday. And now I just feel crampy and yucky and like we’re wasting our time.”

I was pretty hurt by that last statement, and my face showed it, but Gina corrected herself.

“I’m sorry. You know what I mean,” (I didn’t). “You can’t take anything too seriously if I say it at the beginning of my period. I’m just grumpy.”

We found ways to enjoy our time at the hotel, nonetheless. There was a band at the bar that night- a pretty decent one playing some 70’s classics. Gina kept teasing me about it being the music of my generation. She was off by about two decades.

We went out on dates, took a walk when the weather was nice, used the gym and the ping-pong room, and watched a lot of movies. She gave me a blow job each night until we left, and I offered to do whatever she wanted to help her get off, but she said she just felt “yucky” and didn’t want anything going on down there.

Before we left, we talked about the upcoming weeks. We decided to take a break the next weekend, letting us both get caught up and even a little ahead on our classes and work responsibilities before leaving on our Spring Break trip the next weekend. Gina also surprised me by saying that she had signed me up to run in the half marathon, since I would be there with her anyway. She had also months earlier paid for a hotel room for that weekend, so that was covered. I told her there was no way I could run the whole race, but she convinced me that, since I was already up to 8 miles jogging, I could at least get to 10 istanbul escort before the race, then I could walk the last 3 miles. It made sense, but sounded intimidating. She was just so excited about it, though, that I couldn’t say no.

On Monday morning, before check out, Gina pulled out a condom and said, “I think we can get away with one time before we go- grab some towels, just in case. I picked up all the clean-looking towels I could find and put them under us on the bed. I climbed on top of her and we gently made love- the comfortable, no rush kind. Gina didn’t cum and told me she usually didn’t during that time of the month- some kind of mental hang-up she said. But as I was nearing my climax, she grabbed my head and put her mouth by my ear.

“Next time we do this,” she whispered, “I’ll be in a bikini. We’ll be in our hotel room at the beach, and you can just pull my little bikini strap to the side any time you want and fuck…my…pussy. All…week…long…” I didn’t usually go for dirty talk during sex, but the mental image of Gina below me, pulling her bikini bottom to the side to give me unlimited access to her treasures…

I pushed into her and clenched my eyes shut, picturing her breasts in a bikini, bouncing as I fucked her. I pictured her perfect ass shaking as I took her from behind on a hotel balcony overlooking the beach. I felt her squeezing her walls around me to increase my pleasure and I felt a wave of love and thankfulness for this beautiful woman. As I pulled out, I said, “Please let me do something for you.”

“Nah, not today. But maybe I’ll come by your office this week on a slow day to collect on that offer.”

My eyes went wide with surprise and fear. Gina laughed, “You should see your face. Oh, my goodness.” And with that she went to the walk-in shower with me eventually following.


The next two weeks crawled by. I could feel it. Gina felt it. All my students felt it. Everyone was looking forward to Spring Break, and all the days in between felt tedious. Gina and I jogged together, and she tried to push me up to 9 miles. I ended up walking the last half mile while she ran an extra couple blocks to finish her routine. By the time Spring Break rolled around, I was up to 9 miles, though I doubt I could have done it if I hadn’t been determined to keep pace with Gina.

I used the weekend away from Gina to prepare a seminar for the conference. The committee had been so glad when I agreed to do it (authors with multiple published works look good on a program) that they gave me carte blanche on my topic. I chose something I was comfortable doing with little preparation and that wouldn’t distract me during the conference. Having that preparation to focus on kept me distracted during the weekend, and I even managed to finish the first draft of my book that week, sending it off to my publisher a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Near the end of the day on the Monday before Spring Break, Gwen, my Department Head, knocked on my office door. When I called her in, she handed me a small packet of papers. I asked what they were and she explained that they were a reminder of the University’s policies on faculty-student interactions. My stomach sank and my palms started to sweat.

“Is there…a reason…you’re giving me this?”

Seeing my frightened expression, Gwen started laughing and put her hand on my shoulder. “Oh, dear Lord Gareth, I’m sorry! I forget that you are out of the loop on most things. Our beloved absent-minded author in residence…”

I started to think I was going to be OK.

“Some sexually repressed professor in the physics department got involved with a freshman last semester…pictures got out online…national media picked it up for a day or two…you really hadn’t heard?”

“Oh, wow. Was he married?”

“He was 18. She wasn’t married, and if he hadn’t been so stupid as to take pictures and send them to someone, then she would probably still be enjoying a very fun time with his quite nicely built body. The school may have a policy of ‘don’t do it,’ but I take more of a ‘don’t get caught’ approach. We know it’s happening all the time on every campus. It’s only the stupid ones that get caught.” Gwen was divorced, in her mid-40’s, and pretty open about her lifestyle of casual sex. She could be very professional when she needed to be, but otherwise was ribald and playfully crude.

“Anyway, they’re making everyone sign this form saying they have read and understand that faculty shouldn’t screw students. Or kiss them, or hold their hands, or send them personal messages of any sort, or in any way treat them like an adult human being. Got it?”

“Yeah…yeah of course. Wait…did you sign this?” I asked teasingly.

“Sure I did. I signed that I have read it and that I understand avcılar escort it. It doesn’t say anything about following the guidelines…”

“Oh…well, just show me where to sign.”

“Well, you have to sign saying that you actually read the whole thing, so I’ll just leave it on the desk and you get it back to me before you leave for that conference.”

“Of course. Thank you Gwen.”

“As if I have anything to worry about from you. I don’t think you’d even recognize a student was trying to get into your pants until she was actually pulling them off your legs. I mean, seriously Gareth- The International Symposium on Hotel Art?”

I dared a smile and said, “Key West, Gwen. Key West. I hope you don’t expect me to be going to all the sessions that week.”

Gwen laughed loudly and held her stomach. She was slightly overweight, and her laughter made her body jiggle in a way that made you want to join her laughing. “That’s the spirit, Gareth!” Then, walking out of my office, she said, “I want stories when you get back!”

“I’m a married man, Gwen!” I responded.

Gwen paused, turned around and put a hand on my door frame. She said in a conspiratorial tone, “So are most of my recent flings, Gareth. Think about that.” And with a wink that gave me chills, she turned and left. Not that there was anything unattractive about Gwen- she wore her weight well, and she seemed very comfortable with her body, which goes a long way in making a woman attractive. She was fun and sexual, but she was just too crude for my tastes- sex was a game she played, a snack she ate. I couldn’t do that. But Gwen had been sure to let me know on more than one occasion that the door was always open for some no-strings-attached fun. I guessed it was just a matter of time before she slipped up and lost her job, but in the meantime, it was nice having a supervisor who didn’t…supervise.

A minute later, there was another tap on my door. I shouted, “I’m still married!”

“Well that never stopped you before!” The door opened and Gina slipped in, closing the door behind her. I stood up and walked to meet her. Ensuring that the door was locked, I kissed her hello. “Can you explain why you feel the need to shout out that you’re married when someone knocks on your door?”

“Oh…someone was just here…and she dropped some not-so-subtle hints.”

“A student?” Gina didn’t seem jealous. More like amused.


“Oh my God, was it Dr. Morris? I just passed her in the hall!”

I winced and Gina laughed. “Gross! She’s like…10 years older than you!”

I looked at Gina until she realized the irony of that remark.

“Oh…yeah…oops. Anyway, I’m here to collect my favor.”

“Your favor?”

“Yes, my forgetful lover. You said you would help me cum last weekend, but I said I’d come by later to collect on that. So here I am!”

“I thought you were kidding about coming to my office! Gina, this is crazy!” I was whispering, not wanting anything to be overheard by passers-by. Not that there would be many at this hour.

“I was kidding, at first. But then the idea got stuck in my head. And I remembered that dream you told me about, and I thought we could at least do something in here. I mean, isn’t it every teacher’s fantasy to ravish a young student on his desk?”

“I’m not going to have sex with you in here- what if Gwen comes back?”

“Professor Morris? From what I’ve heard, she’d probably want to join right in.”

“Well, you’re probably right about that.”

“Anyway, Gareth, I miss your touch, and I’m horny, and I just got off work and I’ve got a class in less than an hour. Help me out, baby…please?”

“I’m not going to have sex in here right now- maybe sometime when the campus is closed, but not today. Besides, we don’t even have condoms here.”

“I didn’t say we have to have sex. You are quite capable of getting me off in other ways.”

“You’re not giving up, are you.”

“Horny Gina says hell no, I’m not giving up.”

I looked over her body and tried to think of what the least compromising position to get caught in would be. “Make sure the door is locked,” I told her. Gina beamed at me and twirled around to check the door.

“Should I turn off the lights?”

I quickly debated the pros and cons of both answers and ended up undecided. “No,” I finally said. Then sitting in my chair, I waved Gina over. “Sit on my lap,” I told her.

Gina was giddy with pleasure as she sat on my legs. I pulled the chair up to the desk, so everything below her waist was hidden. My laptop blocked us, too, so even if someone opened the door with a key, they wouldn’t see my hand, which was working its way into her panties.

Gina had worn sweatpants, and when I had noticed that, I realized it would be easy to finger her. I hoped her horniness and the excitement of being in şirinevler escort my office would help her cum quickly. At first, Gina leaned her head back onto my shoulder and sighed. As my fingers moved around her slit, she parted her legs to give me the most access. When I pushed up inside her with two fingers, she moaned her approval. Shhhhhh… I warned her.

Then Gina leaned forward, putting her hands on my desk. Squirming in my lap and moving her hips with the thrust of my fingers, Gina looked around at my papers. Spotting the ones Gwen had just dropped off, Gina picked them up and asked, “what’s this?”

“We all have to sign it because some freshman and his professor…”

“Oh yeah, I remember that. He was hot- the student, I mean.” And with that, Gina started skimming the pages. “We’ve broken, like, almost all of these rules,” she mused. “Including numbers 4, 5, 11, and 17 right now.”

“Is there any rule against making you cum?”

“Not according to this.”

“Then I guess there’s no reason for me to stop, huh? We’ve already broken the rules, making you cum won’t get us in trouble.” It was stupid logic, I knew. But I wasn’t trying to make sense. I was trying to get her mind back on what I was doing between her legs. I wanted her to hurry up, because I was worried Gwen would swing by on her way back down the hall. I should have turned off the light.

Gina was gripping the edge of the desk, putting her weight forward. I sped up my fingering, pulling out now and then to circle her clit with my fingertips. Gina began rocking her hips and instinctively moving her hand towards her crotch. When she would bump my hand there, she would move her own hand back to the desk. My cock was hardening under her gyrations.

She started gasping and moaning softly. I was getting familiar enough with her style to know that she was probably about to get frantic right before she came. To speed that along, I reached my other hand up her shirt, rubbing along her back, around her side, and onto her bra. The sudden sensations pushed her into frantic mode, and she started pushing against me and whimpering loudly. I could tell she was having a hard time staying quiet.

Then she went over the edge, squishing my hand with her thighs and catching her voice in her throat. Her hands clutched her body, one meeting my hand on her pussy and the other covering my hand on her breast. She bent over and shuddered, gasping and holding her lips shut tight. If the noises in her throat made it out of her mouth, anyone in the hall would have heard us. She stayed on my lap for a few minutes as she wound down.

While she was still trembling, my fingers still inside her, there was a tap on the door. We both froze and held our breath. Gwen’s voice came through the smoked glass, “Stories, Gareth! Remember, I want stories when you get back!” Then the sound of her heels click-clacked away. Once her steps faded away, Gina and I together exhaled loudly, then laughed softly. I felt her laughter on my fingers as I gave her body one last squeeze.

“Thank you, Gare,” she said dreamily as I removed my hand from her pants. “I needed that.” getting off my lap, she looked at the clock and said, “I need to run. Can you hand me a wet wipe?”

I chuckled, “Does this look like a place that has wet wipes?”

“Top drawer, on the right, next to the condoms,” she said plainly.

I hesitantly opened the drawer she had indicated and was surprised to indeed find small pile of condoms and a travel pack of wet wipes.

“You…How…?” She was a ninja. I passed the wipes, grabbing one for my hand. She cleaned herself up a bit, saying, “Can’t have my classmates smelling that all evening, can we?” Then with a kiss and a smile she walked to the door, nodding her head towards my lingering hardness and said, “And save that for Spring Break. I intend to get a lot of mileage out of it.” Then she trotted out the door, leaving me aroused, dumbfounded, and amazed at my good fortune.


We had an early flight Saturday morning. I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot of Gina’s apartment complex just before dawn. I could see the blinds from her apartment part, then close. A few seconds later, Gina came bounding down the steps, carrying only her purse. I got out to greet her with a hug and kisses, then held the door open for her to get in.

“I saw your suitcase in my trunk this morning. I still don’t know how you do that.”

“Womanly magic,” she said with a wave of her fingers. I could tell she was wide awake from excitement. “I was hoping you would think I had fit all my clothes inside this little purse. Wouldn’t that be exciting to think about?” I leaned over for a long kiss before heading out.

It was a short drive to the airport and a long series of flights to Key West. By the time we got to our hotel room, it was dinnertime. “Eat in or out?” I asked.

“I’m wiped out from traveling.”

“In it is,” I said, picking up the room phone. We settled into the room until our food arrived, then dined on the table in the room. I had gotten a luxury suite- with Gwen’s approval- so we had a nice dining area separate from the sleeping area. Finishing our food, we leaned back in the comfortable chairs. Gina said, “I’m tired and antsy at the same time.”

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