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I was excited. For a whole year my wife was overseas in Iraq. I had missed her so bad. We had found each other through online dating and had talked for two whole years before we ever met. I was never one to believe in love at first sight, but when my eyes landed on her in person for the first time… well let’s just say sparks flew. She was a Black, White, Philippine mixed woman with a strong personality. Long flowing black hair, big dark green eyes, smooth caramel colored skin, white even teeth and the softest most angelic voice you had ever heard. She wasn’t skinny but wasn’t fat either, being in the Army. She was voluptuous with a capital V. She had curves in ALL the right places and a pair of E cup breasts that wrapped completely around my six inch cock. But when I had married her, she let me in on her biggest secret. One I accepted on that wedding night over and over and over again. Now let me be blunt; I am by no account small.

I happen to be six inches long with a girth of maybe 3 inches. Loraine however owns a real throbbing nine inch cock with a three and a half inch girth. She still has her tight pussy, it just happens to be hidden by her balls. When I first saw it, I was terrified at how she wanted to use it. However after stretching me out I began to not only love it but crave it. I was addicted to my wife’s cock. Almost to the compound, I was shaking with excitement. I was planning a very romantic night that ended in us both being full of each other’s collective sperm. I parked my 92 GMC truck and waited. After about an hour of playing on my hacked PSP, her bus arrived. I jumped out of the car in time to catch her in my arms. Her legs and arms wrapped around me, tears in both our eyes as we kissed.

“I love you,” she sobbed. I hadn’t heard those canlı bahis words in person for so long.

“I love you too my baby,” I whispered into her lips. After snuggling in the car and talking for a bit we drove off, ready for a romantic night. Little did I know she had plans of her own. For a whole year her balls were storing up cum. Being so surrounded by other people she hadn’t had a chance to let off her cock’s steam. And I was about to get the full force of my wife out of control crazy for my white ass.

“Mmmmmm, Honey?” she called in her seductive voice. I kept my eyes on the road and shivered. I knew that growl. That was her dominant growl. When it came out I was putty in her hands. I could say no to NOTHING and she knew it. I cleared my throat, suppressing a deep shudder.

“Y-yes love?” I asked.

“Pull over. Now.” She ordered. I couldn’t argue. I pulled over and looked to her, my hands shaking. She was wearing her military BDU’s and was stroking that huge monster between her legs. Pre-cum was already covering the head. She was really pent up.

“For a …whole… year I haven’t been able to cum from my cock. My balls are huuuuuuuuge baby. They need to be emptied. Now.” She said in her low growl. I couldn’t stop the body quaking shudder.

“But… now? We are in the middle of the highway. Can’t we-“

“I said NOW bitch,” she snarled with a scowl. She was gone. Replaced by a sex hungry futa beast that could only be satisfied one way.

“Suck… me… NOW,” she whispered. I couldn’t say no. I removed my seatbelt and slowly crawled across the cab to my bick dicked wife. She twirled her fingers in my hair and got a good grip.

“You better swallow like the good little slut I know you are,” she commanded hoarsely. bahis siteleri

“Y-yes Sargent,” I said shakily. When she was like this she insisted I call her by her rank. I opened my mouth wide and took her head in. I nearly came right then and there. The taste, oh how I had missed it! I sucked hard and deep throated her. She gripped my hair harder and howled as her cum exploded in my throat. I didn’t have to swallow as it flew right to my stomach. I saw her stomach clenching with every pulse and squirt of cum. I couldn’t breathe and if it didn’t stop soon I was going to feint due to lack of oxygen. She pulled my head off so I could breathe and the rest of her enormous, sticky, steamy load plastered my face. I licked my lips and got as much as I could. She shuddered as it ended.

“Mmmmmmm good boy. Now take off those troublesome pants. I’m far from done with you,” she growled. I shuddered as I removed my pants and underwear. She moved to the middle of the cab and held her raging hard on.

“Sit on my cock whore. Mmmmmm I bet after a year you are as tight as the day I took your virginity,” she chuckled.

“Y-yes ma’am Sargent, I am,” I replied meekly.

“Good. Now get that sissy ass over here and bounce on my cock,” she ordered. I complied and straddled her. I felt the big fat head of her cock push against my ass. It hurt a little but it would hurt more if I didn’t listen to her.

“Fffffffuck,” she swore in her angelic voice, “You are so tiiiiiiight!” Her head popped in as I slowly lowered my ass down on her monster.

“Mmmmmm imagine explaining this to a highway patrolman,” she chuckled as I bottomed out. I moaned like a whore in heat at her words. She knew I was a masochist, “You wouldn’t look very manly with a fat cock up your bahis şirketleri ass as you moan like a little school girl would you?” I was bouncing on her cock and indeed moaning as she humiliated me. She grabbed her huge tits and squeezed them, playing with her inverted nipples as she watched me ride her.

“Mmmmmm such a good bitch riding your Sargent. I did my service to the country. Now do your duty as a civilian to pay me back for your freedom whore. Make me cum. Make me fill that fat sissy ass till it’s overflowing!” she yelled as she thrust up into me. I was holding her shoulders as she violated me right there with all those cars passing by. Lucky for me, the passenger and driver side windows were tinted. She loved my big ass. I’m not fat; I just inherited my mom’s big bubble butt. My wife and I are a match made in heaven. She snapped me out of my thoughts as she brought her hand cracking down on my ass.


“Ah!” I squealed like a school girl. She laughed and smacked me again.

SMACK! I groaned as my orgasm got closer. I latched onto one of her nipples as she grabbed my ass in both hands.

“I’m gonna cum!” she yelled, “I’m gonna impregnate your fat slutty ass with my cum!” that did it. I don’t have fantasies about getting pregnant. That’s just weird. I don’t know why but hearing her say that set me off. Maybe it was because she was using me like this. She threw her head back and screamed. My scream soon joined hers as my cum splattered onto her big tits and stomach. I could feel blast after powerful blast of her cum filling me. Soon I was too full and the rest splattered wetly onto the bottom of my truck. I collapsed onto her and lie there. Then we kissed passionately and as we hugged she leaned into my ear.

“Get us home. For the rest of the week im off and so are you. You aren’t getting my ass OR pussy. For a whole week you will be doing your civic duty to drain every… last… drop… of a years worth of cum from my fat balls.” I couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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