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Several women readers have been kind enough to write saying that our work has dramatically changed their attitudes toward anal sex, particularly after they asked their husbands and boy friends read it and follow its suggestions. One particularly sweet message was from a wife who told of lying in bed enjoying the afterglow of having been rimmed to an orgasm by her husband for the first time and breaking into tears. He asked her what was wrong and she said, “Nothing honey, it’s just that I feel so good and am so happy.”

A general suggestion, however, is that we post the Guide under the “Anal” section of Literotica instead of the “How To” so that more couples read it. Since our whole purpose is to educate, this change makes sense. Please remember, however, that this isn’t fantasy. To the best of our ability, it represents what we have learned from our own experiences about anal sex as an expression of mutual love and support. Hopefully, you will use it in the same way. The final three parts: “Sex on Demand,” “Games and Frequently Asked Questions,” and “Go Pick Apples” will be posted under “Anal.” A new reader who wants to review the first six will find them in “How To.”

Before “Sex on Demand,” an answer to the question of how a woman can have the experience of sequential orgasms (part six) with children at home. Celeste and I are now “empty nesters” and that is what we were describing. When we had children at home, the situation was very different. When any of the three were so young that they couldn’t walk, Celeste never asked for sequentials. Once they were on their feet, she would tell me on a Friday evening “I want to ‘float’ tomorrow morning and I’ve made a list for you.” (This will make more sense after you read this section.) Sequentials took place very early on Saturday mornings. It was then my job to get the kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door while Celeste “floated.” We had a long list of errands, and shopping that we did together, usually staying out until after a junk food lunch. The children and I had a great time together, later replaced by all sorts of activities when they became teenagers. I’m sure the phrase “Mommy’s sleeping in” took on a special meaning for them not only because of the happy meals and cheering each other on in sports, but also because of the singing and treats that greeted them when they got home.

Part Seven: Sex on Demand

Even before we married, Celeste and I agreed on the concept of Sex on Demand (s.o.d., or short for sodomy; pretty clever name, isn’t it?). The principle is that sexual desire should be openly expressed when it occurs and that any reasonable request should be honored as soon as possible given only the restrictions of our physical states, schedules and commitments, preserving privacy, and not offending the public.

You might think that this openness removes the mystery canlı bahis and romance from sex, but we find it to be exactly the opposite. If you’re ass fucking correctly, anal sex is like and underground coal fire. The desire for it is always even though you aren’t thinking about it, just like the coal fire in always burning. Once in a while, the flame/thought bursts to the surface. When it does, it is totally liberating for the partner who wants to be pleasured to say openly what s/he wants, and a corresponding joy for the other to supply it. Two weeks ago, for example, I was sitting in the living room one evening reading the newspaper when Celeste emerged from her shower wearing only her bathrobe and said “Jimmy, I want you to tongue fuck my hole and make me scream.” So I did and she did, right there on the living room rug.

What s.o.d. does is celebrate Celeste and my sexual attraction to each other instead of hiding it behind elaborate games and maneuvers. If we’re at a restaurant, have really enjoyed a glass of wine, and decide to have a second, it’s because we enjoyed the wine, not because I’m thinking to myself “maybe I can get Celeste a little tipsy and then she’ll let me put my dick in her butt.” A walk in the woods holding hands and kicking leaves is exactly that, unless someone turns it into something else. You could say we don’t waste time and effort trying to seduce each other because we don’t have to.

Here are some things s.o.d. has taught us.

This might surprise you, but s.o.d. doesn’t increase our sexual contacts, it probably decreases them. We are not constantly jumping into bed with each other. In truth, we lead a very balanced life with many other interests. What s.o.d. does, however, is virtually guarantee that every time we have anal sex it will be riveting experience for both of us.

Frotting (see part three) is an exception to the s.o.d. protocol. It is an unspoken expectation that unless our schedules conflict, Celeste and I will frot every morning for between five and ten minutes to wake her body up and until she is completely relaxed or sound asleep every night. For us it almost never leads to orgasms, it’s just saying “good morning” and “good night” to someone you love. All happy couples should frot, even if they have no interest in other aspects of anal sex. You don’t even have to take off any clothing to enjoy it.

Celeste: If you want to know how powerful night frotting can be, consider this. About twenty years ago, I tore my meniscus when I landed the wrong way in a volleyball game. It hurt a great deal, especially during the first two weeks, so my doctor gave me a prescription for pain killers to be taken three times a day: in the morning, early afternoon, and when going to bed. I discovered that I only needed to take the first two. Jimmy’s frotting relaxed my body so much that I slept pain-free bahis siteleri without taking a pill!

It may surprise you to learn that Celeste initiates s.o.d. about three-quarters of the time. Even more remarkable is the fact that many times she doesn’t want to be the recipient of anal pleasure but the deliverer. Guys: a woman gets just as turned on by stimulating you anally and you do by doing the same for her. This is particularly true because a man’s orgasm is so visible and can be dramatic. We’ve never tried a strap-on, but Celeste has fucked me with a dildo. It hurt at first, but that didn’t last long. It seemed remote and impersonal, didn’t do a thing for either of us, and we didn’t pursue it. Now her fingers or her tongue is an entirely different story.

Does enjoying it when Celeste puts them in my ass make me “bi-sexual” or “gay?” I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t care if it did earn that label. It gives me pleasure because she wants to do it. Get used to this idea because a man who doesn’t want (or isn’t willing) to receive anal pleasure as well as give it can’t be a great lover. Besides, it feels really good.

The variables words, time and location add to the attractions of s.o.d.

It’s a good thing to get used to saying “ass,” “fuck,” “suck,” and every other word in your sexual vocabulary. It’s both exciting and liberating as it frees you from your inhibitions. With s.o.d, it’s also very useful to know exactly what you or your partner wants.

As to time, s.o.d. comes up randomly. The middle of the night is not unusual for us, but Celeste believes that her body runs on daily clock that makes her most orgasmic between 9 and 10 in the morning and in late afternoon. To accommodate this, she often asks for a “two part fuck.” We do whatever she’s asked for, but stop when the p.o.i. (part four) approaches and do something completely non-sexual: have breakfast, run a couple of errands, mow the lawn. When we return to sex, usually after an hour or so, you can imagine the results.

Until she went through menopause, Celeste also loved anal sex when she was having her period. However, we learned from a frightening experience not to have sequentials then. We did this once and her skin turned grayish-blue and went clammy. We both thought that she might have been about to go into shock and we never tried it again. One of the cautions to remember about anal sex is that it’s far more likely to be too stimulating than not stimulating enough. So sequentials during menstruation joined anal fisting and going from Celeste’s ass to her vagina with anything as absolute unreasonable no-nos for us.

Having limited control over where s.o.d. comes up is also a wonderful thing, particularly as it often takes us out of the bedroom and onto the living room rug or elsewhere. One day after the kids had been picked up for school bahis şirketleri we were in the garage ready to get in our cars and go to work. Celeste was wearing a beautiful yellow dress and her ass just looked stunning in it. Because it was what I was thinking, I said “I want to fuck” and we did, right there on the hood of a car and it was spectacular. Then we went back into the house, cleaned up, changed clothes, and went off. The spontaneity of it all made it so pleasurable.

Finally, you will think that what follows is some sort of Freudian fantasy when you read about rims, the Grand Canyon and a tall spruce tree, but this actually took place exactly as I have written it, and I have a witness.

Celeste: Every word is true.

Celeste and I agree that our most memorable episode of s.o.d. took place on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was twenty-five years ago, but thinking about it even now gives me an instant erection and still turns Celeste on (see the “Games” section of part eight for her unfounded complaint about my cheating when we play the French Chef). Also, please don’t try this on the South Rim. You’ll end up in the Flagstaff jail, charged with indecent exposure. The fact is that a very small number of visitors go to the North Rim and once you get a mile out from the parking lot you’re almost guaranteed to be all alone.

Anyway, the children were with their grandparents so Celeste and I treated ourselves to a week of hiking in the west. We had come down from Zion and were about four miles out on a trail that led through some spruce trees as it skirted the North Rim. It was early September; the weather was perfect, the scenery unbelievable, and it was just so quiet and peaceful. “Oh, Jimmy,” Celeste said, “put your dick in my ass.” So off came the backpacks and down went the pants. Celeste braced herself against a large tree with one hand and spread her butt cheeks with the other. When I docked with her it was obvious that she had been thinking about this for a while. She was wet, her hole was very hot, and her rhythmic contractions on my dick started almost at once. After a couple of minutes, she shifted her position slightly and pushed down on my penis so that it came right up against her g-spot separated from it only by the membrane that’s between the anal canal and the vagina. (Don’t forget that the ease of this access is one of the great advantages to anal sex.) We just stayed like that, absorbed in the total environment until Celeste’s body started to tremble. I hooked my arm around her and held her up as she orgasmed. When I felt those two or three distinctive little contractions, I knew that she had ejaculated. That just sent me over the top. I came as hard as I have ever cum in my life. Rather stunned, we just leaned against the tree. But the sight of my cum dribbling down Celeste’s inner thigh with the Grand Canyon as the background is a memory for life. Then we got dressed and hiked back to our car, holding hands when we could, in what can only be described as a daze.

Part Eight: Games and Frequently Asked Questions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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