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This story contains a description of a sexual act. Please do not read this story, if you are below the legal age or such a description may offend you

She was laid out on the examination table. Her black hair splayed out carefully across the pillow; her body encased in a short low cut, black leather tight fitting dress that left nothing to

the imagination. The hem was pulled up slightly, her right leg slightly bent, and her body was inclined slightly towards me, so that I could see that she was not wearing panties.

Her long slim legs were encased in black fishnet stockings. finished off with white high heeled shoes with prominent black spots. On the chair by the bed her coat and handbag lay carelessly draped. I was immediately drawn to her wonderful oval features, skillfully made up, to accentuate her grey almond shaped eyes, that gazed hypnotically into mine. As she gazed at me, a slight sensuous smile playing around her lips, her tongue seductively wetting her lips, I could feel my self control draining away, and my erection becoming a problem, as all rational thought seemed to have deserted me.

“Hello doctor, I thought you might need to examine me.” She said in a very low husky voice. I replied, my voice seeming as though it was coming from a distance, and no longer part of me. “I will have to check your notes, but I don’t think that it will be necessary.”

I looked at the notes carefully, but the writing was hazy, making it hard to read. All the time, I was conscious of her eyes on me and the subtle aroma of her perfume pervading the room and addling my mind and whittling away my self – control. Where had that damned nurse gone I wondered . I desperately needed protection from this overpowering temptation. Pulling myself together and proud of my will power. I told her. “Mrs. Snook I see no reason to examine you – it seems quite clear from your test that the problem lies with your husband. You can get dressed now.” “Oh, that halkalı escort really is a big disappointment.” She murmured, her voice low and reeking of promise, as she slowly and very deliberately opened her legs to show me again, that beneath her dress her shaven vagina was showing, moist and ready for action. I hesitated, realising as I gazed into her eyes, that I was in great danger of losing everything I had worked for, but it seemed that I no longer had control over my own actions

“I think you must consider artificial insemination, perhaps from an anonymous donor Mrs. Snook, or perhaps you might consider adoption as another alternative.” I told her, as I desperately fought to retain control. “Please call me Caroline doctor, but how about you – you’re a man and you could be my anonymous donor?. Do it for me right now. I will make it very much worthwhile in every way?”

As she spoke, she was reaching for her handbag, then she pulled out a large wad of notes. “Please darling doctor, I need you – I want you to help me now and you know we would both enjoy it enormously. “

She was almost whimpering with her apparent need. Her hand was outstretched filled with £20 notes, and suddenly I knew that in that moment I was lost. I did not want the money, but I did want her. Locking the door, I threw my coat off, and walked over to the examination bed. Standing by her I bent down to kiss her, as I did so, her hand slipped down to undo my belt, and let my pants fall to the floor. As I stepped out of my pants she half sat up and fondled my erect cock. I tentatively lay one hand on her vagina, gently stroking the lips gently with my forefinger feeling the wet warmth of the juices oozing out of her.

She moaned slightly and wriggled her hips, while at the same time she busily undid my shirt, and tossed it to the floor, joining my pants, before she resumed her stroking of my cock. While one hand cradled my erection, she let the şişli escort other hand run up over my nipples, squeezing gently, before using her hand to pull my head down to kiss her passionately on those lusciously inviting lips . Pulling away, I bent down to kiss her vagina, tasting her body fluids, then as I gently explored even deeper with my tongue, I felt her tense as she was making a sort of purring noise. She murmured softly. “Doctor darling I’ll give you 24 hours to stop. That’s bloody lovely.”

Her legs were now wide open, her dress fully pulled up, as she pressed my head even harder into her groin. “What do you want of me”? I asked desperately ,as for a brief but insignificant moment my conscience came to the forefront. “I could be making the biggest mistake of my life for you. I should not be doing this to you. I am risking everything.”

“You’re not serious are you. You can’t leave me in this state, you couldn’t be so heartless” As she spoke the warning bells rang in my head, but it was too late for me now. I was committed, nothing in the world could make me pull away, I had never experienced such an incredible longing before in my life for any woman. I bent down to her groin again, this time gently flicking my tongue in and out quickly. Somehow ,I knew just how she liked it. I felt my probing tongue touch her clitoris, now very swollen and excited. Her body tensed, as she thrust her pelvis upwards from the table.

For a brief moment, my sense of medical ethics came into play. I knew this was very wrong, yet the sense of compulsion was overwhelming. I got up on the table and knelt over her, as I looked down at this magnificent creature. I hesitated slightly, my conscience was fighting a losing battle. She looked up at me, giving me that languorous erotic smile that somehow, I already knew so well. She said.

“I’m not a schoolgirl, and I’m not naive, but I did not really expect to sarıyer escort go this far with my doctor. But I’m not sorry.” “I’m glad you’re not sorry” I said. “Because you hold my future in your hands.”

She smiled again, as if she knew something I didn’t. I climbed on to the table , straddling her, all the time she kept fondling my cock , her hand was soft and cool, the sensation was incredible as she lay there gazing up at me, as now she raised her buttocks and her hand guided my cock into her love tunnel. I entered her slowly, savouring every little advance, somehow I knew that this was the way she liked it, as I slowly withdrew, and very slowly entered again. Each thrust taking me slightly deeper, ignoring the soft moans of pleasure being squeezed from her lips.

Her body was quivering and rocking, her legs were locked tightly behind my back as our unbridled passion took over . Then came the first orgasms, little short bursts of activity, getting even longer and more intense, as our love making continued. Her vagina muscles were holding me tight inside her, until finally I came, in a long shuddering climax. Caroline screamed. “Don’t stop Oooh. Please don’t stop”, our passion lasted for what seemed a very long time, then we slowly relaxed on to our sides, on the cramped examination table, gazing into each others eyes. My penis still inside her, and still ready for more. I started to move again, my need not fully assuaged. “No you must not, I shall have to go soon, I have things to do my husband awaits me.” She cried out.

* * * * * *

I awoke, startled as someone was shaking me vigorously. “You were dreaming again darling.”

Caroline said. There she was standing over me, her long dark hair. Her grey languorous eyes, and that wonderful leather dress. She leaned over me and kissed me. “Come on darling, we have so much to do. The guests will be here soon and you haven’t even given me my Birthday present yet!” I stretched, so relieved that at least my career was safe. “Oh yes I have.” I told her. “But there is much more waiting for you,” as I pulled her down on the bed to join me. “Let the guests wait.” I murmured as I took her in my arms ,my sense of relief overwhelming as I made ready to make love to this wonderful woman of mine…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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