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A lazy Sunday afternoon of boredom and a constant burning horniness had finally caused me to seek an outlet. After a day full of emailing older men who I had found on the internet, I’d finally found one that didn’t sound incredibly creepy and was into the kinds of things I wanted. I wanted an older man who liked young, boyish guys with smallish dicks, as I was only 23 and fit that description. He had to be dominant but not abusive. He had to be bigger than me, which isn’t difficult considering I was only 5’6″ and 135 pounds.

He was about six feet tall, 180 pounds of masculine, toned physique. His hair was dark and neat and showed signs of his age with a little gray mixing in. He had a deep tan, not one from a salon but from a beach somewhere. From the photo he sent me I could tell he was very into hygiene as he was not very hairy and had a beautiful looking seven and a half inch cock with a large soft mushroom head. His balls hung low off the base of his dick, filling the bottom of his sack like two large eggs. He wanted to play dad-son and lived alone in a posh apartment. By my standards, he was hot.

The instructions in the last email I’d received from the older man made my cock stiffen inside my jeans. “Put on your favorite pair of thong panties under loose fitting pants and come to my place at 265 East 66th Street. Have the doorman call me when you are downstairs and I will let you up. Find my apartment, open the door and come inside. When you come in, take off your pants and say nothing. I will be in control. If you should need to address me, you shall call me Daddy.”

I quickly selected my favorite pair of sheer panties and dressed as instructed. I had a hard time keeping my hardon underneath the panties which were not designed to capture even such a small, 6 inch erection. The tight fabric pulling against my rager just intensified the sensation building in my loin. The entire cab ride uptown I kept adjusting to keep it under control. I started a conversation with the cabbie about the Mets, a subject that could take the fun out of any room, and finally my boner started to go down.

As I arrived at the massive apartment building I began to wonder what this guy did for a living. This was certainly an exclusive address and the building itself was impressive. Once inside I spoke a man behind a desk and gave him the apartment number. I was directed to an elevator and took a smooth, quick ride up to what must have been the 20th floor. The door opened to a hallway with only a few doors and I made my way to the one which matched his apartment number.

Inside, the apartment was large and open, with modern furniture, light carpet, and large floor to ceiling windows which looked out over lower Manhattan. I admired the apartment for a moment and the remembered that I was to undress. As I did I heard him coming. He was fully dressed in dark colored slacks and dress shirt, complete with wingtip shoes. He looked like a business man, and I assume that’s how he afforded such a stylish address.

I folded my clothing and he took it from me, looking over my nearly naked body. My dick began to fill again, but only enough to cause a nice bulge under the pink lace panties without rising to full erection. He walked around me without saying a word or touching me.

Then he said, “come with me.”

He led me down a hallway to a large master bathroom. Inside it was a huge vanity with two sinks, a Jacuzzi style tub and a glass enclosed shower. There were mirrors everywhere. Under the vanity were several large drawers from where he retrieved three oversized towels.

He set the towels on the vanity to form a cushion and instructed me to take off the panties and lay face down on the vanity. I did as he asked, springing my half erect cock free, and wondered what he was going to do. He next took from the drawer a can of barbasol and several fresh razors.

He soaked a smaller hand towel with hot water and began to rub the skin around my ass with it. Its warmth felt good and I could tell that this man was strong by the bahis firmaları way his hands worked my ass.

Finally he lathered me with the shaving cream and began the task of shaving me completely and totally hairless. His attention to detail was impeccable. When he finished with my ass he took out some lube and a medium sized plug and began to work it into my hole. He said that he wanted me to be ready for him when the time was right.

The plug filled and stretched my rosy opening, causing my cock to jump to full attention. This made it easier for him to shave the area around my cock and tightened balls. He then slipped a red rubber cockring around the shaft of my dick and the base of my balls. The color contrasted sharply with the skin of my bare, pale white member and pink, hairless balls.

When he was finished shaving me he instructed me to get into the shower. I followed his order as he pulled a chair to in front of the shower door and sat down. I did as he asked. He instructed me to turn it on and turn around so that my back was to him. The warm water felt good on my newly smooth body. “Bend over and touch your toes,” he said. As I bent I could feel the plug inside me, fully exposed to the man along with my tender ball sack. My raging cock jabbed me in my abs as I reached for my toes.

When he was done examining me, Daddy instructed me to spread my legs and bend down and touch the ground. Again, I did as he said, giving him a perfect view of my boyish asshole filled with the rubber plug. He made me keep the stretch for several minutes until I was almost in a full split, with water streaming off my balls down toward the drain.

Finally, he told me to stand and turn around. He looked at my small erection and told me to take it in my hand and masturbate for him. The precum was flowing freely out of the head of my cock at each jerk, mixing with the water streaming off my prick. Before I could finish he told me stop, turn the shower off and dry myself. He left the bathroom while I did this and called for me in the bedroom. By this point he had stripped down to his tight briefs and dress shirt.

He had me lie down across the bed face down. I felt him behind me as he tied each of my ankles to opposing bed posts. He walked around the bed and I watched his erection move in front of me as he did the same with my wrists.

His hand grabbed the hair on the back of my head and lifted my face up. The ends of his unbuttoned shirt caressed each side of my face. My eyes instantly focused on his hard prick, which was staring right at me. He forced my face into his crotch, still covered with the briefs. I could feel the outline of his hard cock rub against my nose and cheeks as he drove be deeper into his area. His musk was sweet. Finally he whipped his dick out and landed it on my cheek, its girth and weight surprising me. “Suck Daddy’s cock,” he said.

I took it in my mouth as he forced my head down to its root. As I came back up, I worked my tongue around the head and inside its slit. He let me lick his balls and taste the sweetness of his sex. I could feel the skin of his balls on my lower lip as my saliva drooled out from the sides of my mouth. For what seemed like forever he fucked my face, my throat gagging each time his full thrust entered me.

I was powerless to stop him and finally he stopped and unloaded all over my face and hair. His sticky cum covered my eyelids and dripped from my nose. He forced my mouth open and made me finish him, ensuring that every drop was out of his massive balls.

He finished and moved behind me again, leaving my face covered in his spunk. He loosened the ties on my legs and propped what felt like a large pillow under my midsection. This forced my ass up into the air, the plug bulging out of my well stretched hole. My balls ached from the tight ring which was still keeping them taught. He grabbed my throbbing cock, drenched in precum and yanked it backward between my legs. In a tease, he milked me for about three minutes and when he could tell I was about to explode, abruptly kaçak iddaa let go of my cock and sat down admiring my ass, instructing me not to cum.

I couldn’t yet open my eyes because of the cum mask Daddy had applied, but I could hear him leave the room. When he returned, I struggled to open my eyes and noticed that he placed a mirror against the wall in front of me. I could now see how fully he covered my face with his cum, and it made me even hotter. I could also see him move behind me behind me; studying my ass closely. Suddenly he removed the plug from my ass and spit into my gaping hole. He grabbed a 24 inch rubber double dong and after spreading more lube around the rim of my still open hole began to feed it into me, working almost all of its length inside of me.

I clenched my ass and shrieked when it first entered me and he slapped me hard across my bare buttocks. “You whine like a little girl!” he shouted. “No more noise as Daddy gets you ready!”

I was beat red in the face. It was then he took a ball gag, rubbed it on his still moist cock and shoved it into my mouth, strapping it securely behind my head.

He then worked his hand around my ass. First just his finger; then adding a thumb. Next thing I knew, I had his whole fist inside of me. My screams were stifled by the gag.

The feeling of fullness inside my boyhole was too much to take. My moaning only made him work it harder. Eventually he removed his hand and returned the double monster to my now pulsing hole.

Watching him force the dildo into my tiny ass through the mirror made me incredibly hot. Again I felt like I was about to bust, but my cruel master simply stopped and walked away, leaving the giant dildo sticking half way out of my ass while he left the room.

Finally he returned and removed the dildo from my ass and untied me. He painfully rolled the ring off my package, showing no concern as he did so. As he loosened the gag, my saliva drooled down onto my chest. He gave me back my panties and told me to put them on. They felt great on my freshly shaved area. He was fully nude now and I could see his erection beginning to return. He grabbed my cock through the panties and led me by it into the living area of the apartment.

He took me over to a large leather chair which was set right in front of the window. The chair faced a large television which was playing a particularly hot porn scene. On the screen was a young, similarly hairless looking young man knelt in front of a much older man blowing him ferociously. Daddy sat in the chair and directed me to come sit on his lap. His skin felt warm and smooth over his hard muscles.

We watched the scene together and he asked me whether I liked what I was watching. I told him I did. “Do you like to make Daddy happy?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I responded.

“Do you think Daddy’s cock is a nice as the man on TV’s?” he asked.

I hesitated at how to answer this. Daddy’s cock was nice and certainly filled my throat earlier. But the man on the video had a monster, at least 9 inches and about as thick as any I had ever seen.

“I like Daddy’s cock,” I answered.

He snapped at me and told me that I should never lie to Daddy. “What took you so long to answer?” he demanded.

“I…. I….” I didn’t have an answer.

He pushed me down over his knee and I knew what was coming. He pulled down my thong and spanked my bare ass for what felt like forever, making it red. When he was finished, he fixed my panties and pulled me up on top of him so that we were face to face. “Daddy doesn’t like to hit you, but you have to behave like a good son.”

He gently caressed my smooth ass as he explained this, his finger grazing the edge of my thong near my hole. “You do want Daddy to be happy don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded.

“You were a good boy sucking Daddy’s cock before. You like to make your Daddy happy, don’t you?” he continued.

“I just want Daddy to be happy.” I said as I cowered.

With that he pulled me closer and kissed be on the kaçak bahis mouth while moving my panties aside and putting his finger right on my tender button. As he thrust his tongue deeper into my mouth his finger slipped inside my still moist hole. I moaned as my cock rubber against his in our embrace. He probed deeper as our cocks ground together, still lip locked.

Finally he turned the chair toward the window and told me to turn over and put my hands on the floor. He grabbed my ankles and draped my legs over his shoulders, pulling my sex closer to his mouth. He pulled my panties far to the side, almost ripping them. He plunged his tongue deep into my asshole making me squeal like a little girl. With one hand I stroked Daddy’s cock, his erection throbbing in my hand.

Daddy licked my hole for a long while, eventually moving his attention to my balls and glistening boycock. He easily took me entire sex into his mouth as he added some additional fingers to my rapidly loosening hole. He bent me over with my hands and feet on the floor and removed my girlie underpants. He forcefully positioned his rock hard cock behind my wet and puckered hole.

As he entered me I felt a rush of electricity shoot down to the head of my penis. He grabbed my hair and forced me to look out over the city while he fully entered me, his balls slamming into my own, both swaying together with the momentum of his thrusts.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I screamed. He grabbed my panties and took them between his two hands, forcing them into my mouth. I was still letting out muffled screams through the soft material of the thong. His thrusts were quick and powerful and made my balls shake violently.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me with him back down on the chair. I put my feet up on the chair and used my legs to raise and lower myself on his big cock. My ass sucked at the tip of his dick each time I came up over its huge head and then impaled itself back down on it, taking him inside me as deeply as I could.

I then lifted my legs in the air and spread my cheeks apart with my hands, ensuring that every bit possible of his cock was lodged inside my bottom. My slender frame fit on top of Daddy’s muscular body so easily that I felt as though I could spin around on the top of his cock. I felt so hot as I wiggled my ass around on his cock, making Daddy moan in the process. Daddy then took my panties out of my mouth and violently forced me up against the window, my cock pressed hard against the cool glass. He resumed control, fucking me harder than he had before. Each thrust caused me to slide up the window and my leaking cock left streaks across it.

“I want to feel your cum inside me Daddy!” I screamed.

He slapped my ass hard, causing my hole to relax as he fully entered me. My cock spasmed against the glass, feeling as if it were about to explode. As his thrusts intensified to final glorious climax Daddy wrapped his arms around my small chest and held on as he unloaded his seed. I could feel the shots spew through my insides and work their way out around the shaft of his still hard penis. The intensity of the feeling was so much that I shot my own load with my cock still pressed against the huge window.

My hole contracted with the intensity of my orgasm, milking the remaining seed out of Daddy’s cock. As his prick slipped out of me I felt his cum drip down the sides of my legs. I quickly knelt to thank him for such a nice fucking and sucked his cock and balls clean. He led me to the shower where we kissed and cleaned each other for several minutes.

When we got out Daddy handed me a bag. “What’s this, Daddy?” I asked.

“Take it home and put it on the next time you come to see me. I think you will make a pretty little girl,” he said.

I grinned as a slipped my panties back on over my sensitive, still dripping cock. He kissed me once more before I left, and out of the corner of my eye I spied the window with my jism still stuck all over it.

The whole cab ride home I kept thinking about how Daddy fucked me. When I got home I was so worked up that I put on the dress he have me and videotaped myself masturbating in the dress Daddy bought me so I could send it to him as a thank you gift. I couldn’t wait until next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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