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This is another installment in my series called “The Affair”. It have moved between categories. It’s kind of like a TV series, you can get by with just jumping in, but it makes a bit more sense if you start from the beginning. If you do want to read them in order this is the 12th chapter. This story is a bit of a stretch because I’m not a lesbian, I’m not a woman and I’ve never been to a spa. If anyone has experience as a spa going lesbian I welcome you comments. Actually I welcome any comments. Enough babbling, I hope you enjoy the story.

Thanks to Cheer_Smartie526 and others for editing help.


The house was strangely quiet as Charlotte settled into her chair and opened her book. She found herself putting the book down and listening for her name, but she heard only silence. Her husband was away with his friends and both of her children were away on a school trip. She picked up the book again; the story was good but she simply could not focus on it. The house was unusually silent. She looked at the book again. Her thoughts kept returning to a conversation that had occurred a few days earlier with her husband and his mistress. The three of them had agreed to a ménage a trois. Ever since that day she had been unable to put it out of her mind. She wondered what it would be like to be naked in front of another woman and what it would be like to have someone watching her get fucked. She also wondered how her husband Brad would behave if presented with two nude women instead of one. Charlotte felt she was just as attractive as Sherry overall. Sherry had larger breasts, but wasn’t quite as fit. Much to her surprise, Charlotte felt slightly aroused as she imagined seeing Sherry’s D cup breasts. The phone rang. Charlotte glanced at the caller ID before picking it up. The call was from Sherry.

“Your booty call is not here,” she said.

“I know, I called to talk to you,” Sherry replied.

“Are your ears burning?” Charlotte asked.

“No, why? Are you talking about me?” the voice on the other end replied.

“Kind of, I’m thinking of you and our conversation with Brad the other day.”

“I’ve been thinking about that too, and I think we need a little girl time before it happens. How would you feel about a day at the spa, my treat,” Sherry offered.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I want to. It will give us a chance to be more comfortable around each other,” Sherry explained.

“I’m guessing you won’t take no for an answer,” Charlotte said.

“I’m taking that as a yes. I have the spa’s calendar in front of me, they have openings on the second and on the fifth,” Sherry said.

“Today would be great, nobody’s home and I’m having trouble focusing on anything. Do they have anything this afternoon?” Charlotte inquired.

“The calendar shows today as full, but I know the owner, let me see what I can do. I’ll call you back in a few minutes.” Sherry then hung up.

Charlotte let out a sign. Of course Sherry knew the spa’s owner, it seemed like there was no limit to Sherry’s connections. She always had a way of getting what she wanted without seeming pushy. Less than five minutes later the phone rang again.

“Great news, I managed to get us a spot. Would three work for you?” Sherry asked.

“That doesn’t give us much time, don’t they close at five?”

“They do, but I worked out a deal so we can stay a bit late, as long as you are okay with a little clean up when we’re done,”

“I’m sure I can handle that, see you at three.”

“See you at three,” and once again, she hung up.

With a big grin on her face, Sherry set the phone down. Her ears had not been burning, but other parts of her anatomy had been quite warm as she called Charlotte. Ever since Charlotte had brought up the idea of a threesome Sherry had been unable to stop thinking about being naked with her friend. At first she had imagined watching Charlotte fucking Brad, but lately her fantasies have included more and more of Charlotte and less and less of Brad. She had managed to tease a bit of information out of Brad about what his wife looked like without clothes. The most intriguing part of his description was what he said about Charlotte’s breasts. He used words like perky and firm, never saggy or floppy. Sherry thought back to times when she had seen Charlotte in a swimsuit or without a bra. While they did not defy gravity like the tits on a co-ed, Charlotte’s breasts looked amazing considering she was over forty. Sherry recalled that Charlotte had reluctantly agreed to kiss her during the threesome, but did not seem receptive to much more. In fact Charlotte insisted on quid pro quo; anything that Brad wanted the two women to do he had to do to another man first. Sherry had made certain to mention that to the man that Sherry and Brad were going to hook up with.

The spa anchored one end of an upscale shopping center. A smile spread across Charlotte’s face when she noticed a parking spot by the door. She considered it a good sign that canlı bahis şirketleri she was getting rock star parking. She also noticed Sherry standing by the front door of the spa. Her friend was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. As usual the shirt had a deep v neck and showed off Sherry’s ample cleavage. The cord from her ear buds trailed from her ears to her phone and her head moved from side to side as she sang along with the music. Charlotte was slightly better dressed in a button down blouse and a mid length skirt. She parked her car and joined Sherry at the front door. As her friend approached she smiled, but continued signing, “…Last Friday night…We went streaking in the park, skinny dipping after dark, then we had a ménage a trios…”

Charlotte blushed at the thought the threesome, and then found herself staring into Sherry’s cleavage.

“Letting the girls get some sun?” Charlotte teased.

“I didn’t seem reason to get dressed up, we are not going to be wearing these clothes for very long,” Sherry replied, wrapping the cord to the ear buds around her hand and then stuffing them into her pocket.

“What?” Charlotte replied, wondering exactly what her friend had planned.

“The spa provides robes and towels. Most of the treatments don’t go with street clothes,”

Charlotte followed her friend in. Despite the last minute booking they were taken to the changing room almost right away. The attendant handed each of them a robe and then left.

“Normally we would each get a room, but since this is all about getting ready for the threesome I thought sharing a room would be a good idea,” Sherry said the moment the door shut.

“You have a point, “Charlotte replied, suddenly feeling nervous.

“Are you okay with this?” Sherry asked.

“Yes, yes. How did Chance and Brad do it? I mean, how did they get undressed when they were with you?” Charlotte asked.

“They undressed each other.”

The conversation seemed a bit surreal to Charlotte. She tried to imagine her husband and another man undressing each other in front of Sherry. It seemed out of character for Brad to remove another man’s clothes.

“How about I start?” Sherry asked.

“Uh, okay,” Charlotte replied.

The thin fabric of the T-shirt was no match for Sherry’s nipples, they were clearly visible. Much to her surprise Charlotte felt a bit flattered that she had prompted such a response from her friend. She watched Sherry’s fingers unfasten each button of her blouse. Once she had removed the blouse, she hung it over the back of a chair and returned; this time standing behind her Charlotte felt Sherry’s fingers working the clasp of her bra. This would not be the first time Sherry had seen her topless, but this time it was different. It wasn’t just quickly changing into a swimsuit or taking a shower at the gym. This time it was so that Sherry could see her naked and no other reason. Charlotte felt the clasp release and rolled her shoulders forward, causing the straps of her bra to slid down her arms. The lacy cups fell away from her breasts and into her hands. Sherry took the undergarment from her and placed it on the chair with her blouse and once again returned.

Sherry stood in front of her friend, “Ready to go all the way?”

“Let’s do it,” Charlotte replied, nervously biting lip.

Dropping to her knees Sherry put her hands on Charlotte’s hips and followed the waistband of her skirt around until she felt the zipper. She looked up as Charlotte’s shapely breasts. Their appearance contradicted her self-deprecating comments about losing the fight with gravity. Charlotte’s tits barely sagged, but there was no sign of a surgical scar. She either had a very talented surgeon or she was blessed with some enviable genetics. Sherry turned her attention from Charlotte’s tits to her remaining clothing. When the zipper reached the bottom of its track, Sherry hooked her fingers between the material and Charlotte’s skin. She pulled down, stripping off both the skirt and panties in one smooth motion. The clothing hit the floor with a soft plop and Sherry found herself staring at Charlotte’s pussy. There was a wide patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair and then an expanse of smooth skin. The crease of her labia was barely visible because Charlotte stood with her thighs pressed together. She picked up the skirt and panties and placed them with the rest of Charlotte’s clothes, but not before noting the panties were very sheer and slightly damp.

“Okay, your turn,” Sherry said.

It was a bit of a rationalization, but Charlotte convinced herself that the swollen nipples on her chest were a result of the ambient temperature, not the fact that Sherry was staring at her naked body. She knelt down and unfastened the button on Sherry’s jeans, then pulled down the zipper. Tugging on the material, she pulled the garment down until gravity took over. She waited for Sherry to step out of her pants then folded them neatly and set them on a nearby chair. Much to her relief Sherry’s canlı kaçak iddaa T-shirt was long enough to cover her sex. Charlotte was not quite ready to see her friend’s vulva up close. She reached under the shirt and put her fingers on the waistband of Sherry’s underwear. It wasn’t much of a shock when she felt only the thin band of a thong. Charlotte removed it and tossed it onto the chair with Sherry’s jeans. She stepped behind Sherry and grasped the hem of her shirt, then pulled it up. Sherry raised her arms as Charlotte peeled the tight fitting shirt off. It quickly joined the rest of her clothing.

The decision to stand behind Sherry was prompted by two concerns. The first was avoiding breast to breast contact when removing any of Sherry’s clothing. The second was the desire to stare at Sherry’s big tits without being noticed. Charlotte unfastened the clasp and pulled upward on Sherry’s bra, removing it in the same manner as her shirt. She gazed over Sherry’s shoulder. The skin sloped smoothly away from Sherry’s shoulders and her nipples appeared like small hills on the horizon of her chest. Charlotte forced herself to look away.

“Let me get your robe,” Charlotte said, hanging the bra on the back of the chair that contained Sherry’s clothes.

Reluctantly, Sherry put on the garment. She enjoyed being naked, and enjoyed the sight of Charlotte’s nude body even more. She sighed as her friend closed her robe and tied the belt.

“Next stop mani and pedi,” Sherry said walking towards the door.

The sight of men getting pedicures surprised Charlotte. One of them looked up as she and Sherry entered the room, then he resumed chatting with the woman that was doing his nails.

“I know, I never thought getting a pedi would be a co-ed event,” Sherry said. “There is a room for women only, but nobody goes there anymore.”

“I’m okay,” Charlotte replied, suddenly very self conscious about the fact she wasn’t wearing anything under her robe. Two of the men were clad in similar outfits, she wondered if they had anything on under their robes. Sherry had selected two chairs side by side, Charlotte settled into one of them. Charlotte was next to one of the men wearing a robe. He was young and very neatly groomed. He was the textbook definition of Metro sexual. Charlotte wondered if that word was still used. He looked at her and smiled, then went back to reading something on his Smartphone. It occurred to her that this was the closest to being naked next to another man she had been in a very long time, but that would change soon if she kept the agreement she had with Sherry and Brad. In a few days she would be completely naked with a man she had never met. The thought was both terrifying and arousing. She turned to Sherry, hoping for a distraction before everyone in the room saw how swollen her nipples were beneath the robe.

“This is kind of exciting, if you know what I mean,” Sherry said.

“Yea, I guess so.” Out of curiosity she glanced at Sherry’s tits and saw that her friend appeared to either be cold or turned on.

Two nail technicians descended on each of the women, one started on fingernails, the other on toes. At first Charlotte was reluctant to mover her legs at all. She imagined her robe falling open and everyone in the room staring at her dripping wet pussy. The woman doing her nails smiled reassuringly and moved her foot only as much as necessary.

People left when they were done and more arrived to replace them. Sherry wondered if any of them were at the spa for the same reason she was. She wondered if there was a spa version of the mile high club. She glanced over at Charlotte, who had relaxed quite a bit and was chatting with the woman working on her fingernails. Sherry turned her attention back to the other people in the room. It was mostly women and single men; there was one obvious couple and a pair of women that might be a couple. Sherry laid her head back, closed her eyes and thought of her friends naked body.

“Sherry, were done. What’s next?” Charlotte said, rousing her friend from what appeared to be a nap.

“Salt scrub and a seaweed wrap,” she replied, standing up.

“What do you think?” Charlotte asked, holding up her fingers.

“Fabulous,” Sherry replied in a singsong voice.

The next room was a wet room, the walls were covered in blue and green tile, the floor was polished concrete with a drain the center. In the center of the room were two massage tables. The table’s surface was perforated with hundreds of small holes. Against one wall was table with a collection of jars.

“The staff should be here in a few minutes,” Sherry said, slipping her robe off and hanging it on a hook. She looked at Charlotte. “There are towels if you want to cover up. I prefer to be au natural.”

“When in Rome…” She replied, slipping out of her robe and hanging next to Sherry’s. Being naked was feeling a little less awkward, but she still felt a little anxious. Her eyes were drawn to Sherry’s impressive breasts. canlı kaçak bahis She realized Sherry had noticed her staring and looked away. She wasn’t a lesbian, why did she find her friends tits so irresistible, “Sorry, I must be channeling Brad.”

“I hope you are both enjoying the view” she replied, pushing her chest out to make her breasts look even larger.

It was obvious Sherry’s breasts were real; they sloped naturally away from her shoulders and rested on her rib cage. Charlotte decided to take her up on the offer to look. A smile spread across Charlotte’s face as she looked at Sherry’s tits. She could see the subtle difference in tan line from Sherry’s various swimsuits. The only portion of her skin that was still pale was a small triangle around her nipple. She giggled as she imagined such a small bikini top trying to hold up Sherry’s D cup breasts.

“The staff here is a bit different,” Sherry said. “They are fun; they talk with you and like to joke around. It’s not like that place at the mall were they just want to get you in and out. I think you will enjoy them.”

The door opened and two members of the spa’s staff entered. The first was in her mid twenties with fiery red hair. She looked fit and several tattoos peaked out from under her outfit. The second was shorter and had a more athletic build.

“I’m Karen,” the redhead said.

“Und I am Beatrice,” the other said, her voice thick with a European accent.

“Beatrice, take good care of my friend, and be gentle, it’s her first time,” Sherry said, turning towards one of the tables.

“Uh, hi,” Charlotte said

“Hallo,” Beatrice replied.” Please lie on your back and I will get started.”

“So what is this supposed to do?” Charlotte asked as a mixture of salt and oil was rubbed on to her skin.

“This part exfoliates your skin, the wrap will draw out any toxins,” Sherry explained.

Charlotte concentrated on relaxing. The woman applying the salt seemed oblivious to her nakedness. She wondered how many clients declined the towel as she and Sherry had. The salt felt rough, but not quite to the point of being painful. She could hear Sherry talking to the women applying her treatment, but could not quite make out what they were saying. Sherry closed her eyes and let the world drift away.

“I’m really not trying to grope you,” Karen said as her hand brushed against her client’s large breast.

“I won’t complain if you did,” Sherry replied with laugh.

“You are not getting a happy ending, even if you are my favorite client,” she replied.

“Your boss said it was okay,” Sherry said. She suspected that Karen was only half joking. Karen was quite professional, but Sherry suspected she was at least bi-curious.

“So is this the first time for your friend?” Karen asked.


“Pretty bold giving us the full Monty the first time out,” Karen said, casting a glance towards Charlotte.

“What can I say, I’m a trend setter,” Sherry replied. Charlotte’s decision to be naked for the treatment had surprised her a bit.

“That’s why we love you so much,” Karen said. “Now as much as I hate to say it, turn over.”

As she rolled over Sherry noticed that Charlotte was already face down and Beatrice was rubbing the salt into the small of her back. Karen’s hands rubbed the mixture against the sole of her feet, but soon they were half way to Sherry’s ass.

Charlotte was thinking of the beach and the way sand felt when Beatrice’s voice brought her back to reality.

“I’m going to rinse you off, and then we can start with the wrap,” she said, struggling to suppress her accent.

Charlotte looked for a shower, but did not see one. Then she saw Beatrice’ reach under the table and pull up a long bar. Spaced evenly along the bar were six shower heads. Beatrice was adjusting a spigot at the end of the contraption. Water was flowing over her hands. She gave a satisfied nod and the turned a lever. The device hissed as water filled the pipe and then a gentle shower of warm water sprayed out. Warm water flowed over Charlotte’s skin, washing away the salt mixture. Without being prompted she turned over so the water sprayed on to her back side.

“I need one of these at home,” Charlotte said.

“Don’t we all,” Beatrice replied. “Now wait here and I will get what I need for the wrap.”

In a few moments she returned pushing a cart with two large tubs on it. Karen was doing the same with Sherry. Each tube contained large green leaves floating in water and smelled like the open ocean.

“If you don’t mind standing up I will get the first layer arranged,” Beatrice said.

Still dripping wet, Charlotte got off the table and stood will Beatrice neatly arranged the leaves on the table. When she was done she motioned for Charlotte to lie down.

“Do you know what this reminds me of?” Sherry asked.

“The ocean?” Charlotte guessed.

“Kind of, it reminds me of that dive trip to the kelp forest last year,”

“I remember that trip,” Charlotte replied, blushing slightly. “That was when you flashed the entire crew.”

“That was a wardrobe malfunction,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte looked at Beatrice, “She took off her wet suit and her bikini top came off with it.”

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