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He let himself in through the front door and I quickly scanned the room to see where my girlfriend was. I wanted to see her reaction to his arrival. She didn’t notice. I excused myself from the conversation I was in and went to greet him.


We hugged and greeted and I took his coat. We walked together back into the living room and she saw him. She excused herself from her conversation and came to greet him as well.

“Hey!” She beamed.

I was so excited seeing them embrace again, and in this context. A lot of her friends knew they’d fucked before but she still had to keep him at a social length. They hugged tightly. She went back to her conversation and I led him to a group of people playing a drinking game. I got him a cup for his beer. He didn’t know many people there, at least not very well, and I stuck with him to ease the social shock. We’d gotten close again through the times he’d come over to have threesomes with my girlfriend and me, but that didn’t leave room for him to meet the rest of our friends.

We were playing King’s Cup. My girlfriend came to play with us, and she sandwiched herself between him and me. The atmosphere was joyous. There wasn’t a shortage of liquor for anyone and the night was past its peak. I pressed my girlfriend into him, to tease. I pulled my weight off of her but she didn’t stop pressing into him. My stomach lurched and my cock got hard. We’d gone monogamous recently, to take a break from the intensity of cuckolding with a close friend, but I was drunk and so was she and I knew we both loved this too much to not tease the scenario. I watched them keep playing and shouting while pressed against each other. They started playing off of each other and clearly flirting through the game. They began to share each others’ alcohol; they kept choosing the other as a partner when either of them pulled that card. As the game went on, and they remained pressed together, I watched their hands rest on each other. They were relaxed and succumbing to their intimacy. None of our friends seemed to notice; the mood of the game never broke. A hand of his was wrapped to her lower thigh, his fingers in the nook of her knee. She rested her arm on his shoulder and leaned into him. She reached out to pull a card and broke the circle. They shared the King’s Cup between each other.

I was going to get another beer from the fridge and passed the bathroom. The door was slightly cracked and I saw my girlfriend sitting on the edge of the bathtub. I glanced around the apartment and I couldn’t see him anywhere. I didn’t want to be caught staring so I continued to the kitchen. Maybe 10 minutes later, while I was sitting on the couch with a friend of mine, I saw them both canlı bahis exit the bathroom. They’d been in there for a while. By that time of the night people were beginning to leave and everyone else was hanging on tiredly. Maybe they took advantage of that to steal some time alone together in the bathroom, when they knew no-one would be aware enough to notice. They came and sat on the couch. They sat together and chatted while I talked with my friend. I couldn’t take my attention away from them. Her legs were wrapped beneath her bum and she was resting on the head of the sofa facing him. He was resting on the head of the sofa facing her, his legs spread comfortably. I wasn’t paying enough attention to the conversation with my friend and he probably took that as a cue to call it a night. His exit from the party prompted a few more exits and there was just me, him, my girlfriend and one of her friends. This friend of hers always tended to stay to the end of the night.

“Hey.” She was talking to me.

“Do you want to play this with me?”

She was scrolling through my Switch and found Brawlhalla. She liked to play it toward the end of our parties, probably because the less people the more comfortable she felt commanding the space.


I was still focusing on my girlfriend and him, both still looking at each other and chatting at the end of the sofa. I didn’t focus on the game and kept dying. My girlfriend’s friend didn’t care. My girlfriend and him went to the kitchen together. They stayed in there for a while and I tried to focus on the game. After a few rounds, which felt like forever, my girlfriend’s got up to leave. My girlfriend and him left the kitchen when she entered the hallway near the kitchen, to get her coat. My girlfriend said bye to her friend and he came to sit with me on the sofa. I could see the tent in his pants, and some make-up from my girlfriend’s face around his lips.

My girlfriend came to sit on the couch with us after her friend left. He put a hand on her thigh again and she got close to him. I went on my phone, painfully aware of the silence in the room. I got up to go to the bathroom to break the ice. My girlfriend’s phone was on the edge of the bathtub. I opened it to check her messages with him.

> When are you coming tonight? 🙂

She sent this while the party was going on, but before he came. Maybe she was nervous he wouldn’t come.

> On my way!

> Oh yay! Can’t wait to see you!!

Reading this exchange got me so horny. There were no messages before when she asked him when he was arriving, so she must have deleted some previous chats because I know they’d texted from her phone before. I put her phone back and left the bathroom bahis siteleri after taking a piss. They were in the same position on the couch but they were making out now. One of her hands was in his crotch rubbing his cock over his pants and a hand of his was between her legs, under her skirt. Their eyes were closed and they were kissing slowly in silence, so I’m not sure if they heard me come back into the living room but they definitely didn’t see me. They didn’t stop kissing. Her hand went into his pants and I saw it writhing slowly, massaging his cock. Her moans came softly and slowly. I stood still watching, afraid if I moved they’d notice me. Their free hands were stroking each others’ necks softly, but with force, pulling each other together into the kiss. Their mouths gyrated together, parting slowly and their tongues dancing. They both moaned; satisfied and excited sighs filling the air. Still kissing, they both pushed at his pants to free his cock. That big black penis that she told me countless times she loves so much sprang out. Her fingers wrapped around it lovingly and stroked slowly. Pre-cum flowed over her hand. They never broke their kiss. His cock was huge, double the size of mine in girth and length and she let me know that specifically. She stroked it with satisfaction, excited to be with him again; she told me how much she missed him before and after we went monogamous. It’s no secret that he’s the best cock she’s ever had. She tells me that whenever we talk about him. They broke their kiss and saw me. That didn’t change a thing. Her head descended to his cock and her mouth opened wide to engulf him. She sucked slowly, moaning with a low continuous purr. Her hands massaged his black balls and one of his hands massaged down her back. He pulled her skirt above her waist and exposed her bare ass. She was wearing panties at the beginning of the night. He slipped some fingers into her pussy. His other hand waded through her hair and controlled the pace of her blowjob. He looked at me inquisitively and I went and sat down at the end of the couch, a few feet away from them. She paused the blowjob to look at me.

“Stroke your cock like a good boy for mommy…”

I obeyed. I pulled my cock out and pre-cum oozed everywhere. She watched me grip my stiff cock while she rubbed his.

“Good boy. You’re a dirty horny boy… does it make you horny seeing me play with my real boyfriend’s cock?”

He grinned at me. I didn’t answer.

“Stroke it while I take his big black dick… so much bigger than yours…”

I obeyed. She went back to sucking him. I watched his fingers slip in and out of her pussy, stretching it wide and claiming her. She was soaking wet. I’d never seen her pussy bahis şirketleri so obviously wet and in heat, inflamed and blooming. I stroked slowly, mesmerized by them. They played with synchronicity, never out of rhythm. She often said she felt made for him. I believed it.

She undressed fully and so did he, and they got together and pressed their naked bodies against one another. She straddled him on the couch and slid herself down onto his cock, facing him. They’d started fucking bareback a while before we went monogamous. I guess we’re no longer monogamous? She rode him slowly, kissing him passionately. His hands massaged up and down her lithe back, through her dark-brown hair. His black fingers played her white skin, causing her to moan between kisses. Her thick ass was hanging low over his balls, rising and falling with every motion toward him and away from him as she rode. Her hands ventured across his chest, feeling his muscles. I stroked hard, my furious masturbation sounding through the air. She broke a kiss and looked at me.

“Look at you filthy boy. Stroke your cock while mommy enjoys this big black cock.”

I melted and moaned and she watched me and rode. I watched his cock appear and disappear from her wet pussy, glistening in the light of the living room.

He moved her so that she was bent over facing me, and he faced me too. He fucked her doggystyle on the couch while they both watched me masturbate. I stopped. I just watched. They both intimidated me, together. A pair, fucking, lost together. I was not there. She cursed and moaned and screamed as he picked up pace, burying his cock into her. Her eyes rolled and her mouth slackened. She was gone. He grabbed her body and forced her further into her own mindlessness. He pounded away. Then he stopped. He pulled out and pushed her to her knees. She sucked him in the living room. He grabbed her by the head and started fucking her mouth. Her spit drooled onto her chest, her tits glazed by each volley that came from each gag. Her makeup was running. She spread her legs as she knelt and rubbed her clit. I started stroking again, watching her fat ass bounce with each thrust he made into the back of her throat. He pulled out.

“Come to the bedroom, slut. Crawl.”

He entered our bedroom and she crawled after him. After they’d both disappeared the door closed and I heard it lock. I listened to the bed start rocking and their moans get louder as they became more intimate and depraved with each other. She always said their alone time was special. She said he tended to feel more comfortable and take more control of her. She liked when he claimed his territory. I edged myself as long as I could then shot thick ropes of cum all over my chest. I know she loves when I cum all over myself. They didn’t stop fucking. They fucked for hours, making up for lost time likely. Then they stopped, and remained in the room together. They fell asleep together, naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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