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Big Tits


When it arrived, Wednesday was hot and sunny. The journey to work was a nightmare. Every girl I saw on the train journey into work seemed to scream “touch my legs please”. The skirts were short, the heels were high, and the legs were universally bare. True, some were browner, or more slender and shapely than others, but they were all eminently strokeable! None however matched my vivid memory of Louise’s wonderful very sexy legs.

I saw her briefly at lunchtime, returning from the sandwich run. She was as provocatively dressed as ever; tight top, short white skirt, and incomparable bare and very brown legs!

She just winked at me and gave me a kind of “see you later” smile. When 3:30 came around, I made my way to the training room, once again armed with my laptop with my slide presentation loaded on its desktop. I had decided that, at the very least, I was going to get inside her tight little panties before the afternoon was out, but I did not know quite how the opportunity would present itself. I had not, however, accounted for Louise’s strong determination to remain completely and utterly in control.

This was demonstrated immediately I reached the training room. As before, when I had arrived so full of anticipation at Monica’s office, I found the training room door closed, with the same hand-written “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the outside. Once again, I knocked and was softly and quietly invited to enter. This time, there was no couch on which Louise could sprawl to show off her legs. Instead, she was standing waiting by the lectern, her notes ready in her hand. Her tight white top showed off the curves of her breasts magnificently, but her short white skirt had been replaced by a pair of tight black trousers!

Her lovely legs were completely covered.

Louise conducted the final rehearsal very much in the manner of a theatrical director. She had plotted out the sequencing, timing and subject allocations for the presentation, and ran through them with almost military precision. She asked me to run the slide show to check it against her presentation plan. The fit was perfect. She handed me a pre-prepared schedule, detailing my inputs (with timings), asking me to make my own additions linking my contribution to the slide numbers.

“I feel a bit redundant,” I said, half joking.

“Well I can assure you, you’re not! Remember, it’s your show. I intend to make sure it’s your show! I’m just the assistant. canlı bahis I see it as my job to make sure that everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – is planned and prepared for.” she said.

“So, nothing else to be done now then?” I asked, thinking about her remarkable change of dress, but not saying so.

“Almost nothing more,” she smiled, “but there is some advice I need from you.”

“Advice about what?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Advice about my appearance,” she replied.

“You look great to me,” I said, but obviously not as convincingly as I thought.

“I want you to pretend you’re a judge, sort of like at a beauty competition,” she continued. “I’ve got some outfits I want to show you. I want you to tell me which ones you like best. Come with me!”

Louise walked over to the door of a small ante-room, in which were a long table and two chairs, beside one of which was a large open holdall, in which, clearly visible, were several girls’ outfits, all skirt-top combinations, and all of which had very short high quality cotton mini-skirts as their dominant feature.

She closed the door behind us, and locked it. She took the four outfits out of the holdall, placing them neatly on one of the chairs.

“Sit down, Charles,” she beckoned, pointing to the vacant chair which was positioned half-way along the long side of the table.

“Which one shall I start with?” she asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I don’t know, they all look very – um – acceptable from here,” I said, glancing towards the chair next to me.

I was just beginning to wonder how she intended me to make a decision.

“You can’t see them properly like that, can you?” she said, somewhat scornfully, “I’ll just have to model them for you in turn, and then you can tell me!”

With that, she started to remove her top. She then took off her shoes and unzipped her trousers, sliding them rapidly down to the floor, revealing her lovely long bare legs.

“Better now?” she smiled, “Now you’ve got a chance to look at my bare legs again?”

She hopped up onto the table in front of me, at one end of which she had placed her empty holdall. She lay back, using the bag as temporary support for her head.

“Why don’t you put my skirt on for me Charles?” She said, grabbing the first of the four similarly styled but differently coloured tops from the chair beside and sliding it over her head. She lay immediately in front of me, wearing only a top and a pair bahis siteleri of brief white panties. Her legs were tightly closed to allow me to slide the skirt up to her waist.

I picked up the first of the four pelmet skirts and moved down to the foot end of the table. She raised her knees slightly and I slid the garment over her feet and slowly pulled it up her beautiful long legs. She raised her bottom slightly to allow me space to pull the skirt up over her hips. She reached down, and fastened the clasp. She lowered herself, and allowed her legs to return to a flat fully extended position.

“Now, Charles,” she sighed, “how does that look?”

“Fine!” I replied quietly.

She asked me to get a red top from the chair. She removed the white one she had on and asked me to put the red one on for her. I did so, feeling her firm breasts through the thin flesh-coloured bra for the first time.

“How’s that sweetheart?” she asked.

“Perfect!” I responded.

She then asked me to remove her skirt and replace it with a slightly tighter and even shorter version. She unfastened the hook and eye clip and I took hold of the cotton garment by the edges of the hem, letting my palms rest gently on her bare legs as I slid the skirt down their full length, and off over her feet. I picked up the replacement, and repeated the processes as before, awaiting my cue as she raised first her knees and then her bottom. We repeated the process twice more, swapping essentially similar outfits and comparing detail. All of them revealed her body and her lovely long smooth legs beautifully, and I suggested to her that it really didn’t matter which ones she took, or which top was worn with which skirt. They all went equally well together.

The spectacle of those beautiful bare legs was doing unspeakable things with my libido. I decided that I definitely had to have sex with Louise,, and very soon, perhaps even here and now!

I thought – and hoped – my chance would come when she asked me to remove the final skirt and to replace it with her trousers. But she didn’t, or not quite.

In fact, as I had anticipated, she did ask me to remove the skirt, which I did, slowly and deliberately as before, taking every opportunity to stroke her bare legs as I did so. Then, to my complete surprise, she asked me to take off her panties!

I stared at her legs, and started to run my hands up the insides of her smooth thighs. As my fingers reached her crotch, she opened bahis şirketleri her legs and placed her hands over mine, pressing my fingers against her cotton-clad mound.

“You don’t have to wait, Charles,” she said in a low whisper, “just take them off! Then you can explore me properly!”

I placed my thumbs under the thin material and pulled her panties slowly down the full length of her lovely long bare legs. When I had removed the skimpy panties, I placed them carefully with her various now abandoned outfits on the chair beside me. When I looked back, she had opened her legs wide, fully revealing her young sweet pussy. Her index fingers were resting between her legs, pulling her outer lips apart. My hands ran up the length of her smooth bare legs, and as I approached her vagina, she removed one hand from between her legs, and held her outer lips open with the thumb and index finger of the other. Her free hand rested over the extended fingers of my right hand, guiding them into her exposed vagina. Once my hesitant finger had entered her, she reached forward, skilfully unzipping my trousers and effortlessly entering my underpants, gripping my hard penis very firmly.

“I bet you’d like to fuck me now, wouldn’t you!?” she hissed as my right hand explored the depths of her tight young pussy.

“Of course I would Louise!” I replied breathlessly.

“Well Charles, you’ll just have to wait, won’t you! Everything comes to those who wait!”

With that, Louise sat up, pulled my hand out from between her legs, and leaned forward and kissed me passionately on the lips.

“I think that will have to do until Madrid!” she said firmly.

She climbed down from the table, and, without saying another word, pulled on her panties, dressed herself, and gathered up her collection of outfits, placing them tidily in her holdall.

“See you next Tuesday, then, sweetheart!” she said with the very broad and overtly sexy grin.

She turned round as she left the room, and smiled seductively as she watched my totally dazed expression.

“Just think of what might be in store for you in Madrid!” she said, gently closing the door behind her.

I sat down on one of the now empty chairs to collect my thoughts, and sort out my own clothing before leaving the room and returning to my sterile office.

What had I got myself into? What on earth was this girl with the fabulous legs doing to me?

I was certain of one thing, and that was that I was caught, hook, line and sinker! She had managed to lure me with those wonderful long legs of hers into doing almost anything she wanted. It was just like taking candy from a baby – and I was definitely the baby!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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